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The Ultimate Gaming Chair Sizing Guide

The point of a gaming chair is to support your back while providing consistent comfort. These days, gaming chairs come in small, medium, and large sizes. This gaming chair size guide explains why a proper size yields the best benefits. It also points out what dimensions to consider before buying a chair.

Gaming chair sizing
Wide sizes need to make sure to buy a wide chair they can fit into.

Extra-wide sizes should look for seat dimensions wide enough to cradle their hips. Average sizes with slim hips have the widest range of options. They can squeeze into small chairs, make do with XL chairs, or enjoy an ideal fit with a medium-sized model.

Choosing the right size ergonomic chair
A small body in a large gaming chair will lose the back support benefits that gaming chairs provide.

Smaller users who buy large chairs will regret it. A backrest that doesn’t fit the body won’t provide effective back support. The support pillows won’t meet the curves of the spine. If the floor to seat range is too high, the feet will dangle, instead of planting on the floor.

To get a sense of the right size for your needs, there are a few factors to consider. Start by considering some chair sizing essentials.

Chair sizing essentials

Gaming chair sizing numbers are useless — unless you understand them. Here are the most important things to consider before looking at the numbers:

International sizing

Most gaming chairs are made in Asia and sold in America. But average sizes in Asia are much smaller than they are in the west. Check out these average body sizes by country:

 Average size of menAverage size of women
USA5'8" 200 pounds5'3" 171 pounds
China5'6" 155 pounds5'2" 130 pounds
United Kingdom5'8" 191 pounds5'4" 160 pounds
South Korea5'7" 163 pounds5'3" 133 pounds

Broadly, cheaper gaming chairs tend to fit Asian average sizes. Some expensive gaming chairs are larger, thus a better fit for average western sizes.

Wide vs narrow seats

PC gaming chairs have two types of seat designs. The most common type has curved edges. These restrict the legs and create a snug fit, like sitting in a race car cockpit. This provides crisp ergonomics that keep your spine in perfect alignment.

Wide vs narrow gaming chair seats
There are two types of seats to consider when choosing a gaming chair.

The second type is a flat seat with no edges. The advantage of the flat seat design is more legroom. That makes them more comfortable, but easier to sit using sloppy posture. Check out a selection of specialty chairs with flat, wide seats:

Best chairs under $250 with flat, wide seats

Important gaming chair dimensions

Gaming chairs come with a tall backrest. Between the backrest and your body are neck and back pillows. As you lean your into the backrest, the pillows set your spine into perfect alignment.

Gaming chair back support
Gaming chairs keep your spine in healthy alignment.

Having a backrest height that fits your body ensures you’ll be able to place your neck pillow correctly. Most backrests range between 33″ and 30″ high. Anything lower or taller is for extremely tall or short sizes.

Choosing the right sized gaming chair
Choosing the right sized chair will ensure optimal ergonomic support.

When checking chair dimensions, look for these essentials:

  1. Seat width and depth: make sure there’s enough room to comfortably cradle your hips.
  2. Backrest width and height: the height should match your body. The width should give you enough space to avoid hunching your shoulders.
  3. Floor to seat range: ensure a height that lets you plant your feet firmly on the ground. Also, check that that maximum seat height matches your desk.
  4. Size rating: most gaming chairs come with a recommended size rating, along with a maximum weight capacity.

Gaming Chair Sizing Guide

To realize the ergonomic potential of gaming chairs, it’s important to pick the right size. The guide pertains to all gaming chair brands covered on this website.

Gaming Chairs for average sizes

We define average-sized users as those between 5’6″ to 5’10” tall weighing less than 200 pounds. These users can squeeze into small chairs or fit decently into extra-large chairs. Most gaming chair brands don’t clarify whether their chairs are for small, medium, or large sizes. That’s why it’s important to check the specs of a chair before buying.

Our review of the best pro esports chairs is for average sizes. The first five models in that review have larger, more spacious dimensions.

Pro esports gaming chairs
The best pro esports chairs have large and small options for average-sized users.

The last five are more compact. Thus, average sizes can choose a fit based on preference. If you prefer the best ergonomic support, choosing a small chair with a snug fit will yield the best results. But if comfort is the priority, choosing a larger model will give your body more room to move.

Secretlab Titan vs Omega seat style
Large Secretlab Titan vs compact Secretlab Omega

For instance, our top-rated compact pro esports chair is the Secretlab Omega. Our top-rated large-sized model is the Secretlab Titan. Here is how the specs of the two chairs compare:

 Secretlab OmegaSecretlab Titan
Outer seat width & depth22" (W) x 19.3" (D)20.5" (W) x 19.7" (D)
Backrest width & height 21" (W) x 31.5" (H)21.7" (W) x 33" (H)
Floor to seat range18.9" to 21.9"18.7" to 22.4"
Space between armrests24.4" to 27.6"26" to 29.1"
Overall height50.4" to 53.4"51.7" to 55.4"
Weight supportUp to 240 poundsUp to 290 pounds
Height support5'3" to 5'11"5'9" to 6'7"

Notice that the Titan has a deeper but narrower seat than the Omega. However, the Omega seat has ridged edges, while the Titan’s seat is flat. The flat edges don’t restrict the legs, resulting in a roomier fit.

Check out more large and compact pro-quality chairs in this detailed review:

Best pro esports chairs for average sizes

Gaming Chairs for small sizes

Most of the popular cheap gaming chairs are for slim users under 5’10”. There are also a handful of high-end options specialized for small sizes.

The smallest of the bunch is the AKRacing California. It supports users between 4’9″ to 5’6″, with a recommended weight limit of 155 pounds. Two other high-end small options are the Maxnomic Casual Sport and the Secretlab Omega. Here is how all three models stack up:

California chair size comparison: Secretlab and Maxnomic
The California chair compared to a Maxnomic Casual Sport and Secretlab Omega.

Here are dimensions of three popular chairs that cater to short users:

 AKRacing CaliforniaMaxnomic Casual SportNoblechairs Epic
Seat width x depth21" (W) x 17.7" (D)17.3" (W) x 17.7" (D)22" (W) x 22.2" (D)
Backrest width x height21" (W) x 27.7" (H)22.4" (W) x 33.1" (H)21.4" (W) x 34.2" (H)
Floor to Seat Range13.75" to 17.25"18.5" to 22.4"18.9" to 22.8"
Chair height44" to 47.4"50" to 53"49" to 53"
Size rating4'9" to 5'6″; recommended load 155 pounds5'0" to 5'9"; recommended load 176 pounds5'5" to 6'2"; max load 265 pounds

Slim users under 5’11” with slim proportions should consider chairs with these kinds of dimensions. To check out the best options for small, slim sizes, check out this detailed review:

Best gaming chairs for small sizes and kids

Gaming Chairs for extra-large sizes

Big and tall heavyweights tend to have more pronounced posture problems than average sizes. During both rest and activity, the spine manages weight distribution. When carrying excess weight, the spine bears a greater burden. As a result, overweight users face a greater risk of chronic lower back pain and vertebral disc disease.

Best 400-pound gaming chairs for big and tall computer users
Extra-large gaming chairs provide superb ergonomic support for big and tall users.

Very few ergonomic office chairs cater to big and tall users. Luckily, there are several extra-large gaming chairs that provide heavyweight ergonomic support. While using one of these models, large or obese users reduce pressure on the knees, which are not designed to carry heavy loads. Even better, an extra-tall backrest and support pillows will keep the spine aligned while sitting.

Among high-end products, there are several great options with spacious dimensions and support for 400 pounds. Here are the dimensions of three top-rated models. Note the width and depth of the seat. These are extra-wide chairs with sturdy support for super heavyweights.

 Secretlab Titan XLAKRacing Master Series MaxE-Win Flash XL
Seat width x depth22.6" (W) x 19.9" (D)23.25" (W) x 20.5" (D)23.6"(W) x 23.2" (D)
Backrest width x height:22" (W) x 33.5" (H)24.4" x 34.2"23.6" (W) x 39" (D)
Floor to Seat Range19.1" to 22.8"14.4" to 17.25"16.5" to 20.5"
Overall height52.6" to 56.3"51.5" to 54" 55.5" to 59.5"
Weight supportUp to 390 poundsUp to 400 poundsUp to 550 pounds
Height support5'9" to 6'10"5'6" to 6'4"5’7″ to 7’0″

Users who are extra-wide but extra-short might find the backrests on the above models too tall. If that’s the case, check out our best average-sized chairs with extra-wide seats. All models in that range cost less than $200.

For those who need an extra-large, extra-wide chair, check our review of the best models:

Best big and tall 400-pound gaming chairs

How to use your new gaming chair

Gaming chair sizing guide
Choosing the right size for your body will ensure the best ergonomic support.

After selecting a good-fitting gaming chair, the next step is to learn how to use it. Check out our Gaming Chair User Guide. That teaches how to adjust your chair, how to sit, and how to best use the reclining options.

Gaming chair user guide


When using a gaming chair, the seat should be deep enough to fit your body. That means you can sit far enough back so that your back touches the lumbar support pillow. At the same time, your feet should plant on the floor, with no pressure on the inner knees.

Ergonomic chair seat depth standards
You need a deep enough seat to sit against the backrest without placing pressure on the inside of the knees.

At the same time, the backrest should fit your body. The proper size ensures that the support pillows will fit your spinal curves.

Choosing the right size ergonomic chair

Users with extra-wide proportions should also focus on getting a model with a wide enough seat.

By following these pointers, you can ensure get the best out of your gaming chair. With the right fit, enjoy superb comfort and amazing back support. For more health and wellness sitting tips, check out our ergonomic advice articles:

Gaming chair advice for optimal health and wellness

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