Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair Review



Founded in 2016, Noblechairs is a Berlin-based manufacturer made up of “seasoned industry veterans unsatisfied with what the gaming chair market had to offer”. Thus, they gave free reign to their team of German engineers to develop a range of upmarket gaming chairs. The EPIC is their original luxury gaming chair – and still their top seller.

Noblechairs Epic gaming chairs

The Epic Series are solidly built and look fantastic

The EPIC is a masterpiece of German engineering, built using superior quality materials for a plush seating experience that offers superior ergonomics. 

A luxurious chair with amazing design
If you need a comfortable, posture-enhancing chair for extended hours of gaming or working, the Noblechairs EPIC series is a great choice - for those willing to pay extra for luxury styling.

Noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair overview

This section breaks down the best and the worst of the Noblechairs EPIC gaming chair to help you make an informed buying decision. 

Three Noblechairs Epic gaming chairs

Key features

The Noblechairs EPIC is majestic. The above pictured PU leather models are finely perforated for optimal breathability and finished with diamond pattern stitching in the lumbar and seating areas. On the sides, the leather is framed by strips of rough faux velour leather that feels like suede.

Noblechairs Epic gaming chairs

Noblechairs Epic PU leather editions

  • Classy luxury car seat styling designed in Germany, made in China
  • Adjustable backrest reclines 90 to 135 degrees
  • Solid steel frame, cold foam padding, 5-point aluminium base, 60mm smooth rolling casters and hydraulic gas lift
  • 4D armrests for maximum adjustability
  • Includes two pillows for lumbar and neck support
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

Who this product is for

The Noblechairs EPIC is designed to fit people between 5'4 and and 6'4 (165 to 195 centimeters) and support up to 330 pounds (150 kg). Of course the primary benefit of a gaming chair is to promote good posture while seated for long hours. To that end, the Noblechairs EPIC works perfectly.

Noblechairs EPIC size chart

If you are willing to pay a premium for higher quality materials and manufacturing, both the genuine leather and PU leather options are worth considering. Expect a gaming chair that looks great and more importantly makes you feel great.

Noblechairs Epic black PU leather model

A premium gaming chair that looks great and will do wonders for your posture

What we like

The Noblechairs EPIC gaming chair is designed in Germany, made in China, and built using the highest quality materials. The wheel base is solid and the casters roll smoothly. The gas lift works as it should, and the entire package feels very sturdy. In addition the perforated diamond-stitched design looks sublime.

Noblechairs Epic PU leather closeup

The breathable PU leather is durable, easy to clean and luxurious

What we don’t like

The Noblechairs Epic is an incredible gaming chair – outside of the premium pricing, it’s hard to find flaws in this masterpiece.

Noblechairs Epic and Mercedes in showroom

Photographed the right way, this looks like a chair for Kings

The only thing we could come up with is the lumbar and neck cushions. Their quality is great and they work as they should. However, notice that most promotional images of the EPIC are taken without the cushions, which makes them look like works of art.

Noblechairs Epic lumbar and neck pillows

With the cushions in place (which are necessary for proper ergonomic support), the EPIC looks less spectacular – an internal lumbar mechanism (like that found on the Secretlab Titan) would make a huge styling difference.

Other Noblechairs models

Because of the popularity of the EPIC model, Noblechairs has since expanded their line to include two even more luxurious models. Both have similar features to the ICON  with some enhanced luxury features and specialized support for large-sized users.

Noblechairs ICON
This spinoff of the Epic features a modified backrest design and has larger dimensions designed to support users up to six foot four and weighing up to 330 pounds. While the Epic has been the longtime flagship pf the Noblechairs brand, this model looks set to become it's equal for big and tall users in particular.
Noblechairs HERO
The HERO model borrows much of the same elements as the EPIC but sets itself apart with an enlarged seat area and backrest, plus enhanced lumbar support for extra luxurious ergonomic support. Like the ICON, it supports large sizes up to six feet four weighing up to 330 pounds.

Noblechairs EPIC Alternatives

Like most luxury gaming chairs, Noblechairs products offer superb quality, excellent ergonomics and stunning design. Check out our mega-guide of the best premium gaming chairs on the market to see how the Epic compares.  

However, those looking for a wider set of features (like footrests, Bluetooth speakers and deep recline to 180 degrees, check out our list of top budget gaming chairs instead. Note that while many top budget models beat Noblechairs products in terms of features, they fall far behind in terms of quality and comfort. 

Why invest in a gaming chair?

At $300+, a premium chair investment really needs to offer more than just good looks. In that light, the Noblechairs Epic really delivers, offering superior ergonomic support that will benefit your health, work habits and vitality in ways you never imagined possible. 


The Noblechairs Epic bills itself as one of the most luxurious gaming chairs on the market and delivers. At around $50 less than some of the other leading brands, you get supreme comfort and excellent ergonomic support in a very stylish package that will make you look and feel like royalty.

However, there aren’t any standout features – just top-to-bottom quality and good looks. If you’re looking for cutting edge ergonomic gaming chair designs, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for ergonomic support and comfort in a durable build that looks great, the Noblechairs Epic is a solid choice.