About ChairsFX

We're a small team of marketers and media producers who collaborate online.

We all need to spend long hours sitting to keep production levels up. As a result, gaming chairs have become essential.

Our founder and lead editor has been using gaming chairs for 4+ years. He has personally experienced massive wellness effects from the improved posture that gaming chairs support.

This is the context from which we tout the core benefits of gaming chairs:

  1. We live in an age that demands high levels of screen-based sedentary time
  2. Sitting with poor posture is very bad for your back
  3. Gaming chairs support good posture over long hours of sitting
  4. With good posture comes a host of wellness benefits

In the end, adding a gaming chair to your regimen will make you stand taller, feel more energetic and help you to become more productive with your work.

Gaming chairs used by the ChairsFX founder