Best Gaming Chair Gift Ideas for 2019

Gaming chair gift guide

Gaming chairs make excellent gifts: beautiful, comfortable and good for health

Check the term 'gaming chair' on Google trends and notice three things. First, interest in gaming chairs is increasing year-by-year. Second, the upwards trend of interest is similar to interest in the term 'back pain'. Third, interest in gaming chairs tends to peak every November, which is a popular time for gift-giving around the world. 

Google trends for back pain and gaming chairs

Interest in gaming chairs is steadily rising, while peaking each year around November

Why gaming chairs make great gifts

There are two main reasons that gaming chairs make amazing gifts. First is the 'wow' factor - few gifts will fascinate and captivate like a gaming chair can. Second is the crucial need gaming chairs fill in the digital age, which is to counteract the health effects caused by too much screen-based sedentary time.  

Gaming chairs support good posture

Gaming chairs keep the spine, neck and shoulders in alignment while sitting for long hours

Consider gifting a gaming chair to any of the following:

  • Training young people:  youth taught to sit with correct posture will forge deep habits for a lifetime of sound health
  • Motivation: a gaming chair will grant them ultra-comfort and perfect ergonomics for long hours of study
  • Boosting a burnout: in correcting poor posture, gaming chairs fine-tune body mechanics, which leads to better blood flow, deeper breathing, greater vitality and better work performance
  • Supporting a project: people who work from home tend to spend extremely long amounts of time sitting. This leads to poor posture, fatigue and diminished productivity. A gaming chair will sort out such health issues and become the centerpiece of their office.

The ‘wow’ factor of a gaming chair gift

Amazed woman very surprised comic style

Gifting a gaming chair will blow the recipient away

A gaming chair is delivered to the recipient's door in a large, densely packed box weighing over fifty pounds. When the recipient cracks open the box and looks inside, their jaws will drop. When they assemble the parts (very easy), their jaws will drop again. 

Gaming chair delivery and assembly

Gaming chairs come in heavy boxes with colorful contents that are easy to assemble

Subtly amazing health benefits

Gaming chair comfort example

Sitting in a gaming chair requires an adjustment period. This is because most people have forgotten how to sit with correct posture.  Doing so after many years of slouching will cause discomfort - your body needs time to learn how to sit straight.

Consider that in the United States, the average worker spends eleven hours per day sitting.  When sat improperly in a cheap office chair, body misalignment plus extreme inactivity increases the risk of several chronic health conditions. These include depression, back pain, diabetes, weight gain around the belly and cardiovascular disease

Gaming chair health benefits compared to office chairs

Gaming chairs support healthy posture, improved circulation and enhanced vitality

What's worse, sedentary habits combined with poor posture leads to  fat accumulation around the waist and weakened stomach muscles. With weakened stomach muscles, the pelvis tilts forward, the back curves and the shoulders sag.

Gaming chairs address all of these issues with a unique design that ensures  the lower back retains an 's' shaped indent while sitting.  This helps users retain good posture, which leads to a host of  long-term benefits.

The best gaming chairs gift ideas

Below are our favorite chairs to give as gifts in 2019. Chairs are listed from most expensive ($400) to least ($97). Despite the price variations, all provide a similar level of ergonomic support. That means you can choose based on your budget, styling preferences and preferred feature set.

Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair

Rated #1

Secretlab Titan gaming chairs

The internal lumbar support system sets the Titan apart

The Secretlab Titan is our favorite gaming chair. It has everything you expect from a top-of-the-line chair:  4-D armrests, rigid steel frame, extra-thick padding and stunning PU leather upholstery. That said, the feature that sets the Titan apart is the brilliant internal lumbar support mechanism. This provides rock-solid back support without need for a pillow.

Secretlab Titan Summary


This is a high end gaming chair made with quality materials and built with precise attention to detail.


The Secretlab Titan has every premium feature imaginable - it's a high-end experience in all regards. 


This chair is expensive. For $100 less you can get similar ergonomics, although with much less luxury.

Gift rating :  4.5 / 5

Giving a Secretlab Titan as a gift is a huge gesture. It tells the recipient that you've put a lot of thought in their welfare, and that they deserve the very best. 

Gift this gaming chair to:

  • Someone who just started a challenging new job
  • A home-based worker who needs a boost and deserves the best
  • A promising student going off to the Ivy Leagues
  • Gift one to the most important person - yourself!

DXRacer Drifting Series

Rated #2

DXracer Drift Series black and red gaming chairs

The D-Series is a premium gaming chair tailored for desk workers

ChairsFX uses a DXRacer Drifting Series and we absolutely love it. This model  is specially designed to cater to office workers who need to sit upright for long periods of work. The D-Series caters to this need with thicker padding and a narrower seat that makes you feel like you're sitting in the captain's chair of a spaceship.  

Drifting Series Summary


DXRacer gaming chairs are rock solid works of art that are designed to last for years of heavy use. 


The D-Series lacks upper tier features like 4D adjustable armrests and full 180 degree recline.


This is a high end gaming chair with premium quality, durability and pricing.

Gift rating :  4.5 / 5

The DXRacer Drifting Series gives a serious performance boost. Thus, it makes an ideal gift for any productive person who spends long hours working at a computer workstation.

Gift this gaming chair to:

  • Hard-charging alpha wolf executives looking for an edge
  • Talented creatives who spend long hours working
  • High potential college freshmen starting at a top-10 school
  • A high performing employee as a reward for their hard work

Secretlab Throne gaming chair

Rated #3

Secretlab Throne gaming chairs

The Throne is the best premium gaming chair for small sizes (petite women, kids, etc)

While most gaming chairs are designed for average-sized people, the Secretlab Throne is the only specially-designed chair designed to fit small bodies. This is a chair for small people.  Secretlab Titan is our favorite premium gaming chair.

It has everything you expect from a top-of-the-line chair:  4-D armrests, rigid steel frame, extra-thick padding and stunning PU leather upholstery. That said, the feature that sets the Titan apart is the brilliant internal lumbar support mechanism. This provides rock-solid back support without need for a pillow, which results in a clean, sleek look.

Secretlab Throne Summary


High end materials, precise engineering, attention to detail results in a super-sturdy product.


Less fancy features compared to the most expensive premium chairs


Decent premium pricing that is slightly less than competing models

Gift rating :  4 / 5

The Secretlab Throne is an excellent gaming chair specially designed for small sizes.

Gifting scenarios:

  • Give to young children to forge correct sitting posture habits for a lifetime
  • Gift to your girlfriend to show how much you care about her well-being

Vertagear SL-2000

Rated #4

Vertagear SL2000 gaming chaircolor options

The SL-2000 boast premium features at reasonable prices

The SL2000 supports up to 330 lbs and features a backrest that reclines to 140 degrees. It also comes with an infinite angle lock system, memory foam padding, a steel frame and aluminum alloy 5-point base. There are also upgrade options for 4D armrests and bigger casters. 

Drifting Series Summary


Solid quality gaming chair with ultra-durable PVC leather and excellent 2-year warranty. 


Decent features that can be upgraded to premium ones at additional cost.


Reasonably prices premium class gaming chairs.

Gift rating :  4 / 5

You can't go wrong gifting a Vertagear SL2000. It offers exceptional ergonomic benefits, impressive durability and comes in a range of delightful color combinations.

Gift this gaming chair to:

  • Creative professionals who deserve recognition
  • Dynamic students worth investing in
  • A family member who spends long hours sitting

OPSEAT Master Series

Rated #5

Opseat Master Series gaming chairs

High quality gaming chairs at near-budget level prices

The OPSEAT Master Series features a steel frame layered with cold foam padding and then draped in high quality PU leather. It's a solid chair that feels very durable and comes in a variety of vibrant color combinations. 

OPSEAT Master Series Summary


Impressive premium-class quality that stacks up to the best gaming chairs. 


Impressive features include full 180 degree reclining (full sleep mode).


Amazingly cheap prices given the impressive quality of these chairs.

Gift rating :  4.5 / 5

The Master Series comes with a high rating because it offers premium quality quality at budget pricing. This means you can impress the recipient without spending as much as they might assume. 

Gift this gaming chair to:

  • Any family member who spends long hours at a computer
  • High performing employees who deserve acknowledgement 
  • A close friend who works out of a home office

Elecwish Gaming Chair

Rated #6

Elecwish gaming chairs, four colors

Elecwish makes excellent budget chairs with footrests and extra thick padding

The Elecwish Gaming Chair is a budget model that offers some impressive features. It comes with an extra padded seat cushion that can accommodate a wide range of sizes.

The backrest features a classic neck support pillow that leaves you two open holes to loop a racing harness or pull-through your headset cable. In addition it comes with a fully retractable footrest that extends forward from underneath the seat. 

What’s also a plus is the color variety. The Elecwish office gaming chair makes it easy for you to mix and match the chair’s colors to the décor in your gaming room. You can go for a professional look or a sporty look.

Elecwish Gaming Chair Summary


This chair offers great features but suffers from longevity issues. 


Solid features, thick padding, retractable footrest and a range of awesome color combinations.


This is one of the cheapest gaming chairs with one of the richest feature sets.

Gift rating :  4.1 / 5

Because of the price, you can gift these gaming chairs to many people without stretching your budget to far

Gift this gaming chair to:

  • All members of your family
  • Your child's favorite teacher
  • A hard working employee in your office

Homall Executive Gaming Chair

Rated #7

HOmall Executive Gaming Chairs

Our top selling chair is also the cheapest

Homall makes good gaming chairs at fantastic prices. Be warned that you get what you pay for. While premium chairs cost three times as much, they will last 3 times longer. 

That said, a Homall Executive Gaming Chair can take around one year of heavy daily use before needing to  be replaced. Therefore, if on a budget and wiling to replace your chair once a year, Homall gaming chairs are a great option.

Homall Gaming Chair Summary


The quality of build and materials both justify the very low price.


Impressive features for a chair at this price point


This is one of the cheapest legitimate gaming chairs you can buy.

Gift rating :  4 / 5

Because of the low price, this is the perfect model to introduce people to the awesome benefits of gaming chairs

Gift this gaming chair to:

  • Anyone who needs to replace their office chair
  • Office workers suffering from back problems
  • Hard-core gamers that spend long hours sitting


Although many people think that gaming chairs are just about race car looks, the reality is that they provide amazing health benefits that are caused by too much time screen-based sedentary time

Gaming chair benefits compared to office chair

Gaming chairs will take your computing performance to a much higher level

Therefore, giving a gaming chair shows that you care to a very deep degree. With this gift, you are granting the recipient years of comfort, amazing back support and a better quality of life.