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Secretlab partners with Team Liquid; new chairs released

Secretlab does it again, with another huge esports partnership. This time, the world’s top gaming chair brand joins forces with the world’s runaway #1 pro esports team. Secretlab partners with Team Liquid. New special edition Team Liquid Secretlab chairs are ready for pre-order.

Secretlab Team Liquid official esports team chairs
The new Team Liquid chairs come in Secretlab Omega and Titan variants. (Image: Secretlab)

Secretlab will also provide chairs for Team Liquid’s Alienware training facilities. At present, there is one operational facility in California. Another is planned to open in the Netherlands.

Team Liquid Alienware training facility
Team Liquid will use the new chairs at their Alienware training facilities. (Image: Alienware)

With this new deal, Secretlab now boasts the most impressive roster of pro team partners in the world. All partners use their Secretlab chairs for intensive training. As a result, the whole world gets to see how Secretlab chairs let users sit longer and perform better.

Buy a Team Liquid chair direct from Secretlab

About Team Liquid

Team Liquid began in the year 2000 in the Netherlands. They grew fast, setting up several esports teams with training centers in Brazil and LA. Today, Team Liquid has over 80 athletes. They compete across 17 games, including all major esports titles. these include DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite, Rainbow 6: Siege, and more.

Team Liquid as dominant esports champions
Team Liquid is the most successful team in the history of esports. (Image: @LCSOfficial Twitter)

Co-CEOs Steve Arhancet and Victor Goossens lead the team. Under their direction, Team Liquid has become even more dominant. Their League of Legends franchise went undefeated in North American in 2018 and 2019. They claimed four LCS titles in four splits. They also earned a second-place finish at the Mid-Season Invitational. As well, their CS:GO team won the Intel Grand Slam in 2019.

About the Secretlab Team Liquid chairs

The Secretlab Team Liquid Edition celebrates the team’s rich 20-year history. Team Liquid’s navy branding forms the basis of the design. Herringbone-style stitching on the backrest evokes a luxury car feel.

Secretlab Team Liquid official chairs

Liquid’s signature horse appears on the front in white. It’s also embroidered on the back of the chair in Liquid Gold. Finally, stitched into the backrest is the team’s new rallying cry “Ride or Die”.

Buy a Team Liquid chair direct from Secretlab

Omega Team Liquid chairs sell for $389. Titan Team Liquid chairs sell for $429.

Secretlab Titan Team Liquid chair

Secretlab Titan Team Liquid chair
The Titan is a spacious chair with internal lumbar and flat, wide seat.

The Secretlab Omega and Titan are the two flagship chairs in the Secretlab product line. The Titan is the larger, more luxurious chair. Instead of a lumbar pillow, it uses an internal lumbar device like the ones in luxury sports cars. It also differs from the Omega with a flat, wide seat. Users between 5’9″ and 6’7″ will enjoy a good fit in a Titan chair.

Detailed Secretlab Titan review

Secretlab Omega Team Liquid chair

Secretlab Omega Team Liquid chair
The Omega is a smaller chair best suited to small and average sizes with slim hips.

The Secretlab Omega is a smaller chair than the Titan, rated for users from 5’3″ to 5’11”. Beyond a smaller size, the main difference is that the Omega uses a traditional lumbar pillow. If you’re looking for a compact fit with excellent posture support, the Omega is the better option.

Detailed Secretlab Titan review

Other Secretlab esports partner chairs

Secretlab esports official team chairs
Some of Secretlab’s official pro esports team chairs.

With this new partnership, Secretlab now has most of the world’s top esports teams on its roster. Browse all seven designs from top teams like G2 Esports, OG Esports, Cloud9, Astralis, Team Secret and others.

Secretlab official team esports chairs

Team Liquid chairs for consumers

Secretlab Team Liquid gaming chairs
Optimize your performance with the same chair the pros use.

Secretlab invests in partnerships to show the world how well their chairs perform. As these chairs support the world’s best esports players, they can support everyone. Do you spend long periods sitting at a computer? Now you can optimize your performance as Team Liquid does.

Buy a Team Liquid chair direct from Secretlab

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