Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Gaming chairs have become very popular. They have flamboyant good looks and impressive features. But they cost a lot more than office chairs. Are gaming chairs worth it? This article looks at both sides of that debate.
Are gaming chairs worth it?

Cheap office chairs cost around $60, while cheap gaming chairs cost around $150. Expensive gaming chairs often cost more than $400. Besides unique looks, what’s the point of paying so much more for a gaming chair? The answer depends on your sitting habits.

Is it worth buying a gaming chair?

Some people have no problem using their phone as a camera. Others prefer to spend thousands on DSLR camera kits.

In similar manner, many have no problem sitting on conventional chairs. Those that do have problems will find gaming chairs a worthwhile option.

Why gaming chairs ARE worth it

The average American worker spends around 11 hours sitting each working day. This includes their working time plus time at home either watching TV or gaming.

Alternative ergonomic office chairs
These products support the back in theory but rarely in practice.

To counteract issues caused by excessive sedentary time, some people use standing desks. Others sit on medicine balls. There’s even an exercise bike office desk combo. Gaming chairs have none of the wackiness of these solutions. Rather, they support proper spinal alignment while sitting for long hours.

Gaming chairs are worth it for people who sit full time for a living. Early in the day most people sit straight, using their back muscles to hold up the body. As the day wears on they begin to wilt. Gaming chairs support the body so the muscles don’t have to.

Gaming chair support pillows
Rest your back against gaming chair support pillows to give the muscles a break.

Energy saved from working the muscles then becomes available for productive pursuits. That’s why gaming chairs are also worth it for pro gamers and professionals.

If you’re a full time computer user seeking a productivity boost, a gaming chair is an obvious choice.

Why gaming chairs are NOT worth it

Gaming chairs are not worth it in a few cases. First, if you don’t spend much time sitting every day, there is little point in paying more than you need to for a chair.

People who stand all day
People who stand all day will have little need for a gaming chair.

Second, if you do sit long hours but have no back or posture problems, a gaming chair may not be worth buying either. Good posture is a habit. If you already have that habit ingrained, a gaming chair may be an unnecessary expense.

Finally, a gaming chair may not be worth it if you move often. That’s because these chairs are very heavy and difficult to move. For example, most gaming chairs are too big to fit in a car without taking them apart.

Why pay extra for a gaming chair?

So gaming chairs support the back during long hours of sitting. They also cost much more than office chairs. But why are gaming chairs so expensive? What do you get for the extra cost? Below we show what gaming chairs offer to justify their expense.

Bold Design

First up, let’s take a look at the design of a gaming chair. Most likely, it will be a sharply designed chair straight out of the cockpit of a rally car. You can expect to see bold colors, futuristic patterns, and aggressive styling. Some models even feature color patterns inspired by popular games and characters.

Colorful gaming chairs

Gaming chairs almost always come with a bucket seat, as seen in almost all cars that claim to be sporty these days. These seats serve a practical purpose – they are not just for show.

The high backrest and support cushions support good posture. Height adjustability lets you position your screen at eye level to prevent neck strain. Adjustable armrests help with carpal tunnel syndrome. Gaming chairs also have rocking and reclining functions to help you relax.

Thus, gaming chairs feature flashy designs, but these are not just for show. Rather, gaming chair designs support the body during long siting sessions.

Level of comfort

Gaming chair comfort example
Gaming chairs are comfortable and good for your back.

If you’re a gamer, you know that gaming sessions can last for hours, sometimes from dusk to dawn. Having a comfortable chair should be of paramount importance for any serious gamer.

At first, gaming chairs may feel less comfortable than their office counterparts. This is because gaming chairs support good posture. However, most people are used to slouching in their office chairs. Thus, sitting with proper spinal alignment requires an adjustment period. Until your body adjusts, sitting in a gaming chair may feel awkward.

Over the long-term, gaming chairs provide many benefits. These are a direct result of sitting with good posture. Therefore, office chairs may be more comfortable over a single sitting. But gaming chairs prove more comfortable over the long term.


Gaming chair reclining options
Set upright for work, and with greater recline for relaxing.

Gaming chairs are miles ahead of office chairs in terms of adjustability. Even the most affordable gaming chairs have some advanced options in this regard.

The armrests are height adjustable. Premium chairs come with 4D adjustable armrests. You can adjust the height, width, and angle of armrests until you find your sweet spot.

Along with adjustable armrests, gaming chairs have reclining backrests. Almost all models, even the cheap ones, allow you to lean back while playing or watching movies. Many of the better models also let you lock the backrest in a slanted position.

Size variations

Another reason to pay extra for a gaming chair is to tailor it to your body size. A well fitting gaming chair will support the back, neck and shoulders while sitting. Choosing the right sized chair will ensure you get the best body support for your money.

Most mainstream gaming chairs will fit normal sized people. There are also specialty chairs for small sizes, and extra heavy sizes.

Optimal computing ergonomics

Ergonomic engineers study human efficiency in working environments. They use observations, principles and data to enhance human well-being and performance. Since the first gaming chair came out in 2006, thousands have taken to using these chairs. That having given gaming chair companies plenty of data to keep refining their models.

Gaming chair vs office chair
Gaming chairs support healthy posture for long periods of sitting.

Today, the most advanced gaming chairs support optimal computing in a few ways. First, the armrests support the arms and wrists. They also ensure that arms are in the best position for using a mouse and keyboard.

Second, the tall backrest and support pillows support the neck and lower back. As you get tired sitting straight, lean into the backrest and let the chair support your body.

By eliminating muscle strain, users gain energy to work longer with better focus.

Final Verdict

Gaming chairs support good posture for long sitting hours
Gaming chairs are worth it if you need good back support.

Gaming chairs are worth the investment for people who spend long hours sitting at a computer. Gaming chairs address poor sitting habits and teach you how to sit with correct posture.

Sitting in a gaming chair is extremely comfortable while also being good for you. You will enjoy deeper breathing, better blood flow, improved posture and improved wellness.

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