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Anda Seat Dark Wizard: review and office worker case study

ChairsFX asserts that gaming chairs are better than office chairs. When Anda seat offered to send over a Dark Wizard chair for review, it gave us the chance to put that idea to the test. Instead of reviewing the Dark Wizard in-house, we had it shipped to an “essential worker” in Toronto. Is the Dark Wizard chair any good? Did it help to improve wellness and productivity? How did his co-workers react? Find out in this Anda Seat Dark Wizard gaming office chair review/ case study.

Anda Seat Dark Wizard review
We tested this chair in an actual office in suburban Toronto.

Shoutout to Anda Seat for making this case study possible. The team was generous enough to offer any chair in their lineup for review. They were also fine with our idea to review the chair as a case study.

About Anda Seat

Anda Seat runs online stores in Canada, America, and the UK. Each store has different chair collections on offer. On, the Dark Wizard is the premium model in Anda Seat’s “large” collection. All models in this category support users up to 7’1″ with a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Anda Seat large gaming chairs
L-R: Assassin King; Dark Wizard; Spirit King.

Each chair also has the same ergonomic features: 3D armrests, a multifunction tilt-lock, and backrest recline of 90 to 160 degrees.

  1. Dark Wizard ($499.99): black PVC leather; large lumbar and neck pillow; premium padding and upholstery for optimal all-day support.
  2. Assassin King ($349.99): three tri-color racing-style designs; small neck pillow plus large lumbar pillow.
  3. Spirit King ($349.99): four two-tone racing-style designs; small neck pillow plus large lumbar pillow; antibacterial foam with odor control properties.

These models are only available in Canada and come with free shipping nationwide.

Browse all chairs on (for Canadians)

To browse Anda Seat chairs available in America and the UK, check out our Anda Seat USA/UK review.

Dark Wizard gaming office chair case study

Anda Seat’s Canadian headquarters is in Richmond Hill, a suburb north of Toronto. “Byron P” works as a logistics professional in a suburb west of Toronto. Byron stands 5’9″ and weighs 175 pounds. Anda Seat gave him the freedom to choose whichever model he wanted. We were hoping he’d pick the Anda Seat Fnatic Edition. That’s the official chair of Fnatic esports and one of Anda Seat’s premier models.

However, Byron was insistent on choosing a chair better suited to his size. Anda Seat processed the order and delivered the chair without any issues. As Byron began using the chair, we drafted some predictions:

  1. He would need an adjustment period to get used to a new way of sitting.
  2. Once adjusted, he would enjoy noticeable health, wellness and productivity benefits.
  3. Coworkers would react with either derision or curiosity.
  4. The chair’s presence in the office would inspire others to re-think their workstation ergonomics.
  5. After someone gets comfortable in a gaming chair, it’s hard to go back to using a traditional office chair.

Dark Wizard chair features

The Dark Wizard has a full suite of pro esports ergonomic features. Compared to the other large Anda Seat chairs, the Dark Wizard stands out with thicker padding and a higher grade of PVC leather.

Dark Wizard chair features
The Dark Wizard is a sleek ergonomic chair with a striking executive-style design.

The result is a plush, fully-adjustable chair with sleek executive styling. Key features:

  • Armrests: adjustable in three directions.
  • Adjustability: recline from 90 to 160 degrees; multifunction seat angle tilt-lock.
  • Upholstery: cold-cured foam with 65Kg/M3 density; premium PVC leather with carbon fiber trim.
  • Warranty: lifetime frame warranty; 2-year standard warranty; 6-year extended warranty with a social share (details).

The dual-fabric upholstery adds a regal design touch. Most of the chair is covered in black PVC leather. Along the wings and pillow are carbon fiber accents.

Dark Wizard PVC leather
The Dark Wizard comes upholstered in black PVC leather with carbon fiber accents.

The accents have a pebbled, rubbery feel that provides excellent contrast to the smooth PVC leather. It’s a nice extra that gives the Dark Wizard a premium feel.

Dark Wizard from Anda Seat CA for $499.99

Dark Wizard chair dimensions

Another unique aspect of the Dark Wizard design is the extra-large neck pillow. Instead of filling the neck’s curve like smaller pillows, this version spans the shoulders to the top of the head.

Anda Seat neck support pillow

The Dark Wizard’s neck pillow provides more support than conventional pillows.

That makes this chair extra-versatile. Taller users can adjust up to support their height. In contrast, the Dark Wizard isn’t ideal for shorter users. Our tester Byron stands 5’9″ and weighs 175 pounds (average-sized). If he were an inch or two shorter, this chair would be too big. As is, the fit is just right for his size.

Check out our Gaming Chair Sizing Guide to learn the importance of choosing the appropriate sized gaming chair for your body type.

Anda Seat Dark Wizard sizing
Average-sized users will enjoy a casually comfortable fit in a Dark Wizard chair.

Sizing specs:

  • Seat width x depth: 21.65″ (W) x 23″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 23.8″ (W) x 34″ (H)
  • Chair height: 51.7-54.3 inches
  • Size rating: 5’9″ to 6’9″; maximum weight capacity 400 pounds.

Dark Wizard health and wellness benefits

Here, we summarize Byron’s feedback about the chair after one month of use:

  • Adjustment period: “It took a few days to find that comfortable zone with the chair — less than one week. Found the right height and tilt to make it comfortable.”
  • Energy boost: “In my regular chair, I felt sluggish and drowsy mid-way through the day. With this Anda gaming chair, I didn’t get that tired feeling. I am able to leap to my feet a lot quicker when I leave my office.”
  • Physical benefits: “Before using this chair, I was always sliding in my chair, poor lumbar support, and my feet would actually start to feel sore. The Dark Wizard helps me sit more in an upright position. I also used to suffer from occasional sciatica. But after using this chair for a few weeks, I did not notice any sciatic pains.”

Byron’s observations are consistent with ChairsFX literature. Check out this feature to learn how gaming chairs boost wellness, energy, and performance levels:

Why are gaming chairs good for your back?

Dark Wizard impact on office culture

When the chair arrived in Byron’s office, his co-workers expressed interest. “They really liked the look of the chair, with many positive comments. Everyone wanted to try it out. It went through a full office test drive.”

Office worker reacts to gaming chair in the office
Co-workers were curious about the Dark Wizard when Byron started using it in his office.

We also wondered how Byron’s superiors would react. Traditionally, office chairs have been based on hierarchy — the highest-ranking staff get the nicest chairs. What happens when a subordinate shows up with the nicest chair in the office?

In Byron’s case, his superior found the chair educational. “When a new manager joined our office, he did not like having to use someone’s old chair. So he bought a new office chair for himself. After seeing my chair, he says he wished he had waited to get one like mine!”

Other gaming office chairs with executive designs

Other Anda Seat chairs for Canadians

The Anda Seat Canada store has a unique collection of chairs, compared to the USA and UK stores. Beyond the Dark Wizard, Assassin King, and Spirit King, Anda Seat’s extra-large chairs offer a higher level of luxury.

Anda Seat premium gaming chairs
L-R: Fnatic edition; Dark Knight; Kaiser Series; T-Pro II.

These models all come with luxury upholstery, pro esports ergonomic features, and support for 440 pounds. These are big, beefy thrones of luxury:

  • Fnatic edition ($499): the official chair of Fnatic, one of the world’s most dominant esports teams.
  • Dark Knight ($479.99): a bigger, beefier version of the Dark Wizard with support for extra tall and extra-wide sizes.
  • Kaiser Series ($479.99): a variation of the Dark Knight upholstered in stunning maroon PVC leather.
  • T-Pro II ($549.99): linen fabric big and tall gaming chairs in black, blue, or grey.

Check out the Anda Seat Canada website to browse all models:

Browse chairs @


Byron struggled to find something to criticize about his Dark Wizard chair. “It is hard to find something with this chair that does not appeal to me. One minor detail would be the forward / backward movement of the arm rest. It’s kind of hard to lock into place.”

Despite that quibble, he gives the Dark Wizard a big thumbs up. “Now that I have tried this chair, I would definitely buy one with my own money. I find it to be comfortable, relaxing, and it wraps around your body. The seat is comfy, and also allows for support. I would recommend others to get a similar chair as well as opposed to traditional office chairs. They would also made a great addition to a modern board room.”

Anda Seat Dark Wizard review
The Dark Wizard is a massive upgrade over a traditional office chair.

As such, every one of our predictions came true. Byron needed a few days to get adjusted to a healthier way of sitting. Once adjusted, back pain vanished and his energy levels increased. His co-workers were interested in the chair. His boss wishes he had known about gaming chairs earlier.

Finally, Bryon confirms that he feels better and more productive now that he has proper support. Case closed.

Anda Seat gaming chairs
Anda Seat’s premium models provide excellent support for both gamers and office workers.

The bottom line is that we aren’t kidding: gaming chairs are waaaay better than office chairs. For both gamers and full-time computer users, a good gaming chair will improve health, wellness, and productivity. To read a longer explanation of this proven reality, check out this feature:

Why gaming chairs are better than office chairs

The Anda Seat Dark Wizard is only available in Canada and comes with free shipping nationwide. Buy the Dark Wizard from Anda Seat for $499.99.

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