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Brand review: Cybeart Apex Series gaming chairs for Canadians

What a way to make a debut! In August 2020, the Cybeart brand launched with five Justice League gaming chairs. Mortal Kombat gaming chairs are coming soon. New designs based on Warner Bros. movies are on the way. This Cybeart review looks at Canada’s newest line of luxury gaming chairs.

Cybeart gaming chair review
L-R: Superman; Dark Knight; Wonder Woman; Aquaman; The Flash.

Entering the crowded, super-competitive gaming chair market is a risky bet. Last year, the industry enjoyed its most successful year ever. Several well-established brands have developed cult-like followings. Most new brands will struggle to make an impact under these conditions.

Cybeart is an exception. In 2019, the company developed its own gaming chair prototype (based on popular industry design trends). Then, they set up exclusive production facilities in China. In April 2020, Cybeart signed a Canada-wide licensing deal with Warner Bros.

Zack Snyder Justice League gaming chair collection

That resulted in what may be the most impressive brand debut in gaming chair history. On August 21, 2020, the brand launched at DC FanDome, the world’s largest DC Comics fan event. There, Cybeart unveiled a collection of five Justice League superhero gaming chairs.

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Apex Series gaming chair specs

The entire line of Cybeart gaming chairs is based on a single set of specs. Variations are in the aesthetic designs. There is one Cybeart custom style, and five Justice League superhero variants.

Apex Series Features

All models are part of the ‘Apex Series’. This series packs rich ergonomic features and high-quality components into a sleek, rugged build. There are two highlights.

Depth-adjustable lumbar support

All Apex Series chairs come with a depth-adjustable lumbar support system instead of a pillow. Depth control gives you firm, precise lower back support exactly as you need it.

Internal lumbar support system

This works a lot better than a traditional gaming chair lumbar pillow. In fact, once you try an internal lumbar chair, going back to a pillow lumbar support will feel insufficient.

Cobra hood backrest

The high backrest has a unique shape inspired by the hood of a king cobra. It provides comfortable support for the upper back, shoulders, and neck while sitting.

Cobra head gaming chair backrest design

Summary of features

  • Functionality: padded 4D armrests; multifunction tilt lock; 90-165 degree backrest recline.
  • Upholstery: embroidered PU leather certified to last for 200,000 abrasion cycles (10x more durable than the industry standard).
  • Padding: high-density cold foam padding (firmer density than cheaper chairs).
  • Headrest: memory foam pillow included.
  • Warranty: five years on all parts (details).

Apex Series chair dimensions

The closest comparable to Cybeart chairs is the Secretlab Titan. Here is how the measurements of both models compare:

Seat width x depth52 cm (W) x 48.5 cm (D)52 (W) x 50" (D)
Backrest width x height58 cm (W) x 83 cm (H)55 cm (W) x 83.8 cm (H)
Floor to seat range48-56 cm47.5 to 56.8
Armrest height range7 cm7.6 cm
Metric size rating5'6" to 6'8"; 297 pounds5'9" to 6'7"; 290 pounds
Imperial size rating170-205 cm; 135 kilos175-200 cm; 131 kilos

Most notable is the difference in size rating. In a Titan, users shorter than 175 cm will not be able to use the lumbar support, as it will hit too high. Cybeart uses a slightly different configuration that slightly shorter bodies can make use of.

What’s the point of these chairs?

Don’t be fooled by the flashy designs or ‘gaming’ chair label. These are serious ergonomic chairs designed to support healthy sitting over long periods. If you carry over sloppy sitting habits, you’ll have a bad time in an Apex Series chair.

Lack of armrests causes poor posture
Sitting like this in an Apex Series chair will ruin your back.

Instead, use your new chair to reset your entire workstation routine. The point of the chair’s ergonomic components is to support dynamic neutral postures over long periods.

Neutral sitting posture examples
All types of ergonomic chairs support fluid, neutral postures over long sitting periods.

Doing so will help you forge rock-solid posture habits while you sit. With good posture comes a surge of excess energy, greater focus, and faster cognitive processing.

WARNING: you should only buy an Apex Series chair if you’re mentally prepared for a massive upgrade in health, wellness, and productivity. Learn how gaming chairs help. Then, follow the steps in our user guide to master healthy sitting techniques:

Healthy sitting 101: Gaming Chair User Guide

Apex Series designs

At present, there are six Apex Series chairs in the collection. The first is an original Cybeart in-house design. The others are Justice League superhero chairs. New designs are planned.

Apex Signature Edition

The Apex Signature Edition chair is the stock Cybeart design. It’s a brilliant red chair with black, cyber-style trim.

Apex Series gaming chair
This is the signature edition Cybeart gaming chair.

All Apex Series chairs have flared backrests designed in the shape of a cobra’s head. The red cobra head embroidered on the back of the chair reflects that.

Apex chair from Cybeart C$519

Justice League Collection

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is a director’s cut of the 2017 film Justice League. It features Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and The Flash.

Snyder Cut Justice League gaming chairs

In the movie, the team wrangles with Darkseid and Steppenwolf. The film released on March 18. In Canada, it’s available exclusively by streaming through Crave.

Superman gaming chair

Many people revere Superman as the most powerful superhero of all time. The world’s first-ever (officially-licensed) Superman gaming chair matches his iconic style.

Cybeart Superman gaming chair

His logo is embroidered on the front of the chair. On the back, embroidered artwork shows him descending from the skies.

The chair has a blue leather base with red trim. The blue gives it a subdued feel, while the red adds vivid ‘pop’. That combination should broaden the appeal well beyond hard-core Superman fans.

Superman chair from Cybeart C$519

Wonder Woman

By day, Diana Prince is an antiquities dealer. Off the job, she doubles as Wonder Woman, an immortal Amazonian warrior.

She has amazing speed, reflexes, and strength. Although not as strong as Superman, she’s the only team member who can give him a good fight.

Wonder Woman gaming chair

Wonder Woman fights clad in blue, red, and gold armor. The Apex Series Wonder Woman chair drops the red for a sleek two-tone design.

It’s the world’s first Wonder Woman chair, and also the first blue and yellow combo that we know of. The effect is striking and colorful, but not overwhelming.

Yellow stars adorn the wings, with Wonder Woman’s logo embroidered on the front. This design would appeal to both gamers and work-from-home creative types.

Wonder Woman chair from Cybeart C$519

Batman gaming chair

Everyone knows the story of Bruce Wayne. He broods as a billionaire playboy by day, and then as the Dark Knight after supper.

He’s the only member of the Justice League without any superpowers. Even so, he holds his own against foes like Darkseid with fighting skills and weapons.

Dark Knight Batman gaming chair

The Cybeart Batman gaming chair is an all-black design. Grey embroidered accents adorn the front of the chair. On the back is a full-body embroidered Dark Knight figure.

Dark chairs generally work well in both gaming and business setups. Beyond appealing to Batman fans, it should entice those looking for a sleek black design.

Batman chair from Cybeart C$519


Arthur Curry is the King of Atlantis and Justice League member Aquaman. He’s the third-strongest member, trailing only Superman and Wonder Woman.

Aquaman gaming chair
There’s nothing fishy about this sleek chair with Atlantis vibes.

He has superhuman speed and agility on land and under water. He can also control water and communicate telepathically with sea life.

The Aquaman gaming chair has Jason Momoa’s shoulder tattoos embroidered on the chair wings. Aquaman’s logo is also embroidered on the front of the chair in yellow. On the other side, Jason Momoa’s shredded physique guards your back with his trusty trident.

Aquaman chair from Cybeart C$519

The Flash gaming chair

One day, uni student Barry Allen was struck by lighting. That gave him the ability to move and think at superhuman speeds.

The Flash is so fast that he can travel across dimensions and break glass using vibrations. He also has superhuman stamina, durability, and agility. On top of that, he’s a genius-level intellect, and also a skilled martial artist.

The Flash superhero gaming chair

The Flash gaming chair comes in brilliant red leather with black trim. Electric yellow accents are embroidered on the front. On the back is a black embroidered closeup profile of the Flash.

Flash chair from Cybeart C$519

Mortal Kombat Collection

In advance of the new film, Cybart has released four Mortal Kombat gaming chairs. Included are designs for Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Raiden, and newcomer Cole Young.

Mortal Kombat video game chairs

These models are a little pricier than Justice League chairs. Check out our Mortal Kombat chair review for a closer look at each of the designs.

MK gaming chairs from Cybeart $549.99

Cybeart similarity with other brands

Cybeart chairs look like existing models on the market from other brands. That is partly to do with gaming chair design limitations. DXRacer released the first gaming chairs in 2006. It had a racing-style design, a padded seat and backrest, and adjustable support pillows.

Ergonomic back support rarely evolves. For example, the Herman Miller Aeron launched in 1994. A ‘remastered’ version came out in 2017. That equals one minor ergonomic revision in 27 years.

Circa 2021, most new gaming chairs still follow the original DXRacer design. The most significant (and popular) deviation in recent years has been the Secretlab Titan.

The Titan differs from other gaming chairs with internal lumbar support and a flat, wide seat. In recent years, several other brands have released similar versions.

Secretlab style gaming chairs
L-R: Secretlab Titan; Boulies Master; Autofull T1; Noblechairs HERO.

Cybeart gaming chairs follow the same trend, with flat seats and internal lumbar supports.

Competing versions from Boulies, Autofull, and Noblechairs have conservative, office-style designs. In contrast, Secretlab has 35 variants, many with colorful, eye-popping designs.

Cybeart vs Secretlab
Cybeart Apex Signature Edition vs Secretlab Titan Cyberpunk chair. (click to expand)

In that sense, Cybeart chairs look almost exactly the same as Secretlab Titan gaming chairs. They have similar features, and similar licensed, flashy designs.

Cybeart production transparency

Why do Apex Series gaming chairs look so similar to other designs on the market? We reached out to Cybeart for answers. Company CEO Krutik Patel responded personally. (Quotes have been slightly edited for brevity.)

Associations with other brands: “Our brand is not affiliated with any other brand in the world. For the record, we make our chairs in our own factory.”

Similarities to other chair brands: “The word ‘gaming chair’ itself means ‘racing-style’ chair. To make them racing-themed and ergonomic, there are certain design constraints. Most chair brands use similar ergonomic features (armrests, tilt mechanism, etc). Hence, most gaming chairs look fundamentally similar.”

DXRacer gaming chair blueprint
The original DXRacer blueprint from 2006 is still used by most 2021-era brands.

What makes Cybeart unique: “To launch a brand at such magnitude, we’ve put a lot of effort to engineer something unique. The comfort of a chair comes from a variety of factors such as the shape of the backrest, padding density, quality of components, and assembly process.

Cybeart Apex Series gaming chairs

The backrest of our chairs is inspired by a King Cobra’s hood. That provides broad shoulder pads for a snug fit and better ergonomic support. Our chairs also use high-quality components across the board. Those cost more but provide unmatched comfort and durability. During the entire development process, comfort, consistency, and durability were the top priorities.”

Cybeart chair pros and cons

On a technical and aesthetic level, these chairs are ultra-high-end. The flat, wide seat provides a roomier, more casual fit than seats with bladed edges. The internal lumbar also provides better support for your lower back than a lumbar pillow.

Cybeart chair technical review
These chairs are superb on both technical and aesthetic levels.

There are a couple of downsides. First, like other high-end gaming chairs, Apex Series padding is very firm. That better supports good posture with improved consistency and durability. Those used to sitting in soft, cheap foam will need time to adjust.

The second downside to Cybeart chairs is reliability. There is simply no way to gauge that in a new brand without time. How well will their customer service perform over time? Will many customers receive imperfect chairs? Will the padding, leather, and parts hold up over heavy use?

Anda Seat Dark Wizard sizing
ChairsFX will send an Apex Series to our Canadian office tester soon.

Only time will tell. ChairsFX has a Canadian office worker testing gaming chairs for us. We’ll send him an Apex Series chair, then report back in a year or so.

Conclusion/ how to buy

Canadians have a smaller range of gaming chairs to choose from than Americans, Europeans, or Asians. That’s because of Canada’s vast size, small population, and stiff import duties.

Immediately upon launching, Cybeart Apex Series chairs become one of the best options for Canadians. In fact, these chairs are only available for sale in Canada. Cybeart CEO Krutik Patel is counting on Canadian support for a local brand.

Cybeart Apex Series gaming chair review
Available in Canada direct from Cybeart for C$519.

“We’ve put a lot of effort into developing great chairs, while also securing a national deal with Warner Bros. Cybeart Inc is a Canadian brand. We hope to see our fellow Canucks using Cybeart products, helping to take our brand global.”

Apex Series chairs on C$519

Other premium chairs for Canadians come from brands like Herman Miller, Secretlab, Anda Seat, and Clutch Chairz. Check our review of the best gaming chairs for Canadians to learn more.

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