Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back?


Keeping your body in shape does more than boost strength and endurance - it also has a major influence on emotions, thought processes and decision making.

Woman with healthy spine enjoying wellness

The neck and lumbar cushions on a gaming chair support an optimal spinal curve

For thousands of years, our hunter-gatherer ancestors roamed the land in peak physical condition. Around 6,000 years ago, humans transitioned to farming. During that time, studies show significant decrease in the overall mobility and lower limb strength of men.

Over the past 100 years, cars and television made us even less mobile. With the rise of computers and the Internet, people have become increasingly sedentary.

Today, Americans are sitting for around 13 hours per day while sleeping for around 8 hours. This equals 21 hours of sedentary time spent every day.

Human evolution into office workers

Physical potency has dramatically decreased in recent times

Whether you are a gamer or office worker, gaming chairs offer the perfect remedy to the problem of excessive screen-based sedentary time. Because of the way gaming chairs are designed, you can sit for long hours without needing to worry about the health of your shoulders, neck, and back. 

Gaming chair comfort example

When used properly, gaming chairs comfortably support powerful posture

If you are in need of a new chair, consider the benefits of a gaming chair vs office chair. Given how long most people need to sit, a  good gaming chair will always rank as a more valuable investment.

In other words, gaming chairs provide the support you need to be comfortable for many hours and not suffer the long-term effects of bad posture.

How do gaming chairs help?

Good posture compared to poor posture

A gaming chair will support your neck and spine during long hours of sitting

Gaming chairs are different from others because they are ergonomically designed to be used for long periods of time. Many other office chairs are not designed this way. Even if a chair feels padded, it may not be doing you any good (in fact, it may be detrimental to your health). A good gaming chair will support your lower back, your upper back, your shoulders, your neck, your head, your hips, and your arms.

A well-built gaming chair will improve your posture. When you have bad posture, your bones, muscles, and internal organs are in the wrong position. This puts a lot of strain on your muscles and tendons.

Over the years, you can begin to develop problems in muscles and tendons. This can be hard to fix, depending on the extent of the injury. You may find it hard to sit for long periods or even to sit at all.

A good chair will correct your posture. With your head in the correct position, the strain will be taken off your neck. If your spine is aligned, you will not feel back pain over time. If your hips are in the correct position, you will be able to sit comfortably for as long as you want.

Slouching is Bad for Your Back

Poor posture effects on a man and woman

Poor posture affects spinal alignment, which leads to a host of chronic health issues

Too much sitting is bad for you, no matter what kind of chair you sit in. However, using a cheap office chair magnifies the health risks. Firstly, cheap chairs encourages sloppy sitting habits. Notice that people tend to sit straighter in the morning, but their backs wilt into a curve as the hours pass.

In addition, when the spine sags, severe strain is placed on the back, neck and shoulders. Specifically because of chronic strain, a host of issues may arise over time:

  • Muscle and joint pain: sitting for long periods with poor posture places greater stress on muscles and joints. Muscles and joints out of alignment must work harder, leading to chronic pain in the back, shoulders, neck, arms or legs.
  • Poor circulation: sitting with poor posture prevents optimal blood flow. Poor circulation leads to varicose veins, especially in women.
  • Depression: a number of studies have found a correlation between poor posture and negative emotional states. For instance, basic body language shows a lot: people who sit upright tend to be more alert, positive and energetic. Conversely, people who slouch tend towards lethargy, negative thinking and weight gain.  

Gaming Chairs Support Good Posture

Gaming chair benefits compared to office chairs

Gaming chairs support healthy posture, improved circulation and enhanced positivity

Most basic office chairs do not provide adequate healthy back support. Unquestionably this has massive ramifications. For example, the American Chiropractic Association notes that 264 million work days are lost per year in U.S. because of back pain. This is why sitting in a cheap chair for long periods of time can be bad for our backs.

In contrast, gaming chairs are specifically designed to provide the support which our backs need. They are great for our circulation and they are helpful in aligning our spines. In other words, if you sit for long hours and suffer stiffness or pain,  a gaming chair will help straighten your back and support good posture.

How to Best Use a Gaming Chair

For complete instructions on how to use a gaming chair, refer to our Ultimate Gaming Chair User Manual. In brief, these are the steps you should follow after assembling your brand-new gaming chair: 

  1. Distribute your body weight evenly across the seat
  2. Adjust the chair's height so that your knees bend at a right angle
  3. Avoid crossing your legs and keep the feet flat on the ground
  4. Push the chair close to your desk and make adjustments until the monitor is comfortably at eye level
  5. Rest your elbows on the gaming chair armrest and keep your shoulders relaxed

Sitting correctly in a gaming chair will train the body to align itself correctly. This may not be comfortable at first, because the muscles need to be conditioned. However, the effort is worth it. As you sit with your spine in alignment, muscular strain will diminish. As a result, the muscles in your core, buttocks and back will get stronger. When your body is aligned, great things become possible. 

What to Look for in a Gaming Chair

DXracer Drift Series black and red gaming chairs

Look for a high backrest, lower back and neck support pillows and plushly padded reclining bucket seats 


Above all, you do not want to skimp when it comes to price. If you are a gamer, you want to invest in a great chair which will counteract any problems you may have with a regular chair. Generally, a more expensive chair will be better for you, but several cheaper models work just as well.

The seat

Many office chairs are flat on the seat. If you are sitting in these chairs for a long time, the chair can block the circulation in your legs, resulting in pins and needles and your legs going to sleep. There are also many long-term problems associated with sitting like this.

Humans are not built to sit for a long time, but gaming chairs help with that. For instance, they have tapered edges which allow you to sit without the circulation being cut off. 


You should be looking for a gaming chair which can help improve the alignment of your spine. However, sitting with your spine straight can be hard to do when you are sitting for a long time and distracted by a game.

Gaming chairs take care of this for you. Look out for a chair with adjustable or removable headrests and lumbar pillows. There are three points of contact: the middle of your back, your lumbar, and your head. If you can get all three in the correct position, then you can sit comfortably.


A good high-density foam will provide great support to your back. Above all, it will cushion your muscles while being firm and supportive. You do not want to lounge back in a gaming seat, but you do want to be comfortable. A firm foam will help your back.

Best Gaming Chairs For Back Support

Luckily, price is not a factor when determining the quality of back support provided by a gaming chair. Across all budget levels, gaming chairs from trusted brands are specifically designed to support good posture. All chairs in this range come with height adjustment, reclining, ergonomic pillows and everything needed to support the back - while sitting for long hours of working or gaming.

For the most part, when you pay more you get increased luxury, better durability - and similar quality back support.  Thus, no matter your price range, the simplest thing to do is stick to a trusted brand. Then, use the chair correctly. In addition, take plenty of breaks. If you follow this method, expect to reap all of the ergonomic benefits that gaming chairs offer. 

  • Durability: premium gaming chairs can provide optimal support for 2-3 years; cheaper models should last for around one year. 
  • Back Support: gaming chairs from trusted brands all work the same. Expect a padded seat, high backrest with contoured shoulder support plus neck and lumbar cushions. The sum of the equation is premium ergonomic support for the  back, neck and shoulders. 

Below are recommended gaming chairs across all budget levels, listed from most expensive to least expensive.  Any one of these will get your posture sorted while providing a very comfortable sitting experience. 





Secretlab Titan review

Secretlab Titan

The Titan boasts an internal lumbar support mechanism and 2-year warranty. 

From $399

DXracer Drifting Series review

DXracer Drift

This DXRacer has a narrow seat,  subtle styling and a lifetime frame warranty. 

From $340

GTRacing gaming chair review

GTRacing Gaming Chair

This solidly built beast comes with an impressive feature set and a 1-year warranty.

Under $160

Elecwish gaming chair review

Elecwish Gaming Chair

Supports up to 330 lbs with plush padding, retractable footrest and 1 year warranty.

Under $150

Devoko gaming chair review

Devoko Gaming Chair

PU leather racing chair with multiple reclining options that supports up to 300 lbs. 

Under $100


This article spells all out the ways gaming chairs support your back to ensure good posture. Because gaming chairs are so bulky (packages weigh over 50 pounds), few shops maintain gaming chair showrooms. As a result, the best way to buy a gaming chair is to order online

To learn more about the various models of gaming chairs that are good for the back, check these buying guides. The whole collection covers the best gaming chairs across all budgets and plenty more. 


Examples of correct versus poor posture

As this article shows, gaming chairs are the perfect remedy for 'sitting disease'. That's because sitting  for hours without proper back support can bring real problems later in life. 

If you spend long hours at a computer, buying a gaming chair will support you to sit using proper posture. Eventually, your core muscles will get stronger so that proper posture becomes a habit, not a struggle. As a result you will feel more energetic and productive. 

In conclusion, not only will a gaming chair help your back, but it will also put you on a path to a healthier and more productive lifestyle

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