The Ultimate Gaming Chair Sizing Guide


Most people are unaware that gaming chairs are not one-size-fits all. However it’s a crucial point. This is because gaming chairs are specifically designed to support the back and promote good posture.

In general, gaming chairs achieve optimal ergonomics through a set of standard features. These include multiple reclining options that support the natural curves of the back, plus extra neck and back pillows to lock your spine into perfect alignment. 

Gaming chair support pillows

Properly positioned cushions support the spine's natural curves

Gaming Chair Sizing Guide

To best achieve the ergonomic benefits that gaming chairs provide, it's important to pick the right-sized chair. The guide is applicable to all gaming chair brands covered on this website. 

Gaming Chairs for average sizes

Generally speaking, most gaming chairs are designed for people of average height and weight. 

Gaming chairs for average sized people

Most gaming chairs cater to average sized people

Most of the chairs reviewed on this website cater to this size range. Check out one of these buying guides for the best chairs offered in this range:

Gaming Chairs for small sizes

Gaming chair size guide for small and medium-sized people

These chairs fit everyone from Tyrion to Daenerys. John Snow sizes will fit also

Surprisingly, the Secr​​etlab Throne is the only quality gaming chair in the world specifically designed for small sizes. Fortunately, many other chairs designed for average sizes are adjustable enough to suit smaller people. 

To browse the full list, check out our review of the best gaming chairs for petite sizes

Gaming Chairs for large sizes

Gaming chair big and tall size guide

Heavyweights require specially reinforced gaming chairs

If you are sized anywhere between the Hound and the Mountain, consider purchasing a specialty chair that can support your size. Check out our top 7 gaming chairs for heavyweights.

Getting the most out of your gaming chair

Gaming chair sitting illustration

Learn how to get the best out of your gaming chair

After selecting the best sized gaming chair for your body, the next step is to learn how to get the most out of your investment. Check out our Ultimate Gaming Chair User Manual, which teaches how adjust your chair, how to sit and how to best use the reclining options.

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