Pro esports teams have worked hard to find ways to help players improve. Nowadays, there’s a clear formula for performing well while sitting at a desk.

In the grand scheme, a chair is not the most important factor. The top priorities are rest, eating healthy, staying fit, and keeping a balanced mind.

Once these things are taken care of, having a good ergonomic office or gaming chair is like the icing on a cake. Using one can help a rested and balanced body and mind perform at its best when using a computer.

Gaming Chair & Office Chair Industry Reports

A compilation of gaming chair and office chair industry reports (ordered by the publishing date).

Seating Industry History Reports

A broad look at the evolution of healthy sitting practices from three historical perspectives. 

The Complete History Of Gaming Chairs: 1973-2023

In 2006, DXRacer released the first ever gaming chair. Key events leading up to that involved NASA, 3 economic crises, and the rise of pro esports in South Korea. Event that followed saw the gaming chair industry blossom into a thriving B2C powerhouse.

Emerging Health Risks From Perpetual Tech Immersion

Too much time spent sitting — in any type of chair — is stressful for your spine and surrounding muscles. Excessive time consuming high-intensity digital media is taxing on the mind. Even so, as fully-digitized lifestyles become reality, the Four Pillars remains the solution. Rest, eating healthy, keeping fit, and a balanced mind can help everyone navigate the challenges of an IoT future.

IoT Era Will Force Big Sedentary to Active Lifestyle Shift

The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging. But the human brain can only handle so much data before discipline and focus crumble. Meanwhile, esports pros and clinical studies concur: healthy lifestyles + frequent recharge breaks improve performance and well-being. As the amount of data gigabytes consumed per day skyrockets, fitness will determine who keeps up — and who gets left behind.

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