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Best GTRacing Gaming Chairs reviewed (2021 edition)

GTRacing has been in business since 2015. Over the years, the company has thrived by producing cheap and durable gaming chairs. Each year brings new products. This article covers the entire GTRacing product line. Looking for the best GTRacing gaming chair in 2021? Keep reading to find the perfect model for your needs.

GTRacing gaming chairs
Some of GTRacing’s most popular Pro, Ace, and Footrest Series gaming chairs

At present, GTRacing offers three main gaming chair collections. Here they’re listed in descending order from premium to budget prices:

  • Ace Series: pro features, 5-year warranty. ($199-$299)
  • Luxury Series: pro features, 400-pound support, 2-year warranty. ($199-$245)
  • GTRacing Pro Series: 2D armrests, 2-year warranty. ($139-$175)
  • Within the Ace Series are small, medium, and large models. In the Pro Series collection, you’ll find Racing Style chairs, with a footrest or Bluetooth speakers.

Best Premium GTRacing Gaming Chairs

All premium GTRacing gaming chairs come with 4D armrests. Ace Series chairs also include a 5-year warranty. In comparison, Luxury Series chairs have pro features and extra-large dimensions. However, those models only come with a 2-year warranty.

Here are the best GTRacing gaming chairs of 2021.

  1. GTRacing Ace L3 — Large and luxurious; integrated lumbar ($299)
  2. Ace M1 — Pro esports features ($329)
  3. GTRacing Luxury Series — Big and tall luxury ($199.99)
  4. Ace S1 — with 4D armrests ($199)
  5. GTRacing Pro Series — 2D armrest and a low price tag ($139)
  6. Music Series — built-in Bluetooth speakers (from $159)
  7. GTRacing Footrest Series — with retractable footrest (from $165)

Ace L3 Series

GTRacing price: $299.99

The Ace L3 is a straight-up clone of the Secretlab Titan. It has the same features, similar dimensions, and three key Titan features.

GTRacing Ace L3 gaming chairs
Ace L3 chairs come in four sleek PU leather designs.

First, L3 chairs have flat, wide seats offering plenty of legroom. Second, they all include an integrated depth-adjustable lumbar support. Third, all models come with a free 5-year warranty extension.

Ace L3 specifications

The Ace L3 chair is a Secretlab Titan clone. It comes with a similar design, the same features, and the same spacious seating dimensions.

Ergonomic featuresDimensions

  • Functionality: 4D armrests; recline to 160°; multifunction tilt-lock.
  • Comfort: high-density foam padding; neck and lumbar support cushions.
  • Foundation: steel frame; Class 3 gas lift; 60 mm PU-coated casters.
  • Warranty: one year (extendable to five years).

To qualify for the warranty extension, post a photo of your chair on social media. Then email a screenshot to GTRacing support to lock in your extension (details).

GTRacing doesn’t include a size rating for this chair. Based on its similarity to Secretlab Titan dimensions, use the Titan size rating as reference. Thus, users 5’9″ (175 cm) or taller should fit in L3 chairs.

  • Seat width x depth: 21.6″ (W) x 20.8″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 21.25″ (W) x 32.68″ (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 18.89″ to 22.04″
  • Chair height: 50.7″ to 53.9″
  • Size rating: maximum weight capacity 350 pounds.

Buying advice

The Ace L3 chair is a Secretlab Titan clone that’s around $100 cheaper. If you can afford either, we suggest buying the real thing.

GTRacing Ace L3 gaming chair review

But for those on a budget, the L3 gives you the chance to sit like a ‘rich’ person.

Ace L3 from GTRacing $299

At present, Ace L3 chairs are only available from the GTRacing website.

Luxury Series GTXM Black

GTRacing price: $199.99

The GTRacing Luxury Series is a collection of big and tall, full-featured gaming chairs. The GTXM Black is a cheaper clone of the Noblechairs Icon.

Luxury Series GTXM Black
The GTXM resembles the Noblechairs ICON but costs around $180 less.

Both models have the same design, features, and warranty. The GTXM Black costs around $180 less than the Icon. Why pay more?

Chair features

The GTXM Black has the same features as all Luxury Series gaming chairs.

  • Functionality: 4D armrests; 20° tilt lock; recline to 170°
  • Comfort: premium cold cure foam padding; neck and lumbar pillows.
  • Upholstery: premium PU leather.
  • Support: steel frame; metal base; class 4 gas lift; rubber casters.
  • Warranty: one year on parts; 30 days return policy. Buying direct from GTRacing extends the warranty to two years.


  • Seat width x depth: 19.6″ (W) x 21.6″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 17.7″ (W) x 32.3″ (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 18.3″ to 22.2″
  • Total height: 50.5″ to 54.5″
  • Size rating: 5’6″ to 6’2″; weight capacity 400 pounds

Buying advice

Most of the best big and tall gaming chairs cost over $300. The GTXM Black matches the features and durability of those models, with a lower price tag.

If you’re looking to save money without compromising quality, any Luxury Series model is a great option. Check out all models in our GTRacing Luxury Series gaming chair review.

GTXM Black from GTRacing $199.99

Ace M1 Series

GTRacing price: $329.99

The Ace M1 is one of a handful of chairs offering pro features for less than $300. It comes with 4D armrests, high-density padding, a multifunction tilt-lock, and more.

GTRacing Ace M1 chair review
Ace M1 chairs offer high-end ergonomic features for less than $300.

The sub-$300 price is only on Amazon. When you buy direct from GTRacing (qualifying for an extended warranty, the price is higher.

Ace M1 specifications

Ace M1 chairs come fully loaded with the same ergonomic features as the world’s best luxury gaming chairs.

Ace M1 chair features
Standout features include 4D armrests and a multifunction tilt lock.

It also matches the 5-year warranty protection offered by Secretlab and AKRacing. The big difference is the price — Ace M1 chairs are cheaper than the competition.

Ergonomic featuresDimensions

  • Functionality: 4D armrests; recline to 170°; multifunction tilt-lock.
  • Comfort: high-density foam padding; neck and lumbar support cushions.
  • Foundation: steel frame; powder-coated aluminum base; gas lift; PU-coated casters.
  • Warranty: one year (extendable to five years).

Ace M1 chairs have slightly larger dimensions than Ace S1 chairs:

  • Seat width x depth: 21.26″ (W) x 22.83″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 21.25″ (W) x 32.68″ (D)
  • Floor to seat range: 18.89″ to 22.04″
  • Chair height: 50.7″ to 53.9″
  • Size rating: 5’4″ to 6’1″; 330 pounds.

Buying advice

GTRacing has clearly taken inspiration from the Secretlab Omega for its M1 designs.
The GTRacing Ace M1 comes with impressive features and high-end warranty protection for a great price. There are three PU leather models and one fabric style to choose from. All are classy, conservative designs suitable for both gamers and office workers.

GTRacing Ace M1 Series gaming chairs

If you’re looking for a high-end pro esports chair but don’t have much to spend, the Ace M1 Series is the perfect option. To learn more, check out our GTRacing Ace M1 Series chair review.

Ace M1 from GTRacing $199

The Ace M1 is also available on Amazon for $289.99.

Ace S1 Series

GTRacing price: $199.99

In mid-2020, GTRacing launched the Ace S1 Series. That model disrupted the cheap gaming chair pricing model by offering higher-end features than other sub-$200 gaming chairs.

GTRacing Ace gaming chair review
GTRacing Ace chairs offer pro features and a 5-year warranty for less than $200.

There are five designs in the S1 collection: three PU leather chairs and two fabric ones.

Ace S1 specifications

Ace S1 chairs rank as the best models on the market priced under $200. No other gaming chair in this price class comes with 4D armrests and a 5-year warranty.

GTRacing Ace chair features

Here’s a summary of the features and dimensions of S1 chairs:

Ergonomic featuresDimensions

  • Functionality: 4D armrests; recline to 165°; rocking and tilt tension.
  • Comfort: high-density foam padding; neck and lumbar support cushions.
  • Foundation: steel frame; Class 3 gas lift; XL PU-coated casters.
  • Warranty: one year (extendable to five years).

To qualify for the warranty extension, post a photo of your chair on social media. Email a screenshot to support ‘at’ to confirm your extension (details).

Ace S1 chairs suits average sizes with slim figures. Users with thick legs or wide hips may find Ace chair dimensions a bit too snug:

  • Seat width x depth: 19.69″ (W) x 21.65″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 21.26″ (W) x 32.28″ (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 17.72″ to 22.14″
  • Chair height: 49.21″ to 53.15″
  • Size rating: 5’3″ to 6’1″; maximum weight capacity 290 pounds.

Buying advice

The GTRacing Ace S1 is an upgraded version of the super-popular GTRacing Pro Series chairs. Compared to the Pro Series, Ace chairs offer fresher designs and better armrest adjustability. Ace chairs also give you the option of extending to a longer warranty.

GTRacing Ace gaming chair conclusion

For these reasons, paying a few dollars more to buy an Ace over a Pro Series chair is well worth it. To learn more, check out our GTRacing Ace S1 Series chair review.

Ace S1 from GTRacing $199

The Ace S1 is also available on Amazon for $154.99.

Best GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chairs

The Pro Series is the original GTRacing gaming chair. The base model comes with 2D armrests, deep recline functionality, and compact dimensions.

Addons to the base model include Bluetooth speakers and a retractable footrest.

Buying tip: buying directly from GTRacing qualifies you for a free warranty extension of 2 years. Buying from Amazon yields lower prices, but a strict 1-year warranty.

Pro Series GT099 Red

GTRacing price: $149-$189

The GTRacing Pro Series is GTRacing’s most popular product line. Like Ace Series chairs, these chairs have compact dimensions best suited to slim adults of average height.

GTRacing GT099 Classic Red
The GT099 is the most popular Pro Series model.

The GT099 Classic Red is the most popular model. On Amazon, it remains one of the all-time top sellers.

Pro Series chair specs

Across the entire Pro Series product line, features and dimensions are the same. The main difference between models is the upholstery and styling.

Most chairs in the sub-$200 price range offer fixed (or 1D) armrests and a 6-month or 1-year warranty. GTRacing Pro Series chairs stand out with 2D armrests and a 2-year warranty (when you buy direct).

Ergonomic featuresDimensions

  • Functionality: 2D armrests; recline to 170°
  • Comfort: high density foam padding; neck and lumbar pillows.
  • Cover material: standard PU leather trim in 2-tone or tri-color designs.
  • Support: steel frame; metal base; class 4 gas lift; smooth rolling casters.
  • Warranty: one year (non-extendable).

Pro Series seats are a good fit for teens and slim adults of average height. GTRacing rates Pro Series chairs to support up to 330 pounds. In reality, people that heavy would be too wide for these chairs.

For slim adults or teens, the 330-pound rating ensures a super-solid build. Sitting in a Pro Series chair feels like sitting in a tank.

  • Seat width x depth: 21.26″ (W) x 22.8″ (D)
  • Backrest height x width: 32.5″ (H), 21.5″ (W)
  • Floor to seat range: 17.32″ to 21.56″
  • Total height: 48.8″ to 52″
  • Size rating: 5’4″ to 5’11”; maximum weight capacity 330 pounds

Buying advice

Pro Series gaming chairs are a great low-risk option. They’re cheap, easy to use, and durable. That makes them a great option for students and the budget-minded.

GTRacing Pro Series gaming chairs
GTRacing Pro Series chairs have basic features and affordable prices.

If you’re not keen on the red design, there are many other options. Check our detailed Pro Series chair review to learn more.

Pro Series Red from GTRacing $139.99

The Pro Series Red is also available on Amazon for $109.59.

Bluetooth Music Series

GTRacing price: $179-$199

We’re not fans of gaming chairs with Bluetooth speakers — proper speakers of a gaming headset works much better. Even so, GTRacing Music chairs are very popular. Big holes fit into the upper backrest to house the speakers. You need to run a USB from the backrest to your computer to charge the speakers.

A 3-hour charge will get you 5-6 hours of music time within a 5-meter range of your PC. For this to work, your computer needs to have a built-in Bluetooth connection. If not sure how to check on a Windows machine, refer to this Microsoft guide for help.

GTRacing Music Series gaming chairs
Bluetooth speaker gaming chairs offer surround sound through the backrest.

Despite the clunky charging process, the end result is pleasing. Stereo sound effects blast from speakers on both sides of the chair. It’s an immersive sonic experience that enhances gameplay to a noticeable degree. Most people who try it will get blown away by the level of immersion.

GT890M Music Series

GT890M Music Series gaming chair
The GT890M is a Classic model with added Bluetooth speakers.

One model in the Music Series line is the GT890M. This is a GT099-RED (best-selling Classic model) with added speakers.

Music Series chairs from GTRacing $179-$199

Music Series chairs are also available on Amazon for $159.99.

Footrest Series

GTRacing price: $179-$199

Like Music Series chairs, Footrest Series models are enhanced Pro Series chairs. When working upright, fold the footrest so that it stashes under your seat. When it’s time to relax, retract the footrest, deepen your chair’s recline, and kick your feet up.

GTRacing footrest series gaming chairs
GT901 and GTF39 Footrest Series gaming chairs.

GTRacing also makes footrest gaming chairs optimized for the living room. For example, the GTF39 Series comes with fixed, extra padded armrests and a retractable footrest. At a desk, the fixed padded arms aren’t ideal. In the living, room, those plus the footrest deliver a luxurious throne for gaming or watching movies.

Footrest Office Series from GTRacing $165-$199

Footrest Pro Series chairs are available on Amazon for $174.99. The GTF39 (living room edition) footrest chair is also available on Amazon for Price not available.

GTRacing gaming chair overview

How to buy GTRacing chairs

Based on the incentives it stacks up, GTRacing prefers customers to buy directly. The company has set up warehouse and logistics systems serving the United States, UK, and EU.

Buy direct

Buying direct from GTRacing gets you the opportunity for direct support and extended warranty protection.

Buy from third parties

GTRacing also sells on many third-party sites like Amazon. Third-party buys will get you lower prices, but a strict 1-year warranty.

Even if you buy from third parties, knowing that GTRacing can honor extended warranties is handy. Even without an extra warranty, these chairs are built to last.

GTRacing gaming chair warranty

Any GTRacing gaming chair purchased through a third party comes with a 1-year warranty. If you buy direct from the GTRacing website, you get warranty extension options.

  • All chairs: register using the above link after you buy your chair. That will qualify you for an extended 2-year warranty.
  • Ace Series: post a photo of your chair on social media (FB, Twitch, Reddit, Youtube, Twitter). Then send a screenshot by email to the GTRacing team. That gets you a whopping five years of warranty protection.


GTRacing gaming chairs are among the top sellers on ChairsFX. There’s a lot to love about these chairs. All models are affordable, comfortable, and ruggedly durable. On top of that, GTRacing’s customer service team is very helpful. If anything goes wrong with your GTRacing chair, somebody from their team will help you to resolve your problem.

Review of the best GTRacing gaming chairs of 2021

For part-time or casual use, Pro, Footrest, and Music Series chairs will do the job. For more luxury or full-time sitting support, consider buying an Ace chair instead.

Check the latest deals on the GTRacing site

If you don’t need an extended warranty, find cheaper prices in the GTRacing store on Amazon.

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