Latest Ergonomic Trends

The world is shifting from desk-based to multi-device computing standards. As this happens, new ergonomic challenges and concepts are emerging. This section tracks ergonomic trends leading to a projected state of near-virtual reality.

Ultimate Ergonomic Seating Criteria For Working From Home

Herman Miller has declared full-back gaming chairs best for WFH. Top ergonomists and esports doctors agree. Beyond back support, a modern WFH gaming chair should support the neck and boost movement. Luxury extras also help to boost motivation. But for best results, esports performance docs advise keeping fit as a first priority!

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Anti-Fatigue Foot Support Options For Standing Desk Users

Standing desk users need foot protection against fallen arches (plantar fasciitis). But the best anti-fatigue foot solutions for sit-to-stand desk users are mediocre. Luckily, heel inserts + specialty standing shoes from Crocs or Birkenstocks fit the bill. Enjoy healthy, comfortable all-day standing support for less than $100.

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