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Before you buy a chair, it helps to grasp the meaning of ‘ergonomic’. Per institutional guidelines, any chair with adjustable lumbar and arms plus a reclining backrest qualifies as ‘ergonomic. ‘ Gaming chair neutral posture basics This trio of features supports neutral sitting postures (0° neck tilt; 25-45° lower back curve). Office chairs keep users upright, making them ideal for focused desk work. Full-back gaming chairs provide greater recline versatility. Both provide similar physical support — with contrasting psychological appeal.

Popular Gaming & Ergonomic Office Chair Collections

This section includes the top specialty-sized chair collections for short, fat, tall, or fat and tall body types. It also includes the premier office and gaming chair collections on the market for slim people of average height (5’8″; 172 cm) or taller. 

Downsides of the best ergonomic office chairs in 2023

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs $800-$2300: Are They Worth it?

Is it REALLY worth spending $800-$2300 on an ergonomic office chair? Most top models offer decades-old neutral support basics. Beyond a 12-year warranty, what OBJECTIVE benefits are gained? I tested 6 top models for the answers. See what I learned after trying out the Embody, Aeron, Gesture, Mirra 2, and Fern chairs.

Healthy Computing Basics For Ergonomic Beginners

Should you choose a gaming chair or office chair? What’s the difference? Most importantly, how to use an ergonomic chair to gain the most benefits? If new to the concept of healthy ergonomic computing, find the fundamentals below:
Herman Miller Aeron Vs Secretlab Titan office chair vs gaming chair comparison

Ultimate Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair Battle: Aeron Vs Titan Evo

An objective, science-backed answer to the gaming chair vs office chair debate. The Secretlab Titan Evo is the best gaming chair; the Herman Miller Aeron is one of the best ergonomic office chairs. I tested each intensively. Both support perfect posture; the biggest differences affect the psyche more than the spine.

Gaming chair posture healthy sitting guide

How To Sit In A Gaming Chair: Dynamic Neutral Posture Starter Guide

Learn how to sit in a gaming chair for optimal comfort and health. Follow simple steps to tuck your hips, plant your feet, and support your lower back (lumbar) curve. Discover how easily you can boost energy levels, focus, and spinal health while using any type of ergonomic desk chair.

Popular Computing Chair Advice

Editor Picks: Top Ergonomic Desk Chairs Of 2024

Ergonomic innovations have peaked. The next technology that impacts deskwork is the sit-to-stand desk. Herman Miller, Secretlab, and Steelcase remain the elite brands. A few others also deserve mention.

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Aeron Remastered Ergonomic Chair Review

Herman Miller Aeron User Review: Discover Why It Costs So Much

The Herman Miller Aeron Remastered's star feature is its outstanding 8Z Pellicle Mesh. This stuff provides ultra-balanced, mesh-powered support. It's so potent that you don't even NEED lumbar support to sit upright with ease. But is this fancy concept chair right for YOUR needs? This Aeron Remastered review has the answer!

Ergonomic Seating + Deskwork Support Trends

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