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Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 Series Gaming Chair Review

The Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 Series gaming chair has arrived! Titan EVO chairs come in small, medium, and XL sizes. Upgrades include 4D lumbar support, a new leatherette, SoftWeave gradient designs, and more. Get the lowdown on the most advanced premium gaming chair on the market in 2021.

Secretlab Titan XL 2022 Series: big and tall gaming chair review

The Secretlab Titan XL is the best big and tall gaming chair on the market. It comes with elite ergonomic features, over 30 designs, and spacious support for up to 395 pounds. Check out what's new in the Secretlab Titan XL 2022 Series.

Secretlab Omega vs Titan chairs compared

Can't decide between a Secretlab Omega or Titan gaming chair? Here's the definitive answer. A hands-on review from a 5'9" user (177 cm) comparing the ergonomic, comfort, and back support qualities of both. Find out which model makes the most sense for your needs.

Secretlab Omega 2020 Series gaming chair review

The Secretlab Omega 2020 Series is one of our top-rated pro esports chairs. This Secretlab Omega review explores Omega features, style options, sizing dimensions and more.

Best GTRacing Ace Gaming Chairs Reviewed: Small, Medium, Large Sizes

The GTRacing Ace Series is a premium gaming chair collection with affordable prices. Ace chairs come in small, medium, and large luxury sizes. All come stacked with premium features and a 5-year warranty for between $150-$300. Find here the best affordable premium gaming chairs on the market.

Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair Review

The Noblechairs EPIC is a full-featured luxury gaming chair. This Noblechairs EPIC review explores the best features of this German-engineered masterpiece.

Review: Best GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chairs (2021 edition)

The GTRacing Pro Series is a popular line of cheap gaming chairs. These models offer solid features, excellent durability and great value for money. Detailed review about the best GTRacing Pro Series gaming chairs.

Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair review

Herman Miller teamed up with Logitech on a new gaming chair. We were expecting a revolution, but instead got a minor repackaging. The Herman Miller X Logitech G costs $1495. Sadly, it's just a repackaged 2008-era Embody with only minor new features.

GTRacing Ace M1 review: pro esports chairs for under $300

The GTRacing Ace M1 Series is a line of affordable gaming chairs with pro esports features. Ace M1 chairs offer 4D armrests, multifunction tilt-lock, and a 5-year warranty for less than $300. Available for buyers in the USA, UK, and European Union.

Sidiz T80 ergonomic task chair review (classic and Marvel designs)

The Sidiz T80 is one of the best ergonomic chairs on the market priced under $1000. Made in South Korea, it offers rich ergonomic features and a superb build quality. Now available in classic and Marvel superhero designs.

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