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Should I Buy A Small, Medium, or XL Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair?

The Secretlab Titan 2022 Series gaming chair comes in small, medium, and XL sizes. The easiest way to select the right size is to use Secretlab’s suggested size ratings. Even so, it’s possible for smaller sizes to use larger chairs. This article covers the key sizing specs to look out for when choosing a Secretlab Titan chair size.

Choose the right Secretlab Titan chair size

Secretlab publishes size ratings for each of its Titan 2022 Series gaming chairs. Most users can simply choose the model that their height fits within. For example, I stand 5’9″. Based on Secretlab’s sizing guidelines, the medium-sized Titan is clearly my best option.

Titan 2022 Small Medium XL
Size Rating 4’11” to 5’6″; 285 pounds 5’7″ to 6’2″; 285 pounds 5’11” to 6’9″; 395 pounds
Seat 17.7″ (W) x 18.9″ (D) 18.5″ (W) x 19.3″ (D) 19.3″ (W) x 19.7″ (D)
Backrest 20″ (W) x 32.3″ (H) 21″ (W) x 33.5″ (H) 22″ (W) x 35″ (H)
Seat Height 17.7″ to 20.5″ 17.7″ to 20.5″ 18.1″ to 21.9″
Price $449 $469 $499

To test the sizing limits of these chairs, I ordered a medium and XL Titan edition. Based on Secretlab’s ratings, the Titan XL is two inches too big for me. Even so, the fit has been surprisingly good! What I learned:

  1. The Titan’s lumbar and headrest pillow are adjustable enough to fit various sizes.
  2. The key dimension to look out for is the depth of the chair’s seat. If it’s deeper than your knee-to-hip ratio, you’ll suffer a poor fit.

Titan 2022 Series Sizing Guide

The Secretlab Titan 2022 Series replaces the 2020 Series. The new version comes in three sizes designed for both slim and moderately thick sizes. My 5’9″ frame fits perfectly in the medium-sized Titan. This is what a good fit looks like in a Titan chair:

Titan medium sized chair fitting
My slim 5’9″ frame fits almost perfectly in a medium-sized Titan chair.

The fit is almost perfect. The headrest and lumbar support align with my spinal curves. The seat height adjusts to let me plant my feet firmly on the floor. As well, there’s a decent gap between the seat edge and the back of my knees.

Medium-sized Titan chair demo fitting

When spread comfortably, my slim-ish legs leave around 2″ (5 cm) of space on either side of the chair. Those of a similar height with significantly thicker legs might feel comfortable with more space.

Choosing a Larger Size Than Secretlab Suggests

To test sizing limits, I also ordered a Titan XL chair. The seat is 0.7″ (1.7 cm) deeper and 0.8″ (2cm) wider. It doesn’t look much larger but definitely feels more spacious.

Titan XL seat width model
The Titan XL gives me around 3 inches (8 cm) of space on either side of the seat.

Technically, I’m 2″ shorter than the XL chair’s recommended range of 5’11” to 6’9″. Even so, from a side view, it fits pretty well.

Titan 2022 Series sizing
5’9″ user sitting in Titan 2022 Series medium and XL chairs.

Using the chair’s adjustable components made it easy to tailor the XL chair to my size. The only issue I found was the excessive seat depth.

Titan vs Titan XL seat depth
The Titan XL’s seat depth might be problematic for users shorter than 5’9″.

When the lip of the seat touches the back of your knees, it causes problems. Over long periods, you’ll feel irritation in your legs that eventually extends to your lower back. Luckily, there are workarounds.

Ergonomic Adjustability Caters To Various Sizes

The most important part of a good gaming chair fit is its support for your spinal curves. The Titan’s back support ergonomics are more adjustable than any other gaming chair. There are two keys:

Height-Adjustable Lumbar Support

Like many chairs on the market, the Titan comes with depth-adjustable lumbar support. The Titan 2022 Series is the only model on the market that is also height-adjustable.

Titan Evo 2022 Series lumbar support adjustability

From the default height setting, I adjusted the Titan XL lumbar to its lowest position (around 2″ lower). As a result, it fits my 5’9″ size wonderfully.

Wide Headrest Adjustment Range

The second spinal support key is the headrest. The Titan 2022 Series foregoes straps and instead uses magnets to hold in place. This gives the chair a sleek, ultra-modern look.

Titan Ash magnetic headrest

More importantly, a headrest with straps has a limited adjustment range of just a few inches. In comparison, the magnetic headrest system gives you a larger adjustment range than any other gaming chair.

Titan 2022 Series headrest adjustment range

In the TItan XL, I use both the lumbar support and the pillow at the lowest settings. As a result, even though I’m technically 2″ too short for the chair, it’s a very good fit.

Excessive Seat Depth Can Cause Problems

My only area of concern fitting into a Titan XL chair was the seat depth. Upon first trying out the chair, the seat lip was almost touching the back of my knees.

Titan seat depth explanation
Measure your knee-to-hip ratio to determine if a seat’s depth will fit your size.

Can you fit in a Titan XL chair? Sit down and measure from the back of your butt to the tip of your kneecap. If your knee-to-hip measurement is equal to or greater than mine, the Titan XL will fit you!

Titan 2022 Small Medium XL
Size Rating 4’11” to 5’6″; 285 pounds 5’7″ to 6’2″; 285 pounds 5’11” to 6’9″; 395 pounds
Seat 17.7″ (W) x 18.9″ (D) 18.5″ (W) x 19.3″ (D) 19.3″ (W) x 19.7″ (D)

If you’re rated to fit in a Titan small, you can use the example to gauge the fit. If your hip to knee ratio is equal to or greater than 19.6″, you will fit in a TItan medium-sized chair.

How to Solve Seat Height And Depth Issues

Planting your feet firmly on the floor is an essential part of healthy sitting. That provides the power to hold your spine upright against gravity. Without that support, your back muscles will do the heavy lifting, instead of your chair.

Titan XL seat height demonstation
Titan XL chair at its lowest and highest seat height setting.

Notice what happens when your legs dangle instead of planting firmly. The knees sag lower, placing more pressure on the back of the thighs.

Sitting this way over long periods will ruin you! Besides searing pain in your legs and thighs, your spine will also sag into a “c” shape to compensate.

Add An Ergonomic Footrest

Every savvy desk worker should have an ergonomic footrest in their arsenal. Adding one makes it easy to sit taller in a chair while still keeping your feet planted. That makes seat height issues irrelevant.

Footrest movement opportunities
Work out your feet, ankles and calves while sitting in a fixed typing position.

It also makes it easy to work your ankles and calves while you sit. Doing so optimizes circulation for a quick boost of energy. Any time you start to feel fatigued, use this technique for a quick pick-me-up.

A Footrest Also Addresses Depth

Beyond solving height issues, an ergonomic footrest also addresses seat depth problems. Notice what happens to the space between the seat and the back of one’s knees using a footrest: it widens!

Ergonomic footrest to fix seat depth

Instead of the thighs draping over the seat edge, the footrest props them up slightly. Doing so angles the knees further away from the tip of the seat.

Using a footrest to reduce thigh pressure

Even if you don’t have seat height or depth issues, it’s worth investing in a good ergonomic footrest for three reasons. First, as the picture shows, using one will reduce the pressure on the back of your thighs while you sit.

Second, using one will dramatically improve your options to move while sitting. Third, seat height issues become a distant memory. Learn more in this feature:

How To Sit Taller and More Dynamically With A Footrest

Seat Depth Hack: Add a Lumbar Pillow

If you still suffer seat depth issues in an oversized Titan chair, there’s one more option to consider. Adding a Secretlab Omega Lumbar pillow will add extra depth behind your back while you sit. As a result, your knees will extend further past the tip of the seat.

Using a lumbar pillow with the Titan XL
If your knees need more space, adding an Omega lumbar pillow can help.

On the downside, you will lose the wonderful qualities of the Titan’s built-in lumbar support. Even so, the Omega’s memory foam pillow is a nice consolation prize. Not including the TItan’s integrated system, it’s one of the best lumbar support pillow systems on the market.

Secretlab Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow $59

See our Lumbar Support Tutorial to optimize your use of an Omega lumbar pillow.


Slim and moderately thick users shopping for a Secretlab gaming chair have it easy. TO choose the right size, simply follow Secretlab’s suggested size ratings.

Titan 2022 Small Medium XL
Size Rating 4’11” to 5’6″; 285 pounds 5’7″ to 6’2″; 285 pounds 5’11” to 6’9″; 395 pounds
Seat 17.7″ (W) x 18.9″ (D) 18.5″ (W) x 19.3″ (D) 19.3″ (W) x 19.7″ (D)
Backrest 20″ (W) x 32.3″ (H) 21″ (W) x 33.5″ (H) 22″ (W) x 35″ (H)
Seat Height 17.7″ to 20.5″ 17.7″ to 20.5″ 18.1″ to 21.9″
Price $449 $469 $499

However, if you want the roomiest seat possible, you might be able to use a larger size than what Secretlab recommends. Broadly, if you’re two inches or less below the recommended size, you’re still likely to fit.

If anything goes wrong with a larger size, it’s likely to be the chair’s seat depth. Luckily, it’s easy to mitigate excess depth by using a footrest or lumbar pillow.

Secretlab fabric gaming chair review
There are seven styles in the 2022 Series SoftWeave fabric gaming chair collection.

With sizing cleared up, the only question left is what Secretlab Titan design to choose. Here are some popular options to browse through:

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