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New Razer Iskur: gaming chair lumbar support evolution

Razer is the latest big gaming hardware brand to get into the lucrative gaming chair market. For the most part, the new Razer Iskur is a run-of-the-mill gaming chair. What sets it apart is a unique lumbar support system. It looks really cool, but is it effective? ChairsFX investigates.

Razer Iskur gaming chair launch news
The new Razer Iskur stands out with a revolutionary lumbar support design.

In America, the Razer Iskur launches for public sale on October 29. Priced at USD $499, you can (for the moment) pre-order the Iskur from the Razer website. Other buying options are planned, but not yet revealed.

Razer Iskur overview

The new Razer Iskur gaming chair sells for $499 on The chair has a unique design and decent features. It comes upholstered in black synthetic leather with carbon trim and neon green stitching.

Razer Iskur curvy design features

At a glance, the backrest has a more pronounced curve than other chairs. The seat also has more pronounced side wings. The general impression is of an extra-curvy racing-style seat.

Razer Iskur features

The standout feature of this chair is a built-in adjustable lumbar curve. Using a lever on the side of the seat, you can adjust the curve to extend or flatten.

Razer Iskur lumbar support
The innovative lumbar support if the highlight feature of this chair.

Beyond the lumbar support, features are decent. One thing lacking that other pro chairs have is a multifunction tilt-lock. That lets you tilt and lock the seat at angles, independent of the backrest. Instead of a multifunction tilt, the Iskur chair comes with a cheaper standard version. That only lets you rock the chair, or lock at a flat angle.

  • Functionality: 4D armrests; depth-adjustable lumbar; seat height adjustment; rocking function.
  • Upholstery: black faux leather with carbon trim and green stitching.
  • Size rating: 5’6″ to 6’2″ (170-190 cm); up to 299 pounds (136 kg).
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty from Razer.

Mini-review: most Razer products charge a premium price, and the Iskur chair is no exception. It has decent features and a solid warranty, but no multifunction tilt-lock. That means less functionality than pro chairs. On the plus side, the Iskur chair’s lumbar support system is the most advanced on the market.


The Razer Iskur looks more like a marketing move than a revolution. It adds a unique new feature by addressing a problem that doesn’t exist. For example, a standard gaming chair pillow compresses when the user leans back. In that sense, it is depth-adjustable according to the user’s lumbar curve. Unlike the Razer Iskur, a cheap gaming chair pillow is also height-adjustable.

Built-in lumbar systems like the Secretlab Titan also do a great job. All extend out far enough to fill the lumbar curve of most users. While the Razer Iskur goes deeper, it does so an awkward angle. Instead of filling the lumbar curve, it jabs hard plywood into the upper part of the curve. It sounds awkward and uncomfortable.

How does a gaming chair lumbar support help?
Learn the essentials of lumbar support biomechanics in our detailed feature.

To learn more, check out our lumbar support feature. First, it covers the essentials of healthy sitting biomechanics. Then it assesses the effectiveness of different lumbar support applications. Among all types, the Razer Iskur ranks among the least effective.

Biomechanic benefits of using a gaming chair lumbar support

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