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Gaming chairs vs office chairs for women

Best Gaming Chairs for Petite Women and all Small Sizes

ChairsFX reviews the top five gaming chairs designed for petite women, kids and other small bodied users. These premium chairs all provide excellent ergonomic support that's specially tailored to suit small body sizes.
Two gaming chairs with footrests

Best Reclining Gaming Chairs with Footrests

ChairsFX breaks down the five best gaming chairs on the market that come with footrests. These models are all budget priced, offer solid ergonomic support and come with some surprising features like USB powered massage units.
High powered executives sitting on gaming chairs

Best Executive Gaming Chairs to Give you an Edge

A roundup of the best gaming chairs on the market that are also suitable for office workers and professionals who spend long hours working at computer workstations. Under those conditions, a quality chair will support proper posture, blood flow and vitality. Check out picks for the best gaming chairs for office workers.
The best gaming chairs under $200

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200 – Complete Reviews and Comparison

The best gaming chairs will correct your posture and give you a comfortable sitting position for hours on end. The best gaming chars also come with extra features which your common office chair does not have.
Best budget gaming chairs

Best Budget Gaming Chairs of 2019 – Reviews with Comparison

In the gaming chair industry you get what you pay for. Sub-$200 chairs will get the job done, but over a much shorter time period. With the chairs in this review, expect a comfortable seat that will have noticeable effects on your posture. At the same time, you should also expect chairs that will rapidly deteriorate and need replacement within a year.
Woman with healthy spine enjoying wellness

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back?

High-end ergonomic support for long hours at a computer or gaming station is the primary reason why anyone should invest in a gaming chair. Learn how a good gaming chair can bring you the support you need to be comfortable for many hours - using correct posture, which brings a world of benefits.