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A PC gaming chair refers to any type of ergonomic chair that supports healthy sitting. ChairsFX provides three starting points to help you find the best PC gaming chair for your needs.

Protip: After you buy a gaming chair, use neutral sitting techniques for best results. Learn how Gaming Chairs Support Good Posture for details.

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Best Work-From-Home Gaming Office Chairs For Productivity

A good work-from-home gaming office chair can change your life in spectacular ways. Here we review the best work-from-home gaming and ergonomic office chairs of 2021. Then, we lay out the path to take your health, wellness, and productivity to a higher level of excellence.

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PC Gaming Chair Advice

Gaming chairs vs office chairs compared

Should you buy a gaming chair? Using one will let you sit for hours and not get uncomfortable. In comparison, a standard office chair can ruin posture and cripple productivity. This article brings clarity to the gaming chairs vs office chairs debate.

Are Gaming Chairs Good For Your Back?

Gaming chairs encourage neutral, dynamic postures over long periods. That helps both gamers and office workers to enjoy more productive computing. But good results aren't automatic — proper usage is essential. Learn how and why gaming chairs are good for your back, but sometimes not.

Gaming chair user guide: boost wellness and productivity

How to use a gaming chair? Adapt to sitting in a neutral posture. That unlocks paradigm-changing health and wellness benefits. In all types of ergo chairs, optimize results using healthy sitting basics. This gaming chair user guide explains how to sit longer, feel better, be more productive.

Best Egonomic Office Chair Reviews

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs of 2021

The best high-end ergonomic office chairs cost $650 to $1650. Standouts include enterprise 24-7 models from elite brands like Herman Miller and Steelcase. Behold the highest level of ergonomic complexity and design aesthetics. Compare features, specs, and value for money.

Best mid-range ergonomic office chairs ($350 to $600)

Prosumer task chairs under $600 are a cost-comparable alternative to high-end gaming chairs. The best models deliver efficient, healthy full-time sitting support. All come with robust ergonomics, solid warranties, and contemporary office chair style designs.

Best ergonomic office chairs under $300

You don't need to pay big money for healthy ergonomic support. The best cheap ergonomic office chairs have the features you need to sit with good posture. All models have adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar support, and a reclining backrest. Check out the best ergonomic office chairs priced under $300.

Hot PC Gaming Chair Brands

Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs for all Sizes: 2020 and 2022 Series

What's the best Secretlab gaming chair for your needs in 2021? The answer depends on your size, body type, and design preferences. 2022 and 2020 Series Secretlab gaming chairs are currently available. Check out the best Secretlab chair designs to order online right now.

Best GTRacing Gaming Chairs reviewed (2021 edition)

This GTRacing gaming chair review looks at the best chairs from this popular brand. Browse Pro, Ace, Music, and Footrest Series gaming chair collections. Learn how to buy direct from GTRacing for extended warranty protection. Alternatively, buy from Amazon for slightly cheaper prices.

Best DXRacer Gaming Chairs 2021: Modular Gaming Debut

The gaming chair pioneer is back to its pioneering ways. The 2021 DXRacer collection introduces 'modular' gaming chairs. It also shatters the gaming/ office chair paradigm with a brilliant all-mesh design. Check out the future of home-based ergonomic seating.

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The Duoback company delivers boutique ergonomics from South Korea. The Duorest Alpha, D2, and Gold are three of its most popular ergonomic office chairs. Check reviews of all three, plus comparisons with top models from competing brands.

Should I Buy A Small, Medium, or XL Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair?

Secretlab Titan chairs come in small, medium, and XL editions. To ensure a perfect fit, follow Secretlab's suggested height ratings. However, if you want a wider seat, it's possible to super-size. Learn how to make use of a larger Titan chair with some simple sizing hacks.

Desk Work Hack: Boost Productivity With Frequent Breaks

Adding short breaks to your desk work routine can help you to get more work done with less sitting time. Take your ergonomic PC workstation to a higher level. Learn how short breaks can enhance cognitive processing while supercharging energy levels.