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ChairsFX defines ‘ergonomic’ based on (non-chair seller) institutional standards. Any chair with adjustable lumbar and arms plus a reclining backrest qualifies. Lumbar support aligns the spine; arms provide extra bracing; a tilting backrest enables movement. Combined, these support neutral postures (0° neck tilt; 25-45° lower back curve).
Best work from home gaming office chairs

Mid-back office chairs have limited reclines that keep users upright — ideal for focused productivity. Full-back gaming chairs provide more versatile all-day support — nice for working and gaming from home. Both provide similar physical support — and contrasting psychological appeal. Which better suits your needs? Find out here

Popular Gaming & Ergonomic Office Chair Genres

First-time ergonomic chair buyers start here: trending desk chair genres (over the past 30 days.) Most popular gaming and ergonomic office chair collections:

Healthy Computing Basics For Ergonomic Beginners

Should you choose a gaming chair or office chair? What’s the difference? Most importantly, how to use an ergonomic chair to gain the most benefits? If new to the concept of healthy ergonomic computing, find the fundamentals below:
Gaming chair vs office chair comparison by modern ergonomic standards

Gaming Chairs Vs Office Chairs: By 2023 Ergonomic Standards

Solve the gaming chair vs office chair debate with hard science and statistics. Use these to find the ultimate ergonomic seating solution for YOUR particular needs. Learn how to improve focus, energy, and comfort with the right seating choice.

Gaming chair posture healthy sitting guide

How To Sit In A Gaming Chair: Step-By-Step Neutral Postures

Learn how to sit in a gaming chair for optimal comfort and health. Follow simple steps to tuck your hips, plant your feet, and support your lower back (lumbar) curve. Discover how easily you can boost energy levels, focus, and spinal health while using any type of ergonomic desk chair.

Popular Computing Chair Advice

Best Ergonomic Desk Chairs 2023

In 2023, three brands serve up the seating industry’s best ergonomic desk chairs. Herman Miller’s Embody delivers unprecedented upper back support. The Aeron’s super-suspension 8Z Pellicle Mesh justifies its iconic status. Meanwhile, the best Steelcase office chairs offer (B2B industry-leading) textbook lumbar-powered support. Finally, the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 matches the back and neck support prowess of the others — plus deep-recline versatility. That’s a nice extra for all-day gaming or working from home.

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Ergonomic Seating + Deskwork Support Trends

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Anti-Fatigue Foot Support Options For Standing Desk Users

Standing desk users need foot protection against fallen arches (plantar fasciitis). But the best anti-fatigue foot solutions for sit-to-stand desk users are mediocre. Luckily, heel inserts + specialty standing shoes from Crocs or Birkenstocks fit the bill. Enjoy healthy, comfortable all-day standing support for less than $100.

The Complete History Of Gaming Chairs: 2006-2022

A tale of economic crashes, Starcraft, and the birth of esports in South Korea. When esports surged, gaming chairs blossomed. When the work-from-home era arrived, gaming chairs skyrocketed. A complete 2006-2022 timeline. Track the emergence of an ergonomic industry-disrupting deskwork seating option that's now more relevant than ever.