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Many people develop unhealthy postures because they’ve forgotten what the most potent ones are. ChairsFX documents healthy computing mechanics using ergonomic science + pro esports performance fundamentals. Everything you need to know is easy to grasp, apply, and prosper from. Best work from home gaming office chairs Mastering the basics prepares you to find the ultimate ergonomic computing chair for your needs. Need casual, all-day sitting support? The best full-back gaming chairs support good posture plus comfy decadence. Perhaps you prefer a serious, business-tier productivity boost? That’s what posture-precise mid-back ergonomic office chairs are designed for.

Secretlab Titan gaming chairs on sale for Spring

Secretlab Spring Sale details: $30 off Titan 2022 Series chairs, Magnus desk bundle deals, and more.

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Ergonomic Advice For Gamers And Desk Workers

A good ergonomic gaming or office-style chair comes with adjustable features. Used as intended, these make it easy to sit with good posture over long periods. Our Computing Chair Advice Articles explain the basics.

Gaming Chair User Guide: Enjoy Comfortable Good Posture

If you feel discomfort or back pain in a gaming chair, check your usage. Small tweaks can make a big difference. Learn how to perform at a computer like an elite esports pro. Enjoy long periods of healthy, blissful comfort with these simple and intuitive gaming chair adjustments.

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Best Three Gaming Chairs Of 2022

Here are the best three gaming chairs of 2022 — by a large margin. The Herman Miller Aeron provides strict, near-perfect mid-back support for all body types. The Embody chair delivers a similar level of support with more freedom. On the downside, it’s not as easy to use. But if decadent comfort is your priority, the Secretlab Titan 2022 Series stands alone. No other racing-style chair offers better gamer ergonomics or aesthetics.

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