Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair 2020 Series Review


Widely hailed as one of the best gaming chairs in the world, 2019’s Secretlab Titan 2020 Series upgrades shows that Secretlab is serious about keeping the Titan at the top. 

Secretlab Titan color choices

The 2020 Series includes upgraded upholstery, armrests, padding and neck pillow

The original Titan compared to other high-end gaming chairs in terms of quality of build, quality of materials and attention to detail. What set it apart was its internal lumbar mechanism that eliminated the need for a support cushion.

Secretlab internal lumbar support

The only gaming chair internal lumbar system on the market

The lumbar mechanism remains the same on the upgraded model. It remains remains the only internal gaming chair lumbar support on the market - all other gaming chairs use lumbar pillows. 

What's new in the Secretlab Titan 2020 Series are big improvements with the armrests and PU leather upholstery, plus a bunch of smaller refinements that really add up into something nice. 

Upgraded 2020 Series armrests

The new chrome plated 4D adjustable armrests come with concave PU leather padding for ultimate protection against carpal tunnel

Summary of Titan 2020 Series upgrades:

  • Metal armrests: the most visible new addition is a pair of chrome-plated 4D metal armrests with a click-lock mechanism and super-sturdy feel. Adjust in any imaginable position to provide the exact support you need to avoid carpal tunnel. 
  • Upgraded Prime PU Leather: this new formula is engineered to feel smoother and softer with four times the durability of regular PU leather.
  • Upgraded padding: a new cold-cure foam mix that sets the shape of your body into a firm posture-supporting position
  • Memory foam neck pillows: the memory foam upgrade contains denser materials that conforms to the curvature of your neck and spine to provide optimal support when you lean back. In addition, the new pillows contain a layer of cooling gel - a small tweak that shows how much attention is put into the smallest details. 

In addition to the above, standard top-class extras carry over from the original Titan model:

  • Industry-leading 5-year warranty
  • Direct pricing: buy direct online from Secretlab and save up to 25% in middleman fees
  • Recurring free shipping promotions
  • Monthly payment plans possible over 3, 6 or 12 months

Secretlab Titan: QUICK OVERVIEW


  • Innovative internal lumbar device gives a clean look and precise support settings
  • The high quality Prime PU leather is extra supple and ultra durable. In addition there are lovely Softweave and Premium Leather options
  •  Chrome-plated 4D adjustable armrests allow for ultimate customization with rock-solid stability


  • High price. You can spend a few hundred less and still get a decent chair. If you have the budget, consider this product if you want the absolute best quality
  • Limited features (Bluetooth speakers, footrests etc) compared to cheaper, flashier chairs. However, as a classic full featured gaming chair for professionals, the Titan reins supreme. 

The Secretlab Titan is one of the leading luxury gaming chairs on the market, offering industry-leading quality and features. This is a throne fit for a hard-working boss. Whether you are a gamer or professional, this is the best of the best. The starting price of $399 is steep - plenty of cheaper chairs are available that can give comparable back support.  

However, if you have the budget for the best, this is the pick. In addition to premium features and amazing quality, we especially love the internal lumbar mechanism.

This works similarly to pneumatic lumbar inserts that can be installed into car seats. The big improvement over lumbar pillows is that the internal mechanism can be configured precisely to give exactly the right amount of support. 

With the 2020 Series upgrades, the lumbar mechanism is still a highlight, but the overall quality of this chair has reached another level. In an ultra competitive gaming chair market, Secretlab has brilliantly upped their game. 

Below we break down all the features that make the Secretlab Titan 2020 Series our pick as the best gaming chair in the world. 

Secretlab Titan key features

Available in Prime PU Leather, Softweave Fabric or Premium Napa Leather, all options provide impeccable quality and high-end features. 

Secretlab Titan upholstery options

The Titan is upholstered in a choice of Prime PU Leather, Softweave Fabric or Genuine Leather

The most popular by far is the Prime PU Leather option, with the Softweave Fabric a solid second choice. The very expensive genuine leather option is extravagant. Unless you really don't mind splashing out, the latter two are the best options. 

Titan PU leather color choices

The PU leather option comes in 5 color variations

Key features:

  • Adjustable lumbar support is built into the backrest of the chair- no need for a cushion 
  • Padded with thick cold-cure foam for extreme cushioning and support (up to 130 kg)
  • The high-quality PU leather, Softweave and genuine leather options are incredibly durable, comfortable and luxurious
  • The 2020 Series adds an upgraded aluminium wheel base with extra large casters for an ultra smooth and durable glide across all surfaces

Who is this product for?

Titan 2020 Series sizing chart

The Titan is Secretlab's flagship product, so it makes sense they would cater it to the widest market possible. This chair will work wonderfully for most normal-sized adults.  

Secretlab Titan gaming chair

The barrier of entry is the price - these are not chairs to buy on a whim. The ideal customer (in our opinion) would be digital professionals (gamers, coders, SEOs, editors etc) willing to invest in tools that enhance their performance. 

If you want to optimize your posture, boost energy and gain an edge while sitting at your desk, this chair is worth the investment.

What we like

First up is their innovative lumbar support. While other chairs come with a lumbar cushion, the Secretlab Titan features adjustable lumbar support built into the backrest of the chair. Adjust the support to suit your preference by turning a knob on the side - once you find your sweet spot, support will be locked in (unlike lumbar cushions, which often shift unexpectedly)

Secretlab internal lumbar support

The internal lumbar support system is amazing

Aside from the lumbar wizardry, what we like most is the sturdiness of the build. You can feel the thick foam padding as you melt into the chair - everything feels solid. 

Sitting in a Secretlab Titan office chair

While other gaming chairs blend fabric with PU leather trim, the Titan is draped entirely in high-quality PU leather that undergoes a whopping 100,000 test cycles (five times the standard requirement of 20,000 cycles). 

What we don’t like

There's very little not to like about this chair (except for the price being an issue for those on a budget). If you need ergonomic back support but find the Titan too extravagant, there are plenty of cheaper options that can do the job: 

Budget gaming chairs

These budget gaming chair alternatives all cost less than $140

Price aside, the Titan is outstanding choice for several years of luxurious heavy duty support.

Other Secretlab Models

The following two Secretlab models rank as the top luxury gaming chairs for small sized users

Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair

Secretlab Omega

The Omega is slightly smaller (and cheaper) than the Titan, supporting users up to 5'11"and 240 pounds. It comes with a conventional lumbar cushion, rather than an internal mechanism like the Titan. Other than the sizing and lumbar support, it uses the same materials and comes with the same chrome-plated armrest upgrades as the Titan 2020 Series. (Read review

Secretlab Throne gaming chair

Secretlab Throne

The Secretlab Throne is the only dedicated chair for small sizes. It uses a traditional lumbar pillow instead of the Titan's internal lumbar, but otherwise boasts the same thoughtful build and quality. (Read review

Secretlab Titan Alternatives

If not entirely sold on the Secretlab Titan, the closest comparable is the DXRacer Drifting Series. This is the only high end gaming chair out there specifically designed for office workers/ computer users (rather than video game playing slackers). 

DXracer Drift Series black and red gaming chairs

That said, there are plenty of other high-end options out there. Check this premium gaming chair comparison for further alternatives.


The Titan has been our top-rated chair ever since we visited Secretlab's Singapore showroom to check them out in person: 


The Titan pays exceptional attention to the smallest little details, and perfectly nails the blueprint for the ultimate gaming chair. Rated one of the top global brands in the latest gaming chair market report, Secretlab is legit - and the Titan is their flagship. 

If you are a professional (gamer, coder, producer, writer etc) who spends long hours at a computer workstation, the Secretlab Titan 2020 Series offers comfort plus many more benefits that will help to justify the price.