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Gaming chairs used by the top pro esports teams of all time

Video games now make more money than the U.S. movie and sports industries combined. A key driver of growth is the pro esports industry. Based on career earnings, the top esports teams of all time consistently perform at the highest levels of the industry. This article summarizes the official chairs used by the all-time-great pro esports teams.

What chairs do the best pro esports teams use?
Team Liquid, OG, and Fnatic are three of the top esports teams of all time (based on career earnings).

In 2020, global video game revenue topped $179 billion. That beats the combined revenue of the global movie and North American sports industries.

A key driver of growth is professional esports. In 2020, global esports revenues topped $1.1 billion. Three-quarters of that money comes from media rights and sponsorships.

League of Legends Finals 2020 sponsors
Corporate sponsors for the 2020 League of Legends World Championships.

As an example, the League of Legends finals is one of the world’s most-watched sporting events. Its corporate sponsors in 2019 included a stacked roster of corporate giants including Mastercard, Alienware, Louis Vuitton, and others.

The tournament lasted five weeks, with matches played in Berlin, Madrid, and Paris. Viewership peaked at a record 44 million concurrent viewers.

LOL viewership numbers 2019
Leage of Legends 2019 finals viewer numbers. (Image: Riot Games)

The total number of unique viewers over the 5-week period was 100 million. In comparison, 98 million tuned in to watch the 2019 Super Bowl.

Top teams emphasize player wellness

The most successful teams bring massive exposure and value to wealthy corporate sponsors. As a result, they have plenty of resources to put into player wellness. For example, based on earnings, Team Liquid is the most successful esports team of all time.

Team Liquid training facility
A look inside Team Liquid’s Utrecht training facility.

Last year, the team unveiled its Alienware Training Facility in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It’s a 10,000 square foot space packed with high-end gaming gear plus health and wellness features.

Team Liquid Utrecht training facility Secretlab chairs
Team Liquid using Secretlab chairs at their new Utrecht training facility.

There are chefs, physical trainers, mental coaches, gameplay review rooms, and plenty more. For gaming, there are 60 Alienware workstations. Each includes an Alienware Aurora R11 PC stacked with dual Alienware AW251HF 240Hz gaming monitors. At all workstations, there’s also a choice of a Team Liquid Omega or Titan gaming chair.

Official chairs: top all-time esports teams

This article looks at the chairs used by the top-earning esports teams, via These teams are the best-developed and built for long-term success. All have big budgets and a vested interest in maintaining player wellness. For training, most use branded hardware and ergonomic chairs.

OG International winners 2019
OG players celebrating their second-consecutive Dota 2 International Championship in 2019.

We keep track of chairs used by top pro esports teams using this spreadsheet. There, it shows that not all teams in the top-10 have chair partnerships. As a result, this article only covers teams with official chair associations.

Team Liquid: Secretlab

Career earnings: $36,233,860

Every year since its founding in 2000, this Dutch squad has been performing at the highest levels. As a result, Team Liquid has reigned as the all-time earnings leader for several years running.

Team Liquid as dominant esports champions
Team Liquid is the most successful team in the history of esports.

Today, Team Liquid has 60 pro athletes competing in 14 different titles. Those include DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite, PUBG, and more.

Secretlab Team Liquid official chairs
Official Secretlab Team Liquid chairs come in Titan and Omega versions.

At present, Team Liquid partners include Monster Energy, Honda, Twitch, and HyperX. In April 2020, the team also entered into a partnership with Secretlab.

Alienware training facility scrims room
Scrims room inside Team Liquid’s Alienware training facility.

Learn more about the deal in this ChairsFX news report. You can also check the official announcement on the Team Liquid website.

Team Liquid Edition chairs

Like all Secretlab designs, Team Liquid Edition chairs come in both Omega and Titan variants.

Both models have a regal blue base with white trim and elaborate liquid gold embroidery. There’s also herringbone stitching on the backrest, which adds a luxury car aesthetic to the design.

Secretlab Omega Team Liquid chair

Team Liquid’s signature horse icon appears on the front of the chair (in white) and back (embroidered in Liquid Gold). Also stitched on the top of the backrest is the team’s rallying cry “Ride or Die”.

Secretlab Titan Team Liquid edition $489

You can also buy the Team Liquid Omega edition for USD $449. Both models available from Secretlab for customers in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

OG: Secretlab

Career earnings: $34,348,223

Based on Europe, OG was founded by Johan “N0tail” Sundstein in 2015. Based on career earnings, he is the highest-earning esports player of all time.

OG esports Dream OG gaming chairs
N0tail (left) captains the world’s most dominant Dota 2 esports team.

Most of OG’s tournament winnings have come from playing Dota 2. The team rose to stardom after its Dota 2 squad won The International 2018 and 2019 tournaments. The team worked with Maxnomic for several years before partnering with Secretlab in January 2020. Besides Secretlab, OG partners include Red Bull, SteelSeries, and FUN88.

DreamOG Edition gaming chairs

Secretlab OG Esports official team chairs

Secretlab Omega and Titan DreamOG chairs have a navy-blue base with white and silver accents. According to n0tail, these colors “… represent all our values: simplicity, solidity, and strength.”

OG Esports official team chairs by Secretlab

Paying tribute to OG’s dual International wins, there are two Aegis icons embroidered on the right shoulder. On the backrest, inverse hexagon patterns resemble chemical bonds. Those signify the strong bond between the OG organization, its players and fans.

Secretlab Titan DreamOG edition $489

You can also buy the DreamOG Omega edition for USD $449. Both models available from Secretlab for customers in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

Evil Geniuses: Secretlab

Career earnings: $24,292,198

Founded in 1999, Evil Geniuses is based in Seattle, Washington. The team fields players in various fighting games. Those include CS:GO, Dota 2, Fortnite, Halo, League of Legends, and Rocket League. The team rose to prominence when its Dota 2 team won the International in 2015. In 2018, their Call of Duty team won the COD World Championships.

Evil Geniuses esports team

Evil Geniuses partners include Absolut vodka, Monster Energy, Razer, Twitch, and UltraGear. Previously with Maxnomic, the team partnered with Secretlab in July 2020. See this news report for details.

Evil Geniuses gaming chairs

Secretlab Evil Geniuses gaming chairs

Omega and Titan Evil Geniuses gaming have a royal blue PU leather base with white color accents. On the back, the base color is white, with blue accents.

Secretlab official Evil Geniuses chairs

EG logos are embroidered on the front and back of the chair. Along the black side wings, the team’s “LIVE EVIL” motto is embroidered in white.

Secretlab Titan Evil Geniuses Edition $489

You can also buy Evil Genius Omega editions for USD $449. Both models available from Secretlab for customers in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

Fnatic: Anda Seat

Career earnings: $15,981,725

Fnatic teams compete in Apex Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, PUBG Mobile, Rainbow Six Siege, and more. The team made history in 2011, winning the first-ever League of Legends World Championship.

Fnatic esports team victory
Fnatic is the most successful European esports team of all time.

The team also holds the record for the most League of Legends Championship Series titles in the LEC. Fnatic’s Sweden-based Counter-Strike team is also dominant. That squad has won three Global Offensive Majors and several other big tournaments.

Anda Seat Fnatic partnership

Fnatic partners include BMW, AMD, Monster Energy, and Jack Links jerky. In May 2020, the team also partnered with Anda Seat. Check this news report for details.

Fnatic edition gaming chair

The Anda Seat Fnatic Edition is upholstered in smooth bonded, scratch-resistant PVC leather. It’s a versatile chair, rated for users 5’9″ to 6’9″ with a weight capacity of 441 pounds.

Official Fnatic chairs by Anda Seat

Orange color accents pop against the gun-grey leather. Under the hood, tilt and seat height controls are also a vivid orange. Fnatic logos adorn the front and back of the chair. Logos also appear on the extra-large memory foam lumbar pillow.

Fnatic edition from Anda Seat USD $449

The Fnatic edition is also available from Amazon UK. To learn more, check our Fnatic edition chair review.

Vici Gaming: DXRacer

Career earnings: $36,233,860

Vici Gaming is the all-time Chinese esports earnings leader. Based out of Shanghai, the team competes in Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft II, FIFA, CS:GO, and others. Vici Gaming’s Dota 2 squad is the in-house earnings leader.

Vici Gaming players using DXRacer chairs

The team has no big-ticket championships. Even so, its big earnings come from consistent contention in many lucrative tournaments.

Vici Gaming, DXRacer Racing Pro Series chair

Vici Gaming partners include AMD, HyperX, and a host of big-ticket Chinese companies. The team’s chair partner is DXRacer.

DXRacer Racing PRO Series

DXRacer is the original gaming chair brand, and also a Chinese company. The team’s partnership with DXRacer is mentioned in the header of its Facebook team page. Most images show the team using a variety of DXRacer chairs.

DXRacer Racing PRO Series gaming chair
The DXRacer Racing PRO Series is the company’s flagship pro esports chair.

In the DXRacer collection, the Racing PRO Series is the specialty pro esports edition. It comes with 4D armrests, a multifunction tilt-lock, plus high-end padding and upholstery. It’s the same model Neymar uses during his CS:GO streams.

Racing PRO Series from DXRacer $399

The Racing PRO Series RV131 is (sometimes) also available on Amazon for $399.00.

Team Secret: Secretlab

Career earnings: $12,180,574

Based in Europe, Team Secret was founded in 2014 by “Puppey” Ivanov and “Cyborgmatt” Bailey. Most of the team’s career earnings have come from playing Dota 2.

Team Secret esports team

These days, the team also competes in Street Fighter, Age of Empires 2, and Rainbow Six Siege.

Team Secret special edition gaming chairs by Secretlab
Puppey and teammates using Team Secret special edition chairs.

Team Secret partners include Corsair, NVIDIA GeForce, and Twitch. In August 2018, Team Secret announced a Secretlab partnership via this Tweet.

Team Secret gaming chair

Among all Secretlab pro esports team chairs, the Team Secret edition has one of the most minimalist designs.

Official Team Secret gaming chairs

It’s a dark PU leather chair with basic white trim on the seat, side panels, and backrest.

Team Secret gaming chairs
Team Secret using custom team chairs during a training session.

The Team Secret logo appears on the front of the chair, and also in a supersized format on the back.

Titan Team Secret edition $489

You can also buy the Team Secret Omega edition for USD $449. Both models available from Secretlab for customers in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

Invictus Gaming: Secretlab

Career earnings: $11,762,005

Invictus Gaming is one of China’s most influential pro esports teams. The team was founded in 2011 by Wang Sicong. He’s the son of Wang Jianlin, one of the wealthiest men in China.

Secretlab Invictus Gaming partnership chairs

Invictus established China as an esports powerhouse after winning The International 2012. In 2018, Invictus became the first Chinese team to win the League of Legends World Championship. In 2019, the team placed first in the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) Spring 2019.

Invictus Gaming League of Legends semifinals 2019
Invictus Gaming players competing at the 2019 Worlds semifinals.

Invictus partners include Chevrolet, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, and Carl Zeiss AG Partners. In October 2020, the team also partnered with Secretlab. That partnership also marked Secretlab’s entry into the Chinese gaming chair market.

Invictus Gaming chair

The Secretlab Invictus Gaming Edition takes inspiration from the team’s 2018 jersey design. Chairs have a white backrest with black trim. The team’s logo is embroidered on the front of the chair. On the back is the team name in large diagonal letters.

Secretlab Invictus Gaming partners
Invictus Gaming chairs are only available for sale in China.

Embroidered emblems on the side wings icons hail iG’s historic wins at The International 2012 and 2018 LoL Worlds. Invictus Gaming chairs are only available for sale in China. To learn more about the Secretlab deal, see this report:

News: Secretlab partners with Invictus

Cloud9: Secretlab

Career earnings: $10,005,911

Cloud9 is an American esports team supported by several big-name investors. These include the WWE, NFL legend Joe Montana and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Cloud9 mainly competes in League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and CS:GO.

Cloud9 esports club

The team formed in 2013 by current CEO Jack Etienne. Since then, the team has become one of North America’s consistently best teams.

Pro gamers using Omega chairs
Cloud9 players using custom team chairs during a training session.

Cloud9 partners include AT&T, Microsoft, Puma, BMW, HyperX, and Red Bull. Since 2018, Secretlab has been the team’s official chair partner.

Cloud9 gaming chair

Cloud9 Omega and Titan chairs come in black PU leather with blue trim and white color accents.

Secretlab Titan Cloud9 Edition

The side wings are covered in soft, velcro-ready fabric. There, users can display their favorite team patches.

Secretlab Cloud9 shoulder patches
The chair comes with side wings where you can attach velcro patches.

Each chair ships with one Cloud9 team patch to get your customization started.

Secretlab Titan Cloud9 edition $489

You can also buy the Cloud9 Omega edition for USD $449. Available from Secretlab for customers in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

T1: Secretlab

Career earnings: $9,911,664

Formerly SK Telecom T1, T1 is South Korea’s most successful pro esports team. Founded in 2003, T1’s League of Legends teams have won the 2013, 2015, and 2016 League of Legends World Championships.

T1 celebrating League of Legends Worlds championship in 2013
T1 players celebrating their first League of Legends Worlds championship in 2013.

The team’s star player is Lee Sang-hyeok, also known as Faker. Faker is widely considered the best League of Legends player of all time.

T1 esports players using Secretlab chairs
Faker (right) and a teammate preparing for a training session.

T1 partners include Noke, BMW, Twitch, Samsung, and Red Bull. Secretlab has been the team’s official chair partner since 2019.

Official T1 gaming chairs

Secretlab Titan T1 Edition

T1 Titan and Omega chairs come in black PU leather chairs with red and white trim plus and carbon side accents. Red leather T1 logos appear on the front and rear of the backrest.

Secretlab Titan T1 edition $489

You can also buy the T1 Omega edition for USD $449. Both models available from Secretlab for customers in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

Faze Clan: Vertagear

Career earnings: $9,281,368

Formerly FaZe Sniping, FaZe Clan is a pro esports organization based in LA. Founded in 2010, the organization employs players around the world. FaZe Clan competes in CS:GO, PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA, Valorant and Fortnite. Last year, FaZe expanded into Asia by Thai PUBG Mobile and FIFA Online squads.

FaZe Clan Vertagear chairs

The team’s partners include G Fuel, Verizon, Nissan, and Turtle Beach. Since last year, Vertagear has been the team’s official chair partner.

FaZe Clan gaming chairs

FaZe Arc gaming chair review

FaZe Arc chairs come with 2D armrests and suit slim sizes.

Official FaZe Clan chairs come in two variants. FaZe Arc chairs ($419.99) are based on the Vertagear SL2000. It comes with 2D armrests, 140° recline, cold foam padding, and a 2-year warranty.

FaZe Retro gaming chairs come in two colors
FaZe Retro chairs have wider dimensions and come with 4D armrests.

The more expensive FaZe Retro chairs are based on the Vertagear SL5000. Those models have larger dimensions and come with 4D armrests.

Browse Faze Clan chairs from Vertagear

On, the FaZe Arc costs $419. The FaZe Retro costs $499.99. Learn more about these chairs in our Vertagear brand review.

Other pro user case studies

The top-earning esports teams of all time (Team Liquid, OG, Fnatic, etc) are among the most well-known teams in the esports industry. As this article shows, among the top all-time pro esports brands, Secretlab is the most popular brand by far.

But that’s only part of the story. Looking at pro user cases from other perspectives, several other brands are also prominent.

Chairs used by the top teams of 2020

Beyond all-time esports leaders, there are also annual standouts. In 2020, pandemic fallout forced the cancellation of several lucrative tournaments. As a result, the year saw smaller prize pools and a few fresh faces among the annual top-10.

San Francisco Shock Herman Miller partnership
The San Francisco Shock are the reigning (2-time) Overwatch League Champions.

For example, the San Francisco Shock team formed in 2017. In October 2020, the team won its second-consecutive Overwatch League Championship.

Despite playing in only two tourneys all year, they ranked fourth in winnings, earning $1,555,000. The team uses Herman Miller Embody gaming chairs.

Herman Miller also partners with Team SoloMid, the 8th-ranked team of the year.

Gaming chairs used by the top-10 teams of 2020
TSM (R) and G2 Esports (L) both rank among the top-10-performing teams of 2020.

Meanwhile, Secretlab partners with three of the top-10 (Team Liquid, G2, Team Secret). AKRacing, Zipchair, and Respawn also make appearances.

Gaming chair usage: top esports teams of 2020

Gaming chairs used by top esports streamers

Streamers serve as an important marketing tool for game publishers. They provide vital help promoting new games while bolstering retention on existing titles. Chairs used by top streamers also gain massive exposure.

Gaming chairs used by the pros in 2021
Check out the chairs used by Pokimane, Jacksepticeye, Ninja, and other famous streamers.

In 2021, the dominant streaming platforms are Youtube and Twitch. We checked out nine top gaming streamers on both platforms. Herman Miller is the dominant brand, with five of the nine streamers using the Embody chair.

Tfue gaming setup and chair 2021
Tfue (#2 on Twitch) is one of several top streamers using a Herman Miller Embody chair.

Jacksepticeye, Tfue, and xQcOW all use the Herman Miller Embody classic edition. Shroud and Myth both use the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody gaming chair. Pokimane also appears as the 6th-most-followed English-speaking streamer on Twitch.

Pokimane streaming
Pokimane gave up her Embody to use a Noblechairs EPIC gaming chair.

While many top streamers are flocking towards the Embody chair, she has done the reverse. She gave up her Embody, in favor of a Noblechairs EPIC gaming chair.

Gaming chair usage: top gaming streamers of 2021

Ergonomic chairs used by pro stock traders

The recent GameStop saga was a battle of Wall Street institutional traders versus home-based traders. In the story, key players on the Wall Street side all use high-end Herman Miller ergonomic chairs.

Stephen Cohen stock trading workstation 2016
Hedge fund billionaire Stephen Cohen has a fondness for Herman Miller chairs.

On the opposing side, Keith Gill (aka DeepF*ckingValue) was the Reddit user who inspired the GameStop rebellion. In classic ‘Internet troll’ fashion, he operates out of a basement.

Reddit Troll GameStop hedge funds
Keith Gill (aka DeepF*ckingValue) sitting at his basement battle station.

From there, he trades stocks and operates a Youtube channel. When his stock picks do well, he likes to celebrate by eating chicken tenders (‘tendies’) dipped in honey.

DeepFuckingValue Roaring Kitty Youtube channel
Lead Reddit GameStop troll celebrating early gains in his basement with honey-dipped tendies.

As the GameStop scandal broke, several big media outlets reached out to Jordan Belfort, better known as the Wolf of Wall Street. He sided with the little guys, but (accurately) predicted that their luck wouldn’t last long.

Jordan Belfort Secretlab chair
Jordan Belfort uses a full-grain NAPA leather Secretlab Titan chair.

Jordan Belfort now operates a private investment firm in Beverly Hills. In most of his media appearances from his office, he uses a genuine leather Secretlab Titan chair.

Ergo chairs used by pro stock traders

Gaming chairs used by pro athletes

Many pro athletes are also passionate gamers. As an example, baseball pitcher Blake Snell (2018 Cy Youg Award winner) uses a Secretlab Titan Dark Knight edition.

Blake SNell Twitch stream Secretlab
Blake Snell uses a Secretlab Titan Dark Knight gaming chair.

As another example, football superstar Neymar is one of the highest-profile athletes who streams on Twitch. His chair of choice is a DXRacer Racing PRO Series chair.

Pro athletes who use gaming chairs
Check out the gaming chairs used by Max Holloway, Neymar, Josh Hart, and other pro athlete gamers.

Meanwhile, UFC featherweight Max Holloway uses a custom DXRacer Monster Energy edition chair.

Josh Hart is one of the NBA’s most well-known gamers. He recently signed on as a product ambassador for Mavix, a new chair brand.

Josh Hart Mavix gaming chair
NBA superstar Josh Hart is also a Mavix chair brand ambassador.

Check out this article for more sports stars and their gaming chairs:

Gaming chair usage: famous pro athletes


Among the top-earning esports of all time, Secretlab is the dominant brand. In this list, seven out of the ten teams use Secretlab chairs. However, that’s only part of the story.

Secretlab Titan vs Herman Miller Embody
Secretlab Titan vs Herman Miller Embody.

Looking at the top teams in 2020, the Herman Miller Embody shows up twice. Among the top streamers of 2021, the Embody is the preferred chair for many top personalities.

If looking for the very best gaming chair on the market, Secretlab is the clear favorite. If looking for the very best ergo task chair, the Embody is the obvious top choice.

Secretlab Titan vs Herman Miller Embody
The Secretlab Titan and Herman Miller Embody rank as the best chairs in their respective classes.

The Titan is Secretlab’s flagship and the top-rated gaming chair on this website. It comes with a 5-year warranty and costs $419-$489.

The Embody is the top-rated ergonomic task chair on this site. On the Herman Miller website, it costs $1695.

Secretlab vs Herman Miller chair
Will a BMW or Lamborghini provide better value for your money? It depends on your needs.

Comparing the two models head to head is like comparing a BMW with a Lamborghini. If you’re speed racing down the Autobahn, the Lamborghini is worth the extra money. However, if only driving to the supermarket, the BMW is the more sensible choice. If you need help deciding between the two types of chairs, check out this feature:

PC gaming chairs vs ergonomic task chairs

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