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Secretlab mask initiative for COVID-19 relief

Secretlab is donating 50,000 masks to hospitals in America. On top of that, Secretlab and partners will donate proceeds from chair sales. Every chair sold will see another 200 masks donated to the cause.

Secretlab announces limited edition Birds of Prey gaming chairs

Secretlab announces limited edition Birds of Prey gaming chairs. These reflect Harley Quinn's iconic style with graffiti hearts, gold accents, and pop art lipstick. Only 200 chairs are available for sale worldwide. Pre-order now!

Secretlab partners with 100 Thieves

Secretlab's third huge partnership of 2020 is the biggest one yet. 100 Thieves announces Secretlab as the official chairs of their new training facility. Check out the new 100 Thieves Secretlab special editions at the Cash App Compound.

AKRacing named official LEC gaming chair partner for 2020

Even though AKRacing makes amazing gaming chairs, they're not well-known in pro esports. That should change this year. AKRacing named official chair for the 2020 European League of Legends championships (LEC). Learn more about the deal and AKRacing's place in pro esports.

Secretlab: official 2020 pro team esports chairs

Browse an up-to-date list of all pro esports teams partnered with Secretlab in 2020. Each team offers special edition branded Secretlab chairs. All special editions are available for fans. That means you can game in the same chairs your favorite players use to dominate the world's top pro leagues.

Autofull: official chair of China’s 2020 League of Legends Pro League

Autofull takes over as the 2020 chair sponsor for China's League of Legends Pro League. Learn about the deal, and also about Autofull gaming chairs, one of China's most popular brands.

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