The Best Gaming Chair Brands

There are many different gaming chair brands on the market. Every gaming chair brand has unique styling and selling points. Some brands offer the highest levels of luxury. Others excel at making cheap chairs with solid ergonomics.

ChairsFX covers the most noteworthy gaming chair brands in the industry. Each brand review includes summaries of the best gaming chairs each company offers. All brands are listed below in alphabetical order. 

Alphabetical list of gaming chair brands

AKRacing Brand review: their best gaming chairs

AKRacing makes some of the highest quality gaming chairs on the market. This brand review looks at the best chairs in the AKRacing Core and Master Series product lines.

Anda Seat Gaming Chair Review of their 2020 collection

Anda Seat is a Canadian company based in Richmond Hill. They are Canada's top gaming chair brand and a major sponsor of Canadian esports events. This article reviews the five chairs in their 2020 gaming chair collection.

Apol ergonomic chairs: an affordable option for Singaporeans

Apol is a young Singapore brand. Currently, they only sell their chairs in Singapore. Learn about Apol's collection of affordable chairs. These models offer high-end ergonomic features, attractive styling, and reasonable prices.

Arozzi Gaming Chair review: their top models

As a brand, Arozzi is a bit of a letdown. On the positive side, the Arozzi Vernazza is a top rated gaming chair. It shows off fine Swedish minimalism in similar vein to Ikea products. On the downside, Arozzi's supporting products are weak. Most focus on stiff comfort rather than flexible ergonomics. From that perspective their supporting chairs lag far behind the competition.

DXRacer gaming chairs brand overview

More pro esports teams use DXRacer chairs than any other brand. DXRacer is the original gaming chair company and still one of the best. This review covers their best gaming chair and ergonomic office chair collections.

Our favorite gaming chair brands

Here is a quick look at three of our favorite gaming pro quality chair brands of the year (to date):

Secretlab: the Titan and Omega 2020 chairs are the hottest pro chairs in the industry. Secretlab has deals with many top teams and production houses. That means you can get these chairs in a range of styles. There are Batman Chairs, pro team esports chairs, Dota 2 chairs and more. Thus you get great designs plus industry-leading features, warranty and more.

Vertagear: they make chairs in various sizes that share some great qualities. These include premium padding, features and durability. This brand isn’t as flashy as Secretlab, but they are just as reliable and consistent.

Homall: this brand is the master of the cheap gaming chair. The Homall Classic is Amazon’s #1 selling gaming chair. Homall also has many other models on Amazon’s best-seller lists. The reason that Homall is one of our favorites is because of their reliability. They are cheap chairs that work. Thus, they are great starter chairs to introduce the masses to the benefits of gaming chairs.

Top Pro Gaming Chair Brands

Secretlab Gaming Chairs: Brand Review

Secretlab started in 2014 as a humble Singapore startup. In less than five years, they became one of the leading gaming chair brands in the world. This article summarizes the three Secretlab gaming chairs in their product line. That shows why the Titan, Titan XL, Omega and Throne are among the best luxury gaming chairs on the market.

Top Budget Brands

Homall Brand Review of their best gaming chairs

This brand review looks at the best Homall gaming chairs. These Chinese-made DXracer clones all cost less than $150 and offer a decent gaming chair experience with sufficient back support, although they seem a bit flimsy. Expect great comfort and solid features but mediocre durability.

GTRacing Gaming Chair Brand Review

This GTRacing gaming chair review looks at the best chairs from this popular brand. Browse Pro, Luxury, and Music chair collections. Find the best GTRacing gaming office chair for less than $250.

Killabee Gaming Chair review: their top models

Looking for a cheap gaming chair to support your back? This Killabee Gaming Chair review covers top models in the Killabee product line. Browse a range of affordable gaming chairs offering comfortable ergonomic support.