The ergonomic landscape is shifting. Back support for desktop computing remains relevant. But mobile computing use is rising. In the background, an Internet of Things is emerging. Soon, it’s likely that multi-device computing and sedentary behaviors will skyrocket — for some people.

For others, a clear path to boost productivity while combatting technostress already exists. This page tracks evolving ergonomic solutions to modern, multi-device computing problems.

Cutting-Edge Computing Workstation 2023

  1. 1. Ergonomic chair: lumbar-powered neutral posture support.
  2. 2. Standing desk: reduce sitting time; boost movement; support multi-device computing.
  3. 3. Four performance pillars: nutrition, fitness, rest, mental wellness.

Latest Ergonomic Trends

The world is shifting from desk-based to multi-device computing standards. As this happens, new ergonomic challenges and concepts are emerging.

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