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Soutien ergonomic office chair review: near perfection

One reason we love gaming chairs is that they offer complete ergonomic features. Traditional office chairs don’t. Luckily, the massive office chair industry is adapting. Many new models are emerging with gaming chair-style features. The Soutien Ergonomic Office chair from Flexispot is one of the latest. In the sub-$300 price class, it’s also one of the best, with an almost perfect configuration.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair chair

Flexispot is a Chinese operation formed in 2015. The company made its mark developing standing desks and desk bikes. Today, Flexispot operates in America, Japan, Vietnam, and the UK. The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is the its newest release.

Cira 2021, the gaming chair versus office chair debate is quickly becoming irrelevant. More relevant is the ‘ergonomic vs non-ergonomic chair’ debate. Non-ergonomic chairs are bad for your back.

Soutien chair from Flexispot $269.99

On the flip side, there are clear ergonomic requirements for healthy sitting. The Soutien chair exceeds these in a well-built, affordable package.

Soutien Ergonomic office chair review

An ergonomic chair needs three key features. Adjustable lumbar support, adjustable armrests, and a reclining backrest are the keys. The Soutien ergonomic chair offers all three, with robust implementations.


Here’s a feature comparison of the Sidiz T80 ($552.50 on Amazon) and the Soutien chair (msrp $269.99):

Sidiz T80 vs Soutien ergonomic office chair
Sidiz T80 vs Soutien ergonomic features compared. (click to enlarge)

Compared to the T80, the Soutien chair lacks synchro-tilt functionality. That tilts the seat upward as the backrest reclines.

Sidiz T80 synchro-tilt feature
Sidiz T80 synchro-tilt functionality.

The lack of synchro-tilt is a minor issue. It’s a nice feature to have when relaxing in a deep recline but is expensive. Without sync-tilt, the Soutien chair offers very good value for money.

  • Lumbar support: 3 height-adjustment levels. The depth-control uses a ‘rebound system’ that provides self-adaptable resistance as the user moves.
  • Armrests: 4D armrests with padded cushion tops.
  • Reclining mesh upholstery: fleece mesh made from Italian-imported chenille and temperature-sensitive fiber. Rocking and recline range from 90-135 degrees.
  • Seat: padded fabric seat; depth-adjustable (16.1-29.1″ depth range from the lumbar support).
  • Foundation: high-density plastic frame, class 4 gas lift, silent PU caster wheels.
  • Warranty: 1-year Flexispot guarantee.

Soutien chair from Flexispot $269.99

Soutien chair dimensions

In terms of both features and price, the Soutien chair most closely resembles the Sidiz T50 ($358.58 on Amazon).

Soutien vs Sidiz T50 office chair comparison
Soutien vs Sidiz T50 ergonomic office chairs.

Both are slim-fitting ergonomic chairs for people of average height.

 Soutien chairSidiz T50
Seat width x depth20.5" (W) x 16-29" (D)19.9″ (W) x 18.9″ to 21.6″ (D)
Backrest width x height20.5" (W) x 28.7" (H)19.1″ (W) x 20.5″ (H)
Seat height range16.9-19.7"18.1-21.5″
Lumbar adjustment range3 lockable positions4.7-6.7″ (from the seat base)
Armrest height range2.75 inches2.1 inches
Headrest height rangeadjustable (range not stated)7.2-9.6″
Size rating5’3″ to 5’10″; 299-pound weight capacity5’3″ to 6’0″; 300-pound weight capacity

The low seat height range of the Soutien chair is significant. Users taller than 6’0 tall might need more height. Thus, we suggest a sweet spot range of 5’3″ to 5’10”. If you’re within that range, the Soutien chair’s dimensions are ideal.

Pros and cons

Here’s what we like and dislike about the Soutien chair:


On the plus side, Soutien ergonomic office chairs offer excellent value for money. Few chairs in this price range come with 4D armrests, a reclining backrest, and adjustable lumbar support. Compared to a $1395 Herman Miller Aeron, the Soutien offers comparable back support, but less luxury.

As long as you maintain fluid, neutral postures in this chair, it will deliver the same benefits as an Aeron chair. That means better posture, more energy, and enhanced focus at a computer.


We have three quibbles. First, the Soutien chair has a very low seat height range. That means it’s only suitable for shorter users. Second, adding depth-adjustability to the lumbar support would make it more customizable to different body types. Third, Flexispot’s warranty page claims 3-year warranties for all chairs. However, the Soutien chair is marked as having a 1-year warranty.

Thus, we propose a Soutien chair v2. That one would have:

  • Dimensions to suit large users from 5’10” to 6’4″.
  • Height and depth-adjustable lumbar.
  • 3-year Flexispot warranty.

As is, the Soutien is a pretty good ergonomic office chair. Our proposed V2 would make it almost perfect.

Soutien chair alternatives

There are cheaper ergonomic chairs out there. But compared to the best ergo chairs under $250, the Soutien chair has much better features.

Review of cheap ergonomic office chairs under $250
The best ergo chairs under $250 have inferior features compared to the Soutien chair.

Better alternatives exist in the $300-$600 price class. The closest comparable in this range is the Sidiz T50 ergonomic chair. Here is how the Soutien chair measures up to the T50:

 SoutienSidiz T50
Recline range90-135 degrees90-115 degrees
Lumbar supportHeight-adjustableHeight and depth-adjustable
Warranty1 year3 years
Price$269.99 from Flexispot$358.58 on Amazon

Other alternatives in this price range include the NeueChair, Steelcase Jack, and Autonomous ErgoChair 2.

Best affordable ergonomic task chairs of 2021
Mid-range ergo chairs L-R: Autonomous ErgoChair 2; NeueChair; Steelcase Jack.

Standard features in this price class include adjustable lumbar support, adjustable armrests, and reclining backrests. Warranties range from 3-12 years.

Check this article for all Soutien chair alternatives in the mid-range tier:

Best ergonomic office chairs priced $350 to $600


The Soutien ergonomic office chair is a great option for slim users shorter than 5’9″. It has robust ergonomic features, a solid build, and a sleek, modern aesthetic. The Soutien chair is also affordable. It’s cheaper than most high-end gaming chairs. Even so, it compared well with ergonomic office chairs in the $300-$600 range.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair review

Given the price, quality of build, and robust ergonomic features, the Soutine chair is a bargain. If you fit the recommended size range, The Soutien chair is well worth considering.

Soutien chair from Flexispot $269.99

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