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Best Secretlab gaming chairs: high-end luxury from industry leader

Gaming chairs are trending upwards, with 5% global growth expected in coming years. It’s a young industry with a few top brands, including Secretlab. This article summarizes the quality of Secretlab gaming chairs. It also shows why Secretlab has emerged as one of the leading names in the industry.

Secretlab Singapore showroom
Checking out Secretlab Chairs at their Singapore showroom.

Competing gaming chair companies take a scattershot approach. They release dozens of models with minor variations.

Secretlab keeps it simple. They only produce three gaming chairs.

Secretlab gaming chairs: various models
Secretlab makes three gaming chair models.

A smaller product line means more focused R&D. In 2019, all models upgraded to 2020 Series models. The result of three years of R&D, upgrades included upholstery, padding and armrests.

2020 Series upgraded 4D adjustable armrests
Upgraded 4D adjustable armrests were a big part of the 2020 Series upgrades. (Images by Secretlab).

Today, Secretlab is one of the leading names in the gaming chair industry. According to Forbes their annual sales are over $15 million. From their base in Singapore, they’ve expanded to North America, the UK, Europe and Australia.

Secretlab is also strong in Southeast Asia. They already distribute to Malaysia. Recently they expanded distribution into the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. Shoppers in those countries can buy Secretlab products via Lazada and Shopee.

About the Secretlab Company

Secretlab was born as an idea in Singapore in 2014. Founders Ian Ang and Alaric Choo were competitive StarCraft II gamers. They suffered wrist and back strain spending long hours sitting at computers.

At the time, the gaming chair was still young, with DXRacer the only viable option. The duo decided to invest their savings into building the ultimate gaming chair.

After launching their first chair in in May 2015, they broke even within a month. Since then things have snowballed.

Over the next four years, the brand sold over 200,000 chairs for an estimated $15 million USD in sales.

This year, the company secured a round of funding from Heliconia Capital Management. Today, Secretlab is worth over $200 million.

Moving forward, they plan to focus on research, procuring supplies and hiring talent.

A closer look at Secretlab Gaming Chairs

Secretlab only makes three gaming chair models. The Titan is the flagship model. It’s the only one with internal lumbar support. This works like a pneumatic lumbar insert in a sports car seat. Twist the dial to set the lumbar support in precise position for your needs.

Secretlab Titan lumbar adjustment
Adjust lower back support using a knob on the side of the chair.

The Omega and Throne both use traditional lumbar support cushions. Here’s how lumbar cushions look on Omega chairs:

Secretlab Omega gaming chairs

All models share the same upholstery, padding, armrests, and functions. The main difference between each chair is the sizing.

Secretlab gaming chair size differences

The Titan is the tallest chair with widest and deepest seat. The Omega has an equally wide seat but narrower backrest. The Throne has the narrowest seat and is the lowest to the ground.

 Secretlab TitanSecretlab OmegaSecretlab Throne
Inner Seat Width14.5"14"14"
Seat Depth21"20"18"
Backrest Width23"21"23"
Backrest Height33"32"33"
Floor to Seat Range19.5" to 23"18" to 21.5"16" to 19.5"
Overall height52.5" to 56"50" to 53.5"49" to 52.5"
Weight supportUp to 270 poundsUp to 240 poundsUp to 220 pounds
Height support5'9" to 6'7"5'3" to 5'11"4'9" to 5'3"

This is how it looks when a person 5’10” tall sits in each of the chairs:

Sitting in three different Secretlab gaming chairs

Below is a quick look at each chair in the Secretlab product line.

Secretlab Titan

Secretlab Titan color choices
The Titan is our top-rated luxury chair.

The Secretlab Titan is our pick as the best gaming chair in the world. It shares the same high quality padding and upholstery as other Secretlab models. But a few features make it stand out. First, this is the largest chair in the Secretlab line, suitable for for a wide range of users.

Secretlab Titan size chart

Second, it is the first high end chair in the industry with internal lumbar support instead of a cushion. This provides more precise back support while giving the chair a cleaner look.

Secretlab Titan lumbar adjustment
Adjust lower back support using a knob on the side of the chair.

Third, most gaming chair seats have ridged edges that limit seat width. The Titan goes in the opposite direction with one of the widest gaming chair seats you can find.

Titan seat width vs DXRacer width
Secretlab Titan seat width compared to DXRacer Drifting Series.

Buy the Titan from Secretlab

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Secretlab Omega

Secretlab Omega gaming chairs
The Secretlab Omega is like a more compact version of the Titan.

The Secretlab Omega gaming chair is like a smaller version of the Titan. But it’s not an exact carbon copy. The Omega uses a traditional lumbar cushion instead of an internal one like the Titan

Otherwise it’s the same chair, in a smaller sized package. There’s not much wiggle room once you sit in an Omega – it feels like you’re strapped into a race car cockpit.

It’s a snug fit that shows off the quality of the padding. The seat and backrest padding has enough flex to indent to your body shape. Yet, with enough resistance to keep the ergonomics on point.

Secretlab Omega size chart

Secretlab Omega chair review
Image: Secretlab Instagram

For small sized users, the Secretlab Omega is one of the best luxury options. As a working chair it provides excellent ergonomics for long periods of sitting. The dense padding and narrow seat ensures that users maintain healthy posture while sitting. Thus this is a great option power users who often spend long periods sitting in front of a computer.

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Secretlab Throne

Throne color options
The Throne comes in three leather options ans a Softweave fabric one.

The Secretlab Throne is the smallest chair in the Secretlab product line. Other than the sizing, it offers the same high end features as the other Secretlab chairs. These include high quality upholstery, 4-directional armrests and a whopping five-year warranty.

The key thing to understand about the Throne is that it fits very small sizes.

Secretlab Throne size chart

Here’s how a small Asian woman looks sitting in the chair:

Tiny Asian woman sitting in Secretlab Throne
Tiny Asian woman sitting on a Throne. (Model: Alodia Gosiengfiao)

The Throne stands out with its quality of build. Although designed for small bodies, this is not a toy for kids. Rather, it’s a high-end working chair that provides perfect ergonomics for short bodies. In fact, it is our #1 ranked gaming chair for small sizes.

Check Secretlab Throne prices

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Secretlab gaming chairs FAQ

What upholstery options do Secretlab offer?

All three models come with upgraded Prime 2.0 PU leather. This material is breathable, durable and easy to maintain. Each chair has different color options. Here are the Omega’s five options:

Secretlab Omega color options
Images: Secretlab.co

Both the Titan and the Omega shares a Cookies and Cream Softweave Fabric option. The Throne’s Softweave option is 2-tone gray with pink trim.

Secretlab Softweave editions
Images: Secretlab.co

Finally, both the Titan and Omega chairs offer a genuine NAPA leather option:

Secretlab NAPA leather chairs
Images: Secretlab.co

Where is Secretlab located?

Secretlab is a Singaporean company based out of a headquarters in central Singapore, Southeast Asia. With a small team of less than 50 people they manage orders and provide direct product shipping to North America, Europe, the UK and Australia. In Southeast Asia they service Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia.

How long do Secretlab gaming chairs last?

Based on our own durability tests, ChairsFX expects PU leather gaming chairs to last for around two years. Most gaming chairs have steel frames that don’t degrade. Rather, breakdown happens with the leather and padding.

With their 2020 Series upgrades, Secretlab bumped up their warranty from two years to five years. Secretlab frames feel very solid – they should last that long, if not longer. But will the PU leather hold up?

If it doesn’t, Secretlab will replace it within five years of purchase.

Where can I buy Secretlab gaming chairs?

There are three options. First, buy direct from Secretlab. This eliminates middleman fees, which gives you the lowest possible price.

Browse all Secretlab direct deals

The second option is to buy Secretlab chairs on Amazon. Note this this eliminates the discount from buying direct. Thus Amazon prices are higher. For example, this Secretlab Titan on Amazon is almost $50 more expensive than the direct price.

The third option is for users in Southeast Asia. There, Secretlab offers its products via Lazada and Shopee. As with Amazon, buying from either is more expensive than buying direct.

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