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Fortify your productive zone with a gaming chair floor mat

Gaming chair floor mats are a luxury, not a necessity. But if you try using one, you won’t feel complete working without one. They have floor-gripping rubber undersides on the bottom. Up top is a range of water-resistant styles. Some designs are plain. Others are vibrant. Mats fit under your workstation seat, forming a bare-foot-friendly soft perimeter. They look good, protect hard floors, and keep your feet warm. They also mark out the borders of your peak-productivity zone. Check out some of the most attractive gaming chair floor mats now available.

Best gaming chair floor mats

Here at ChairsFX HQ, I use a (not available) Captain America floor mat over ceramic floors. This mat protects my nervous landlord’s floors. It also lets me work with bare feet.

Captain America floor mat
A Captain America floor mat in use at the ChairsFX HQ.

What I like the most is that it forms a visual boundary around my ‘productivity zone’. Sitting upright in my gaming chair triggers my mind into ‘work mode’.

How to use a gaming chair floor mat
Position the mat towards the rear of your chair to get the best coverage for your feet.

Having a soft circle of fabric around my chair gives visual and tactile sensations that better help me to ‘switch on’. After a 20 or 25-minute blast of work, I stand up and step away from the mat perimeter. That snaps me out of the ‘zone’ to stretch, relax, or walk around before another go.

Science backs the idea of working in 25-minute bursts. It helps to make people sharper and more productive. In my experience, a mat marking boundaries helps to better switch on, or off when needing a break.

Best gaming chair floor mats

Floor mats are catching on in popularity. A few years ago, only a few brands offered products. These days, several do. Here are our favorite designs now available for sale.

The first model is pricey because it offers fancy visual effects. All of the others are machine-washable. To clean, throw into a cold wash with detergent and then hang dry.

Liquid-encased office chair mat

Price: $149.99

The most expensive floor mat in this review comes filled with non-toxic liquid. As you move your chair over the vinyl surface, elaborate water-based patterns form under you. Unlike other mats, Liquid-encased mats are not machine washable. To clean, wipe down with a damp cloth.

Liquid floor mat
Enjoy stunning liquid movement under your chair as you sit.

This mat measures 38″ x 39.4″ and comes with a studded rubber underside. That to ensure a good grip — even on carpeted floors.

Liquid Floor Mat on Amazon $149.99

Cooler Master FM510 Floor Mat

Price: $64.99

The Cooler Master FM510 features the Cooler Master Mystery Gamer on the front in deep purple.

Cooler Master floor mat

This mat has a rubber underside and a splash-proof surface. That ensures drinks don’t seep into the fabric in case of spills, which helps to avoid ‘gamer stank’. It also comes with anti-fray stitching around the edges to prevent peeling.

Cooler Master Mat on Amazon $64.99

AKRacing Floor Mats

Price: $39.99

AKRacing is one of the oldest and most well-established gaming chair brands. The company makes a range of high-end gaming chairs and a growing collection of accessories. While AKRacing chairs are pricey, its accessories offer great value. For instance, AKRacing Floor Mats are among the cheapest on the market.

AKRacing Floor Mats
AKRacing Floor Mats come in three color options, with a grippy rubber-coated underside.

AKRacing Floor Mats come in red, black, or blue variants. Like other floor mats, the top is made out of water-resistant, easy-cleaning polyester fabric. On the bottom is a rubber-gripping coating that holds the mat in place over tile, wood, or carpeted floors.

AKRacing Floor Mat from for $39.99

Docamor Floor Mats

Price: $51.29

Docamor offers two variants. One is a dark mat with vivid blue energy bolts. The other is a plain black mat with a small Docamor logo.

Docamor floor mats
Choose vivid blue lightning bolts (L) or a flat black mat design (R).

Both have rubber undersides and anti-fray stitching along the edges. These measure 47.2″ x 47.2″ and weighs six pounds.

Docamor Floor Mat on Amazon $51.29

Price: $74.99

Based out of Ukraine, Natus Vincere is the 10th most successful esports team of all time. The Natus Vincere floor mat comes with the team’s iconic logo on the front in vivid yellow.

Natus Vincere gaming chair floor mat

It has a rubber-grip underside like the other mats. On the top is an Advanced Matrix Cloth Weaving Surface. That is the same material used to make combat diving suits.

NaVi Floor Mat on Amazon $74.99

Floortex Floor Mats

Price: $49.44

Floortex Floor Mats come in a choice of neon pink or deep blue. Both measure 38″ x 39″ and work on both hard floors and carpets.

Floortex floor mats

These models are water-resistant and machine washable. Made out of polycarbonate, they are also very tough and durable.

Floortex Mat on Amazon $49.44

Arozzi Floor Mats

Price: $49.99

Popular chair maker Arozzi makes floor mats in three color variants. The red, green, and blue variants all measure 45.7″ x 45.7″.

Arozzi floor mats

All variants come with a velvet-like polyester surface. That protects floors and dampens the noise of rolling chair wheels.

Arozzi Red Gaming Mat on Amazon $49.99

Arozzi floor mats are also available on Amazon in black with green, blue, or white color accents for the same price.


This article presents a range of gaming chair floor mat options. These are for people who feel the need to add more to their ergonomic workstation. If you don’t feel that need, there’s no need to buy one. A good mat will add more luxury, but no necessities.

A good floor mat is a cheap and effective luxury upgrade for your computing workstation. It marks out your productivity zone, protects your floors, and keeps your feet warm. Once you get accustomed to using one, it’s hard to go without.

When my Captain America mat is hang drying, my workspace feels incomplete. The bare floor under my chair looks depressing, my feet get cold, and my circle of productivity feels flat. Once cleaned, dried, and placed back under my chair, it feels like the return of an old friend.

Interested in developing a similar love affair with a floor mat? Choose the style that suits your tastes and prepare to go hard in the peak productivity zone.

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