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Secretlab Titan XL: big and tall gaming chair review

Secretlab’s flagship Titan gaming chair is one of the best luxury gaming chairs you can buy. Now, the Secretlab Titan XL has arrived to support giants and heavyweights. If you’re looking for a high end big and tall gaming chair, the Titan XL debuts one of the top options on the market.

Secretlab Titan XL
The Secretlab Titan XL is a new model for big and tall users.

We’ve already done an in-depth Secretlab Titan review. That article covers the big Secretlab Titan 2020 Series upgrades. It also pores over every detail that makes this our top-rated chair.

Thus, for this Titan XL review, we’ll focus on what’s new.

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Secretlab Titan XL: what’s new

The Secretlab Titan is the flagship model from one of the best gaming chair brands in the world. The Secretlab Titan XL blows up the chair to suit big and tall sizes. Details below.

Titan XL sizing

The only difference between the Titan XL and the original is the sizing. Both chairs suit large users, but the Titan XL also suits extra-large users.

Compare Titan XL to original model size

Here’s how the dimensions of the Titan XL compare to the original:

 Titan Titan XL
Seat Width20.5"22.6"
Seat Depth19.7"19.9"
Backrest Width21.7"22"
Backrest Height33"33.5"
Floor to Seat Range18.7" to 22.4"19.1" to 22.8"
Overall height51.7" to 55.4"52.6" to 56.3"

Titan XL from $479

Titan XL upholstery options

The Secretlab Titan XL comes in four styles. Two use Prime 2.0 PU leather. This is high-end faux leather that looks and feels like the real thing. Aside from stunning good looks, Prime 2.0 is buttery soft, easy to clean and doesn’t get sticky.

Titan XL upholstery options
The Titan XL comes in 2 PU leather styles and 2 Softweave styles.

Two models use Softweave fabric. Secretlab’s signature fabric blend uses dense 350GSM short-yarn. Through a process of meticulous grinding, the yarn softens to a fluffy texture. This blend is breathable, ultra durable and very comfortable.

Titan XL leather vs Softweave
Leather and Softweave options both have merits.

Which to choose depends on your preferences. Softweave is more breathable and durable, but also harder to clean. It’s stain-resistant to a degree, but a red wine or coffee spill may never come out. Whiever you choose, please don’t smoke while using these chairs!

The Titan XL will make you forget you’re sitting and immerse you in work. Idle smoking could drop a cherry that will burn through Softweave Fabric and damage PU leather.

So pick a model, sort your posture, and quit smoking while you’re at it!

Titan XL from $479

Titan XL overview

If you are considering to buy the Secretlab Titan XL, skim this section to ensure you make an informed decision.

Titan XL key features

The Titan XL is 25% larger than the original Titan model. To support heavier weights, the core mechanisms of the chair were upgraded with sturdier materials made into larger sizes. The new configuration then went through stress tests for 200,000 repetitions to ensure they hold up to Secretlab’s 5-year warranty. Other notable features of the Titan XL:

  • Features: internal lumbar; chrome-plated 4D metal with click-lock mechanism.
  • Padding: premium cold cure foam; neck pillow with cooling gel insert.
  • Back support: industry leading internal lumbar that provides more precise and consistent support.
  • Industry-leading 5-year warranty

For a detailed look at how everything fits together, check out our detailed Secretlab Titan review.

Secretlab Titan review (original model)

Titan XL alternatives

The Secretlab Titan XL is a large-sized gaming chair. To see the best competing products, check out the best chairs that support 400+ pounds. Ranked #1 on that list is the DXRacer Tank Series.

Until now, the Tank Series has been the hottest selling heavyweight chair. Since it requires larger parts, it’s made in smaller batches. These sell fast. Around 40% of the year, the Tank is out of stock.

Expect the same with the Secretlab Titan XL. In fact, even though just released, the Titan XL is running low on stock. Buy it while you can, or else get on the waiting list.

Conclusion: how to buy Titan XL

Spacious Titan XL
Ditch your tiny office chair for the comfort of a roomy Titan XL.

The best way to buy a Titan is from the Secretlab website. Buying direct saves on middleman fees to get you the lowest price. That also gets you free shipping and direct contact with customer support.

Secretlab also sells a few models on Amazon, usually for around $50 more than when buying direct. They don’t yet have the XL model listed – buying direct is the only option for now.

If you are looking for the very best big and tall gaming chair, you must consider the Secretlab Titan XL. The only chair we know of that can match it’s luxury is the DXRacer Tank Series, which costs $100 more.

Buy the Titan XL from $479

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