Gaming Chair News, Reviews, and Healthy Computing Trends

ChairsFX defines ‘ergonomic’ based on (non-chair seller) institutional standards. Any chair with adjustable lumbar and arms plus a reclining backrest qualifies. Lumbar support aligns the spine; arms provide extra bracing; a tilting backrest enables movement. Combined, these support neutral postures (0° neck tilt; 25-45° lower back curve). Best work from home gaming office chairs Mid-back office chairs have limited reclines that keep users upright — ideal for shift work. Full-back gaming chairs provide more versatile all-day support – wonderful for work from home. Which is better for your needs? Find the answer here.

Popular Gaming and Ergonomic Office Chairs Compared

First-time gaming chair buyers should start their research here. Browse the best gaming and office chairs across the most popular genres of the moment. Compare top models based on your size, budget, comfort, or back support expectations.

Best high-end full-back gaming chairs reviewed 2023

Best Full-Back Gaming Chairs 2023: Cutting Edge Ergo-Tech

The best full-back gaming chairs of 2023 are LITERALLY on the cutting edge of ergonomic socio-technological evolution. Enjoy the postural precision of an ergonomic office chair — PLUS the flexibility of a lounger. Check this year's top models from Secretlab, Razer, DXRacer, Herman Miller, and more.

Downsides of the best ergonomic office chairs in 2023

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs $800-$2300: Are They Worth it?

Is it REALLY worth spending $800-$2300 on an ergonomic office chair? Most top models offer decades-old neutral support basics. Beyond a 12-year warranty, what OBJECTIVE benefits are gained? Is 'medical grade' back support a corporate marketing myth or physical reality? See the shocking truth for yourself!

Healthy Computing Basics For Ergonomic Beginners

Should you choose a gaming chair or office chair? What’s the difference? Most importantly, how to use an ergonomic chair to gain the most benefits? If new to the concept of healthy ergonomic computing, find the fundamentals below:

Gaming Chairs Vs Ergonomic Office Chairs: Comfort vs Focus

Gaming chairs and ergonomic office chairs both support neutral postures. The former provides more flexibility by letting you kick back and relax. In contrast, the latter suits those wanting to maintain focus mode. Learn why the 'best' type comes down to user habits — and subjective preferences.

How to maintain neutral postures in ergonomic office and gaming chairs

Gaming & Ergonomic Office Chair Neutral Posture QuickStart

How to sit with good posture in a gaming chair? The method is the same as when using an ergonomic office chair. Both support neutral postures with adjustable lumbar, arms, and recline. But proper usage yields the best results. Learn why and how to tuck your hips, plant your feet, support your lumbar curve, and more.

Popular Gaming Chair Tips

Best Ergonomic Desk Chairs 2023

Cut through the hype and zero in on the very best. In 2023, three chairs qualify. Herman Miller’s Embody delivers objectively better back support than any other model. The Herman Miller Aeron has more predictable back support. Even so, its stunning 8Z Pellicle Mesh and ease of use justify its high price. Finally, the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 matches the Embody’s back and neck support precision. But it better supports working from home by adding the option to kick back and relax.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022: User-Powered Ergonomic Comfort

The Titan Evo 2022 serves up first-class functionality and jaw-dropping aesthetics. For ultimate comfort, make sure to plant your feet and tuck your hips. Then, take frequent standing breaks. Your reward: supercharged health, happiness, and focus while sitting at a computer.

Multi-Device Computing: Hot Ergonomic Trends ​

ChairsFX tracks 2023 ergonomic trends from two perspectives. First, via updated back and neck support standards in play at institutional and consumer levels. Second, by testing musculoskeletal and wellness problems and solutions as sedentary computing times rise. Here are the most popular articles about healthy, productive computing right now.