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T1 Qualifies for LoL Worlds; Secretlab Updates T1 Team Chairs

Korean esports powerhouse will return to the League of Legends finals. For the first time since 2019, fans will be able to see “Faker” playing on the big stage. In perfect sync with the news, Secretlab has released an updated T1 Esports gaming chair. Check out the new design plus some related esports chair updates.

New T1 esports gaming chair design with Faker

The League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) recently held its summer playoffs. There, esports team T1 trounced rivals Gen.G by a score of 3-1. That secured T1 a spot in this year’s League of Legends Finals. Soon after, T1 lost to DWG KIA. As a result, DWG (Damwon Gaming) enters the Group Stage at the Worlds. T1 enters the Play-Ins group.

25-year-old Lee Sang-hyeok aka Faker is one of the most popular and recognizable esports players in the world. He’s the first LCK player to have reached 2,000 kills. He’s also one of the only two players to have won the League of Legends Worlds three times (2013, 2015, 2016).

T1 esports team using Secretlab gaming chairs
Faker and a teammate on their 2020 Series T1 Secretlab gaming chairs.

On top of that, despite speaking only basic English, he has over 3.5 million Twitch followers. That’s likely because his skills transcend language.

New Secretlab Titan 2022 Esports Designs

The League of Legends Finals takes place every year in late autumn. This year’s finals were scheduled to take place in China. However, because of the COVID situation, it has been moved to a yet-unannounced location in Europe.

Each year, as the hype begins for the Finals, Secretlab releases new chair designs. Here’s a look at the new T1 chairs plus some related esports releases.

Titan 2022 Series T1 Esports Chairs

T1 has been a Secretlab partner since 2019. While the team was gearing up for LCK finals, Secretlab released the Titan 2022 Series collection. This latest iteration of Secretlab’s flagship chair is now available in small, medium, and XL sizes.

T1 gaming chair update
2022 Series T1 chairs are available in small, medium, and XL sizes.

Beyond new sizing comes a host of new features. These include a magnetic headrest pillow, 4-way integrated lumbar support, waterfall seat edge, and plenty more. See this Titan 2022 Series Review for a deep dive into the upgraded specs.

Titan 2022 Series headrest pillow T1 chair
A magnetic headrest pillow is one of several big 2022 Series improvements.

On top of that comes a massive styling upgrade. The old design was one of Secretlab’s first esports team partner chair designs. It’s a decent-looking black PU leather chair with red accents and T1 logos.

T1 Esports gaming chair sizes

The new design is a striking maroon leatherette with impressive detailing. T1 wings flow over the front of the chair in rich, dark red. Contrasting those wings is T1’s logo in white leatherette. Completing the look is the Secretlab logo and #T1WIN embroidered in black.

Official T1 Chair 2022 Series NEW 2020 Series
Small Titan EVO $479 Omega $389
Medium Titan EVO $479 Titan $429
XL Titan EVO $529 N/A

All models are available from Secretlab in North America, the EU and UK, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Titan 2021 LCS Finals Chairs

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) took place from August 8-29. That decided which three North American teams qualify for the LoL Finals.

Cloud9 2021 LCS finals
Cloud9 using Secretlab chairs at the 2021 LCS.

This year, 100 Thieves, Team Liquid, and Cloud9 all qualified. Interestingly, all three are official Secretlab chair partners.

Secretlab LCS 2021 chairs
The official chairs of the 2021 LCS are available for sale.

Secretlab provides the chairs for all League of Legends tournaments. This year’s design is a black leatherette Titan. The LCS logo adorns the front and back of the chairs. Purple patterned side wings reflect the official colors of this year’s tourney.

These chairs are only available in medium and XL sizes. That is likely because most pro esports players fit within that range at LoL tournaments.

Titan LCS 2021 tourney chair (M) $479

The LCS 2021 TItan XL is also available from Secretlab for $529.

Other Esports Team Design Updates

At present, Secretlab is partnered with eight elite esports teams. All except 100 Thieves offer chairs for public sale. When Secretlab ported designs over to 2022 Series models, two teams seized the opportunity to alter their official chair designs.

Astralis Esports Chair Redesign

Astralis is a CS:GO team within the Denmark-based Astralis Group. Its 2022 Series redesign comes in dark blue leatherette. On the front of the chair, black matte accents outline the team’s star logo. The back-side design remains the same as the 2020 Series version.

New Astralis gaming chair design

Beyond its CS:GO success, Astralis is also an esports wellness pioneer. The Astralis Performance Model emphasizes nutrition, fitness, and rest. To perform at peak levels while sitting at a desk, players need a healthy balance of all three.

Astralis team pro esports training
Astralis players cultivate both physical and mental fitness in their pursuit of excellence.

Away from the computer, that means eating clean food, getting enough exercise, and giving the body time to rest. It’s a simple template that’s easy to implement. If you ever feel run-down after long bouts of sitting, keep the Performance Model in mind.

Astralis esports gaming chairs

The Astralis esports chair is available in 2020 and 2022 Series editions. The former is a bit cheaper, although the latter boasts much nicer designs.

Astralis 2022 Series NEW 2020 Series
Small N/A Omega $389
Medium Titan EVO $479 Titan $429
XL Titan EVO $529 N/A

Available from Secretlab for customers in North America, the UK and EU, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia.

OG Esports Chair Redesign

Elite Dota2 squad OG also revised their 2022 Series design, but (in my opinion) not for the better. The new version squishes the Red Bull logo into the mix. On the bright side, it adds a nice splash of color to the blue, black, and grey design.

OG gaming chairs in two versions

On the downside, the Red Bull logo is squished down very small on the front side of the chair. That yields a cluttered look, rather than an upgraded one.

Team OG Red Bull gaming chairs

Luckily, the Red Bull logo is spaced out better on the back of the chair. In a larger size with chemical bond accents, the back side has the look and feel of a sponsored pro football jersey.

DreamOG 2022 Series NEW 2020 Series
Small Titan EVO $479 Omega $389
Medium Titan EVO $479 Titan $429
XL Titan EVO $529 N/A

Available from Secretlab for customers in North America, the UK and EU, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Other Hot Titan 2022 Series Designs

Three factors rank Secretlab Titan chairs significantly ahead of the competition. First, no other gaming chair comes with features as advanced as the Titan 2022 Series. Second, no other brand offers such the quality of after-care that Secretlab does.

Secretlab Titan lumbar support
The 2022 Series has the most advanced gaming chair lumbar support system in the industry.

Third, there’s no other gaming chair on the market available in such a wide array of styles. Here’s a quick look at some other Secretlab Titan designs that stand out. In all cases, 2020 and 2022 Series versions are available.

League of Legends Gaming Chairs

Every year in the lead-up to the League of Legends World Championship, Secretlab adds new designs. Earlier this year, Secretlab kicked off the buildup with the release of three new Ruination gaming chairs.

Secretlab League of Legends Ruination chairs
Ruination Series L-R: Pyke, Viego; Miss Fortune.

Those joined five existing designs. There are three Ionia chairs paying tribute to Yasuo, Ahri, and Akali. There’s also a pair of K/DA editions depicting their Pop Stars and All Out eras.

This year’s Finals date and location haven’t yet been announced. Even so, most expect it to go down around the end of October. As we get closer to that time, Secretlab will definitely release a new World Championship chair.

KDA All Out gaming chair
K/DA’s All Out edition is one of the most popular chair LoL designs.

If the virtual pop group K/DA returns, we are likely to get a new K/DA design as well! Check out ChairsFX in late autumn for news on the new releases.

Review: Secretlab League of Legends Gaming Chairs

K/DA All Out chair 2022 Series NEW 2020 Series
Small Titan EVO $479 Omega $389
Medium Titan EVO $479 Titan $429
XL Titan EVO $529 N/A

Titan Stealth Editions

If you’re overwhelmed by the huge array of designs, the Titan Stealth is a very popular default choice. This is the original Titan design from 2016, yet still one of the most popular.

Titan 2020 Series chair closeup

I’ve had a Titan Stealth 2020 Series in my office for almost a year. It’s one of my favorite designs as well. The most striking thing about it is how well it lives up to its name.

The design is super-stealth in that it blends seamlessly into both formal and colorful workstations. From a distance, it looks like an imposing executive-style luxury chair. As you get closer, its subtle detailing vividly pops.

Stealth chair in a gaming battle station

Lining the wings are cross-patterned carbon fiber accents. Binding these to the black leatherette is bright red embroidery that adds a tiny splash of color into the mix.

Completing the look are golden embroidered accents. These alter the look of the chair under different lighting conditions. Under sunlight, they reflect off the leather to give it a dark brownish hue. Under darker lighting, it shifts to a shadowy-black effect.

Stealth Editions 2022 Series NEW 2020 Series DISCOUNT
Small Stealth 2022 small $429 Omega Stealth $359
Medium Stealth 2022 medium $449 Titan 2020 Stealth $399
XL Stealth 2022 XL $499 Titan XL 2020 Stealth $479

Learn more: Hands-on Titan Stealth Chair Review.

SoftWeave Plus Collection

These days, fabric gaming chairs are all the rage – for good reason. Among my current collection of chairs, a Secretlab Omega Triple Black is my favorite! The styling doesn’t pop like Secretlab’s flashier leather chairs. Even so, I love it for two reasons.

Sitting in a Secretlab Omega gaming chair
This Omega Triple-Black is currently one of my favorite gaming chairs.

First, its compact sizing provides my 5’9″ frame an almost perfect fit. Second, the soft, breathable fabric adds a comfortable feel, like wearing luxury pyjamas. When you first sit down for a full-day of work, the soft, plush comfort starts your day nicely!

In its 2022 Series, Secretlab has addressed the massive popularity of fabric chairs. There are now seven SoftWeave chairs in the collection, available in three sizes.

Secretlab fabric gaming chair review
There are seven chairs in the 2022 Series SoftWeave fabric collection.

These models come with upgraded features and improved SoftWeave Plus fabric. The new material is softer, more breathable, and more visually complex.

SoftWeave Plus gradient knit fabric upholstery

For example, the current crop of designs all come with gradient fade effects on the side wings. This uses a next-level knitting process that gives full control over every pixel in a design.

Learn more: 2022 Series SoftWeave Plus Gaming Chair Collection Review

2022 Titan SoftWeave Plus (medium) $469

Titan SoftWeave Plus (small) $449 | Titan SoftWeave Plus (XL) $519


The big news of the moment is that T1 has qualified for the Worlds. They also have brilliant new official team gaming chairs.

T1 esports gaming chairs 2022 Series

Even if you’re not an esports fan, the sleek, sophisticated T1 chair can raise the aesthetics of any gaming station.

From a wider perspective, the other big news is the approaching LoL World Championships. Beyond the return of Faker to the big stage, it also means new Secretlab chair designs are incoming.

For a sweeping look at what’s available right now, check this feature:

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