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Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair Review

Founded in 2016, Noblechairs is a Berlin-based gaming chair company. The Noblechairs EPIC is their original gaming chair. It has snug dimensions, high-end features, and very unique styling. This Noblechairs EPIC review explains why this is one of the best luxury gaming chairs on the market.

Noblechairs Epic gaming chairs

The EPIC is a masterpiece of German engineering. It uses high-quality materials for a plush seating experience with solid adjustment options. Given its high price, this model is best suited to full-time computer users seeking luxury sitting support.

Noblechairs EPIC overview

This section breaks down the pros and cons of the Noblechairs EPIC gaming chair.

Gaming chair bucket seats

Key EPIC features

The Noblechairs EPIC is a good looking chair. The above pictured PU leather models come with tiny perforations to enhance breathability. Those models also come with diamond-pattern stitching in the lumbar and seating areas. On the sides, strips of suede give the chair stylish but subtle accents.

Noblechairs Epic gaming chairs
Noblechairs Epic PU leather editions.

  • Functionality: 4D armrests; recline to 135°; 11° seat angle tilt-lock.
  • Build: steel frame, 5-point aluminium base, 60mm smooth rolling casters.
  • Comfort: cold foam padding; neck & lumbar support pillows.
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Buy the EPIC $389.99

EPIC sizing

The Noblechairs EPIC is designed to fit people between 5’5″ and and 6’2″ (164 to 189 centimeters). It supports up to 265 pounds (120 kg).

Noblechairs EPIC size chart

Here’s how it stacks up to the other Noblechairs models:

Seat width & depth22" (W) x 22.2" (D)"20.3" (W) x 19.3" (D)20.5" (W) x 21.7" (D)
Backrest height and width34.2" (H), 21.4"33.8" (H), 20.5"35" (H), 22.5" (W)
Overall height51.6" to 55.5" 49.8" to 53.7"51" to 54"
Weight supportUp to 265 poundsUp to 330 poundsUp to 330 pounds
Height support5'5" to 6'2"5'5" to 6'4"5'5" to 6'4"

Notice that the EPIC is the tallest chair with the widest seat. However, it supports the least amount of height and weight. That’s because it actually provides less seating room than the HERO and ICON models.

EPIC vs HERO seat style
The Epic has a ridged seat, while the HERO’s and ICON’s is flat.

The EPIC seat differs from other Noblechairs models by using a classic racing chair design. The ridged edges restrict leg movement to ensure optimal ergonomics. That’s great for your back, but some gamers prefer having enough room to cross their legs. If so, check out the extra wide HERO or ICON models.

Likes and dislikes

The Noblechairs EPIC is a high-end model that ranks among the best gaming chairs in the world. This section takes a look at what’s to like and dislike about this product.

What we like

Noblechairs EPIC positives
The EPIC offers luxurious ergonomics and high-end features.

The Noblechairs EPIC gaming chair features classy German design and high-quality materials. The wheelbase is solid and the casters roll smoothly. The gas lift works as it should, and the entire package feels very sturdy. In addition, the perforated diamond-stitched design looks sublime.

Buy the EPIC $389.99

What we don’t like

The Noblechairs EPIC is an incredible gaming chair. Outside of the premium pricing, it’s hard to find flaws in this masterpiece.

Noblechairs Epic and Mercedes in showroom
Photographed the right way, this looks like a chair for Kings.

The main negative is the 2-year warranty. This is standard for luxury chairs, but some models offer 5-year warranties. The EPIC is for people willing to pay a premium price for a gaming chair. If it had a 5-year warranty like Secretlab and AKRacing, the price would be easier to justify.

Other Noblechairs models

Because of the popularity of the EPIC model, Noblechairs has since expanded their line to include two even more luxurious models. Both have similar features to the ICON  with some enhanced luxury features and specialized support for large-sized users. See how all three models compare in our Noblechairs brand review.

Noblechairs ICON

Noblechairs Icon premium gaming chairs

This spinoff of the Epic features a modified backrest design. It also differs with larger dimensions, supporting users up to 6’4″ weighing up to 330 pounds. This model serves as the middle ground between the slim-fit EPIC and extra-wide HERO.

Buy the ICON on Amazon Price not available

Noblechairs HERO

Noblechairs Hero gaming chair

The HERO model borrows much of the same elements as the EPIC, with two key differences. First, it has larger seat and backrest dimensions. Second, it comes with an innovative internal lumbar support system. Like the ICON, it supports large sizes up to 6’4″ weighing up to 330 pounds. Read our the detailed Noblechairs Hero review.

Buy the HERO on Amazon $459.99

Noblechairs EPIC Alternatives

Like most luxury gaming chairs, Noblechairs products offer superb quality, excellent ergonomics and stunning design. Check out our mega-guide of the best pro esports gaming chairs to see how the Epic compares.

Best pro esports chairs
These are some of the best pro esports chairs in the world.

Other luxury chairs that compare with the quality of the EPIC include the Secretlab Titan and AKRacing Master Series Pro.

Why invest in a gaming chair?

At $300+, a premium chair investment really needs to offer more than just good looks. In that light, the Noblechairs Epic really delivers. It offers superior ergonomic support that will benefit your health, work habits and vitality in ways you never imagined possible.


The Noblechairs Epic is a high-end luxury gaming chair. It has all the features of the best pro chairs, plus a sleek modern design.

The only thing to gripe about is the price. You can pay a lot less and still get pretty good back support. So why buy a Noblechairs Epic?

Noblechairs Epic black PU leather model

If you need it for full-time use, the price is easy to justify. When using it full-time the superior padding, features and build will shine through. This chair gives you everything you need for high-performance, healthy computing.

Buy the EPIC on Amazon $389.99

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