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Sitting Disease Infographic

Gaming Chair Infographic: How to Overcome Sedentary Work Habits

Check out this ChairsFX infographic about the problems caused by sitting disease, and solutions presented by gaming chairs. Learn about the core of our message in this succinct infographic.
DXRacer durability case study

How long do DXRacer gaming chairs last?

Team ChairsFX have been using gaming chairs for four years. Our senior editor is on his second gaming chair, so he shares from direct experience how long a DXRacing gaming chair should last.
Gaming chair compared to office chair

Is a Gaming Chair Worth It?

Office chairs chairs are cheap and simple. Gaming chairs are packed with features but much more expensive. This article breaks down why gaming chairs are well worth the investment, especially when compared to office chairs.
Gaming chair compared to office chairs are much better

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs Compared

An in-depth analysis and comparison of gaming chairs versus office chairs. While office chairs are cheap simple afterthoughts, gaming chairs are stunning conversation pieces that offer some serious life benefits.
Gaming chair benefits for men and women

Gaming chair benefits for everyone

Get a big-picture view of the massive health and lifestyle benefits you can expect after investing in a high quality gaming chair. Of course the chair by itself won't change your life, but it has potential to serve as a catalyst to supercharge your professional efforts.
Woman with healthy spine enjoying wellness

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back?

High-end ergonomic support for long hours at a computer or gaming station is the primary reason why anyone should invest in a gaming chair. Learn how a good gaming chair can bring you the support you need to be comfortable for many hours - using correct posture, which brings a world of benefits.
Gaming chair used by pro gamer

What Gaming Chairs Do Pros Use?

Hard-core gamers spend long hours every day in a gaming chair. Heavy users know best which chairs best support posture with the best comfort and durability. Read this article to model yourself after the pros and purchase a chair that will take a heavy beating and still give solid return for your investment.
The difference between gaming chairs and office chairs

Do Gaming Chairs Make a Difference?

A good gaming chair makes a difference by protecting your body and supporting your muscles. Sitting with good posture and an aligned spine will keep your body in prime condition. It will also protect against any long-term injuries.