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Brand review: Autofull gaming chair collection (2021 update)

China is the world’s largest esports market. Autofull is one of the country’s biggest gaming chair brands. Since 2016, the company has partnered with several of China’s top esports teams and tournaments. In mid-2020, Autofull expanded to start serving American, European, and UK markets. Circa 2021, Autofull now offers a large selection of unique gaming chairs in western markets. This Autofull gaming chair review covers the entire product line.

Autofull gaming chair collection 2021
This 2021 collection is available to order direct from Autofull in the US, UK, and EU.

Many big gaming chair brands test out new designs every year to gauge market reactions. In Q1, these brands often streamline their product lines for the coming year.

For instance, DXRacer recently completed a major overhaul of its collection. Autofull’s revamp wasn’t as drastic.

The Autofull Sword (cheapest model) and Slam Dunk Chair (big and tall model) were discontinued. Replacing the Sword is the $199 Autofull Ergonomic Gaming Chair. As well, a new Racing Series was added.

About Autofull

China is the world’s biggest esports market. 2020 esports revenues in China are expected to top $385.1 million. That dwarfs the American esports market, which is only expected to generate $252.8 million this year.

Autofull chairs at WCA 2016 esports tournament
Autofull chairs supporting players at WCA 2016.

In China, Autofull is one of the dominant gaming chair brands for esports pros. The company has a rich history collaborating with esports teams and tournaments. Its esports endavors began five years ago, when Autofull served as the official chair partner for the World Cyber Arena 2016.

Autofull LPL gaming chairs
Team FunPlus Phoenix and Top Esports using Autofull chairs during LPL 2020 competition.

Last year, Autofull became the official chair partner of the League of Legends Pro League (LPL). The LPL organizes League of Legends tournaments every year across China. The finals qualify the top five teams for the League of Legends World Championships.

Uzi, team RNG, Autofull
Uzi is Team RNG’s captain and Autofull’s Brand Ambassador in China.

Beyond serving as the official chair of the LPL, the company has a few brand ambassadors. Uzi is a legendary Chinese esports pro and captain Team RNG (Royal Never Give Up). He and his team all use custom Autofull chairs for training. Other pro esports team partners include Four Angry Men (4am), 17, and Bilibili Gaming (Team BLG).

Brand overview: Autofull gaming chairs

Here’s a quick overview of Autofull gaming chairs for customers in America, the EU, and the UK.

How to buy Autofull gaming chairs

Customers in America, Europe, the UK, and Switzerland can all order directly from the Autofull website. All orders in these listed regions include free shipping (no minimum order required).

How to buy an Autofull gaming chair
Use the currency selector to shop in the US, EU, or UK.

Navigate to your preferred product and use the currency selector to order in your country, using your currency.

Autofull gaming chairs are also available on Amazon USA, UK, and Canadian stores. The product reviews in this article include links to buy from both and regional Amazon stores.

Browse all chairs on

Autofull gaming chairs are also available in Amazon’s US, UK, and CA stores.

Autofull chair warranty

All Autofull chairs come with a solid 3-year warranty. That beats the 2-year warranties offered by other top brands like DXRacer and Noblechairs.

However, it falls behind the 5-year warranties offered by Secretlab, AKRacing, and GTRacing Ace chairs.

In the case of defective products, the company also offers 14-day money-back guarantee. To get help, reach out to service “at”

ChairsFX $40 off Autofull coupon

When ordering any Autofull product from this website, use the coupon code ChairsFX during checkout.

ChairsFX coupon code for Autofull chairs

That will give you $40 off any product in the Autofull store. The discount is available for customers in the United States, UK, and Europe.

Review of Autofull gaming chairs

Within the Autofull collection are some interesting concept chairs. One has mechanical arms optimized for mobile gaming. A popular pink model comes with bunny ears. There’s even a big and tall model with an innovative internal lumbar support system.

This section runs through reviews of each chair collection (from the most to least expensive).

Big and tall collection

There are two models on offer catering to large to extra-large sizes.

Mechanical Master (mobile gaming)

Price: $359 $399

The Autofull Mechanical Master is an innovative chair optimized for mobile gamers. It features multi-directional arms than can support all types of seated activities. At a desk, the armrests work as typical 4D armrests.

Autofull Mechanical Master mobile gaming chair
This is a footrest gaming chair with features that support PC, console, and mobile gaming.

Away from a desk, the arms can adjust up, down, backward, and forwards. They can also swing out (away from, or closer to the seat). The armrest tops also swivel 360° and can open to compartments that store headphones, peripherals, or snacks.

Mechanical Master specifications

This is a big, beefy chair with superb features and support for up to 390 pounds. To use as a desk chair, fold in the footrest and set the armrests into default mode. That configuration works well for gaming or conventional office work.

Mechanical Master sizing

Away from the desk, you can use this chair to support various leisure activities. It provides great support for mobile gaming, living room lounging, watching movies, etc.

Ergonomic featuresDimensions

The multifunction armrests make this one of the most advanced mobile gaming chairs on the market.

  • Functionality: multi-directional armrests; retractable footrest; recline from 90° to 155°.
  • Comfort: high density foam padding; neck and lumbar support cushions.
  • Upholstery: combination of black PU and Carbon PVC leathers.
  • Support: heavy duty steel frame that supports up to 390 pounds
  • Warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee; lifetime frame warranty; 3-year warranty on parts.

Smaller sizes will enjoy a spacious fit. Wider bodies will find more snug, body-hugging support.

  • Seat width x depth: 20.4″ (W) x 22″ (D) | 51.8 cm (W) x 55.8 cm (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 23.2″ (W) x 36.6″ (W) | 59 cm x 93 cm (D)
  • Floor to seat range: 16.9″ to 20″ | 43-50.8 cm
  • Size rating: 5’7″ to 6’0″; up to 390 pounds (the recommended max is 260 pounds) | 170-182 cm; 177 kilo weight capacity (117 kg optimal load)

Mechanical Master summary

The Mechanical Master is our top-rated video game chair. This chair also ranks highly on our review of the best gaming chairs with footrests.

Autofull Mechanical Master front view, 3 chairs

It works well as a desk chair but really stands out as a living room gaming recliner. The retracted footrest plus deep recline provides a comfortable zero-gravity sitting experience. When mobile or console gaming, the armrests also supports the arms, shoulders, and neck. That takes the pressure off the spine, ensuring a comfortable and healthy sitting experience.

To learn more, check out our detailed Autofull Mechanical Master review.

Mecha Master from Autofull $359 $399

This model is only available from the Autofull website for customers in America, the UK, and the EU. Free shipping included. Use the coupon code ChairsFX for $40 off.

T1 Hero (internal lumbar)

Price: $289 $329

Autofull Big and Tall chair
This is an affordable luxury chair with an internal lumbar support system.

On, this model is called the “Big and Tall”. In China, it’s called the “T1 Hero”. The latter name is more appropriate since this model has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds. That falls far short of the 400-pound weight limit of other big and tall gaming chairs.

Even so, this chair has spacious dimensions and decent ergonomic features. The star feature is a sophisticated internal lumbar support system.

T1 Hero specifications

The Hero T1 has decent features. It lacks the multifunction tilt-lock of other high-end chairs. That means you can rock the seat, but not lock it at angles. It also has 3D armrests instead of the 4D type of premium chairs.

Autofull internal lumbar support feature
The star feature is a cutting-edge height and depth-adjustable internal lumbar support.

Even so, this chair has one spectacular feature. The internal lumbar support system works by turning a knob on the side of the chair. The internal device can extend outwards by 7″ to support the lumbar curve. Over top of the mechanism goes a layer of high-density foam padding. Over the foam and leather cover, the height-adjustable lumbar adds another seven inches of depth.

This means you can adjust the lumbar pillow to fit perfectly into the small of your back. After that, adjust the internal lumbar until it reaches the perfect depth to support your body.

Ergonomic featuresDimensions

  • Functionality: 3D armrests; internal lumbar support; adjustable recline to 155°.
  • Comfort: high density foam padding; neck and lumbar support cushions.
  • Upholstery: combination of black PU and Carbon PVC leathers.
  • Warranty: three years

This chair has above-average dimensions suited for moderately large users. It has a smaller weight capacity than other big and tall chairs. Even so, the flat wide seat provides enough room for those with thick legs or wide hips.

  • Seat width x depth: 21.6″ (W) x 21.2″ (D) | 54 cm (W) x 54 (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 23.2″ (W) x 33.8″ (W) | 59 cm (W) x 85.8 (D)
  • Floor to seat range: 19.2″ to 22″ | 48.7-55.9 cm
  • Size rating: 5’7″ to 6’3″; up to 330 pounds | 170-90 cm; 150 kilo weight capacity

Hero T1 chair summary

Our biggest grip about this chair is the name. Although it has spacious dimensions, the Autofull Big and Tall isn’t ideal for extra-large users. Only those with moderately thick proportions will fit into this chair.

Autofull T1 big and tall gaming chair

In China, this model is called the “T1”. That’s a much more slick, modern name for a very slick chair. This is an attractive office-style chair with interesting features and an excellent price.

The internal lumbar system is the star feature. It offers both height and depth-adjustable lumbar support. Check other integrated lumbar gaming chairs in this review.

Compared to other top models, the T1 offers excellent value for money. Against Noblechairs and Maxnomic offerings, the T1 offers a cheaper price and longer warranty.

T1 Hero from Autofull $289 $329

The T1 chair is available from the Autofull website for customers in America, the UK, and the EU. Use the coupon code ChairsFX for $40 off.

Neonpunk LPL chairs

Price: $319 $359

In January 2020, Autofull signed on as the official chair partner of the LPL. Autofull Neonpunk chairs are the same models used in the LPL, or League of Legends Pro Leagues. Each year, the best teams in China compete in the LPL for a chance at five slots in the World Championships.

Autofull Neonpunk gaming chairs
The official chairs of China’s League of Legends Pro League.

Autofull Neonpunk chairs come with a white or black leather base, accented with teal and dark pink trim.

Neonpunk chair specs

Given the high price and LPL pedigree, features are surprisingly basic. These are essentially cheap gaming chairs with pro-quality upholstery. Chairs lack a multifunction tilt lock, meaning you can’t tilt and lock the seat at angles. Instead, it offers a basic rocking function with a range of 25 degrees.

Ergonomic featuresDimensions

  • Functionality: 2D armrests; recline to 155°, retractable footrest.
  • Comfort: high-density foam padding; neck and lumbar support pillows.
  • Upholstery: tri-colored PU leather with a black or white base color.
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty

These chairs provide good support for up to 330 pounds. However, they work best for slim sizes. Most people under 170 pounds of average height should find these chairs a wonderful fit.

  • Seat width x depth: 21.6″ (W) x 20.8″ (D) | 54.8 cm (W) x 53 cm (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 22″ (W) x 33.8″ (H) | 55.8 cm (W) x 85.8 cm (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 18.8″ to 22.8″ | 47.7-58 cm
  • Size rating: 5’6″ to 6’0″ and up to 330 pounds | 167-182 cm; 150 kg weight capacity

Neonpunk chair summary

These are good-looking chairs with a great pedigree. Fans of China’s LPL will recognize the designs as the same ones used in tournament play. On the downside, the features are basic.

Autofull Neonpunk gaming chairs (black and white)

The main attraction of these chairs is the styling and LPL connection. Another is durability. Like all Autofull chairs, these models come with a solid 3-year warranty.

Neonpunk chairs from Autofull $319 $359

Neonpunl light and dark chairs are available from the Autofull website for customers in America, the UK, and the EU. Free shipping is included. Use the coupon code ChairsFX for $40 off.

Pink Bunny chair (cute bunny ears)

Price: $259 $299

This chair has been a hot seller in Asia since 2018. Now they are available for Americans and Europeans. The Autofull Pink Bunny comes with a soothing pink and white color scheme. It has decent features, but what sets it apart from other models is the inclusion of some bunny cosplay gear.

Autofull pink gaming chair
Highlight features include cute bunny ears and a little bunny tail for the back of the chair.

Each chair comes with bunny ears you can wear on your head or attach to the chair. There’s also a cute little bunny tail to attach to the back of the chair.

Bunny chair specifications

This chair comes with average dimensions and basic features. The clear highlight is the Pink Bunny design aspects.

Ergonomic featuresDimensions

Minus the bunny addons, this chair comes with basic ergonomic features.

  • Functionality: 2D armrests; recline to 155°; tilt tension and rocking.
  • Comfort: high density foam padding; neck and lumbar cushions
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty

Most popular pink gaming chairs cater to petite sizes. In contrast, the Pink Bunny chair has generous dimensions that should fit average and above-average adults. If you have a bit of meat on your bones, this chair should be wide enough to handle it.

  • Seat width & depth: 22″ (W) x 20.8″ (D) | 55.8 cm” (W) x 52.8 cm (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 22.44″ (W) x 30″ (H) | 57 cm (W) x 76 cm (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 16.5″ to 19.6″ | 42-50 cm
  • Size rating: 5’5″ to 6’0″, weight capacity 330 pounds | 165-182 cm; 150 kg weight capacity

Pink Bunny chair summary

Autofull pink gaming chair review

These chairs are cute, affordable, and good for your back. They are also very popular.

They’re ideal for both young gamers and adults wanting to express their personality as they play games. Buy direct from Autofull and use the coupon code ChairsFX for $40 off.

Pink Bunny chair from AUtofull $259 $299

Pink Bunny chair is also available from Amazon in its USA, UK, and Canada stores (US store price $259.99).

Autofull Racing Series

Autofull price: $179 $219 (dark); $199 $239 (blue)

The Racing Series includes a pair of compact chairs with classic racing-style designs. The dark model comes with chromatic color accents and carbon fiber PVC trim.

Autofull Racing Series gaming chairs

The light model has a powder-blue base complemented nicely with all-white components. Both have compact dimensions suitable for slim-fitting users of small to average sizes.

Racing Series specifications

The Autofill Racing Series is a good starter gaming chair for young people. It comes with solid ergonomic features and compact, body-hugging dimensions.

Ergonomic featuresDimensions

  • Functionality: 2D adjustable armrests; standard tilt mechnism; backrest recline to 155°; 25-degree rocking range
  • Comfort: high density foam padding; neck and lumbar support pillows.
  • Upholstery: two PU leather chairs in light or dark designs.

Autofull doesn’t include a size rating for this chair. However, based on its dimensions and user reviews, it’s suitable for users 5’2″ (157 cm) and up. Check our size guide section for details.

  • Seat width x depth: 21.7″ (W) x 20.1″ (D); 55 cm (W) x 51 cm (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 21.7″ (W) x 32.3″ (H); 55 cm (W) x 82 cm (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 16.9-19.6″; 43-50 cm
  • Size rating: 5’2″ to 6’2″ (157-187 cm); 350 pound weight capacity (158 kg)

Racing Series summary

Autofull Racing Series chairs are cheap, ergonomically sound, and durable. A few popular chairs with comparable features cost under $200.

Autofull Racing Series gaming chairs

However, most come with a 1-year warranty. In comparison, all Autofull chairs come guaranteed for three years. Spread over three years, the Dark model costs $73 per year. The blue version costs $79.60 per year.

That means you can buy a cheap $150 year and replace it annually ($450 total). Given this math, Autofull Racing Series chairs come out well ahead on the value for money scale.

Buy direct from Autofull and use the coupon code ChairsFX for $40 off this chair.

Buy a Racing Series chair from Autofull

Black: $179 $219; Blue: $199 $239. For customers in the US, UK, and EU. The black Racing Series is also available for in Amazon’s USA store for $219.99.

Autofull Ergonomic gaming chair

Price: $159 $199

The ‘Autofull Ergonomic chair’ replaces the AUtofull Sword as the cheapest model in the collection.

Autofull ergonomic gaming chairs
These solid starter chairs come with decent features and a low price.

The “Autofull Computer Gaming Chair” has a bland, generic name. On the plus side, it offers excellent value for money. Autofull’s cheapest chair costs just $159. Despite the low price, it comes with decent features and a generous 3-year warranty.

Chair features

Autofull gaming chair features
Ergonomic features include 2D armrests and deep recline to 155°.

Features are on par with some of the best-selling cheap gaming chairs. Key features include 2D armrests, deep backrest recline, and a rocking plus tilt-tension function.

Ergonomic featuresDimensions

  • Functionality: 2D armrests (7 cm height range); recline to 155°; standard rocking function.
  • Comfort: high density foam padding; height-adjustable headrest and extra-large lumbar support cushion.
  • Upholstery: All-black PU leather of black with red or blue trim; carbon fiber PVC backrest wings.

Don’t be fooled by the 400-pound weight capacity — this chair’s dimensions are best for slim, average sizes. The chair sits low enough to the ground to serve smaller sizes, while the seat bucket provides enough space for larger ones.

  • Seat width x depth: 20.9″ (W) x 20.9″ (D) | 53 cm (W) x 53 cm (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 23.2″ (W), 32.2″ (W) | 59 cm (W) x 81.7 cm (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 17.3″ to 20.5″ | 44-52 cm
  • Size rating: 5’2″ to 6’2″; up to 400 pounds | 157-187 cm; 181 kg weight capacity

Chair summary

This is a solid gaming chair option for users on a budget. Most chairs in this price range come with 1D or 2D armrests, and a 1-2 year warranty.

Autofull Ergonomic gaming chair review
Over its 3-year warranty, this chair will cost you 18 cents per day.

In comparison, this model comes with a 3-year warranty, which works out to $66 per year, or around 18 cents per day. Given the price, durability, and dimensions, this is a great starter chair for young gamers.

Ergo chair from Autofull $159 $199

This model is also available from Amazon in its USA, UK, and Canada stores (US store price $179.99).

Autofull sizing for students and adults

Here we add more context about the dimensions of Autofull gaming chairs.

Autofull sizing for adults

Included in our Autofull gaming chair reviews are size ratings for all models. These ratings have different meanings in different regions. Globally, most chairs are designed to support average-sized men:

 Average size of menAverage size of women
USA5'8" 200 pounds5'3" 171 pounds
China5'6" 155 pounds5'2" 130 pounds
United Kingdom5'8" 191 pounds5'4" 160 pounds
South Korea5'7" 163 pounds5'3" 133 pounds
Average5'7" (170 cm); 177 pounds (80 kg)5'3" (160 cm); 148.5 pounds (67 kg)

In comparison, average-sized women should look to the Pink Bunny, Racing Series, or Autofull Ergonomic chairs.

Autofull sizing for students

Using the average sizes of healthy Wisconsin schoolchildren, we can define some Autofull chairs for students.


Autofull services American, European, and UK markets. The most expensive chair in its collection (with a ChairsFX coupon) costs $359. The cheapest is $159.

Across the entire range, chairs come backed with a 3-year warranty. As a sweetener, chairs in all regions include free shipping.

Here’s a summary of Autofull’s 2021 collection:

ModelSizingRecommended forPrice (with coupon code)
Mechanical Master5'7" to 6'0"; 170-182 cm (ages 16+)Mobile gamers, PC gamers, living room gamers.$359
Hero T15'7" to 6'3"; 170-190 cm (ages 16+)Office workers, esports players, full-time power users.$289
Neonpunk5'6" to 6'0"; 167-182 cm (ages 14+)Students, full-time desk workers on a budget.$319
Pink Bunny5'5" to 6'0"; 165-182 cm (ages 14+)Teens and adults who love cute pink designs.$259
Racing Series5'2" to 6'2"; 157-187 cm (ages 14+)Adolescents and petite adults wanting some style in their chair design. $179-$199
Autofull Ergo chair5'2" to 6'2"; 157-187 cm (ages 14+)Classic gaming chairs for teens and short adults. $159

There are better gaming chairs out there with superior features, longer warranties, and higher prices. However, among affordable and cheap gaming chair price classes, Autofull is one of the best.

A big reason is that no other gaming chairs in the sub-$300 price range come with 3-year warranty protection. It’s legit.

If you have any issues, use the Autofull site’s contact form to reach out. Support is quick to reply and helpful.

Browse all chairs on

Autofull gaming chairs are available for direct sale in the US, UK, and EU (use the coupon code ChairsFX for a $40 discount). Chairs are also available in Amazon’s US, UK, and CA stores.

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