Gaming Chair Reviews

Noblechairs Epic black and white office chairs

Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair Review

A premium gaming chair using superior materials and impeccable stitching that shows great attention to detail. Although no features will blow your mind, this is one of the best premium gaming chairs on the market.
TT Racing Royale gaming chair

TT Racing Royale Gaming Chair Review

ChairsFX recently discovered this locally produced gaming chair during a visit to Malaysia. The TT Royale costs $250 (only sold in Malaysia) and offers all of the benefits of more expensive gaming chairs. Read the review and watch our video report.
Secretlab Titan gaming chair

Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair Review

The Secretlab Titan might be the best premium gaming chair currently on the market. Basically they've taken a DXracer Drift series and upgraded it with plush additions that make the $500+ price tag seem reasonable.
DXracer Drift Series black and red gaming chairs

DXracer Drifting Series Gaming Chair Review

The DXracer Drifting Series is an upgraded racing chair modded to the needs of serious professionals who spend long hours working upright at a computer workstation. For around $350, the Drifting Series provides a fluffy padded seat with superb ergonomic back support and muted styling that will fit seamlessly into any office.
DXRacer Formula Series gaming chairs

DXracer Formula Series Gaming Chair Review

ChairsFX owns a Formula Series and we love it. With this model, DXracer set the industry benchmark for what a high quality gaming chair should offer to hard-core users. Expect excellent posture support in a comfortable package (wider than the Drift Series) that will take heavy gaming or working use for years. Well worth the $350 investment.
Homall gaming chair racing style office chair

Homall Executive Gaming Chair Review

This Chinese-made DXracer clone costs $200 and offers a decent gaming chair experience with sufficient back support, although it seems a bit flimsy. Durability over years might be an issue, which might negate the budget price.
Killabee gaming chair

Killabee Reclining Racing Chair Review

The Killabee Reclining Racing Chair is specially designed to make you feel as if you are in a Formula One car or a supercar. With that kind of quality under you, you cannot go wrong.
GTracing gaming chairs

GTRacing E-Sports Gaming Chair Review

The GTRacing E-Sports Gaming Chair is designed to give you maximum comfort while you game long into the night. With three separate colors, this gaming chair will fit any decor and any life. The aim here is good posture and comfort.
Coavas gaming chairs

Coavas Gaming Chair Review

The Coavas Gaming Chair is the epitome of underestimated style and functionality. The chair comes in an elegant black and white design, and the chair itself is a stripped down version of most gaming chairs, while still providing the functionality you need. The low price point is a big bonus.
Woman with healthy spine enjoying wellness

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back?

High-end ergonomic support for long hours at a computer or gaming station is the primary reason why anyone should invest in a gaming chair. Learn how a good gaming chair can bring you the support you need to be comfortable for many hours - using correct posture, which brings a world of benefits.