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2021 League of Legends Finals Teams And Their Chair Partners

The 2021 League of Legends Finals has started. At present, the Group Stage involving 16 teams is underway. Here we look at the official chair partners of all 16 LoL 2021 Finals competitors. Those include Secretlab, Autofull, Anda Seat, and others.

New Official NAVI Team Chairs From Anda Seat

Natus Vincere (NaVi) is the 6th highest-earning esports team of all time. After a blistering run of summer success, this elite CS:Go team has partnered with Anda Seat. Official NaVi gaming chairs come in yellow and black designs. Both are available from Anda Seat for NaVi fans in America, the UK, and the EU.

T1 Qualifies for LoL Worlds; Secretlab Updates T1 Team Chairs

Recently, T1 esports qualified for the 2021 League of Legends World Championships. In the fallout, Secretlab released a gorgeous new official T1 esports gaming chair. Check out the new design plus related Secretlab esports chair updates.

Pro Esports Performance Hacks Beyond the Gaming Chair

Beyond the chair are several hacks to help you perform like a pro esports gamer. Cutting-edge solutions include percussion massage, nootropics, blue light glasses, and meal replacements. Check out six performance hacks used by the esports elite in 2021.

Get Ready For Gaming Chair Price Increases

Rising shipping costs are forcing gaming chair companies to increase chair prices. AKRacing is the first to announce price hikes. Others are likely to follow. If you're in the market for a gaming chair, consider buying one before prices go up!

New Secretlab League of Legends Ruination Gaming Chairs

Secretlab has released three League of Legends Ruination gaming chairs. Check out new designs featuring the Ruined King Viego, Miss Fortune, and Pyke. All models are now available as Titan EVO 2022 Series small, medium, or XL gaming chairs.

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