Gaming chair health benefits for computer users

Today, sedentary lifestyles are endemic. People spend the majority of their days sitting. There are consequences. Health issues like lethargy, obesity, depression, and back pain are now common. Gaming chairs fill a crucial need in this era. Learn about the benefits of using a gaming chair. It’s true! Upgrading from a cheap office chair can help you feel better, sit longer, and be more productive.

What are the benefits of using gaming chairs?
Gaming chairs support good posture and gentle movement over long periods of sitting.

The bottom line is that human bodies work best when active. Despite that, the typical desk worker spends as much as fifteen hours sitting each day. Compounding that problem is how employees sit while at work.

Traditional office chair discomfort

Most offices equip their staff with cheap, traditional office chairs. These come with fixed armrests and a fixed backrest that doesn’t recline. This style of chair forces users into static sitting positions. When the body tires, the user must adapt, instead of the chair.

Traditional office chair features
Standard office chairs only let you raise the seat and rock the chair.

Companies buy standard office chairs for their employees mainly because they are cheap. That is despite many studies over the years pointing out the dangers of fixed sitting habits.

In fact, the science is clear. A fixed sitting position limits movement and overworks muscles. Then, the muscles need to work harder holding the trunk, neck, and shoulders up against gravity. That accelerates fatigue, making things worse.

Negative effects of poor sitting habits
Slouching stresses the spine and overworks muscles, leaving users worn out and irritable.

As muscles tire, the body will often wilt into a slouch. With chronic poor posture, users suffer a host of health issues. Circulation slows. Misalignments in the spine and knees place unbalanced pressure on the joints. Shoulder and back pain flares up. As head cranes forward, pain radiates up the neck, exploding into migraines.

Office worker with bad sitting habits
Poor sitting habits make users lethargic and prone to chronic pain.

Under these brutal conditions, desk workers become weary, irritable, and demotivated. In fact, several studies show a connection between posture and cognitive performance. Those with good posture habits tend to be more alert and engaged. In contrast, poor posture makes users more prone to anxiety and depression.

Ergonomic advantages of a gaming chair

Standard office chairs force users into static sitting positions. Over full-time sitting hours, that leads to poor posture, joint strain, lethargy, and discomfort. In stark contrast, gaming chairs are “ergonomic”.

DXRacer original blueprint

That means they come with adjustable components that meet modern ergonomic standards. Those emphasize two essential qualities. First, the presence of adjustable parts that support a healthy sitting posture. Second, features that promote movement while sitting.

Effective posture support

A racing-style gaming chair comes with a padded bucket seat, high back, and backrest cushions. The cushions adjust to support the spine’s natural curves. Adjustable armrests provide extra spinal relief by absorbing the weight of the arms.

Gaming chair posture support
Gaming chairs enable long computing sessions with comfortable features that support the spine.

For best results, follow the steps outlined in our gaming chair user guide. Start by adjusting the seat height so your feet rest flat on the floor. Then adjust the pillows. Slide the lumbar pillow into the small of your back. Adjust the headrest to cradle your neck. Then lean your body into the backrest.

Gaming chair user guide
Using the chair to support a healthy posture spares the muscles from overexertion.

That aligns the legs, hips, back, and upper body into an optimal position for upright desk work. It also absorbs the weight of the body, holding it up against gravity. As a result, the spine and muscles get spared from having to overexert.

Opportunities to move while sitting

Many ergonomic scientists suggests that there is no “perfect” sitting position. Instead, the body needs to move, rarely assuming static postures. For example, it only takes one hour of static sitting to shorten the spine. Conversely, using a dynamic swivelling seat pan while sitting expands the spine and promotes flexibility.

Gaming chair reclining modes for work rest and play

That shows how seated spinal stimulation helps to mitigate the risks of sedentary habits. In a gaming chair, users can easily alter position to engage the arms, back, abdominal, or leg muscles.

Small movements keep muscles active — without strain. That boosts circulation, strengthens core muscles, and keeps the mind engaged.

Dynamic sitting features used by gaming chairs

Gaming chairs promote movement while sitting in a few ways. First, users can angle the backrest a few degrees back or forward every so often. Second, they can adjust the lumbar or neck pillows as they recline or lean forward in the chair. A third option is to adjust the armrests, which freshens up the arms and shoulders. On pro-quality gaming chairs, users can also tilt and lock the seat at different angles.

Learn more in our step-by-step gaming chair user guide:

How to use a gaming chair

Gaming chair benefits for computer users

In recent years there has been growing evidence of health risks caused by too much sitting. These include obesity, diabetes, depression, and cardiovascular disease.

The problem is that modern society demands long periods of sitting every day. That problem magnifies when people spend their sitting time in cheap, non-adjustable office chairs. Those chairs force the body to work harder while sitting. As muscles tire, posture declines and health issues arise.

Gaming chairs counteract those issues by supporting good posture and movement. So what tangible benefits can users expect from sitting with good posture and movement? This section breaks down the key benefits.

Gentle posture rehabilitation

Sitting hunched over your desk changes the natural curve of your spine. That increases strain in the muscles surrounding the spine. It also rounds the shoulders and tightens the chest, weakening muscles in the upper back.

Alternative office chair sitting positions
Standard chairs force users to shift positions through the workday to stay comfortable.

As a result, sitting up straight becomes difficult. The weak upper back must work harder against tight chest and shoulder muscles. Then, the body must keep twisting and turning to find relief.

Switching to a gaming chair will encourage tight muscles to expand.

Back support while sitting
Bad sitting posture tightens the spine and overworks the muscles.

That can be uncomfortable at first. For example, when beginners start yoga classes, they often suffer from stiffness and pain. The solution is to gently train the body over time to adapt.

In a similar fashion, when those with poor posture switch to a gaming chair, it takes time to adjust. Good posture stretches the spine to make you stand tall. That exudes an air of powerful confidence.

PC gaming chair ergonomics
A gaming chair backrest aligns the spine and holds the body up against gravity.

But there are more benefits to gain from healthy posture than looking good. You will also feel good. Here are some of the health benefits computer users can expect from having good posture:

  • Reduced lower back pain
  • Less headaches
  • Reduced tension in neck and shoulders
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved core strength
  • Higher energy levels

Summary: gaming chairs support good posture with a high backrest and adjustable pillows. The backrest absorbs the weight of the upper body so the muscles don’t have to. The pillows keep the spine in a healthy alignment ideal for long periods of upright sitting. All the user needs to do is adjust the chair to their needs and lean into the backrest. Then, they can expect several benefits that improve wellness and computing productivity.

To learn more about gaming chair posture benefits, check out this feature on the subject:

Why are gaming chairs good for your back?

Extended, consistent comfort

Gaming chairs ensure long periods of consistent comfort with a three-pronged approach.

1. Posture support

Gaming chairs support good posture. That reduces stress on muscles and joints while boosting circulation and oxygen levels. All you need to do to ensure perfect posture is to configure the chair and then lean into the backrest.

Gaming chair user guide
The neck and lumbar cushions on a gaming chair support an optimal spinal curve.

As the body adjusts, the hips align with the spine, the back straightens, and the chest opens. With muscles working optimally, circulation improves. With a straighter spine, breathing deepens, sending more oxygen into the bloodstream.

Eye level computing using a gaming chair
When comfortable and relaxed, users can focus 100% on computing.

All you need to do to ensure perfect posture is to configure the chair and then lean into the backrest. As the body adjusts, the hips align with the spine, the back straightens, and the chest opens. With muscles working optimally, circulation improves. With a straighter spine, breathing deepens, sending more oxygen into the bloodstream.

2. Thick seat and backrest padding

All gaming chairs come with thick layers of resilient foam on the seat and backrest. The best pro-quality gaming chairs use cold-foam padding. Cold cure foam is the premier padding choice in the furniture industry. It’s used in fixed theatre seats, luxury car seats, and gaming chairs. Cold-cured foam starts as a solution of polyurethane polymers and additives. This pours into a mold, where it foams up with air bubbles under a low-temperature process.

Pro gaming chair upholstery quality
Pro-quality gaming chairs come with premium, ultra-resilient padding on the seat and backrest.

As the foam sets, those air pockets help to provide resilient support. When you sit in a cold-foam padded seat, it gives just enough to accommodate your body weight. When you stand up, the foam pops back into its original shape. As a result, users can sit full-time in these seats for years, and they will always feel like brand new.

The thick padded seat cushions the legs and buttocks. Even if your back muscles are weak, the padded backrest will cradle the spine and keep it upright. At the same time, adjustable pillows support the natural curves in the lumbar and neck areas.

3. Gentle movement options while sitting

Sitting in a thick padded seat with perfect posture isn’t enough. Humans are not designed to sit in static positions. Doing so — even with perfect posture — can clog circulation and stress certain muscles. As a result, gaming chair designs offer a perfect sitting position only as a baseline.

Gaming chair features
Use the adjustable features of a gaming chair to fit your body and move while sitting.

When you first settle into a gaming chair, it can be so comfortable that you may feel like you’re floating. But if you hold that position for too long, discomfort may creep in.

Secretlab Titan back support angle adjustments
Backrest recline plus seat angle tilt-lock gives users many opportunities to move.

When that happens, move your body while in the chair. You can adjust the backrest angle, re-position armrests, swivel the chair, or rock the seat. Doing so switches up muscles in use while boosting circulation in the arms, legs, and back.

Summary: gaming chairs provide comfort with a triple-set of features. Good back support, resilient padding, and opportunities to move deliver comfort and wellness. As a result, users can enjoy consistent, healthy comfort for many hours at a time.

More energy for computing

Because gaming chairs support good posture, the muscles don’t have to. That yields a wellness boost that can supercharge productivity.

Gaming chair padding and support
Gaming chairs cushion the body and provide healthy ergonomic support.

Sitting with improper posture drains energy by straining neck, back, and shoulder muscles. Slouching also compresses the ribs, making deep breathing difficult. That depletes oxygen levels, builds up lactic acid, and causes fatigue. It also slows down blood flow to your legs.

Sloppy sitting habits
Poor sitting posture causes chronic pain that will deplete your energy reserves.

In fact, the health issues caused by poor sitting habits are far-reaching. Around 86% of American workers sit full-time for a living. The total cost of lower-back pain exceeds $100 billion per year in lost wages and productivity. Almost 40% of American adults are obese. Two-thirds of the workforce suffers from chronic fatigue.

These kinds of problems fade away once you get used to sitting in a gaming chair. The seat absorbs the weight of the body while the backrest aligns the user into a neutral sitting position. That involves resting feet flat on the floor with a straight back. The hips rest slightly above the knees, with the legs hip-width apart.

How a gaming chair supports the back
Gaming chairs help users to maintain a neutral sitting posture.

Neutral sitting spares the muscles from overwork. Sitting with an aligned spine also facilitates deeper breathing, pumping up to 30% more oxygen into the body.

Summary: poor posture strains back muscles, compresses the ribcage, and slows down circulation. Then, fatigue accelerates. Gaming chairs prevent muscular strain by aligning the body while holding it up against gravity. That spares the muscles from overwork, which leaves more energy to focus on computing.

Improved concentration

The ergonomic scientists at Herman Miller did a study on the effects of comfort in the workplace. Their findings showed that uncomfortable people tend to get distracted easier. But when provided with ergonomic furniture, their ability to focus improved.

The American Posture Institute conducted a similar study among students. They found several indications that poor posture affects cognitive performance. For example, distracted students tend to slouch low into their chairs. In contrast, engaged students sit up straight, with their eyes focused forward.

There’s a lot of other research out there that points to the same conclusion. Your posture impacts both your mood and brain function. A slouched posture is a defeated pose that raises cortisol levels (stress hormones). A straight back with open shoulders is a power pose that raises testosterone levels.

The appeal of gaming chairs in this context is that they provide comfortable posture support. With good posture, computer users can be more alert, energetic, and able to concentrate.

Summary: poor posture causes discomfort and distraction. In contrast, sitting with good posture improves both mood and cognitive ability. That is why gaming chair users can better concentrate and enjoy higher levels of productivity.

Gaming chair benefits for the masses

Thus far we’ve established that gaming chairs support good posture and movement while sitting. Other posture-correcting options exist, but back braces, kneeling chairs, and neck jacks are for general use. Gaming chairs are optimized for full-time computer use.

Posture correction devices
Alternative posture products are not ideal for long bouts of computing.

All aspects of a gaming chair support healthy sitting at a computer workstation. You can adjust a gaming chair to align with your desk, support your body, manage your mouse and more. Thick padding ensures comfort for several hours at a time. The backrest and armrests support your weight and take the pressure off the muscles.

Gaming chair benefits and usability
Gaming chairs are ideal for both gaming and desk work.

The key benefit of a gaming chair is that it supports healthy sitting for long periods of computing. That yields special benefits for different groups of users.

Gaming chair benefits for men

Slouching drains energy, reduces flexibility, and overworks the muscles. When suffering from chronic lethargy, men are more likely to lose muscle and accumulate fat.

Weak, fat, slouching men come last in society. Desk workers suffering from passivity and lack of drive could look to posture support for a boost. Replace your office chair with a gaming chair and learn how to use it. Let the chair do the work of supporting your body.

Submissive men
Chronic slouching makes men appear weak and submissive. A gaming chair can help turn that around.

A few weeks of sitting will give the muscles time to adapt. Once your posture rounds into form, energy levels will rise. Flexibility will return.

This leads to a confidence boost. In the animal kingdom, an open, upright stance shows dominance and authority. Among humans, it is a power pose that conveys confidence.

Gaming chair confidence benefit
A gaming chair can help you look and feel more confident.

That makes you seem powerful to others, but it also makes you feel powerful. Within minutes of assuming a power pose, testosterone increases and stress hormones decrease.

Summary: men who sit all day will benefit from doing so in a gaming chair. Plush padding and adjustable features provide consistent and comfortable posture support. Learning to sit with good posture provides a noticeable energy boost. It also helps make men feel more confident, assertive, and willing to take risks.

Best gaming chairs for men

For men, pro esports gaming chairs are ideal. These are the same models used by the world’s best esports players. Pro gamers tend to spend around 10 hours training each day. They rely on their gaming chairs to keep them comfortable and alert over long periods of intensive computing.

The best pro esports chairs stand out with rich adjustable features, resilient cold-foam padding, and superb durability. Top models cost between $350 and $550.

Pro esports chairs for those who play video games
The best pro esports chairs cost between $350 to $550.

Here are three of our top-rated gaming chairs for men. These models fit users between 5’7″ to 6’1″ weighing up to 200 pounds. They come with a full suite of ergonomic features, premium upholstery, and multiyear warranties.

  1. Secretlab Titan: our top-rated pro chair has several standout features. First is an internal depth-adjustable lumbar support system. Second is a reclining backrest that can also tilt forward. Third, the 4D armrests have metal-plating. Those give a satisfying ‘click’ when locked into a new position. As the cherry on top, you get a 3-year warranty that is extendable to five years.
  2. AKRacing Master Series Pro: a plush racing-style chair with extra-thick padding and pro ergonomic features. This model comes with a 5-year warranty on parts, plus a 10-year warranty on the frame.
  3. Noblechairs Hero: like the Titan, this German model has a depth-adjustable internal lumbar system. It stands out with a sleek, subtle design ideal for conservative tastes.

Compare those models and more in our detailed review:

Best pro esports gaming chairs for men

Computing chair benefits for women

Compared to men, women tend to face more challenges in male-dominated workplaces. Some studies suggest they are also more prone to negative body image perceptions.

That makes sitting full time in a cheap office chair problematic. Poor posture leads to lethargy, depression, and anxiety. While striving to succeed in a competitive workplace, that can be a huge burden to bear.

Slouching causes belly fat
Slouching makes people look shorter, fatter, and less confident.

For one thing, hunched over a desk or staring down at a smartphone all day forces the spine to sag. That tilts the pelvis and forces the stomach to stick out, making people look shorter and fatter.

Slouching woman
Slouching hinders breathing and stresses the spine.

For another, slouching restricts the expansion of the ribcage. That limits lung capacity and forces shallower breathing. Shallow breathing lowers oxygen levels in the blood, which the brain detects as a sign of stress.

Gaming chair benefits for women
A gaming chair can help a desk-bound woman to look and feel fantastic.

Over time, chronic shallow breathing leads to a host of wellness issues. These include higher stress levels, sleep problems, a weakened immune system, and high blood pressure.

Summary: poor posture makes people more prone to anxiety. It also makes them look fatter than they actually are. Women who use a gaming chair for posture support can expect more energy and confidence. Further, good posture results in a toned physique and confident, powerful body language.

Best gaming chairs for women

Compared to men, women average out to be shorter and slimmer. As a result, the best gaming chairs for women are those that ensure the best fit. Choosing a chair too large will negate ergonomic benefits.

Choosing the right sized gaming chair
Choose the right sized chair to ensure optimal back support.

Luckily, there are several good-quality gaming chairs with small dimensions available. Among our top-rated models, prices range from $120 to $390.

Best small gaming chairs for short people
These are among the best small gaming chairs for petite sizes.

Here are three of our top-rated gaming chairs for average-sized women. These models will fit users between 5’2″ to 5’9″ weighing up to 170 pounds. Women who weigh more might find these chairs too narrow.

  1. Secretlab Omega: this is a smaller version of the Secretlab Titan. It differs with narrow seat dimensions and a traditional lumbar support pillow. Otherwise, it comes with the same robust features as the Titan chair. Those include 4D armrests, multifunction tilt-lock, a forward-tilting backrest and more.
  2. Maxnomic Casual Sport: this German-engineered model has the same rich features as the Omega chair. But this model is smaller, supporting users as small as 5’0″.
  3. AKRacing California: the California chair is the smallest of them all, supporting users from 4’9″ to 5’6″. There are three pastel designs in lavender, teal, and white. Compared to the other chairs, it has lesser features. There is no multifunction tilt lock and only 3D armrests. But the warranty is robust. You get a 5-year warranty on parts, plus a 10-year warranty on the frame.

If style is a greater priority, some women may find our review of the best pink gaming chairs appealing. Otherwise, browse the best small-sized gaming chairs to find the perfect fit:

Best gaming chairs for petite sizes

Ergonomic chair benefits for kids

Most American kids spend around three hours watching TV every day. They also spend around 2-4 hours using computers, phones, or tablets. That adds up to around 5-7 hours of daily screen-based sedentary time.

Kids suffer back pain gaming on the floor

If spending the bulk of that time sitting with poor posture, serious health issues can arise. Bad posture causes abnormal positioning. As a child grows, that leads to irregular spine growth. According to Wolff’s Law, bones adapt to meet the loads placed upon them. Thus, abnormal postural stress alters bone development. Later in life, health issues manifest as arthritis or osteoporosis.

Console gaming sofa health issues
Sloppy sitting habits can manifest as serious health issues in adulthood.

For instance, one alarming study tested the back health of 154 10-year-old kids. It found that 9% were already suffering from spinal disc degeneration. Yet all were asymptomatic. None had a history of back pain. That shows how spinal damage can accrue for years undetected. No one might notice until it’s too late.

Beyond physical degeneration, poor posture also impacts mental health. Poor posture makes people more fearful, hostile, nervous, passive, and sluggish.

Luckily, children are malleable. Most lifelong habits form between birth and age 10. Then, the brain is at its most flexible and adaptable to change.

During this period, a gaming chair can make a massive difference. Kids love video games. While playing, they sit for long periods. Gaming chairs are a natural fit.

Gaming chair benefits for kids
Help your kids forge lifelong habits for success.

Gaming chairs teach kids to sit with good posture while they play video games. This helps to develop stronger back and shoulder muscles. Over time, good posture becomes their default position while sitting, standing, or walking.

Summary: good posture is especially important for children who are still growing and developing. Immediately, good sitting habits can boost confidence and energy levels. In adulthood, those habits prevent lethargy, muscle soreness, and chronic back pain. Later in life, those habits also reduce the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis.

Best gaming chairs for kids

There are only a few ultra-small gaming chairs for children, but most have very basic features. A better option for this age group is a dedicated ergonomic chair for kids.

Sitrite desk chair for kids
Sitrite offers excellent posture support through a child’s growth years.

For example, the Sitrite desk chair is for kids from 4-9 years old. Its design supports kids through their early growth years. It has a cushioned seat, adjustable back support, and some extra features that help cater to different sizes as a child grows.

Fenix Mini gaming chair
Good posture habits learned at a young age can last for a lifetime.

As kids reach puberty, small gaming chairs are ideal. These have compact sizes and varied prices. Choose a luxury model with rich features, or a cheaper chair with basic ones.

Check out the best small gaming chairs, plus three specialty picks for young children:

Best gaming chairs for small sizes and kids

Ergonomic chair advantages for office workers

Computing professionals include pro gamers, programmers, writers, accountants etc. When slouching full-time in a cheap chair, they may suffer from lethargy and low output. If the spiral continues, job security may become an issue.

Research shows that posture affects mood. Sitting straight improves confidence and energy levels. Slouching sags the shoulders and closes the body. By changing your posture to reflect a positive state of mind, you can actually make it happen.

PC gaming chairs for office workers
A good gaming chair can provide a serious boost in confidence and work performance.

While you can’t immediately improve posture, a gaming chair can bring gradual improvement. All you need to do is sit in the chair and let it hold your body up against gravity. After a few weeks, your muscles will adapt and the benefits of good posture are yours to enjoy.

Summary: in the computing era, a good ergonomic chair can give desk workers an edge. Using one will support healthy sitting and good posture. Good posture relaxes muscles, elevates mood, and improves concentration. As a result, office workers can enjoy higher output, better work relations, and more confidence.

Best ergonomic chairs for office workers

Because they are affordable and effective, gaming chairs are an excellent option for office workers. However, any chair that meets modern ergonomic seating standards can do the same job.

Types of ergonomic office chairs for consumers in 2020
There are four different types of ergonomic computing chairs to choose from.

Gaming chairs tend to have bold, racing style designs with striking colors. These are popular with younger generations, but might be too flashy for some older employees. Luckily, consumers have plenty of choices these days.

At the highest ergonomic level, pricey Herman Miller ergonomic chairs cost over $1400. At the lowest level, cheap ergonomic office chairs offer basic features for less than $300. Gaming chairs fit between those two extremes.

Office workers who like gaming chair designs should opt for a pro esports gaming chair. Those who prefer office-style designs can check out alternative ergonomic options instead.

Four types of ergonomic chairs to choose from

Case study: benefits after 1.5 years

After several years of desk work, ChairsFX editor Anil Ramsey began to suffer chronic tightness in his hamstrings and back. That twisted his body into an ugly slouch. After learning about gaming chairs, he bought a DX Racer Formula Series.

This video documents his breakthrough from poor posture to robust wellness, with the help of a gaming chair.

Gaming chair office worker case studies


Gaming chairs have ergonomic features that adapt to the needs of the user. These features support good posture and movement while sitting. A good sitting posture deepens breathing, improves blood flow, and reduces muscle strain. Gentle seated movement strengthens core muscles by keeping them active. Sitting this way over long periods improves both energy levels and cognitive functioning.

Extra benefits exist for different groups. Kids can forge good posture habits while they play games. Men can train their bodies to display power and confidence. Women can improve their figures and feel more assertive. Professionals gain a productivity edge over their office chair-using peers.

The bottom line is that gaming chairs can lessen the ill effects of excessive sedentary time. At the same time, they can improve the health, wellness, and performance of desk workers.

In summary, these chairs help users to sit longer, feel better, and be more productive.

Check out our gaming chair buying guides to find your perfect option. Choose from the best pro esports chairs, small gaming chairs, big and tall gaming chairs, and more.

ChairsFX gaming chair shopping guides

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