Is a Gaming Chair Worth It?

Gaming chair worth compared to office chairs

Gaming chairs have become hugely popular in recent years, thanks to their flamboyant looks and built-in features. However, traditionalists still find the office chair irreplaceable. Some go as far as to claim that a gaming chair is just a gimmick.

However, after stacking up all of the unique advantages that gaming chairs offer, it's pretty clear gaming chairs are not a gimmick. Rather, ChairsFX considers them an emerging technology. Despite excessive screen-based sedentary time causing health problems around the world, gaming chairs are one of the only technologies that directly addresses that problem. 

Gaming chair value proposition

The average American office worker spends 11 hours per working day on screen-based sedentary time. This includes their working time plus time at home either watching TV or gaming. 

To counteract the health issues caused by poor posture and excessive sedentary time, some people use standing desks. Others sit on medicine balls. There's even an exercise bike office desk combo. Gaming chairs have none of the wackiness of these solutions, but a very practical benefit: they are specifically designed to support proper spinal alignment while sitting for long hours. 

Gaming chair support pillows

Properly positioned cushions support the spine's natural curves

Below we break down all of the different ways that gaming chairs prove their worth as a viable long-term health investment. 


First up, let’s take a look at the design of a gaming chair. Most likely, it will be a sharply designed chair straight out of the cockpit of a rally car. You can expect to see bold colors, futuristic patterns, and aggressive styling. Some models even feature color patterns inspired by popular games and characters.

Colorful gaming chairs

Gaming chairs almost always come with a bucket seat, as seen in almost all cars that claim to be sporty these days. While these seats may serve a practical purpose in race cars, they are mostly for show in gaming chairs. Gaming chairs may look big but the actual seating area tends to be smaller than that of office chairs.

Level of comfort

Gaming chair comfort example

If you’re a gamer, you know that gaming sessions can last for hours, sometimes from dusk to dawn. Therefore, having a comfortable chair is of paramount importance for any serious gamer.

Initially, gaming chairs will be far less comfortable than their office counterparts. This is because gaming chairs are specifically designed to support good posture. Since most people are used to slouching in their office chairs, sitting with proper spinal alignment requires an adjustment period that may be uncomfortable.   

However, over the long-term gaming chairs provide a host of other benefits that are a direct result of sitting with correct posture.  Thus, while office chairs may be more comfortable over a single sitting, gaming chairs prove vastly more comfortable over the long term. 


It might come as a surprise to some, but the size of the chair matters as well. Because their designs are specifically engineered to support the back, choosing the right-sized gaming chair is an important part of the buying process. 

Conversely, most office chairs (which generally favor style over ergonomics) are one-size-fits-all. 


Gaming chair reclining options

Set upright for work, and with greater recline for relaxing

Gaming chairs are known for their exceptional adjustability. Even the most affordable models have some advanced options in this regard.

The armrests are always height adjustable. The more desirable models feature 4D armrest adjustment where you can adjust the height, width, and angle of the armrests.

Along with adjustable armrests, a gaming chair will typically have a reclining backrest. Almost all models, including the cheap ones, allow you to lean back while playing or watching movies. Many of the better models also let you lock the backrest in a slanted position.

Additional features

As opposed to the simpler office chairs, gaming chairs are often equipped with gaming gadgets and accessories. The most common additions include Bluetooth connectivity, speakers, and steering wheels and pedals.

Optionally, you can install a wide range of extras on a gaming chair. For example, it might have provisions for a monitor holder, gearshift platform, or motion platform. Also, keyboard and mouse holders can be added, as well as many other add-ons and extras.

These accessories can significantly improve your gaming experience. They may allow for deeper immersion in the games than you could ever achieve with a standard office chair.


Gaming chairs start at around $100 and up to $800. Of course, the price tag alone may not determine the quality of the chair but can be quite handy when comparing multiple models.

If you compare a typical office chair to a typical gaming chair in the same price range, the former will likely be more comfortable while the latter more adjustable, angled, and feature-rich.

Final Verdict

Gaming chair benefits compared to office chair

Gaming chairs are well worth the investment for people who spend long hours gaming or working at a computer. Gaming chairs address poor sitting habits and teach you how to sit with correct posture

Sitting in a gaming chair is extremely comfortable while also being good for you. Enjoy deeper breathing, better blood flow, improved posture and improved wellness. 

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