Any gaming or ergonomic office chair can qualify as ‘fully ergonomic’ by having three essential features.

  • Adjustable lumbar: aligns the spine.
  • Adjustable arms: provides extra bracing.
  • Reclining backrest: enables movement.

Combined, these features support neutral sitting postures. These help users sit comfortably for long periods without stressing the spine or its surrounding muscles.

Gaming Chair & Office Chair Starter Guides

Learn how to forge neutral sitting as a long-term habit in a gaming chair or ergonomic office chair. In sum: plant your feet; tuck your hips deep into the seat; support your lower back (lumbar) curve; use back muscles to hold your torso upright. 

Gaming Chair Sizing Guides

Using a chair that’s too big or small for your body will negate its potential back support benefits. As well, thicker and taller body types have unique musculoskeletal challenges worth paying heed to.

Ergonomic Concept Guides For Beginners

Dive deeper into the long-term ramifications of using a gaming chair, ergonomic office chair, or a standard non-ergonomic office chair.

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