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Optimize your workstation with gaming chair accessories

For many computer users, a gaming chair is the most important part of their ergonomic workstation. The chair on its own will give your workspace a huge upgrade. Adding accessories can enhance the experience. This article looks at the best accessories to enhance your gaming chair-powered battle station.

Best accessories to go with your gaming chair

Best gaming chair accessories

The following accessories can complement the features of your gaming chair. A floor pad can protect your feet and the floor. Thick armrest pads or a footrest can enhance your chair’s ergonomic qualities. If you have an older gaming chair, a slipcover can extend the life of your chair.

Floor mats

Adding a floor mat to your workstation has a few benefits. First, chair mats protect hard floors. Over carpets, they make it easier to move your chair around. They also prevent static buildup, while keeping your feet warm.

How to use a gaming chair floor mat
Position the mat over the chair’s base so that you have enough coverage to support your feet.

Another benefit is the framing aspect. Framing is a feature of the human brain that adds context to objects. For instance, laying a floor mat under your gaming chair can mark out your “zone of productivity”.

AKRacing Floor Mat

One of the top-rated (and cheapest) floor mats available come from AKRacing. AKRacing floor mats come in blue, red or black colors. The top layer is made of thick, easy-cleaning polyester.

AKRacing Floor Mats
AKRacing Floor Mats come in three color options, with a grippy rubber-coated underside.

The bottom has a grippy rubber coating to keep the mat in place. The AKRacing Mat has a diameter of 39″. That should fit around the base of all gaming chair sizes, with extra room on the sides.

AKRacing Floor Mat from for $39.99

Cooler Master FM510 floor mat

The Cooler Master FM510 floor mat has a striking design. On the top is deep purple artwork depicting the Cooler Master Mystery Gamer. The surface is splash-proof — if you spill a drink, it won’t seep in.

Cooler Master floor mat

On the bottom is a rubber underside that grips well on both hard floors and carpets. Around the edges is reinforced anti-fray stitching. Machine wash in cold water and hang dry.

Cooler Master Mat on Amazon $64.99

Other floor mats

Buying a gaming chair floor mat isn’t necessary, but a nice luxury. With a good mat under your gaming chair, you’re covered. You never have to worry about scratching the floor, spilling a drink, or resting your feet on a cold floor.

Best gaming chair floor mats

Other floor mat options include a liquid-encased model that produces dazzling visual effects. The rest are standard mats with plain or artistic covers and rubber undersides that grip well over hard floors or carpets. All

Review of the best gaming chair floor mats

Armrest pads

A human arm weighs around 6% of total body weight. That means the average 170-pound person’s arms weigh 10 pounds each. Without armrest support, it’s left to your spine to hold your arms up against gravity.

Expensive chairs like the Secretlab Titan have soft padded arms. Cheap gaming chairs have hard plastic armrests. If you sit for many hours each day in a cheaper chair, your arms may start to get sore.

Aloudy Armrest pads

Price: $17.99

Aloudy Ergonomic Memory Foam Office Chair Armrest Pads

Aloudy Armrest Pads contain 100% memory foam padding. This contours to your elbow to relieve pressure points. Finished in soft polyester velvet, these snug armrest pad covers are ultra-comfortable.

Aloudy armrest covers
The best way to make hard plastic armrests more comfortable.

Aloudy armrest pads are easy to remove and machine washable. Pad size 9.5” x 4.5” x 1.5”; fits chair arms from 6″ to 11″.

Aloudy armrest pads $17.99

Milliard Amrrest Pads

Price: $12.99

Turn hard armrests into soft, plush, luxurious ones. These popular armrest pads measure 9″ x 4.25″ x 1.50″. They’re easy to slip on, easy to remove, and will fit most gaming chair armrests.

Millard Gaming Chair armrest pads

The thick memory foam padding cradles the arms and forearms. Two armrest pads come in a pack with zippered, easy-to-remove machine washable covers.

Milliard Amrrest Pads $12.99


Expensive gaming chairs come with a seat angle tilt-lock function. That allows you to lock the chair’s seat at different angles. Doing so relieves pressure on the spine by giving your back different resting angles. Whenever your back starts feeling tired, switch the tilt to keep things fresh.

Gaming chair tilt lock
Tilt lock functions in expensive chairs relieve pressure on the spine.

If your chair doesn’t have a tilt lock, these footrests provide a cheap and effective alternative. These devices are more comfortable than resting your feet on the floor. If you take your shoes off, you can also enjoy a massaging effect from the pebbled surface.

AKRacing Foot Rest

Direct buy Price: $39.99 $39.99

The AKRacing Foot Rest provides a large non-slip textured surface measuring 17.7″ X 13.6″. Rest your feet while gaming or working using adjustable height and a range of locking angles (10°; 15°; 20°; 25°).

AKRacing Foot Rest

You can use this while sitting or standing to reduce fatigue and boost blood circulation. Benefits include tension relief plus healthy movement to support your lower back, knees, and heels.

AKRacing Foot Rest from for $39.99

Mind Reader Ergonomic Foot Rest

Price: $20.73

The Mind Reader Foot Rest has three tilt angles. Once you set the desired angle, sit down, and place your feet on the footrest. The pebbled footrest will hold its angle. If you push down with your toes it angles down. If you push with your heels it angles up.

Mind Reader ergonomic footrest

As a result, you can adjust your foot angle whenever you desire. That’s much better than having your feet fixed in one spot.

Mind Reader Ergonomic Foot Rest $20.73

Fellowes 48121 Foot Rest

Price: $18.31

Fellowes is a global manufacturer of ergonomic office solutions. Its 48121 Standard Footrest is one of Amazon’s top-selling foot rests.

Fellowes Foot Rest

This model helps to boost both comfort and circulation with clever features. It has a dual-position height adjuster, and a tilting platform that makes it easy to stretch your legs. What’s more, the textured surface reduces stress by massaging the soles of your feet.

Fellowes Foot Rest $18.31


My first gaming chair was a DXRacer Formula Series. It came with a 2-year warranty. After 2.5 years, the leather started peeling. So I got rid of the chair.

Had I known about gaming chair slipcovers, I could have gotten a few more years out of my chair. Slipcovers are also a great way to protect your gaming chair from pets or young children.

Deisy Dee Gaming Chair Slipcovers

Price: $22.98

Gaming chair slipcover

Deisy Dee Slipcovers fit most gamingchairs with adjustable armrests. Made from 85% polyester, 15% Spandex fabric, they are easy to put on so that they maintain a snug fit.

Note that the cover material is very thin. As protection against heat buildup, it doesn’t help much. The main appeal of these slipcovers is protection and aesthetics.

Deisy Dee Slipcovers on Amazon on Amazon $22.98

LJNGG Gaming Chair Slipcovers

Price: $28.59

LJNGG Slipcovers are a good alternative to Deisy Dee covers. Made from spandex, LJNGG covers are slip-proof, dustproof, and machine-washable.

LJNGG slipcovers

Dimensions should fit most gaming chairs:

  • Backrest height: fits 31.50″ to 34.65″
  • Backrest width: 22.05″ to 25.20″
  • Seat width: 20.08″ to 23.62″
  • Seat depth: 15.75″-20.47″

LJNGG Slipcovers on Amazon $28.59

Standalone gaming chair foot stools

These products can serve as a footrest or even an extra seat for guests. Browse the best standalone gaming chair footrests below.

AKRacing Footstool

AKRacing price: $129
AKRacing gaming chair footstool

This AKRacing footstool features high-density cold foam padding and quality PU leather upholstery. The first key feature is the adjustable height. The second is a lockable wheel setting, which ensures that the footstool stays in place.

Buy this stool from AKRacing for $129

You can also buy the AKRacing footstool on Amazon for $127.99.

Neochairs Marvel-themed footstools

Price: $79.98

Neochairs is an American company with an exclusive license to make Marvel-themed gaming furniture. On ChairsFX, Neochairs Marvel editions rank among the best gaming chairs with footrests. Neochairs also makes an affordable line of big and tall gaming chairs. Complementing those chairs are a range of Marvel-themed gaming stools. Choose a design featuring Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, or Spiderman.

Neochairs Marvel gaming footstools
L-R: Captain America, Black panther, Spiderman, Iron Man ottoman footstools.

All models come with 360° swivel and a height adjustment range of 16.5″ to 19.5″. The stool top is 22″ wide x 19″ deep. With a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, they can also serve as a temporary seat for big and tall sizes.

Neochairs Captain America Stool on Amazon $79.98

Ergonomic office accessories

With your gaming chair maxed out, the final frontier to supreme ergonomics is your desk space. Complete your setup with these best-selling ergonomic add-ons.

Gimars Soft Gel Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Price: $18.76
Gimars Enlarge Superfine Fibre Soft Gel Memory Foam Set Ergonomic Mouse Pad

If you spend long hours gaming or working at a desk, your arms and wrists may start feeling funny. Even when you have the best chair and desk, you may still have to add a few touches to make everything perfect.

The Gimars Soft Gel Memory Foam wrist support kit comes with a large mouse pad and 17″ keyboard wrist pad. Combined, these pieces improve hand and wrist posture. This helps you to avoid joint and wrist problems. Release pressure in your elbows and shoulders to long periods of hard-core computing.

Gimars Ergonomic Mouse Pad $18.76

Perixx Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard

Price: $79.99
Perixx Periboard-612 Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard

If you want to get serious about ergonomics, the Perixx Periboard-612 split keyboard will take some getting used to.

That’s because of the split-key 3-D design, which breaks from keyboard tradition. This encourages straight posture, rather than bending wrists to the side while typing. Then, the integrated Palm rest supports the wrists in a comfortable position.

This model is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

Perixx PERIBOARD $79.99

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

Price: $28.99
Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

The Logitech M570 is one of the top-selling ergonomic mouse devices on Amazon. Its sculpted shape supports the hand. The trackball cursor lets you control the mouse without needing to move your arm.

What’s more, easy to reach back and forward buttons make navigation a breeze. One battery lasts for 18 months. Plug a tiny wireless receiver into your laptop or PC, turn on the mouse and let the fun begin.

This is great for your mousing hand because it never has to move. It’s also perfect for small desk spaces. Since you don’t have to move the mouse around, you don’t need much space.

Logitech M570 Trackball Mouse $28.99

Computing desk options

After a chair, the most important part of a computer workstation is the desk. Here are three popular desk options to consider:

Sit-stand height-adjustable desks

If prepared to pay more than $250 for a desk, a sit-stand height-adjustable model offers the best value. These have several advantages. First, for people under 6’0″ the standard desk height of 30″ is too high. That places extra pressure on the neck and shoulders.

MotionGrey sit-stand ergonomic desks
Motion Series sit-stand adjustable desks.

Second, the best models are motorized. At the push of a button, you can switch from sitting to standing or vice versa. Sitting for too long is bad for your health. Standing for too long is also unhealthy. But the squat movement that powers a shift from sitting to standing is beneficial. That motion boosts circulation and works core muscles.

Sit to stand transition exercise
The sit to stand transition keeps the hips flexible and works core muscles.

Our top-rated sit-stand desk is the Motion Series model from MotionGrey. This desk stands out with a setting low enough to accommodate 5-year-old kids. Other models have smaller adjustment ranges but interesting features like LED lighting.

VIVO sit stand desk chair
The VIVO sit-stand desk includes blue LED lighting and a motorized tabletop lift.

Learn more about the health benefits of sit-stand desks, and browse the best models:

Best sit-stand height-adjustable desks

Buy a Motion Series desk from MotionGrey for $359.27 (available for delivery to Canada or the U.S.).

Gaming desks

Gaming desks offer large work surfaces, slick designs, and effective cable management. On the downside, most models are not height-adjustable. One of the few that does let you customize height is the Arozzi gaming desk. During setup, you can manually adjust the height range between 27.9″ and 31.9″.

This model comes with a massive working surface 63″ wide by 31″ deep. Included is a water-resistant mousepad that covers the entire desktop. There are six different color options, all able to support up to 176 pounds.

Arozzi Arean gaming desk
The Arozzi Arena is an attractive adjustable desk with a massive tabletop workspace. ”

Our concern with gaming desks of this quality arises when we compare them to sit-stand desks. Those offer better functionality for comparable prices. But if don’t care about height adjustment features, gaming desks are a luxurious option.

Arozzi gaming desk on Amazon $379.99

Classic minimalist desks

If on a budget, a basic desk with a large work surface is a good alternative. Amazon has several options for under $150. For instance, the Coleshome 47″ Simple Style Desk is a solid minimalist desk suitable for both gamers and office workers.

Coleshome 47" Simple Style Desk for Home Office
Buy this simple, elegant desk for less than $150.

The Coleshome desk has an open-concept design and a clean look. The 47″ model is wide enough for a laptop, peripherals, and monitor. This desk has a metal frame and track-style legs for extra stability. The surface has a scratch-resistant laminate finish. That protects it from daily wear and tear, keeping it looking like new.

This desk is now on sale:

  • List Price: $169.99
  • Current Price: $86.99
  • You save: $83.00
  • Percentage saved: 49%

Coleshome 47″ Home Office Desk on Amazon $86.99


When shopping for gaming chair accessories, we suggest that you avoid buying everything at once. Start with a gaming chair. Add armrest pads if comfort is a priority. After that, focus on using your chair the right way. Once used to sitting with a healthy posture, it’s likely that the chair on its own will do everything you need.

If you’re adamant about supercharging your workspace, the following accessories are the most useful:

  1. Armrest pads: gaming chair armrests provide essential support that you will use 98% of the time. Armrest pads add a luxurious quality that everyone will appreciate.
  2. Foot rest: modern ergonomic concepts promote movement while sitting. Footrests make it easy to work your feet, heels, and knees while sitting.
  3. Footstool: a gaming chair footstool adds many new dimensions to your workstation. For one thing, it’s plush and luxurious enough to serve as a guest chair. For another, it gives your gaming chair the same functionality as a La-Z-Boy recliner.

To browse more accessories beyond the gaming chair (monitors, TV stands, etc), check out our dedicated Accessories section:

Computing accessories beyond the gaming chair

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