Ergonomic Office Chair Reviews

Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair review

Herman Miller teamed up with Logitech on a new gaming chair. We were expecting a revolution, but instead got a minor repackaging. The Herman Miller X Logitech G costs $1495. Sadly, it's just a repackaged 2008-era Embody with only minor new features.

Sidiz T80 ergonomic task chair review (classic and Marvel designs)

The Sidiz T80 is one of the best ergonomic chairs on the market priced under $1000. Made in South Korea, it offers rich ergonomic features and a superb build quality. Now available in classic and Marvel superhero designs.

Cougar Argo ergonomic gaming chair review

New from Cougar is a conventional tilt ergonomic chair that's optimized for gaming. This Cougar Argo chair review covers a unique new chair. It offers striking looks, great features and an affordable price.

Sidiz T50 ergonomic office chair review

The Sidiz T50 is now available in America. This South Korean masterpiece is one of the best ergonomic task chairs on the market priced under $400. It offers rich ergonomics, a sleek modern design, and excellent value for money.

TechLead review: best office chairs for programmers

TechLead recently did one of the best ergonomic office chair reviews you'll ever see. It covers Herman Miller, Steelcase, Autonomous, and a cheap Staples Hyken chair. Should you pay $1500 for a high-end chair, or can a $200 cheapie do the job?

Soutien ergonomic office chair review: near perfection

The Soutien ergonomic chair is almost perfect, feature-wise. Made by Flexispot, these chairs offer rich, healthy, ergonomic support for under $300. Features include 4D arms, adjustable lumbar support, a headrest, a reclining backrest, and more.

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