Every gaming chair encourages good posture with the same trio of features. An adjustable lumbar, adjustable arms, and a reclining backrest provide the support. As long as your gaming chair has these features, it doesn’t matter if you buy a cheap or expensive model.

What does matter is a gaming chair’s sizing. For the best back support, make sure to choose a gaming chair that fits your body type. Then, apply neutral sitting techniques to keep your spine in a healthy alignment.

Average sizes 5’8″ to 6’0″ (172-180 cm) can find the most premium picks among the 10 Pro Esports Chairs Used By Top Esports Teams. Shorter or stockier figures should look towards specialty seating tailored for their size.  

There are also a handful of cheap (under $300) gaming chairs to consider. These provide the same support features as pricier chairs. On the downside, their not as luxurious or durable — most are guaranteed for a year or less. 

Specialty Premium Gaming Chairs

Here are four premium alternatives to the top 10 Pro Esports chairs. All four of these genres offer fully-loaded gaming chairs with extended warranties made by reliable brands with stellar customer service records

Affordable Gaming Chair Alternatives

These chairs have similar adjustable features as premium gaming chairs. They differ with lower-quality builds guaranteed for a year or less. If you’ve never used a gaming chair before, these models let you try one out for rock-bottom prices. 

Other Gaming Chair Collection Reviews

The above sections list the most relevant gaming chairs of 2023. Find below comparison reviews / roundups covering some older or less popular gaming chair genres. 

Best Wide 500-pound Ergonomic Chairs For The Severely Obese

Now there are TWO ergonomic options for severely obese sizes. The new E-Win Flash XL is the world's largest gaming chair. It supports 550 pounds with a massive 26" seat. Its closest office chair competitor is the Flash Furniture Hercules chair. It supports 500 pounds with a spacious 23.5" seat. See how both models compare for Class III obese sizes.

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