Gaming Chair News, Reviews, and Healthy Computing Trends

Many people develop poor postures because they’ve forgotten what healthy ones are! ChairsFX documents healthy computing mechanics using ergonomic science + pro esports performance fundamentals. Everything you need to know is easy to grasp, apply, and prosper from. Best work from home gaming office chairs Mastering the basics prepares you to find the ultimate ergonomic computing chair for your needs. Need casual, all-day sitting support? The best full-back gaming chairs support good posture plus comfy decadence. Perhaps you prefer a serious, business-tier productivity boost? That’s what posture-precise mid-back ergonomic office chairs are designed for.

Popular Gaming Chair Collections​

First-time gaming chair buyers should start their research here. Browse the best gaming chairs across the most popular genres of the moment. Compare the top models of 2022 based on your size, budget, comfort, or back support preferences.
Secretlab Softweave 2022 Series collection

Fabric Closeups: 9 Titan 2022 Series SoftWeave Chair Styles

Soda Purple is the latest Secretlab Titan 2022 SoftWeave edition. Now there are nine sweet designs to choose from. See macro shots of every fabric style plus setup poses with a Magnus desk. Check out Triple Black, Plush Pink, Mint Green, and other iterations of the world's best fabric gaming chair!

Healthy Computing Basics For Ergonomic Beginners

Should you choose a gaming chair or office chair? What’s the difference? What other workstation pieces do you need to build a healthy home setup? Most importantly, how to use an ergonomic chair to gain the most benefits? If new to the concept of healthy ergonomic computing, find the fundamentals below:

Gaming chair vs office chair comparison by modern ergonomic standards

Gaming Chairs Vs Office Chairs: By 2022 Ergonomic Standards

Comparing gaming chairs vs office chairs using modern multi-device ergonomic WFH standards. Learn the pros and cons of each seating type. Then, nail down the best ergonomic support style for YOUR particular desktop and mobile computing needs.

How to set up a healthy gaming from home station

Ultimate Work-From-Home Setup Guide For Ergonomic Beginners

The ultimate guide to working from home in a healthy, happy, and productive manner. Learn how to turn a PC, desk, and good ergonomic chair into the ultimate productivity powerhouse. Merge feng shui basics with biomechanical science to raise your WFH game to an elite level.

Popular Gaming Chair Tips

Editors' Picks: Best Gaming Chairs Of 2022

Our top-3 picks stand ahead of the rest by a large margin. The Herman Miller Aeron provides strict, near-perfect mid-back support for all body types. The Embody chair tops the Aeron with next-level support that targets the upper back (best kyphosis support). On the downside, using it properly needs finesse. But if you’d like more versatility, the Secretlab Titan 2022 Series stands alone. No other full-back chair offers better ergonomics, aesthetics, or all-day WFH sitting support.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Review: Ultimate WFH Ergo Chair

Unlike strict mid-back chairs, the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 provides more versatile all-day sitting support. When working from home (WFH), it delivers biomechanically precise full-back ergonomics for high-productivity computing. But also, posture-supported luxury lounging in a choice of 45+ jaw-dropping styles.

Multi-Device Computing: Hot Ergonomic Trends ​

ChairsFX tracks 2022 ergonomic trends from two perspectives. First, via updated back and neck support standards in play at institutional and consumer levels. Second, by testing musculoskeletal and wellness problems and solutions as sedentary computing times rise. Here are the most popular articles about healthy, productive computing right now.

Quiet Quitter Burnout Fix = Physical + Cognitive Ergonomics

Quiet quitters (now over 50% of the U.S. workforce) are mentally checked out and only there for a paycheck. As managers scramble for solutions, physical + cognitive ergonomic science has the answer. One policy change is all it would take deploy — for the benefit of staff, managers, and companies alike!