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Official Secretlab pro esports team chairs

Over the past few years, Secretlab has formed alliances with many of the world’s top esports teams. This article clarifies why pro esports teams need specialty computing chairs. Then it explains how Secretlab chairs fill those needs. Finally, it summarizes all Secretlab pro esports team chairs available for sale. The appeal for consumers is to gain the same performance edge that Secretlab chairs give to the pros.

Secretlab's collection of pro esports team chairs
L-R: T1, Astralis, Cloud9 (Omega chairs); Team Liquid, G2 and OG Esports (Titan chairs).

In 2020, Secretlab 2020 Series Titan and Omega chairs power several of the world’s top esports teams.

Secretlab Titan for pro esports
Secretlab Titan chairs power some of the world’s biggest esports teams and tournaments.

Secretlab chairs also grace the stage at two of the world’s top esports tournaments. Those are The International (Dota 2) and League of Legends Championships.

What is a professional gaming chair?

Professional gaming chairs go by many names. Some call them “pro computing chairs”. Others call them “pro ergonomic chairs”. They could even qualify as high-end office chairs.

Pro-quality models provide consistent, long-term support for the most demanding computer users. For example, all Secretlab esports partners use Secretlab chairs for intense team training.

Cloud9 Pro players using Secretlab chairs
Cloud9 players hard at work in their Secretlab special edition chairs. (Image: Secretlab)

Esports is competitive, organized video gaming. Players and teams compete in top games popular with at-home players. Popular titles include Dota 2, CS:Go, League of Legends, and Fortnite.

Modern-day esports
Esports is a billion dollar business with growing appeal among younger generations. (Image:

Millions from around the world watch competitions on streaming services like Twitch. Huge sponsors like BMW, Alienware, and Red Bull help fund massive prize pools. It’s big business with high stakes — and intense pressure.

To reach pro levels, players need to log lots of training time. To stay at that level, they need to log even more. Beyond daily training, players also have hectic travel schedules packed with tournament dates.

Pro training demands

Most pro esports teams follow a similar training pattern. Players arrive for the day and talk strategy with teammates. After that, it’s time for practice. Players sit down for several hours of “scrims” (practice matches). Then there’s a lunch break, followed by more scrims. By the end of a usual day, most will have spent between 6-10 hours playing.

Team Liquid at ALienware training facility
Team Liquid members will soon be using Secretlab chairs at their Alienware Training Facility. (Image: Team Liquid)

Elite fine motor skills

The time players spend working at a computer is mentally taxing and intense. Most traditional sports like boxing highlight the use of big muscle groups. In contrast, esports shows off fine motor skills. Players need elite speed, precision, aim, and hand-eye-coordination. In some games, the best players can make 400 actions per minute. That requires 400 separate decisions or clicks.

The intense lives of esports players
Esports players endure intense days honing fine motor skills on an emotional rollercoaster.

Peak performance and burnout

Elite mental dexterity is what separates contending esports pros from champions. A University of Cologne study found that this level of performance is rare and very taxing. Playing competitive esports produces similar levels of cortisol as race car drivers. As a result of the stress, players have high pulses, as much as 160 to 180 beats per minute. That’s the same level as a very fast run, near to marathon levels.

Esports players suffering crushing defeats
Esports players experience glorious highs and crushing lows on a regular basis.

Another 2019 study found pro esports players face similar stresses as traditional athletes. In fact, scientists found 51 different stress factors that pro players must overcome.

Pro esports player injuries
Wrist, back and muscle issues are common among pro players.

One big issue is the fear of playing under high pressure in front of millions of people. Another is the struggle to find a healthy work-life balance. Over time, these kinds of stresses wear players down both mentally and physically. As a result, burnout is common. Most pros start in their teens and retire in their mid-20s.

Secretlab chair features

When pro esports players sit down for a day of training, the quality of their chair has a huge impact. In a cheap chair, players will get tired faster and then start to fidget. With the mind distracted, performance at the computer will suffer.

Secretlab esports official team chairs
A collection of Secretlab official pro esports team chairs.

That’s why most of the world’s top esports teams now use Secretlab Titan or Omega chairs. Thus we can consider these as the gold standard of professional gaming chairs.

Two sizes

All Secretlab pro esports team chairs come in two models. The Secretlab Titan is a larger chair with a flat, wide seat. Smaller, slimmer users will prefer the Omega chair. It has a traditional racing style seat that gives a more compact fit.

Secretlab Titan vs Omega differences
The Titan differs from the Omega with an internal lumbar support system and flat, wide seat.

The larger Titan also comes with an internal lumbar instead of a back pillow. This gives the chair a cleaner look. It also provides more precise ergonomic support. Set, forget, and enjoy the support.

Analysis: Secretlab Titan vs Omega

Premium build & durability

Secretlab chairs stand out by using the highest quality materials and production techniques. Each chair starts with a robot-welded carbon steel frame. Over top goes the highest quality cold cure foam padding. The padding is key. It’s ultra-firm, to the point of feeling stiff.

Secretlab chair materials
Secretlab uses the finest materials to make the highest quality chairs on the market. (Image: Secretlab)

All special edition team chairs use Secretlab’s Prime 2.0 PU leather blend. This is an improved version of their 2018 blend. It’s softer, more breathable, and four times more durable.

Secretlab Titan Prime 2.0 PU leather
Improved Prime 2.0 PU leather is one of the big Secretlab 2020 Series upgrades.

The result of such high-end touches is impressive durability. Secretlab chairs come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. You get three years of protection when you buy a chair. Once you’re all set up, post a photo on social media and Secretlab will extend your warranty to five years (details).

Advanced adjustability

Secretlab chairs also lead the industry with a full suite of rich adjustable features. Unlike most chairs, Secretlab models come with a backrest that can recline backward and forward. Users who tend to lean forward in their chairs can recline forward to 85°. That ensures crisp back support even when leaning in to look closely at the computer screen.

Like most gaming chairs, you can also rock the chair and adjust rocking tension. What takes this function to the pro level is a multifunction tilt-lock. That lets you lock the seat at different rocking angles, independent of the backrest.

Secretlab Titan back support angle adjustments
Backrest recline plus seat angle tilt-lock provide many options to change position while sitting.

On top of these options, you also get fully adjustable 4D armrests. While many other chairs have 4D armrests, only Secretlab versions are metal-plated. When you change position, the armrests lock into place with a satisfying “click”.

Upgraded 2020 Series armrests
New chrome plated 4D adjustable armrests. They come with concave PU leather padding. This provides enhanced protection against carpal tunnel.

Combined, these features make it easy for players to change position mid-game. Doing so shifts the pressure of body weight to other parts of the back. That helps players stay fresh by improving blood circulation and reducing muscle fatigue.

Summary of Secretlab chair features

  • Functionality: 4-directional armrests; recline from 85° to 165°; multi-angle tilt-lock.
  • Upholstery: premium PU leather.
  • Padding: enhanced cold cure foam padding
  • Free shipping & discounted prices when you buy direct.

Secretlab Brand review: compare all models

Pro chair benefits for consumers

The quality of seating determines how long and how well pro players can perform. But pro esports players aren’t the only ones who sit at a computer for long periods. Others in brain-intensive industries can also gain a performance edge from Secretlab chairs. Programmers, content creators, and musicians are some examples.

Secretlab Omega ergonomics
Secretlab chairs provide superb support for long sessions of computing.

We’ve written about the benefits of gaming chairs in great detail. Secretlab chairs are the gold standard. Here’s a summary of the advantages consumers can expect from using a high-end PC chair:

  1. Office chairs vs. gaming chairs: office chairs force static sitting that’s bad for your back. Gaming chairs have adjustable features that take the pressure off of the back.
  2. Gaming chairs are good for the back: beyond adjustment features, PC chairs also support a healthy sitting posture. The more you use your chair, the better your posture can become.
  3. Benefits of using a gaming chair: over the long-term, using a gaming chair can boost your comfort, well-being, and ability to concentrate.

Secretlab Team Liquid gaming chairs
Optimize your performance with one of the same chairs the pros use.

Official Secretlab team partners

Secretlab is now partnered with ten of the top-50 esports team in the world. This section summarizes the special edition chairs of each team on the roster. Teams are listed from the most recently signed.

All models come in Titan (RSP $429) and Omega (RSP $389) versions. Both include a 3-year warranty that you can extend to 5 years with a social share.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses (EG) is one of the most recognizable brands in esports. Founded in 1999, they are the third-highest earning esports team of all time.

Secretlab official Evil Geniuses chairs

Based in Seattle, their Dota 2 squad won the International in 2015. In 2018, their COD team won the Call of Duty Championship.

Secretlab Evil Geniuses gaming chairs

Beyond Secretlab, official team partners include Monster Energy, Razer, AMD, and Twitch.

  • Previous partner: Maxnomic
  • Date of Secretlab deal: July 21 , 2020 (details)

Evil Geniuses Edition

Secretlab Evil Geniuses chairs come in both Omega and Titan variants. Both come with midnight blue upholstery with white trim and the latest EG logos on the front and back.

Evil Geniuses official Secretlab team chairs

The team’s “LIVE EVIL” runs down each side of the backrest, with the team’s name and “Est. 1999” on the backrest wings.

Secretlab Titan Evil Geniuses Edition $489

You can also buy Evil Genius Omega editions for USD $449. Both models available from Secretlab for customers in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid is the highest-earning pro esports team of all-time. Their story began in the Netherlands in the year 2000. They grew fast from the start, setting up many esports teams with training centers in Brazil and LA. Today, Team Liquid has over 80 players on their roster. They compete for all major esports titles. Team Liquid squads excel in DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite, and more.

  • Previous partner: Maxnomic
  • Date of Secretlab deal: April 21, 2020 (learn more)

Secretlab Team Liquid official chairs
Official Secretlab Team Liquid chairs come in Titan and Omega versions.

Team Liquid co-CEO Victor Goossens commented. Noting that Liquid competes at the highest levels, comfort is crucial. “In Secretlab, we’ve found a partner that supports our players and staff…”

Team Liquid as dominant esports champions
Team Liquid is the most successful team in the history of esports.

Team Liquid Edition

Secretlab Team Liquid official esports team chairs
The new Team Liquid chairs celebrate the rich history of the world’s top team.

Secretlab Team Liquid Edition chairs celebrate Liquid’s rich 20-year history. Team Liquid’s Editions are navy blue with white trim and liquid gold embroidery. The herringbone stitching on the backrest adds a luxury car feel to these stunning chairs.

Secretlab Omega Team Liquid chair

Team Liquid’s signature horse appears on the front of the chair in white. On the back, it’s embroidered in Liquid Gold. Also stitched on the top of the backrest is the team’s rallying cry “Ride or Die”.

Secretlab Titan Team Liquid edition $489

You can also buy the Team Liquid Omega edition for USD $449. Both models available from Secretlab for customers in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

OG Esports

Founded by Johan “N0tail” Sundstein in 2015, the team made their mark fast. They won the Frankfurt Major in 2015 — the first-ever Valve sponsored Major. They also won the 2017 Kiev Major.

Next, they won Dota’s biggest prize at the International 2018. A year later, they made history by winning the International Shanghai 2019. That made them the only team to win the International twice. They’re also the only team to win four Dota Major Championships.

  • Previous partner: none
  • Date of Secretlab deal: January, 2020 (press release)

Secretlab OG Esports official team chairs
Check out the new OG models on the Secretlab website.

Johan “N0tail” Sundstein is the OG CEO and team Captain. He says that Secretlab has always been at the forefront of helping gamers perform better. “This resonates deeply with us at OG, and that’s what makes Secretlab the perfect partner.” He added: “We’re confident this partnership will take our entire organization… to the next level.” (source)

OG Esports players using Secretlab chairs
OG players using Secretlab chairs at the International 2019 in Shanghai.

Secretlab DreamOG Edition

The Secretlab DreamOG edition has a navy-blue base with white and silver accents. According to n0tail , these colors “… represent all our values: simplicity, solidity and strength.”

OG Esports official team chairs by Secretlab

Two Aegis icons embroidered on the right shoulder mark OG’s dual International wins.

On the backrest there are inverse hexagon patterns that look like chemical bonds. These illustrate the strong bond between the OG organization, its players and fans. Check out the chair on the Secretlab website:

Secretlab Titan DreamOG edition $489

You can also buy the DreamOG Omega edition for USD $449. Both models available from Secretlab for customers in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports is a Spanish team co-founded by Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez and Jens Hilgers in 2014. Formerly called Gamers2, the team HQ is in Berlin, Germany.

Secretlab G2 Esports chair
The new models are available for sale on the Secretlab website.

Since its founding, the team has won 377 tournaments and almost $7 million in prize money. Apart from their League of Legends team, they also host squads in PUBG, Rocket League, and more.

  • Previous partner: Maxnomic
  • Date of Secretlab deal: January, 2020 (press release)

G2 Esports team players in training
G2 Esports players training on their team-branded Secretlab chairs.

Since 2015, G2 Esports worked with Maxnomic. The new deal with Secretlab came about after G2 used Secretlab chairs at the 2019 LOL finals.

G2 Army of Champions Edition

The “Army of Champions Edition” features the team’s signature black and white colors. The Titan is the larger chair with a wider seat. It also has an internal lumbar support. The Omega uses a traditional back pillow that attaches to the backrest.

Secretlab Titan and Omega G2 Esports chairs
The Titan differs from the Omega with an internal lumbar support system and flat, wide seat.

Embroidered team logos show in two styles on the front and rear of the backrest. The Army of Champions Edition also bears the official name of the G2 fanbase, with #G2ARMY sewn into the right backrest shoulder. Check out the new Chair on the Secretlab website:

Secretlab Titan G2 edition $489

You can also buy the G2 Army of Champions Omega edition for USD $449. Available from Secretlab for customers in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

T1 esports club

T1 (formerly SK Telecom T1) began in 2003 as Starcraft Team Orion. Then, they partnered with SK Telecom, one of Korea’s biggest companies.

SK Telecom T1 Sectetlab partnership
Secretlab has been a longtime partner of this mega-successful Korean esports team.

T1 is the only team to win the League of Legends World Championship three times. They also boast wins at the IEM World Championship, Riot World Championship, and more.

  • Previous partner: DXRacer
  • Date of Secretlab deal: October, 2019 (press release)

After a long run partnered with DXRacer, they made the switch to Secretlab. T1 CEO Joe Marsh commented: “Secretlab is the perfect gaming chair partner for T1. The quality of their product is unparalleled and provides the best experience for our teams.”

T1 Edition

Secretlab Titan T1 Edition
The T1 Titan and Omega editions let fans game like their T1 heroes.

T1 Edition gaming chairs come in Titan and Omega versions. Both are black PU leather chairs with red, white and carbon leather trim. Red leather T1 logos are on the front and rear of the backrest.

Secretlab SK Telecom T1 chairs
The official chairs of South Korean powerhouse T1.

Secretlab Titan T1 edition $489

You can also buy the T1 Omega edition for USD $449. Both models available from Secretlab for customers in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.


Astralis is a CS:GO team within the Denmark-based Astralis Group. The other two teams in the group are Origen (League of Legends) and Future FC (FIFA).

Astlaris and Secretlab partnership
This Danish powerhouse invests in performance optimization techniques for their players.

Within the esports industry, the Astralis Group is a performance optimization pioneer. The Astralis Performance Model is about nutrition, fitness and rest. When all three are on-point, esports players perform better.

  • Previous partner: none
  • Date of Secretlab deal: August, 2019 (press release)

Statement from Jakob Lund Kristensen, Astralis co-founder: “… when it came to selecting a gaming chair partner, Secretlab was without a doubt our first choice; their quality and comfort is unparalleled.”

Astralis Edition

The Astralis Omega and Titan 2020 Series chairs come in carbon PU leather with grey accents and team logos on the front and back.

Secretlab Astralis gaming chairs

Secretlab Titan Astralis edition $489

You can also buy the Astralis Omega edition for USD $449. Available from Secretlab for customers in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.


Cloud9 is an American esports team with a heavy-hitting roster of big-name investors. These include the WWE, NFL legend Joe Montana and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian.

Cloud9 Secretlab partnership
Esports team Cloud9 recently dropped Maxnomic to partner with Secretlab.

Cloud9 switched from Maxnomic to Secretlab. Their multi-year pact makes Secretlab the official chair of all 17 of Cloud9’s global teams. Teams compete in a range of titles, including League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite and Rocket League.

  • Previous partner: Maxnomic
  • Date of Secretlab deal: November, 2018 (press release)

Cloud9 IEM Katowice 2020
Cloud9’s CS:GO team wrapping up their qualification for IEM Katowice 2020. (Source: Cloud9)

Cloud9 Special Editions

The Cloud9 Omega and Titan 2020 Series chairs come in black PU leather with blue PU trim. This model is also one of the first ever gaming chairs that allow deeper customization.

Secretlab Titan Cloud9 Edition
Cloud9 models come in Secretlab Titan and Omega models.

Soft, velcro-ready fabric covers the wings of the chair. This is where users can display their favorite Cloud9 team patches. Each chair ships with a Cloud9 team patch (pictured). Other patches are available from the Cloud9 website.

Secretlab Cloud9 shoulder patches
Affix velcro patches of your choice along the shoulder of the chair. (Image: Cloud9)

Secretlab Titan Cloud9 edition $489

You can also buy the Cloud9 Omega edition for USD $449. Available from Secretlab for customers in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

Team Secret

Team Secret is a European squad co-founded in 2014 by “Puppey” Ivanov and “Cyborgmatt” Bailey. The team has over $10 million in career earnings, most from playing Dota 2.

Team Secret special edition gaming chairs by Secretlab
Puppey and a mate enjoying Team Secret special edition chairs.

  • Previous partner: none
  • Date of Secretlab deal: August, 2018 (official Tweet)

This is their first official chair partner. Team Secret team captain Puppey had this to say about the deal: “We’ve sat in a lot of gaming chairs. I can say that Secretlab has been one of my favorites to sit in – they’re perfect for long hours of training…”

Team Secret Edition

Team Secret Secretlab branded chairs

The Team Secret editions come in black PU leather white trim and team logos on the front and back. It’s one of Secretlab’s more basic team designs, but an appealing option for Team Secret fans.

Secretlab Team Secret edition $489

You can also buy the Team Secret Omega edition for USD $449. Both models available from Secretlab for customers in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

Performance hacks beyond the chair

The importance of regular breaks

Secretlab chairs are immersive. Because they’re so comfortable, you might forget that you’re sitting. Hours can pass in a blur of high-powered productivity.

Secretlab Titan comfort
Secretlab chairs are so comfortable you might forget to take breaks. (Images: Secretlab)

With regular breaks, these chairs will make you healthier, happier, and more productive.

Healthy sitting tips from an esports therapist

Our Gaming Chair User Guide teaches how to use the settings on your gaming chair. Learn the best recline angles for work, how to set the support pillows and more.

Astralis Performance Model

Astralis team pro esports training
Astralis uses a holistic training approach to get the best out of their players.

Secretlab partners Astralis is a Danish CS:GO team. They gained notoriety by transforming from a run-of-the-mill contender into one of the greatest CS:GO teams ever. Astralis Co-CEO Nikolaj Nyholm credits the success to the Astralis Performance model. He describes it as having three core dimensions:

  1. Physical: adequate exercise, nutrition, and sleep.
  2. Mental: player dynamics and profiling.
  3. Technical: player skills and team strategies.

To support these dimensions, Astralis employs a large support staff. It includes a sports director, sports psychologist, nutritionist, and data analysts.

Nyholm says this model is why Astralis has become the world’s most dominant CS:GO team. While many teams have reached the #1 rank, Astralis is the only one to have held the top spot for over 86 weeks.


General computer users who need to sit full-time for a living can follow the models that the pros use. Doing so is especially easy if you need to work from home. First, get a good gaming chair. Second, set up a simple home office. Apply framing techniques to set that as your place for powerful productivity. Then make sure to take plenty of breaks through your workday.

Home office setup with a gaming chair
Use our home office setup guide to ensure an optimal working space at home.

Away from the computer, Astralis Performance Model principles are ideal for everyone. Eat clean. Get adequate rest and exercise. That ensures when you sit down to work, you are fresh, relaxed and ready to perform.

With the right chair supporting you through the day, you’re in prime position to perform like a pro.

Browse the entire Secretlab collection

Pro esports team editions are available from Secretlab for buyers in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

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