People who browse gaming chair accessories for the first time might get overwhelmed at the vast array of choices. You can enhance a gaming chair-powered workstation with standing desks, armrest pads, footrests, cushions, and all sorts of knick-knacks.

An easy way to make sense of it all is to grasp the concept of physical vs psychological comfort factors. While sitting, some accessories enhance the physical support properties of your gaming chair. These accessories are good for your back.

In contrast, other accessories have no effect on your chair’s back support. Instead, they add luxury extras to titillate the senses. These accessories enhance the psychological appeal of a gaming chair-powered workstation.

Popular Gaming Chair Accessories

Relevant gaming chair accessories include sit-stand desks, footrests, floor mats, standing desk footwear, gaming chair cleaning tools and more. These accessory review articles are ordered by popularity over the past 30 days. 

Crocs clogs for anti-fatigue foot support at a standing desk

Anti-Fatigue Foot Support Options For Standing Desk Users

Standing desk users need foot protection against fallen arches (plantar fasciitis). But the best anti-fatigue foot solutions for sit-to-stand desk users are mediocre. Luckily, heel inserts + specialty standing shoes from Crocs or Birkenstocks fit the bill. Enjoy healthy, comfortable all-day standing support for less than $100.

Popular Secretlab Accessories

This section lists all of the different Secretlab gaming chair accessories I have tested extensively and reviewed in-depth. These review articles are also ordered by popularity over the past 30 days. 

Secretlab memory foam lumbar pillow review

Secretlab Lumbar Pillows: Upgrade Any Type of Gaming Chair

Upgrade your gaming experience with Secretlab's memory foam lumbar pillows. Enjoy plush, adaptive support for your Titan chair , other gaming chairs, and even car seats! Browse an array of stunning styles that pay tribute to Overwatch, Valorant, Harry Potter, and many more!

Legacy Gaming Chair Accessory Reviews

The above sections list the most relevant gaming chair accessories of 2023. Below are legacy accessory review genres. These are older accessory reviews about products that haven’t reached widespread appeal. For instance, optimal console gaming support is the same as it is for PC gamers: a good chair + desk setup. As well, no matter how many accessories you buy, gaming for long periods on a bed or a sofa will never be good for your back. 

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