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DXRacer gaming chairs brand overview

DXRacer released the world’s first gaming chair in 2006. That model seeded an industry. Today, DXRacer sits atop the industry as one of the leading pro brands. This article looks at the best DXRacer chairs across their product line.

DXRacer gaming chairs: best models
DXRacer makes some of the best gaming chairs in the world.

DXRacer is an American company headquartered in Michigan. Their 2006 gaming chair design coincided with a boom in esports. That model had a high backrest, tilt lock recline, thick padding, and support cushions. It allowed gamers to sit for long hours while maintaining a healthy posture.

Gaming chair blueprint
The original gaming chair blueprint.

The original DXRacer blueprint drew rave reviews. Word spread about the awesome benefits of gaming chairs. Other manufacturers began developing models off of the DXRacer blueprint. The gaming chair industry was born.

Today, the industry is booming, with 5% growth expected in the next five years. DXRacer remains in the thick of things, partnering with more pro esports teams than any other brand.

But are DXRacer gaming chairs any good? Our comprehensive review of the world’s best gaming chairs contains several DXRacer models. Many pro esports teams use DXRacer chairs. In other words, these products are still industry leaders. Keep reading to learn how and why.

DXRacer brand overview

This sections looks at the common features relevant to all DXRacer gaming chairs.

DXRacer in esports

Esports refers to professional video gaming tournaments. It’s a massive business. In 2019, global esports revenues topped $1 billion in 2019. Dota 2 champions earned more prize money than Wimbledon tennis players.

With so much at stake, gaming chairs have become an essential part of player training. DXRacer partners with more pro esports teams than any other brand. Teams using DXRacer chairs include Fnatic, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Natus Vincere. team members using DXRacer chairs team members using DXRacer chairs during competition.

Virtus.Pro signed a partnership with DXRacer in 2019. They are a Russian esports team – the 6th top earning esports team of all time. Their squads dominate in Dota 2, CS;GO, Fortnite and Apex Legends. GM Roman Dvoryankin says players practice around 7-10 hours each day. Player Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas says that for tournaments, 12 hours of bootcamp is the norm.

DXRacer chairs are a key part of their success. Gaming for long periods in cheap office chairs can wreck your back. Instead of battling soreness while sitting, DXRacer chairs help users focus on computing. That means long hours of comfortable sitting while computing at peak performance levels.

Learn how gaming chairs supercharge performance in our Gaming Chair Benefits feature.

FEATURE: the Amazing Benefits of Gaming Chairs

Chair features

All DXRacer gaming chairs start with a steel frame layered with high-density foam padding.

DXRacer chair padding
All chairs start with a steel frame and high-density foam padding.

Chairs range in price from around $180 to $450. Cheaper chairs have 1D or 3D armrests. PRO chairs come with 4D armrests and a multifunction tilt mechanism.

Racing PRO Series multifunction tilt

The Multi-Function Tilt Mechanism lets users adjust the seat angle from 0° to 15°. When you reach the desired angle, push the lever to lock the angle in place. To reset, release the lever. The seat will return to its upright position.

All across all models, DXRacer chairs share these features:

  • Padding: high density mold shaping foam; chairs over $350 also have padded armrests.
  • Adjustable armrests: cheap chairs have 1D armrests; most have 3D; pro models have 4D.
  • Support: steel frame, Class 4 heavy duty lift; 5-star aluminium base; smooth rolling PU casters.
  • Free shipping: included

Pro chairs also come with a tilt lock mechanism to adjust the seat angle; standard chairs can only adjust the seat height.

DXRacer warranty

DXRacer offers a double warranty on all gaming chairs. Parts are covered for two years, while the steel frame is covered for life. Based on our own experiences, you can expect DXRacer chairs to meet or exceed the warranty period. Check our DXRacer durability case study for details.

DXRacer 2-year warranty details
DXRacer chairs come with a 2-year warranty on parts and lifetime warranty on the frame.

If you need support, use the contact form on to reach out.

Best DXRacer gaming chairs

DXRacer makes both office and gaming chairs. Both have similar features but differ in design.

DXRacer gaming chairs
DXRacer chairs are suitable for both casual and pro gamers.

Among both pros and hobbyists, their gaming chair collection is their most popular. This section breaks down the best of DXRacer’s gaming chair collection.

Racing Series

Current price: Price not available

Looking to use the same DXRacer chairs that the pros use? Racing Series chairs come in both consumer model and PRO models. The latter are the basis of every team chair DXRacer produces.

Racing Series RV131
The RV131 is a pro model with 4D armrests and high quality PU leather.

Racing Series RV131 on Amazon Price not available

There are two key differences between the Racing Series and Racing PRO Series. First, the PRO Series comes with 4D armrests instead of 3D. Second, PRO models come with a multifunctional tilt lock.

Here’s the difference between consumer and PRO model sizes:

 Racing SeriesRacing Series PRO
Seat width & Depth20" (W) x 18.85" (D)20" (W) x 19.5" (D)
Backrest Height & Width33.75" (H) x 21.5"34.25" (H) x 21.5"
Floor to Seat Range17" to 21" 18" to 21.5"
Overall height48.5" to 52"51" to 54.5"
Weight supportUp to 200 poundsUp to 250 pounds
Height support5'5" to 5'8"5'7" to 6"

Key Features

  • Recline: up to 135°
  • Armrests: 3D on consumer models; 4D adjustable on PRO models.
  • Cover options: choice of PU leather, mesh fabric or carbon style vinyl.
  • Casters: 3″ PU casters

Detailed DXRacer Racing Series Review

Formula Series

Current price: Price not available

The Formula Series is DXRacer’s original gaming chair. It’s an entry-level model that’s the blueprint for pretty much every other gaming chair on the market.

DXRacer Formula Series gaming chairs

There are several versions, ranging from around $280 to $360. Basic versions come with 1D armrests that only adjust up and down. The most luxurious models have 3D armrests.

Looking for a reliable starter chair from the most famous – and proven – brand? Check out DXRacer’s collection of Formula Series gaming chairs.

Formula Series on Amazon Price not available

There are two basic cover options in the F-Series line. The first is standard mesh fabric with PU leather trim (PRO models use strong mesh). The second is standard quality PU leather with 2-tone colors. The PU leather options are easier to clean. The mesh versions are more breathable and durable.

Formula Series cover options
Formula Series chairs come in 2-tone PU leather or mesh fabric with PU trim.

The Formula Series is a slim, compact chair for small to average-sized users.

DXRacer Formula Series size chart

Key Features

  • Recline: up to 135°
  • Armrests: models under $300 have 1D armrests; models over $300 have 3D armrests.
  • Cover options: choice of mesh fabric, PU leather, PVC leather or a combination of fabrics.
  • Casters: 2″ PU casters

Interested in these chairs? Browse all models in our detailed F-Series review.

Detailed Formula Series review

King Series

Current price: $469.00
DXRacer King Series

The DXRacer King Series is a big & tall luxury version of the Formula Series. This is a Formula Series chair that’s supersized and then fortified with PRO features. All models have premium 4D armrests. King Series chairs come in strong mesh with PU leather trim.

If the Formula Series is too small, this model should suit most large-sized users.

King Series size chart

Key Features

  • Recline: up to 135°
  • Armrests: 4D adjustable.
  • Upholstery: strong mesh fabric with PU leather trim.
  • Casters: heavy duty 3″ PU casters

King Series on Amazon $469.00

DXRacer office chairs

After the release of the F-Series, DXRacer scored another hit with the Drifting Series. The D-Series has the same dimensions and features as the F-Series. It differs with thicker padding and more conservative styling.

The success of the Drifting Series spawned a full range of DXRacer office chairs. This section summarizes the best models.

Drifting Series

Current price: Price not available

DXRacer Drifting Series Premium Gaming Chair

DXRacer’s original gaming chair for office workers is still their most popular. The Drifting Series has the same dimensions as the Formula Series. Both models fit small and average-sized users.

DXRacer Drifting Series size chart

One sizing difference is that the Drifting Series gives narrower fit. That’s because the wings along the backrest and seat are more pronounced. The purpose is to keep your shoulders and legs locked in a healthy upright position.

Another noticeable difference is the padding. The Drifting Series padding is much thicker. Out of the box, it feels stiff. That’s a good indication of durability – this chair feels like it will last for years.

Drift Series on Amazon Price not available

While this is a great chair for desk workers, gamers may find it too restrictive. If you prefer a softer model with more legroom, choose the Formula Series.

Key Features

  • Recline: up to 135°
  • Armrests: 3D adjustable.
  • Upholstery: some models use PU leather. Other models use PU leather combined with Carbon Fiber leather.
  • Casters: 2″ PU casters

To browse all Drifting Series models, check out our D-Series review:

Detailed Drifting Series review

Classic Series

Current price: Price not available

DXRacer Classic Series

The Classic Series has a traditional office chair style backrest. Otherwise, it’s like a larger version of a Drifting Series.

There are two key differences with the Drifting Series. First, the Classic only reclines to 120°. Second, it features larger caster wheels, which give it a more heavy-duty feel.

Like standard gaming chairs, the Classic comes with adjustable neck and lumbar pillows. These ensure you maintain good posture while sitting for long hours.

Classic series size chart

Key Features

  • Recline: up to 120°
  • Armrests: 3D adjustable.
  • Upholstery: 2-tone PU leather.
  • Casters: heavy duty 3″ PU casters

Classic Series on Amazon Price not available

Iron Series

Current price: Price not available

DXRacer Iron Series

The Iron Series is a blown-up version of the Drifting Series. It shares similar features as the D-Series, with a couple of differences. First, the Iron Series has full featured 4D adjustable armrests. Second, it has larger 3″ casters. Third, the Iron Series fit those taller and heavier, up to 275 pounds.

If you love the Drifting Series but find it too tight, the Iron Series is a great choice.

Iron Series size chart

Key Features

  • Recline: up to 135°
  • Armrests: 4D adjustable.
  • Upholstery: some models use PU leather. Other models use PU leather combined with Carbon Fiber leather.
  • Casters: 3″ PU casters

Iron Series on Amazon Price not available

Boss Series

Current price: Price not available

DXRacer Boss series

The Boss Series is the same chair as the Classic Series. The main difference is that the Boss fits big and tall users up to 6’6″ and 400 pounds.

Super heavyweights wanting to improve their posture while sitting should consider this chair.

Boss series size chart

Key Features

  • Recline: up to 120°
  • Armrests: 4D adjustable.
  • Upholstery: 2-tone PU leather.
  • Casters: 3″ PU casters

Boss Series on Amazon Price not available

DXRacer accessories

DXRacer also makes a range of accessories to complement your gaming chair. Below we list two of their most popular addons.

Gaming desk

Current price: Price not available

DXRacer desk

The DXRacer gaming desk is the perfect addon for eSports players. It features an ultra-wide desk that can easily fit three monitors.

The desktop has a black finish and feels super sturdy. The front edge of the desk slopes downwards at a 10° angle. This provides an optimal ergonomic angle to rest your forearms.

It supports up to 110 pounds and has four discrete openings to manage your cables. The feet of the desk rotate 360° and provide stable support without damaging your floor. Finally, the desk is height adjustable. Position at your preferred height for eye-level monitor viewing.

DXRacer gaming desk on Amazon Price not available

DXRacer Ottoman Footstool

Current price: Price not available
DXRacer gaming footstools

DXRacer innovation now extends to footrests. These amazing little units are like gaming chairs minus the backrest. Powered by a Class-4 gas-powered, you can easily adjust from footstool level to sitting height. That means you can use these as footrests, and also as a spare seat for guests.

DXRacer footstool on Amazon Price not available

DXRacer buying advice

Now we’ve reviewed the best DXRacer chairs. The next section gives advice for interested buyers of DXRacer products.

Who are these chairs for?

Collection of DXracer Formula Series gaming chairs in different colors

The cheapest DXRacer models cost just under $300. The most expensive ones cost $450+. There are many cheaper chairs out there.

Thus, DXRacers are best for people who can afford the highest levels of luxury.

Despite the name, these chairs are not only for gamers. All professionals who spend long hours sitting will get many benefits from a DXRacer.

For example, writers, designers, and programmers spend long hours sitting. That type of work demands focus. If sat in a cheap office chair, people lose focus because of poor posture, back pain, and related maladies.

Working in a DXRacer removes such obstacles. Sitting is comfortable and your body maintains good posture. With less energy wasted on health issues, more is available for better productivity.

What’s included?

DX Racer Natus Vincere OH/RE21/NY/NAVI

DXRacer chairs ship with everything needed in a big box weighing over 50 pounds. Tools are included and assembly is straightforward. One person can assemble a chair without help in around 20 minutes.

DXRacer package contents

DXRacer alternatives

Since DXRacer released their first chair in 2006, they’ve been an industry leader. Today, more pro esports teams use DXRacer chairs than any other brand.

In 2014, two other brands emerged that have rapidly become major players on the esports scene. Secretlab and Maxnomic surged to the top riding innovative products that took gaming chair concepts to a higher level.


Secretlab Titan esports chairs
The Secretlab Titan is our top-rated Pro esports chair.

Secretlab is a Singapore-based gaming chair company. Their Titan and Omega models are the chairs of choice for a growing number of esports teams. These are also the official chairs of some of the world’s biggest esports tournaments. On top of that, Secretlab makes official chairs for hit games Dota 2 and Overwatch.

Secretlab brand review: compare all models


Top esports players using Maxnomic chairs.
Many of the world’s top esports players and teams use Maxnomic chairs. (Images: Maxnomic)

Maxnomic is a German brand with comparable chairs to Secretlab. They partner with Team Liquid, the #1 esports team in the world. They also partner with Ninja, the world’s top indie streamer.

Maxnomic brand review: best esports chairs

Both brands sell chairs that are more innovative and luxurious than DXRacer chairs. They are also more expensive.

Looking for next-level chairs beyond the DXRacer experience? These are the brands to check first.


DXRacer is the original gaming chair pioneer and still one of the best. Their gaming and office chairs offer plenty of styling and sizing choices. That makes it easy to choose the perfect model for your needs.

DXRacer gaming chairs
DXRacer is the original gaming chair maker and still one of the best.

As the oldest gaming chair manufacturer, DXRacer also has the most proven support record. That means if anything goes wrong with your chair, it’s easy to get help from support.

Browse all DXRacer products

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