The best gaming chair brands

This page shows reviews of the top brands in the gaming chair industry. ChairsFX only reviews the best gaming chair brands. Established gaming chairs brands earn trust over time. These brands range from budget to premium. All deliver high quality products with stellar customer support.

Some top brands make high quality gaming chairs. These usually cost between $350 to $500. Other big brands make cheap gaming chairs. These offer the same ergonomic benefits as expensive chairs, using lower quality materials.

Each brand review gives a full overview of the best gaming chairs each company offers.

Premium gaming chair brands

Premium gaming chairs cost more than $300. The highest quality ones cost more than $400. Chairs at this level have a few things in common.

First, they all use the highest quality padding and upholstery. Second, they all come with warranties ranging from two to five years. Third, they have the highest end features that support your back.

The following luxury gaming chair brands are the top names in the industry. Each article includes a broad look at all top chairs in each brand’s product line.

Best Secretlab gaming chairs: high-end luxury from industry leader

Secretlab gaming chair brand review
Secretlab started in 2014 as a humble Singapore startup. In less than five years, they became one of the leading gaming chair brands in the world. This article summarizes the three Secretlab gaming chairs in their product line. That shows why the Titan, Omega and Throne are among the best luxury gaming chairs on the market.

Best DXRacer gaming chairs: brand overview

Review of the best DXRacer chairs
DXRacer is the gaming chair pioneer. They launched the first racing style chair in 2006. That chair evolved into the DXRacer Formula Series, still one of the most popular models. Aside from the F-Series DXRacer Drifting Series are a prime pick for professionals. How is DXRacer faring in today's hyper competitive gaming chair market? Learn the answer in this brand review.

Vertagear Gaming Chair Review of all models

Vertagear SL2000 gaming chaircolor options
This Vertagear brand review looks at this Los Angeles company's entire product line. These are solid luxury chairs with afforable prices. Draped in durable PVC leather, Vertagear chairs also dazzle with stunning color combinations.

Anda Seat Gaming Chair Brand Review

The seven best gaming chairs in the Anda seat product line
Anda Seat is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Their gaming chairs evolved from German racing seat engineering. They sell like hotcakes in Asia. Anda Seat produces high end premium class gaming chairs. They also make cheaper models offering amazing value for money. This comprehensive brand review reviews the best gaming chairs across the entire Anda Seat product line.

Arozzi Gaming Chair review: their top models

Arozzi premium gaming chair reviews
As a brand, Arozzi is a bit of a letdown. On the positive side, the Arozzi Vernazza is a top rated gaming chair. It shows off fine Swedish minimalism in similar vein to Ikea products. On the downside, Arozzi's supporting products are weak. Most focus on stiff comfort rather than flexible ergonomics. From that perspective their supporting chairs lag far behind the competition.

Budget gaming chair brands

Budget gaming chairs cost less than $200. While many startups come and go in the gaming chair industry, some budget brands are reliable. These brands deliver what they promise – backed up by professional customer service.

The purpose of a gaming chair is to support good posture for long hours of sitting.

If you want to save money, the following brands all deliver excellent ergonomics. These chairs are cheap, but the customer support is excellent. If anything goes wrong, you will get a replacement.

Elecwish Gaming Chair Brad Review: all top models

Elecwish gaming chairs with models
The Elecwish gaming chair offers a retractable footrest and impressive features that match those of premium models. Why this product stands out is because this is one of the cheapest gaming chairs available. It offers exceptional high-end extras, with impressively low-end budget prices.

Killabee Review of their best Gaming Chairs

Killabee gaming chair
Are you looking for a low-priced gaming chair to support your back? These Killabee gaming chairs are worth considering. All provide thick padding, deep reclining and excellent ergonomics for less than $200.

GTRacing Gaming Chair Brand Review

GTracing gaming chairs
The GTRacing E-Sports Gaming Chair is designed to give you maximum comfort while you game long into the night. With three separate colors, this gaming chair will fit any decor and any life. The aim here is good posture and comfort.