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Best Cheap Gaming Chairs under $200

Gaming chairs support healthy posture for long periods of sitting. Expensive models are good investments for power users who sit full-time. Cheap gaming chairs cost less than $200. These models suit students, gamers and others wanting part-time back support.

Best cheap gaming chairs
These budget gaming chairs all cost less than $200.

Excessive sedentary time spent in a cheap office chair can lead to sloppy posture habits. Students have no control over seating options at school. Most working adults also lack the choice of using their own furniture at work.

In both cases, a cheap gaming chair is ideal to use at home. For one thing, they don’t cost a lot. For another, they support healthy ergonomics for long periods of sitting. What’s more, they are super comfortable.

Cheap gaming chair in bedroom
All budget chairs in this article provide excellent ergonomic support.

While studying or gaming at home after work, sitting in a gaming will chair will give you more than comfort. That’s because gaming chairs are good for your back. The longer you use one, the more your posture will improve.

Given the low cost and posture benefits, cheap gaming chairs are ideal for a few groups. First, they make a great bedroom chair for teens. Sitting at their computer in a gaming chair will help them forge strong posture habits.

Best cheap gaming chairs
Teach good posture at a young age with a cheap gaming chair.

Cheap chairs are also great buys for full-time working adults to come home to. The sofa plus TV configuration is old-school. Many people these days configure their living rooms with a gaming rig and desk setup instead.

Cheap gaming chair features

Budget gaming chairs support good posture as well as more expensive chairs. They are cheaper because they use lower quality padding up upholstery.

This only becomes clear with heavy full-time use. For example, if you sit in a cheap chair ten hours per day for three months. Then, the padding will wear down and the chair will become uncomfortable.

With lighter use, cheap gaming chairs offer excellent value for money.

Common components in cheap gaming chairs

This article reviews the best budget gaming chairs on the market. All chairs share these common features:

  1. Armrests: most chairs have at least 1D; some feature 2D.
  2. Reclining: some offer deep recline to 180°, others offer less.
  3. Foam padding: cheap chairs use lower quality foam padding and less of it. This works fine when used part-time. All chairs also come with removable neck and lumbar support cushions.
  4. PU leather upholstery: cheap chairs use cheaper blends. These are less durable than premium faux leathers and not as soft.

Cheap gaming chair sizing

Small chairs use less material, which keeps costs down. That’s why most cheap gaming chairs are a better fit for smaller sized users.

Cheap gaming chair sizing
All chairs reviewed in this article fit users of average height and moderate weight.

Some but not all cheap chairs come with specific sizing information. Checking the three top models, we see pretty consistent sizing. So even if your preferred cheap chair doesn’t include dimensions, you have an idea what to expect.

 Homall Executive ChairElecwish ReclinerGTRacing Classic
Seat width20.5"21.7"19.68"
Seat Depth19.8"21.7" 18"
Backrest Width22.5"21.7"18.11"
Backrest Height30.5"32.3"32.68"
Floor to Seat Range18.5" to 22.5" 18" to 21.3"17.32" to 21.56"
Overall height49" to 53"50.3" to 53.6" 49.21" to 53.15"
Weight supportUp to 300 pounds330 poundsUp to 300 pounds
Height support5'4" to 5'10"5'5" to 5'11"5'4" to 5'11"

All chairs reviewed in this article will fit users between 5’3″ and 5’10”. Most models tout support for up to 300 pounds.

In reality, people under 5’10” over 300 pounds will be too wide to fit in these chairs. Thus consider all models suitable for average heights of slim composition.

The Best Cheap Gaming Chairs

This section reviews the best cheap gaming chairs on the market. All cost less than $200. We ranked these based on sales, customer feedback and also the reputation of the company.

Company reputation is important because cheap manufacturing standards are in play. This means that mistakes can happen. Knowing that the company you’re buying from honors their warranty is important.

That’s why we recommend sticking to trusted brands when buying a cheap gaming chair.

Homall Gaming Chair

Rated #1
Current price: Price not available

Homall Executive gaming chair
This is one of the top-selling gaming chairs on Amazon.

Homall’s wildly popular Executive Gaming Chair is the #1 seller on Amazon. At time of writing, this model has over 4,000 reviews with an average 4-star rating.

This model’s winning formula renders the most attractive features of expensive chairs into a budget-priced package. These include substantial padding, sleek upholstery and deep recline to 180°. On the downside, the armrests are not adjustable.

Homall sizing

This is a compact chair, best suited for small sizes. If you have wide hips, this model may be too tight along the sides.

Homall chair size

  • Seat width & depth: 20.5″ (W) x 19.8″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 30.5″ (H), 22.5″ (W)
  • Total height: 49″ to 53″

Key Homall features

  • Functionality: fixed armrests; recline to 180°
  • Comfort: high density foam padding; neck and lumbar pillows.
  • Support: steel frame; aluminium base; class 3 gas lift; rubber casters.
  • Warranty: one year on parts; 30 days return policy.
  • Free shipping: included.

Homall Chair on Amazon Price not available

There are two aspects that make this chair so popular. First is obviously the price. Second is that it provides ergonomic support just as well as expensive models do. The neck and lumbar cushions support the muscles against the high backrest. This keeps your spine in healthy alignment while you sit.

Homall cheap gaming chair
This chair will support good posture while you sit.

Working or gaming with poor posture can lead to lethargy, stiffness and chronic health problems. Homall’s executive gaming chair supports good posture at a cheap price. That makes it a solid entry-level gaming chair with little financial risk.

Interested in learning more about other Homall gaming chairs? Check out our detailed review of Homall’s best gaming chairs.

Homall Chair on Amazon Price not available

Elecwish Premium Gaming Chair

Rated #2
Current price: Price not available

Elecwish sells an entire line of these chairs with minor variations. All cost under $200. Cheaper versions come with thinner padding. More expensive ones come with speakers and massage units. All models come with La-Z-Boy style footrests.

The model selected for this guide is their Premium edition. The Elecwish Premium gaming chair is the most comfortable cheap chair on our list.

Elecwish brand gaming chairs

The Elecwish line of budget gaming chairs come with La-Z-Boy style footrests. They support up to 330 pounds and offer various reclining modes. Most importantly, all support proper posture for long hours of gaming or working.

Elecwish sizing

The Elecwish gaming chair has one of the widest and deepest seats among all of the chairs on this list. One reason it’s so popular is because it’s a great fit for wider sizes.

Elecwish chair size chart

  • Seat width & depth: 21.7″ (W) x 21.7″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 32.3″ (H), 21.7″ (W)
  • Total height: 50.3″ to 53.6″

Key Elecwish features

  • Unique features: retractable footrest.
  • Functionality: this model has adjustable height plus tilt lock recline to to 170°. Furthermore there is 360° swivel and 2D adjustable armrests.
  • Comfort: thick cold foam padding supports a high quality PU leather seat. There are eight color options.
  • Support: steel frame; 5-star certified base; smooth rolling casters; gas-powered lift.
  • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty.

Elecwish Chair on Amazon Price not available

The Elecwish gaming chair ranks #2 because for two reasons. First, it’s an Amazon top seller. Popular opinion says that this chair rocks. Second, the retractable footrest is very comfortable.

The Elecwish gaming chair is a great bedroom chair for students. It also makes a great centerpiece of an after-work gaming setup.

It works well as an upright working or studying chair, providing the right amount of back support. But where this chair really shines is in recline mode.

If you’re looking for a comfy chillout chair, consider buying an Elecwish.

Elecwish gaming chairs, four colors
Elecwish makes excellent budget chairs with footrests and extra thick padding

Interested in learning more about Elecwish gaming chairs? Read a detailed review of this model plus other Elecwish chairs in our Elecwish Brand Review.

Elecwish Chair on Amazon Price not available

GTRACING Classic Gaming Chair

Rated #3
Current price: $139.99

GTRacing budget gaming chairs

GTRacing makes an entire line of gaming chairs priced between $140-$180. All have the same base features as the Classic model, which supports up to 300 pounds.

GTRacing is a young company based out of Shanghai. Over the years, they became a force in the industry by selling high-end chairs at low prices.

The GTRacing Classic has the styling and functionality of more expensive chairs. The PVC leather upholstery is attractive, durable and easy to clean. It has 2D adjustable armrests. The padding is average, holding up well under light use.

The Classic is a sturdy package at a great price. It’s a worthy buy for students, gamers and others needing comfortable back support a few hours a day.

GTRacing Classic Chair on Amazon $139.99

GTRacing sizing

The GTRacing Classic gaming chair is a bit smaller than the Homall gaming chair, with a slightly narrower seat. People of average height and moderate waist size will enjoy optimal ergonomics.

GTRacing size chart

  • Seat width & depth: 19.68″ (W) x 18″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 32.68″ (H), 18.11″ (W)
  • Total height: 49.21″ to 53.15″

Key GTRacing features

GTRACING premium gaming chairs
There are 4 color options in full PU leather or leather and fabric combo

  • Functionality: adjustable height, backrest and recline. The tilt lock supports to any angle up to 170°. There is also full 360° swivel.
  • Comfort: first extra resilient high density foam goes over the steel frame. Next comes high quality PU leather in black and blue, red, white or orange. The blue and orange are full PU leather. The red and white are leather and mesh fabric combined.
  • Support: steel frame, gas-powered lift, heavy-duty 5-point base, smooth rolling casters.
  • Warranty: 1 year on parts; free replacement or refund within 30 days.

If you want the basics (solid ergonomics and comfy seating) without need for fancy extras, this is a good pick. It’s a solid, durable high quality chair with classic looks and excellent back support. Built like a tank, this model keeps things simple and does exactly what a gaming chair is supposed to. While other budget chairs have more features, this model give you solid comfort with no frills.

Want to learn more about the GTRacing product lineup? Read a comparison of this model to other GTRacing chairs in our GTRacing Brand Review.

GTRacing Classic Chair on Amazon $139.99

Nokaxus Gaming Chair

Rated #4
Current price: $179.99

This Nokaxus model ranks #4 for a few reasons. First, it comes in seven striking color schemes. These are attractive chairs. for its impressive feature set. It comes with a footrest, massage unit, deep recline and more.

Nokaxus Budget Gaming Chair

Second, it comes with impressive features: footrest, massage unit, deep recline and more. Third, this is one of the few cheap chairs built for big and tall users. For the price, this is a very attractive model.

Nokaxus sizing

Compared to the other chairs on the list, the Nokaxus is a giant. It has a deeper and wider seat than all other chairs on this list, plus the tallest backrest.

Nokaxus sizing

  • Seat width & depth: 22″ (W) x 21″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 36.2″ (H), 23.2″ (W)
  • Total height: 55.5″ to 58.6″

Nokaxus Chair on Amazon $179.99

Key Nokaxus features

For the price, the chair stacks on plenty of features.

Nokaxus cheap Gaming Chair

  • Functionality: 2D armrests; retractable footrest; massage unit; deep recline to 180°
  • Comfort: high density sponge padding; standard padding; removable neck and lumbar cushions
  • Support: heavy duty steel frame that supports up to 350 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty; 24 months of after-care support

As a home chair for studying or gaming, the Nokaxus works a treat. The sturdy steel frame can take a beating, while the wide dimensions will fit all members of the family.

Where it cuts corners is on the padding and upholstery. If you plan to use this chair for a few hours per day, it should hold up fine. For full-time use, consider paying more for a luxury chair.

As a part time chair for gaming or relaxing, this is winner. It’s like a La-Z-Boy recliner for the Internet era.

Nokaxus Chair on Amazon $179.99

All chairs in this guide are top-sellers on Amazon. The above four models are best in class. They offer superb value for money and excellent aftercare.

The following models are also top sellers. They make the list by offering unique features that set them apart from other cheap chairs.

BestOffice Gaming Chair

Rated #5
Current price: $89.88

BestOffice cheap gaming chair

Ranking #5 is a comfy office-styled chair with over 2,000 reviews on Amazon. The BestOffice gaming chair features a fusion design. It looks like an office chair, but borrows some gaming chair elements.

Like a gaming chair, it comes with a removable neck pillow. Instead of a removable lumbar pillow it has a fixed one. Unlike traditional gaming chairs it has a fixed backrest.

The result is a unique hybrid with conservative styling. This model will work well as an office chair, but the muted style may not appeal to gamers.

BestOffice sizing

The BestOffice PC Gaming Chair works best as a chair for short and stocky users.

BestOffice chair size chart

  • Seat width & depth: 24″ (W) x 24″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 28″ (H), 23.2″ (W)
  • Total height: 44.5″ to 47.6″

Compared to other chairs, it has an extra wide and deep seat. It also has a shorter backrest and lower total height.

BestOffice Chair on Amazon $89.88

Key BestOffice features

BestOffice chair armrests
The unique 1D adjustable armrests swing upwards.

This chair comes with free shipping. A key missing feature is no recline – it has a fixed backrest. It also has unique 1D armrests that swing upwards. Those are useful if the armrests don’t fit under the desk. Swing them up and then slide your chair closer to the desk.

  • Functionality: adjustable height, fixed backrest (no recline); 360° swivel, 1D adjustable armrests
  • Comfort: standard padding and PU leather; removable neck cushion plus integrated back pillow
  • Support: steel frame; heavy duty 5-star base; smooth rolling casters; gas lift
  • Warranty: 90-day warranty

Given its huge number of reviews, gaming style chairs have a large following. These are for traditionalists who don’t like the styling of modern gaming chairs.

The BestOffice gaming chair sneaks ergonomic support into a traditional office chair. The built-in lumbar cushion and neck pillow work well when you lean into the backrest.

Another plus is the extra wide seat, which will fit most sizes. Note that this is a chair for stocky people, not tall ones. Despite the wide seat, this is a small chair that sits lower to the ground than others.

Thus the BestOffice Gaming Chair is a good pick for short, stocky people.

BestOffice Chair on Amazon $89.88

KILLABEE 9015 Gaming Chair

Rated #6
Amazon price: $159.99

Killabee budget gaming chairs
Killabee chairs have extra thick padding, unique styling and excellent ergonomics

Killabee Xmas sales are live, with up to 40% off selected chairs. Check out our Killabee brand review for a breakdown of all deals. Alternatively, visit the Killabee website to browse deals directly.

The Killabee 9015 model is like a “gamer version” of the BestOffice chair, with a few differences.

The previous BestOffice model offered a fixed backrest and 1D armrests. The Killabee 9015 offers deep reclining and fixed armrests. It also comes with a retractable footrest and removable neck and lumbar pillows.

Check the Amazon reviews: users rave about the comfort and ergonomic support.

Killabee sizing

Like most chairs in this review, the Killabee gaming chair is a compact model best suited to slim sizes.

Killabee size chart

  • Seat width & depth: 21.3″” (W) x 20.1″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 31.9″” (H), 21.3″ (W)
  • Total height: 48.4″ to 51.2″ “

Buy direct for $135.99 Buy on Amazon $159.99

Key Killabee features

Killabee gaming chairs
The interesting thing about the Killabee 9015 is that it does not come with a neck support pillow. That’s because the extra-high backrest curves inwards. This to provide the needed support instead of a pillow. It’s an interesting tweak that works well.

The fixed armrests hold the Killabee 9015 back from a higher ranking on this list. That’s because armrests are a crucial part of ergonomic support. Otherwise, this is an excellent gaming chair for home. The recliner lets you use it like a La-Z-Boy, while the ergonomics supports upright working positions nicely as well. Key features include:

  • Functionality: adjustable height; recline to 175°; retractable footrest; fixed armrests.
  • Comfort: high density foam; PU leather; lumbar cushion
  • Support: metal frame, gas-powered lift, nylon base and smooth rolling casters.
  • Warranty: 1 year on parts; free replacement or refund within 30 days.

Killabee has the art of making cheap yet quality chairs down to a science. The Killabee 9015 is popular because it provides great looks and solid ergonomics in a comfortable and affordable package. Consider this model as a starter chair for yourself or a gift for someone else.

Want to learn more about Killabee gaming chairs? Read a comparison of this model to other Killabee models in our Killabee Brand Review.

Buy direct for $135.99 Buy on Amazon $159.99

Respawn 200 Gaming Chair

Rated #7
Current price: $180.82

Respawn RSP-200 Gaming Chairs

The Respawn 200 Gaming Chair looks like it came back from the future. It has a breathable mesh back, integrated lumbar and sleek spaceship style design.

Office chair purists might get scared off by the bold looks of this model. Seasoned gaming vets may find its unique features a refreshing, creative option.

Respawn sizing

Respawn doesn’t giving full sizing information about this chair. Based on available information, this is a compact chair best for small, slim sizes.

Respawn 200 size chart

The Respawn 200 seat is narrow: 20″ wide x 17.5″ deep. On Amazon, one 5’10” user complained that the neck support pillow was not high enough. Thus we rate this as a compact chair that’s best suitable for small, slim sizes.

Respawn Chair on Amazon $180.82

Key Respawn features

Respawn budget gaming chairs mesh back

The Respawn RSP-200 is a solid gaming chair with a integrated lumbar support. That means support comes from inside the backrest, rather than an external pillow. This makes the neck pillow the only detachable accessory. Summary of features:

  • Unique features: breathable mesh back, innovative integrated lumbar support.
  • Functionality: adjustable height; recline to 130°; 2D adjustable armrests.
  • Comfort: breathable mesh backrest and PU leather seat (in black and red, blue, green or grey).
  • Support: the steel tube frame supports 275 pounds. There is also a gas-powered lift, retractable 5-star base and rolling casters.
  • Warranty: RESPAWN by OFM Limited Lifetime warranty

The Respawn 200 provides excellent value for money. To learn more about this model, read our detailed Respawn 200 gaming chair review. Then, click the button below to read the glowing Amazon reviews for this product.

Respawn Chair on Amazon $180.82

Ficmax Gaming Massage Chair

Rated #8
Current price: $199.99

Ficmax cheap massage chair

This Ficmax model takes a similar approach to other cheap chairs by stacking on features.

On paper, the Ficmax Gaming Chair sets itself apart with a USB-powered massage unit. It’s a nice idea, but running a cord from your PC to the chair is awkward in practice.

This model also comes with a retractable footrest, making it a good option for a home recliner.

Ficmax sizing

The FicMax Massage gaming chair has a standard fit that best suits slim sizes.

Ficmax size chart

  • Seat width & depth: 20.8″ (W) x 17.8″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 34.2″ (H), 20.8″ (W)
  • Total height: 50″ to 53.1″

Ficmax Chair on Amazon $199.99

Key Ficmax features

Ficmax massage unit gaming chairs

This Ficmax model comes in seven different color combinations. Its feature set is comparable to competing models. Free shipping included. Key features:

  • Unique features: USB-powered massage unit; retractable footrest.
  • Functionality: deep recline to 180°; 360° swivel, 2D adjustable armrests.
  • Comfort: standard padding and PU leather; removable neck and lumbar cushions.
  • Support: steel frame; heavy duty 5-star base; gas lift.
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty, free return or refund within 30 days

There’s nothing outstanding about the Ficmax Gaming Chair. It looks good and provides solid back support. The recliner works well and fells solid.

If the price works and you like the styling, give it a go. Count on a solid recliner that you can use for studying, gaming and watching TV.

Ficmax Chair on Amazon $199.99

Furmax Gaming Chair

Rated #9

Current price: $129.99

Furmax budget chair

Furmax makes our list at #9 by offering a reclining gaming chair for less than competing models. If you want a recliner but need to cut corners, this is the cheapest option. The main corner cut to keep prices down is a limited warranty. This model only has 6 months of coverage.

Furmax sizing

Furmax has only released limited sizing dimensions for this product. Based on its low price and known dimensions, it’s a compact chair best for slim users of average height.

Furmax size chart

  • Seat width & depth: 20.9″ (W) x 19.7″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 32.2″ (H), 23.2″ (W)
  • Total height: n/a

Furmax Chair on Amazon $129.99

Key Furmax features

Furmax budget gaming chair with footrest

This Furmax model has a great look and comes in two color options: black with white or blue. Given the low price and limited warranty, this is a nice option for teens. As a bedroom or office chair, expect it to support a few hours of gaming a day and hold up nicely.

This chair comes with free shipping. Key features of the Furmax budget model include:

  • Functionality: retractable footrest; deep recline to 180°; 2D adjustable armrests
  • Comfort: standard padding; removable neck and lumbar cushions
  • Support: steel frame; 5-star base; gas lift
  • Warranty: 6-month warranty, free return or refund within 30 days

This is a comfortable gaming chair. It’s cheap. The recliner adds another dimension for reading, watching TV or napping. Given the limited 6-month warranty, it won’t hold up well to heavy daily use. But if you need a cheap recliner with good ergonomics, the Furmax Recliner is your best option.

Furmax Chair on Amazon $129.99

Devoko Gaming Chair

Rated #10
Current price: $109.98

Devoko cheap gaming chairs

The Devoko Gaming Chair brings us full circle. It’s pretty much the same chair as the #1-ranking Homall. Homall ranks #1 because it’s Amazon’s best-selling gaming chair. Devoko ranks #10 on our list because it compares with Homall and is also popular. But it has less reviews.

This shows how all cheap gaming chairs on this list are comparable. If you want to get blown away by features, check out our the best expensive chairs.

If you want a solid gaming chair at rock bottom prices, check out the Devoko. Like the Homall, it’s a compact chair best for kids and slim adults. It also has fixed armrests rather than adjustable ones.

In contrast, this model also costs a bit more than the Homall, with a shorter warranty of only six months.

Devoko sizing

The Devoko is a compact gaming chair best suited for slim average sizes.

Homall gaming chair size chart

  • Seat width & depth: 19.8″ (W) x 20.5″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 30.5″ (H), 19.8″
  • Total height: 46.6″ to 50.5″

Devoko Chair on Amazon $109.98

Key Devoko features

Devoko cheap gaming chair

Devoko’s budget gaming chair comes with very basic features:

  • Functionality: deep recline to 180°; 360° swivel; fixed armrests.
  • Comfort: standard padding; removable neck and lumbar cushions.
  • Support: basic steel frame; gas lift; rolling casters.
  • Warranty: 6-month warranty; free return or refund within 30 days.

It’s cheap, looks good and supports the back just fine. If you are on a very tight budget, the Devoko will give you decent value for money.

Devoko Chair on Amazon $109.98


Cheap gaming chairs vs expensive gaming chair differences

Both cheap and expensive gaming chairs support proper posture while sitting. Check our cheap vs expensive comparison to learn more. In brief, expensive models have 3D or 4D adjustable armrests. They also have superior padding and upholstery.

To cover the quality gap, cheap gaming chairs tend to have more gimmicky features. These include things like retractable footrests, built-in speakers and massage units.

If you get a chance, test out both expensive and cheap gaming chairs in a showroom. Both classes are very comfortable. Even after a few hours of sitting, it’s hard to tell the difference.

The difference becomes clearer after a few months. Cheap chairs use inferior padding that doesn’t stand up as well to heavy daily use. That’s why most cheap chairs come with shorter warranties.

The limited limited armrest adjustability in cheap chairs can also become a problem. Armrests in place take on the weight of the arms. Sitting full-time with armrests out of place removes a key point of support for your body. After a while, wrist pain may crop up.

TLDR: if you plan to sitting in your gaming chair full-time, pay more for an expensive gaming chair. If you only need a gaming chair a few hours a day, a cheap model will hold up well and provide much better value.

Who should buy a cheap gaming chair?

There are two key points. First, cheap gaming chairs are for part time use. If you need to sit full-time, a cheap gaming chair will get very uncomfortable after a few months. With part-time use of a few hours per day, cheap gaming chairs will last over a year.

Second, most gaming chairs fit people of average height and moderate waist size. The only model on this list serving extra tall and extra wide users is the Nokaxus.

Part-time users of moderate size include students and adult workers.

Students spend all day at school sitting in cheap chairs. Coming home to a gaming chair gives them solid ergonomics in their bedroom. It’s a comfortable way to wind down their day as they do homework or use their computer.

Cheap gaming chair for kids
A cheap gaming chair is an easy way to teach young people healthy posture habits.

Because most chairs are compact, they especially make great bedroom chairs for adolescents. Using a gaming chair can help them forge pristine posture habits.

As for adults, how many come home after work and zone out on the couch? After eight hours sitting in a cheap office chair at work, sitting in a sofa will make your back feel worse.

Using a cheap gaming chair at home
Adults can game at home after work with a cheap chair to support healthy posture.

Cheap gaming chairs are the perfect alternative. Use them a few hours a day during the week and full time on weekends.

In summary, for both students and adults, cheap gaming chairs – used part time – offer great value. They offer a cheap way to upgrade your sofa, maximize relaxation and support your back.

Best way to use a cheap gaming chair

When you order a gaming chair it will get delivered to your home or office in a box. All chairs reviewed in this guide are easy to assemble. Crack open the box, assemble the seat, build the base, then put those together.

Gaming chair delivery and assembly
Assembling a gaming chair is easily done in around 15 minutes

After assembly, you should play around with all of the settings – armrests, gas-powered height adjuster, and reclining backrest.

The reclining key should be to find your sweet spot, which should be between 100-110 degrees. Check our Ultimate Gaming Chair User Guide to learn more about how to best use your new gaming chair.

The most important thing you will gain is proper ergonomic support for long sitting hours. This will improve your posture and increase vitality.

Remember that cheap chairs work best with part-time use. Take breaks every 30 minutes to walk around and stretch your legs. Sitting in a cheap chair ten hours a day on weekends should be fine. Sitting that much seven days a week will break down the chair.


If buy a budget gaming chair for under $200, expect a less durable product compared to $300+ premium chairs. However, even at budget prices, it’s important to keep in mind key features. These include adjustability, height control, design and the materials used in the chair.


This refers to changes you can make to the chair in order to allow for the ideal amount of comfort. Look for things like reclining options, adjustable arms and foot rests.

Budget gaming chair reclining feature
All reviewed chairs come with deep recline.

Note: while multiple reclining options are convenient, the ideal working position in these chairs is between 100-100 degrees recline.

Gaming chair reclining angles
For long hours of working, the ideal angle is somewhere in the green zone

Height Control

Height control allows you to be level with the television or computer screen. All gaming chairs have this feature. Look for the adjustment lever under the seat.

This is especially important for taller users who may need more leg space, or shorter users who want to be at a high enough level to game efficiently. Also, if your desk is too high or too low, your gaming chair can adjust to make it comfortable.


There’s no sense spending money on a good gaming chair if it doesn’t look cool. Most cheap gaming chairs offer comparable features. Thus, you can focus on the styling.

Take your time to choose a chair you find stylish. Make sure its dimensions and features will provide you the comfort you need. Then choose a color scheme and upholstery style. Achieving a solid balance between comfort and style will provide you the best value for your money.

Materials Used

All of the gaming chairs on this list are either covered in PU leather, or come with it as trimming.

PU leather is made by treating the fibrous part left after making genuine leather with a polyurethane coating. Essentially, PU leather is cheaper than real leather and easier to clean.

Cheaper chairs use cheaper PU leather blends. These aren’t as soft as premium blends, and don’t last as long. Cheaper chairs also use less dense padding. More expensive ones use ultra durable cold foam padding. You can sit on high quality padding for up to eight hours and feel great. Cheaper chair padding won’t hold up as well.


Cheap gaming chairs are not as luxurious as expensive models. In other news, off-brand $40 sneakers are not as nice as $300 Nike trainers.

Cheap gaming chairs fill a definite need in the market. Even cheap chairs are a big upgrade over office chairs. That’s because gaming chairs are good for your back.

Cheap gaming chairs help prevent back pain
A cheap gaming chair is a good investment to support your back.

All chairs reviewed in this guide are great values. They promote good posture and comfortable seating for hours at a time.

We based our rankings on three factors. These were Amazon popularity, each company’s reputation and the usability of each product.

Thus, there’s no real ‘best’ chair on this list. For the price class, all are great options. Choose a style you like, check its features, make sure it fits and then you are ready to buy.

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