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Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back?

Gaming chairs are very good for your back if you spend long periods sitting at a computer. PC gaming chairs improve posture while taking pressure off your upper body muscles. Over time, the benefit is less energy burned on muscle strain. That yields a host of benefits including more productive and enjoyable computing.

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs Compared

An in-depth comparison of PC gaming chairs versus office chairs. Learn about the ergonomic features that make gaming chairs the smart choice for all PC users.

How do Gaming Chairs Make a Difference?

A good gaming chair makes a big difference. It will protect your body, support the muscles and more. Sitting with good posture and an aligned spine will keep your body in prime condition. That will improve breathing, vitality, and computing performance.

Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Office chairs chairs are cheap and simple. Gaming chairs are packed with features but much more expensive. This article breaks down why gaming chairs are well worth the investment, especially when compared to office chairs.

The amazing benefits of gaming chairs

Boost wellness, productivity, focus and confidence. Discover the amazing benefits of gaming chairs. Men, women, kids and professionals can all gain an edge from using a gaming chair. Learn what problems gaming chairs solve and what benefits they provide.

What Gaming Chairs Do Pros Use?

What is a pro game chair? A pro gamer's chair gives the best comfort and support. Sit like a gaming chair pro with the chairs used by the top pro esports streamers, players, teams.

Cheap vs expensive gaming chairs compared

Pro gaming chairs cost over $300, while cheap ones cost less than $200. Both support healthy posture while sitting at a computer. The difference is that pro models hold up better under full-time use. Cheap models work best when used part-time. Learn more to get the best value for money from your next gaming chair investment.

Gaming chair user guide: optimize your ergonomics

Most gaming chairs ship with thin user manuals. So how do you use a gaming chair? What are the different settings for? What’s the point of the pillows? This gaming chair user guide fills the information gap. Keep reading to learn how to get the most value out of your gaming chair.

How long do gaming chairs last?

Read a 3-year case study about a DXRacer's durability under heavy use. Learn about the accuracy of warranties from top gaming chair brands. Browse customer service contacts and learn how to get support.

The Ultimate Gaming Chair Sizing Guide

Gaming chairs come in three basic sizes: small, medium and large. The point of a gaming chair is to ensure proper posture while sitting. To get the best ergonomic benefits, you should choose the right size. Learn about gaming chair size ranges and the key dimensions to look out for.

Best ergonomic office chairs for your back

Looking for the best ergonomic office chairs for your back? Browse the task chairs and PC gaming chairs offering the best comfort and back support. Improve posture, boost health and be more productive while you sit.

Why are gaming chairs the best chairs for studying?

PC gaming chairs support long periods of healthy sitting. That makes them excellent chairs for studying. Learn how healthy sitting posture translates into better cognitive performance.

Home office setup: boost performance with a gaming chair

Working from home presents a chance to boost health, wellness and work performance. Learn how to build an ergonomic home office setup that's cheap, comfortable and good for you.

Gaming chair shopping guides

Browse many gaming chairs at once across different genres. If you’re looking for discounts, we keep regular track of gaming chairs on sale. This section also contains ‘best of’ lists with mini-reviews. These cover the best esports chairs, cheap gaming chairs, small gaming chairs and more.

Gaming Chair Discounts in April 2020

Browse ergonomic gaming chair discounts in April 2020. Up-to-date PC gaming chair bargains and special sale offers. April deals are now live from AKRacing, Respawn, OPSEAT, Vertagear, and more.

Best pro esports chairs over $300 in 2020

The best pro gaming chairs of 2020 have proven their worth on the global esports stage. These are the models used by professional players, teams and tournaments. Enjoy luxurious comfort and superb ergonomics. Sit better, work longer and boost computing performance.

Best Cheap Gaming Chairs under $200

The best-selling cheap gaming chairs of 2020 cost less than $200. This article profiles the seven best cheap gaming chairs. Enjoy superb comfort, rock-solid support and advanced sitting ergonomics on a budget.

Small Gaming Chairs for Short People and Kids

Here are the best small gaming chairs for short adults, kids, and other small sizes. Compare the best luxury, affordable, and kids' chairs for small bodies under 5'7".

Best Gaming Chairs that support 400 pounds

Heavyweight users need extra reinforcement. Review the best gaming chairs that support up to 400 pounds. These models offer thick padding, superb ergonomics and reinforced support for heavyweight bodies.

Best PS4 & Xbox gaming chairs for your back

The best PS4 and Xbox gaming chairs for your back are cheap PC gaming chairs that sit low to the ground. This article explains why console rockers are bad for your back. Then it reviews the five best PS4 and Xbox gaming chairs for your back.

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Pro and consumer class gaming chair brands

Here are our most popular gaming chair brand reviews of the moment. Pro esports players prefer the first four for full-time training support. Pro models cost between $300 to $500. The last two brands make cheap gaming chairs that cost between $200 and $80. Those give great back support like the pro models, but are not as durable. Cheap chairs from top brands are ideal for part-time users, students and kids.

Secretlab Gaming Chairs: Brand Review

Secretlab started in 2014 as a humble Singapore startup. In less than five years, they became one of the leading gaming chair brands in the world. This article summarizes the three Secretlab gaming chairs in their product line. That shows why the Titan, Titan XL, Omega and Throne are among the best luxury gaming chairs on the market.

AKRacing Brand review: their best gaming chairs

AKRacing makes some of the highest quality gaming chairs on the market. This brand review looks at the best chairs in the AKRacing Core and Master Series product lines.

Anda Seat Gaming Chair Review of their 2020 collection

Anda Seat is a Canadian company based in Richmond Hill. They are Canada's top gaming chair brand and a major sponsor of Canadian esports events. This article reviews the five chairs in their 2020 gaming chair collection.

Pro esports gaming chair reviews

Pro esports chairs are used by world’s top pro esports teams. All models cost over $300. They boast the most luxurious padding and richest features on the market. These chairs are ideal for full-time computer users.

Secretlab Titan 2020 Series Gaming Chair Review

The Secretlab Titan is our top rated gaming chair. It's also the preferred choice for world-leading esports teams and gaming tournaments. Learn why the Titan 2020 Series upgrades makes this one of the best pro gaming chairs in the world.

Review: DXRacer Racing Series gaming chairs

More pro esports teams use DXRacer Racing PRO Series chairs than any other brand. The standard Racing Series offers similar features as the PRO, with a cheaper price. Learn the merits of all models in this detailed DXRacer Racing Series review.

Secretlab Omega Review: 2020 Series

The Secretlab Omega 2020 Series is one of our top-rated pro esports chairs. Our Secretlab Omega review explores Omega features, style options, sizing dimensions and more.

Cheap gaming chair reviews

Cheap gaming chairs offer good comfort and back support, but don’t last as long. Most have narrow seats suitable for slim adults and kids. These chairs are are best for casual gamers and other part-time users.

Homall Classic gaming chair review: world’s best selling chair

The Homall Classic Series is the best selling gaming chair in the world. It's a cheap entry-level model with basic features. But some models offer better value than others. This review explains what to consider before buying.

Review: GTRacing Pro Series gaming chairs

The GTRacing Pro Series is a popular line of cheap gaming chairs. These models offer solid features, excellent durability and great value for money. Detailed review about the best GTRacing Pro Series gaming chairs.

Review: GTRacing Luxury Series gaming chairs

GTRacing's new Luxury Series gaming chairs provide high end features at affordable prices. For around $200, you get 4D armrests, support for 400 pounds, a 2-year warranty and more.

Ergonomic gaming chairs for computer users

Now is the perfect time to buy a gaming chair. ChairsFX has been covering the gaming chair industry since early 2018. We learned from personal experience the benefits that gaming chairs offer. This website shares our research with the world.

Gaming chairs are very important in the modern era. Most people work at computers and spend the majority of their day sitting. But people who sit full-time hours in a cheap chair can develop poor posture. That can lead to stiffness, chronic pain and low energy levels. When not at your best, your performance at the computer will suffer.

That’s why pro gamers and computing professionals use PC gaming chairs. Gaming chairs support your muscles so your body doesn’t have to. That improves posture while providing more energy for computing.

Is this your first time buying a gaming chair? If so, start out with our Gaming Chair Selection tool. It will help to narrow down your research, based on your needs. After that, check out our gaming chair advice articles. Those will teach you about core features, ergonomic benefits and more.

From there, drill down into gaming chair shopping guides. They compare the best gaming chairs categorized by size, price or special features.

The point of every chair on this site is to help you sit longer, work smarter and be more productive.

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Fantasylab review: heavyweight luxury chairs from Killabee

Fantasylab is a new luxury line of gaming chairs from Killabee. Killabee is a popular, well-established maker of cheap gaming chairs. Learn about their intriguing new product line. Fantasylab chairs support 400+ pounds. They also offer rich adjustable features for less than $300.

Best PS4 & Xbox gaming chairs for your back

The best PS4 and Xbox gaming chairs for your back are cheap PC gaming chairs that sit low to the ground. This article explains why console rockers are bad for your back. Then it reviews the five best PS4 and Xbox gaming chairs for your back.

AKRacing showdown: Core Series LX vs Core Series SX

What's the difference between the AKRacing Core Series LX and SX? One is cheaper; the other has thicker padding. Both are high-end ergonomic computing chairs with rich ergonomic features. Read an in-depth analysis comparing the two chairs.

Respawn gaming chair review: their best models

This Respawn gaming chair review looks at the best gaming chairs in their product line. Browse the best Respawn racing chairs and official Fornite gaming chairs.

Secretlab mask initiative for COVID-19 relief

Secretlab is donating 50,000 masks to hospitals in America. On top of that, Secretlab and partners will donate proceeds from chair sales. Every chair sold will see another 200 masks donated to the cause.

Apol ergonomic chairs: an affordable option for Singaporeans

Apol is a young Singapore brand. Currently, they only sell their chairs in Singapore. Learn about Apol's collection of affordable chairs. These models offer high-end ergonomic features, attractive styling, and reasonable prices.