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Best pro esports chairs for serious gamers and power users

Pro esports players spend full-time hours sitting at a desk. To stay fresh over long sessions, many use high-end, pro-quality gaming chairs. That’s because these models provide comfortable posture support for long computing periods. Full-time office workers can also benefit from this ergonomic technology. Looking for a boost in health, wellness, and computing productivity? Check out our picks: the best pro esports gaming chairs of 2021.

Best high-end luxury gaming chairs of 2021
These models provide elite computing ergonomics for both pro esports players and office workers.

The best way to know the qualities of a good computing chair is to test one out. That requires using it full-time for at least a few months. Luckily, top esports pros have already done that work for us. Esports players spend around 10-12 hours of training at their computers every day. That has given gaming chair manufacturers lots of user data to work with. No other type of seating has undergone as much user testing over the past decade.

Using pro esports chairs for gaming or computer work
These chairs are suitable for both pro esports players and full-time desk workers. (Images: Secretlab)

As a result, these gaming chairs hold up well under full-time sitting loads. All models support good posture and movement over long periods. That combination keeps players feeling fresh, focused, and primed for high-intensity computing.

Pro esports chair overview

All types of ergonomic chairs have two primary objectives. Those are to support a neutral posture and movement while sitting for long periods. The former exerts the least amount of stress on a seated body. The latter mitigates health risks caused by sedentary behavior.

Neutral sitting examples in various ergonomic chairs
All types of ergonomic chairs support a neutral posture over long sitting periods.

Combined, posture support plus movement helps users to sit longer, feel better, and be more productive.

Typical pro esports chair features

Among both cheap and expensive gaming chairs, neutral sitting support works the same way. The difference with pro esports chairs is that they are better suited to providing full-time support.

Pro esports chair features
Cold-foam padding, 4D armrests, and a multifunction tilt are common pro chair luxury features.

Feature-wise, pro esports chairs stand apart from cheap models with four essentials:

  1. 4D armrests: these adjust in four directions, giving a full range of support for the arms.
  2. Cold-cured foam padding: the premium padding choice in the furniture industry provides consistent, adaptable resistance. Luxury cars, theater seats and high-end gaming chairs use this material.
  3. Premium upholstery: higher-quality faux leathers or fabrics that support 24-7 comfort. No matter how long you sit in premium upholstered chairs, the material will remain cool and breathable.
  4. Multifunction-tilt lock: this is a relaxation feature that lets you tilt and lock the seat at angles. Designed to stimulate movement in the hips, it pulls you away from your desk into a deep, relaxing recline.

Supercharge results with an ergonomic footrest

The more money you pay for an ergonomic chair, the more complex movement functionality is included. The problem is that in all types of chairs, typing requires a fixed upright position. However, fancy ergo chair synchro-tilt functionality rocks and reclines. As well, a gaming chair’s tilt-lock pulls your body into a recline away from the seat. That isn’t useful for proper keyboard or mouse operation.

Foot workout with footrest
Work your feet, ankles and thighs while maintaining an effortless neutral posture.

In contrast, adding an ergonomic footrest lets you enjoy robust movement — while in a fixed, upright typing position.

Boost movement, height, and back support

Constant movement while sitting
Adding a footrest provides enhanced posture support plus more options to move while sitting.

On top of the near-constant movement, adding a footrest yields other benefits. Those include:

  • Optimized desk height: for people under 5’9″, most desk surfaces are around 2″ too high. To compensate, short users must raise their seat to align forearms with their workstation. That leaves feet dangling off the ground, weakening your power to sit upright. Add a footrest to fix this problem instantly.
  • Less pressure on the thighs: feet planted into an elevated footrest reduces the total power absorbed by the seat. Instead of pressing the thighs into the seat, that power curls through the hips and into the lower back.
  • Improved lower back support: using a footrest increases pressure into the lower back. With proper lumbar support in that area, the spine aligns and harnesses that power to support a crisp neutral alignment.

Add a footrest for under $50

Most of Amazon’s best-selling ergonomic footrests cost less than $50. This has massive ramifications for ergonomic chair shoppers. Why pay $1500 for a fancy ergo chair when a $450 esports gaming chair + footrest does a more effective job?

Expensive Herman Miller chair vs gaming chair plus footrest meme

Both options support neutral postures over long periods. However, only the gaming chair stacked with footrest offers dynamic sitting in fixed typing positions with full-body support. Learn more in this detailed report:

Supercharge ergonomics with a dynamic footrest

Health, wellness, and productivity benefits

It is estimated that 85% of American men and 75% of women suffer from anterior pelvic tilt. Chronic slouching flattens the lumbar curve and shortens the hip flexors. That misaligns the pelvis and tilts it forward.

Anterior pelvic tilt
Poor sitting habits can develop into a serious case of anterior pelvic tilt.

Sitting this way degrades health, drains energy levels, and destroys motivation. For example, slouched sitting sends a subconscious signal for your abdominal muscles to relax. Over time, slouching weakens your core, further hindering your ability to sit up straight.

Degrading posture warning
Poor sitting habits can destroy your health and wellness.

To compensate, other muscles must work harder. That causes further distortions including a higher lower back, slumped shoulders, and imbalanced hips. A pro esports gaming chair provides the tools to reverse these issues.

How do pro esports gaming chairs help?

Compared to cheap gaming chairs, pro esports models offer better padding, upholstery, and features. While both support movement and a neutral posture, pro-tier models do so with more luxury. Over full-time sitting hours, paying extra for luxury is well worth it.

Secretlab Titan workstation
Using a gaming chair correctly can support healthy sitting for 12+ hours each day.

However, to unlock the full benefits, it’s important to use a gaming chair correctly. That means sitting with your feet planted on the floor, hips tucked deep into the seat, and your lower back pressed into the lumbar support. Over long periods, this position exerts the least amount of stress on your body. Once your body adjusts to sitting this way, expect myriad benefits. Those include:

  • No more headaches: good posture reduces the neck tension that causes migraines.
  • Improved energy levels: an aligned, supported body doesn’t need to work the muscles as hard. That leaves a huge surplus of energy to use on focused computing productivity.
  • Reduced joint stress: with your body in alignment, there is less negative tension in the hips. That, in turn, reduces pressure on connecting joints.
  • Greater oxygen intake: a good sitting posture opens the chest cavity, stimulating deeper breathing. In some cases, this yields as much as 30% more oxygen intake with each breath.
  • Improved digestion: a slouched body compresses organs, slows digestion, and often leads to constipation. A neutral sitting position reverses this by reducing seated abdominal pressure.

To unlock the full benefits of your gaming chair, follow these neutral sitting pointers:

Ergonomic user guide for all gaming chairs

Best large pro esports chairs

When shopping for a pro esports chair, it’s important to choose an appropriate size for your body type. Generally, users shorter than 5’9″ (175 cm) should go for a compact chair with body-hugging dimensions. In contrast, thicker users and those taller than 5’9″ should look into large-sized models.

Secretlab Titan vs Omega
The Titan (L) is a large chair with flat, wide seat. The Omega (R) has ridged seat edges and a snug, body-hugging fit.

Our top-rated models in both large and compact classes come from Secretlab. The Omega is our top-rated compact pro chair, while the Titan tops our large-chair rankings. Check out our Titan vs Omega comparison to see how the two models measure up.

Below are our top-rated large-sized pro chairs. In previous years, we ranked chairs based on which models pro esports players use.

Best large esports chairs
Five of the best large esports chairs of 2021.

However, in 2020, several top brands struggled with availability. As a result, our 2021 ranking criteria now include a chair’s quality, reputation, value for money, and availability. The following rank among the best quality-wise, and also the most consistently available.

Secretlab Titan

Rated #1
Direct buy price: $459 to $519

The Secretlab Titan reigns as the best large esports chair on the market. It has the same ergonomic features as other chairs, plus some innovative extras. As well, the Titan comes in a dazzling array of 35 different styles. Options include pro esports team chairs, Cyberpunk chairs, Overwatch chairs, and more.

Secretlab Titan 2020 Series gaming chair
The Secretlab Titan is our top-rated esports chair for pro gamers.

Today, the Titan is the official chair for several of the world’s top esports teams. Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, OG, G2, Cloud9, and others all use these chairs for training.

Secretlab Titan Stealth and Cyberpunk chair
The Titan Stealth and Cyberpunk editions support full-time sitting with exceptional comfort and support.

Here at ChairsFX HQ, I also rely on a pair of Titans to support 10-12 hours of sitting each day. I can confirm that these chairs are a cut above the rest. For a detailed review of the original design, check this Titan Stealth review. For a detailed look at a custom design, check out my Titan Cyberpunk chair review.

Secretlab Titan standout features

The Titan has the same pro features as other premium chairs. What sets it apart are standout extras on top of the usual pro features.

Titan basic chair colors
These are the five stock leather Titan 2020 Series designs; there are also 30 custom variants.

The star extra is an integrated, depth-adjustable lumbar support device. Other chairs use a height-adjustable pillow to support the lumbar. On the Titan, instead of a pillow, there’s a dial on the side of the chair.

Secretlab Titan lumbar support
Adjust lower back support using a knob on the side of the chair.

Turn the dial to increase or decrease the depth of the support. Once you find your sweet spot, it locks in place to provide clean, effective support — right where you need it.

Secretlab Titan lumbar support

A second standout is forward sitting support. Since most players lean forward during intense gameplay, the Titan accommodates.

Titan chair forward-leaning support
Forward-leaning support is for gamers, designers, and others who prefer a close screen view.

Unlike other chairs, the backrest can tilt forward to 85°. That ensures that players receive effective back support at all times.

Summary of Titan features

  • Functionality: padded 4D adjustable armrests; recline to 165°; multifunction tilt lock.
  • Padding: blended cold cure foam.
  • Upholstery: real leather, Softweave Fabric or Secretlab Prime 2.0 PU leather.
  • Support: steel frame, Class 4 heavy duty lift; 5-star aluminium base; extra large PU casters.
  • Extras: memory foam neck pillow with cooling gel insert.
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty

Titan sizing

The Titan has a seat with average width, but also flat edges. The flat edges provide more freedom for the legs, allowing for a wider spread. Those with moderately wide hips or thick legs should have no problems fitting into this chair.

  • Seat width x depth: 20.5″ (W) x 19.7″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 21.7″ (W) x 33″ (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 18.7″ to 22.4″
  • Chair height: 51.7″ to 55.4″
  • Size rating: 5’9″ to 6’7; maximum weight capacity 290 pounds

Titan summary

The Secretlab Titan is the best gaming chair that money can buy. It provides superb posture support, luxurious comfort, and eye-popping aesthetics. It’s no surprise that most of the world’s top esports teams use custom-branded Secretlab chairs.

Secretlab esports official team chairs
Six of Secretlab’s official team esports chairs.

I use either a Titan Stealth or Cyberpunk chair 10-12 hours per day. I use neutral sitting tactics, take plenty of breaks, and work (or game) in short, high-intensity bursts.

Neutral sitting in a Secretlab gaming chair
Neutral sitting in a Secretlab Titan Cyberpunk chair.

As a result, I enjoy consistent comfort and improved (distraction-free) productivity. Away from the chair, I stand taller and feel looser and more energetic.

Note that all high-end gaming chairs can deliver similar results. The Titan stands out with its ergonomic extras, eye-popping designs, and world-class aftercare.

Buy the Titan for USD $419-$489 from Secretlab

The Titan is available from Secretlab in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Click to access the appropriate store for your region.

AKRacing Master Series Pro

Rated #2
Direct buy price: $579

AKRacing is the second-oldest brand in the gaming chair industry. Launched in 2008, AKRacing remains a major with a reputation for consistent reliability. AKRacing is active on the pro esports scene, most recently providing the chairs for LEC 2020.

Master Series Pro gaming chair
The Master Series Pro is the flagship model in the AKRacing gaming chair collection.

The Master Series Pro is the most expensive and luxurious model in the AKRacing collection. It has the thickest padding of all chairs, high-end features, and a 5-year warranty.

AKRacing Master Series Pro esports chair
There are five color styles to choose from.

There are only two quibbles. First, the Master Series Pro is the most expensive chair in this review. Second, the classic ‘racing’ style hasn’t changed in several years. With upgraded skins, these spacious, luxurious chairs could breathe fresh fire.

Master Series Pro standout features

Quibbles aside, this is a top-of the line gaming chair. Among the highlights is seventy per cent more padding than AKRacing’s entry-level Core Series Ex.

Another key feature is the ultra-high-quality PU leather upholstery. Subtle perforations along the contact spots help the chair keep cool.

Max Series Pro expensive gaming chair upholstery
High quality PU leather perforated along contact points keeps things cool.

A third standout is the warranty. Like Secretlab chairs, the Master Series Pro comes with 5-year parts protection. Unlike Secretlab chairs, AKRacing models also include a 10-year warranty on the steel frame.

AKRacing Master Series Pro expensive gaming chair Warranty

Summary of Master Series Pro features

The Master Series justifies its high price by stacking on numerous luxury features.

  • Functionality: 4D armrests; deep recline to 180°; 12° tilt-lock.
  • Padding: cold cure foam padding guaranteed to maintain shape and density for five years. Density: 55 kg/m³ (seat) 50 kg/m³ (back)
  • Upholstery: perforated PU leather in five color combinations.
  • Support: single-piece steel frame; molded aluminum base (10x stronger than steel). It also has a class 4 gas lift and 2.5″ PU wheels.
  • Extras: neck and lumbar support cushions.
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty on parts, 10-year warranty on the steel frame.

Detailed Master Series Pro Review

To learn about AKRacing chairs, check out our comprehensive AKRacing brand review.

Master Pro sizing

  • Seat width & depth: 23.6″ (W) x 21.6″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 33.8″ (H), 23.6″ (W)
  • Floor to seat range: 13.6″ to 16.1″
  • Chair height: 48.25″ to 51.75″
  • Size rating: people 5’9″ to 6’2 tall; up to 330 pounds

Master Series Pro summary

The AKRacing Master Series Pro is one of the most luxurious gaming chairs you can buy. To justify its high price, it packs in 70% more padding than other chairs. It then jams in one premium feature after another, topped with a 5-year warranty on parts.

Master Series Pro color options
The Master Series comes in 5 color styles. (Images:

In terms of back support and consistent comfort, expect a performance rivaling that of the Secretlab Titan. If you appreciate the Master Pro styling and don’t mind paying a premium, expect 5+ years of rock-solid, pro-quality performance.

Buy the Master Series PRO from AKRacing for USD $579

The Master Series Pro sells on for $549.99. It’s also available for Amazon customers in Canada and the UK.

Vertagear P-Line PL6000

Rated #3
Direct buy price: $489.99

Vertagear is another well-established gaming chair brand with a reputation for quality. Across the board, Vertagear chairs stand out with ultra-firm padding, superb build quality, and colorful design options. The PL6000 is Verttagear’s version of the Master Series Pro. It’s the flagship pro chair in the Vertagear collection. It offers spacious dimensions, firm padding, and rich pro features.

Vertagear P-Line PL6000 Racing Series Gaming Chair

Like the Master Series Pro, PL6000 chairs have classic styling that could really pop with some new skins. Current models come in black PU leather with a range of color accents to choose from.

Summary of features

The Vertagear PL6000 offers spacious, consistent comfort for long periods of sitting. From top-to-bottom, the quality and attention to detail are apparent. The faux leather upholstery is supple and breathable, even in hot conditions. Color-accent stitching decorates the front of the backrest and the edges of each chair. Even the bottom casters have color accents that match the rest of the chair.

Vertagear PL 6000 400 lbs chair

  • Functionality: padded 4D adjustable armrests; recline with tilt lock to 140°
  • Comfort:  industrial strength foam padding; lumbar cushion & neck support pillow
  • Upholstery: perforated PVC leather in nine color options
  • Support: supports heights between 5’9″ – 6’8″; max weight 440 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years on parts; 10 years on frame (details)

To learn more about this model, check our detailed Vertagear gaming chair review.

PL6000 Sizing

Like most large esports chairs, the PL6000 offers roomy dimensions that should fit a range of users. Stocky, tall users will enjoy a snug fit, while average sizes will enjoy a spacious yet comfortable one.

  • Seat width x depth: 21.7″ (W) x 19″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 20.5″ (W) x 31.9″ (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 20-24.1″
  • Chair height: 50.6-54.6″
  • Size rating: 5’9″ to 6’8″ and up to 350 pounds

PL6000 summary

The PL6000 offers a level of comfort and functionality that rivals the AKRacing Master Series Pro. It’s also cheaper. However, while the Master Series Pro comes with a 5-year warranty, the PL6000 (like all Vertagear chairs), only comes with 2 years of protection.

Vertagear PL 6000 400 lbs chair closeup

Despite that quibble, the Vertagear PL6000 is one of the best esports gaming chairs on the market. For one thing, it comes from a company with a well-established reputation for quality. For another, it’s firm padding and luxurious, high-quality upholstery matches that of every chair in this review.

If you’re looking for a high-end chair with consistent reliability, the PL6000 is a great option. With refreshed designs and a longer warranty, this chair would rank even higher.

Buy the PL6000 from Vertagear for $489.99

The Vertagear PL-6000 is also available on Amazon for $474.82.

Noblechairs HERO

Rated #4
Amazon Price: Price not available

Noblechairs is a German company founded in 2016. The Noblechairs HERO is their flagship model. This is one of the most gorgeous designs on the market. It’s also one of the few models (like the Secretlab Titan) with an internal lumbar support system.

Noblechairs Hero gaming chairs

The stock black PU leather design features intricate detailing. Perforations on seat and backrest contact spots enhance breathability; color-accent diamond-pattern embroidery decorates the backrest. There are also some stunning specialty designs including a Doom chair, an all-black edition, and a coffee-colored Java edition.

Noblechairs HERO specialty editions

There are two issues that prevent the HERO chair from ranking higher. First, it only comes with a pedestrian 2-year warranty. That pales in comparison to the 5-year warranties offered by Secretlab and AKRacing. Second, most Noblechairs models are often out of stock. That’s partly because these chairs are so popular. It’s also indicative of chronic re-stocking issues. If the Noblechairs team can keep up with demand in 2021, HERO chairs are among the most stylish options to consider.

Noblechairs HERO standout features

Like the Secretlab Titan, the HERO comes with an internal lumbar support system and a neck support pillow. Unlike the Titan, it also comes with a lumbar support pillow. That’s a great idea that gives you more options for comfortable sitting.

Noblechairs Hero lumbar support
The HERO uses an internal lumbar. (Images: Noblechairs)

The other standout is the design. These are sleek, classy chairs with stunning attention to detail.

Noblechairs HERO upholstery closeup
These chairs are stylish, luxurious and durable. (Images: Noblechairs)

Summary of HERO features

HERO components
Features include 4D armrests, tilt lock recline and sturdy aluminium base.

  • Unique feature: integrated lumbar support (no lumbar cushion needed, although one is provided).
  • Functionality: extra large padded 4D adjustable armrests; recline to 125°; tilt lock.
  • Comfort: cold cure foam padding; removable neck and lumbar pillows included.
  • Upholstery: premium perforated PU leather. This material is durable, easy to clean and breathable.
  • Support: steel frame; powder-coated, corrosion resistant aluminium base; extra large PU casters.
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty.

Detailed Noblechairs HERO Review

HERO sizing

  • Seat width & depth: 20.5″ (W) x 21.7″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 35″ (H), 22.5″ (W)
  • Size rating: people 5’5″ to 6’2 tall; up to 330 pounds

Noblechairs HERO summary

Germany is strong in esports and Noblechairs is the preferred brand for two top-50 teams. Current partners are SK Gaming and mousesports, who both use custom HERO chairs.

SK Gaming and Noblechairs partnership
German team SK Gaming and Noblechairs work together to promote esports in Europe.

The HERO’s padding and upholstery are among the best. Also, the internal lumbar gives it an edge over traditional chairs.

Noblechairs HERO gaming chairs
Standard black HERO chairs come with a choice of colored stitching.

The main downside is availability — HERO chairs are often out of stock. Another is the warranty. Two-year protection is good but not great. On the upside, these models are comfortable, luxurious, and stylish. A HERO will look just as good in a boardroom as it will in a gaming room.

Buy the HERO on Amazon Price not available

The HERO is available on Amazon for customers in America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Prices differ in each country.

Clutch Throttle Series

Rated #5
Amazon Price: $449.99

Clutch Chairz is an American maker of high-end gaming chairs. The Throttle Series is its flagship product. A few years ago, Pewdiepie signed on to use the Throttle Series during his video streams. As a result, the Throttle Series became one of the most famous gaming chairs in the world.

Clutch Chairz Throttle Series gaming chairs
These are large, luxurious gaming chairs made famous by PewDiePie.

The Throttle Series is a luxurious, full-featured chair with large, spacious dimensions. On Amazon, the PewdiePie edition is also available. All models cost $449.99.

Pewdiepie using his Clutch Throttle Series gaming chair
The Pewdiepie edition is also available on Amazon.

Throttle Series features

Throttle Series chairs come with the same rich features as other pro esports models. You get deep recline, 4D armrests, a multifunction tilt mechanism, and high-quality upholstery.

Throttle Series upholstery
Cold-cured foam padding and premium PU leather gives the Throttle Series a luxurious feel.

Warranty protection is top-shelf, with three-year protection on parts, plus a lifetime warranty on the frame.

  • Functionality: 4D adjustable armrests; recline to 180°; 12° tilt-lock.
  • Upholstery: cold-cured foam padding; premium PU leather engineered for superior abrasion and wear resistance.
  • Support: heavy gauge welded steel frame; aluminum base; class 4 gas lift; PU casters.
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty on parts, lifetime warranty on the steel frame.

Expect a firm, comfortable seat with crisp adjustment options that make it easy to move. You can sit upright with perfect posture for intense gaming, then rock or deep recline to relax.

Detailed Throttle Series Review

Throttle Series sizing

The Throttle Series has a spacious seat and backrest. It sits lower to the floor than other chairs. Clutch says that the low-profile design makes it easier to keep the feet flat on the ground.

  • Seat width & depth: 20.5″ (W) x 21.7″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 35″ (H), 22.5″ (W)
  • Floor to seat range: 14.9″ to 18″
  • Chair height: 48″ to 51″
  • Size rating: people 5’6″ to 6’3 tall; up to 330 pounds

Throttle Series chair summary

PewDiePie is the only pro that uses a Throttle Series chair. Even so, the Throttle Series matches up well with other high-end pro esports chairs.

Premium high end gaming chairs

The Throttle Series has pro ergonomic features, a superb warranty, and a range of color options. It’s a well-built, spacious, and very comfortable model.

Buy the Throttle Series on Amazon $449.99

The Throttle Series is available for Amazon customers in America, Canada, and the UK.

Best compact pro gamer chairs

These are the compact equivalents of the best large esports models. Compact pro chairs are slim-fit, with curved edges that keep the legs pressed in.

Compact pro esports chair features
Compact pro chairs provide a snug fit and more consistent posture support.

The purpose of a slim fit is to better balance body weight between your legs, the backrest and the base of the chair.

None of these models have internal lumbar support. All use traditional back pillows.

These are the only differences, compared to the large pro chairs. Otherwise, these compact picks boast the same quality and features, plus lower prices.

Secretlab Omega

Direct buy price: $379 to $449
#1-ranked compact pro chair

The Secretlab Omega is the compact version of the Titan. Larger users and those who prioritize comfort should choose a Titan. Short, slim users and those wanting the best posture support should choose an Omega.

Secretlab Omega 2020 Series gaming chairs
The Omega comes in a range of PU leather and mesh fabric designs.

As outlined in our Omega versus Titan comparison, there are three differences between the Titan and Omega chairs. First is the sizing. The Omega is a smaller chair, rated for users from 5’3″ to 5’11” (160-180 cm). Second, instead of an internal lumbar, the Omega uses a traditional lumbar pillow.

Secretlab Omega features
Omega features include a narrow padded seat, memory foam support pillows and 4D armrests.

Third, the Omega’s seat edges restrict leg movement as a means of extra back support. Otherwise, the Omega boasts the same features, padding, and design options as the Titan.

Omega features

Minus the lumbar support, the Omega has the same features as the Titan:

  • Functionality: padded 4D adjustable armrests; recline to 165°; multifunction tilt lock.
  • Comfort: cold cure foam padding; neck and lumbar support cushions.
  • Upholstery: real leather, Softweave Fabric or Secretlab Prime 2.0 PU leather.
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty, extendable to 5 years with a social share.

Omega sizing

  • Seat width & depth: 22″ (W) x 20″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 32″ (H) x 21″
  • Floor to seat range: 18.9″ to 21.9″
  • Chair height: 50.4″ to 53.4″
  • Size rating: people 5’3″ to 5’11” tall; up to 240 pounds

Omega summary

The Omega is a solid, compact chair with superb sitting support for full-time users. At 5’9″ (177 cm), I find it provides a snug, body-hugging fit. Testing with a smaller user sized 5’5″ resulted in a spacious yet supportive fit.

Different sized users sitting in a Secretlab Omega gaming chair
An Omega Softweave Black in use by a 177 cm user (5’9″) and a 165 cm user (5’5″).

Out-of-the-box, the padding feels quite stiff. After a few days of full-time use, expect it to adapt to the shape of your body. Then, expect the Omega to cocoon your body with glorious comfort. After that, you’ll forget that you’re sitting, freeing you to focus on computing productivity.

Secretlab Omega seat padding
Expect a firm, resistant seat that supports long sitting sessions.

To learn more about this chair, read our Detailed Secretlab Omega Review. To compare the Omega to the Titan, check out our Titan vs Omega comparison.

Omega from Secretlab USD $379 to $449

Available from Secretlab in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia.

GTRacing Ace M1 Series

Direct buy price: $259.99 to $299.99
#2-ranked compact pro chair

Cheap gaming chair brand GTRacing makes what may seem a curious appearance in this review. For one thing, no pro esports teams use Ace M1 chairs. For another thing, these models have thinner padding than what pricier chairs offer. However, Ace M1 chairs cost less than $300, yet offer complete pro esports ergonomic features. On top of that, Ace M1 chairs match Secretlab and AKRacing with a 5-year warranty.

GTRacing Ace M1 chair review
Ace M1 chairs offer pro ergonomic features and exceptional durability for less than $300.

Even though it’s not endorsed by any pro teams, the Ace M1 offers undeniable value for money. GTRacing is one of the oldest brands in the industry, with an excellent support record. Besides the slightly thinner padding, these chairs look, feel, and perform like the priciest pro esports chairs.

Ace M1 features

Ace M1 chair features
These chairs come with robust 4D armrests and a multifunction tilt mechanism.

Ace M1 chairs come with adjustable neck and lumbar pillows plus a full suite of ergonomic features.

  • Functionality: 4D armrests; recline to 170°; multifunction tilt-lock.
  • Comfort: high-density foam padding; neck and lumbar support cushions.
  • Foundation: steel frame; powder-coated aluminum base; gas lift; PU-coated casters.

Ace M1 sizing

Ace M1 chairs have dimensions comparable to both the Omega and EPIC chairs:

  • Seat width & depth: 21.26″ (W) x 22.8″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 21.25″ (W) x 32.68″ (W)
  • Floor to seat range: 19″ to 22″
  • Chair height: 50.7″ to 53.9″
  • Size rating: people 5’4″ to 6’1″ tall; up to 330 pounds

Ace M1 summary

Ace M1 Black gaming chair

Despite the low price and lack of pro endorsements, the Ace M1 is our second-rated compact pro esports gaming chair. It matches the features of the pricier chairs and exceeds the warranty protection of several. On the downside, the thinner padding is the only indication of cutting corners.

GTRacing Ace M1 Series gaming chairs

However, what plants the M1 firmly as our #2-rated compact chair is availability. Despite selling like hotcakes, Ace M1 chairs are almost always in stock and ready to ship. Given its features, warranty, and sub-$300 price, its #2 ranking is very well deserved.

Ace M1 Black from GTRacing $259.99

Ace M1 Series chairs are also available on Amazon for $299.99.

Noblechairs EPIC

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#3-ranked compact pro chair

The EPIC drops one spot compared to 2020 rankings, ceding to the Ace M1 chair. This is despite the EPIC being endorsed by several pro esports teams (SKGaming, mousesports, Sprout Esports, etc). Despite those endorsements, the M1 chair matches the EPIC chair’s features and beats both its price and warranty. The EPIC is also often out of stock, while Ace M1 chairs are usually available.

Noblechairs EPIC compact esports chairs

Despite these quibbles, the EPIC still stands out as the third-best compact pro esports chair of 2021. It’s got the full suite of ergonomic features, plush upholstery, and padding, plus a jaw-dropping range of style options. It differs from the HERO with a smaller fit, ridged seat edges, and a conventional lumbar pillow.

EPIC vs HERO seat style
The Epic has a ridged seat, while the HERO’s is flat.

Otherwise, it has the same high-end features as the HERO. Those include thick cold foam padding, a range of color options, 4D armrests and more.

Noblechairs EPIC sizing

  • Seat width & depth: 22″ (W) x 22.2″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 34.2″ (H), 21.4″ (W)
  • Size rating: people up to 5’5″ to 6’2″ tall; up to 265 pounds

Noblechairs EPIC features

  • Functionality: padded 4D adjustable armrests; recline from 90° to 125°; multifunction tilt-lock.
  • Comfort: cold cure foam padding; removable neck and lumbar pillows.
  • Upholstery: premium perforated PU leather. This material is durable, easy to clean and breathable.
  • Support: steel frame; powder-coated, corrosion resistant aluminium base; extra large PU casters.
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty.

EPIC chair summary

Among all top-rated pro esports chairs, Noblechairs models are among the most stylish. The EPIC is no exception. The white edition dazzles with a futuristic ‘stormtrooper’ vibe, while the dark models have a clean, contemporary, executive style.

Noblechairs Epic black PU leather model

While the Ace M1 beats the EPIC on paper, the EPIC’s aesthetics blow the M1 away. If you’re looking for a design that really pops in a room, the EPIC is by far the better choice. To Learn more, read our Noblechairs EPIC review. To compare all Noblechairs models, read our Noblechairs Brand Guide.

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The EPIC is available for Amazon buyers in America, Canada, and the UK. Click the link to access the appropriate store for your region.


The chairs listed in this review are for hard-core power users. That includes serious video gamer players and full-time computer users. Examples of serious computer users include full-time office workers, content creators, and students. Among gamers and non-gamers alike, the gaming chairs listed in this article are the best on the market.

Best high-end luxury gaming chairs of 2021

These rank among the best for the quality of features, reliability, and aesthetic appeal. The most important thing that these chairs do is support a healthy posture while sitting. From all models reviewed, expect superb back support plus incredible comfort.

Neutral sitting postures
Like all ergonomic chairs, pro esports models support a neutral posture over long sitting periods.

To ensure the best results while using your chair, it’s important to use it correctly. That involves adjusting to sitting in a neutral posture, which places the least stress on a seated body over long periods. No matter which chair you buy, sitting in this manner will yield spectacular results. Expect improved posture, focus, energy levels, and more.

Playing Witcher 3 in a Titan 2020 Series Stealth edition chair
Adopt a neutral posture for healthy computing over long gaming or working sessions.

To master the basics, check out this step-by-step tutorial. Following the steps will help you to sit longer, feel better, and be more productive.

Gaming chair user guide: supercharge your ergonomics

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