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Gaming chairs vs office chairs for women

Best Gaming Chairs for Petite Women and all Small Sizes

ChairsFX reviews the top five gaming chairs designed for petite women, kids and other small bodied users. These premium chairs all provide excellent ergonomic support that's specially tailored to suit small body sizes.
Two gaming chairs with footrests

Best Reclining Gaming Chairs with Footrests

ChairsFX breaks down the five best gaming chairs on the market that come with footrests. These models are all budget priced, offer solid ergonomic support and come with some surprising features like USB powered massage units.
Best premium gaming chairs in the world

Best Premium Gaming Chairs in the World

This mega guide reviews all of the best premium gaming chairs in the world. Ranging in price from $400 to $220, these top models are made by the most trusted brands and offer the height of luxury.
Budget gaming chairs

Best Budget Gaming Chairs of 2019

This mega buying guide looks at the best budget gaming chairs in the industry. For this review, 'budget' means everything priced between $200 to $60. This guide reviews the top brands and also the top gaming chairs across the entire budget range. If you are looking for a cheap gaming chair, read this guide.