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Secretlab Titan, Titan XL and Omega ‘Stay Home’ sale (extended)

Sectretlab is now running a global ‘Stay Home’ sale. All 2020 Series Omega, Titan, and Titan XL chairs are on sale. In most regional stores, expect around USD $20-$30 off all chairs.

Secretlab gaming chair variety
All Secretlab 2020 Series gaming chairs are now on sale.

The original sale deadline was March 18th. Because of massive demand, Secretlab has extended that for an unannounced time. Buy one on sale while you can!

If you’re looking for the most luxurious Secretlab model, NAPA leather chairs are also on sale. In most shops, you can get around USD $100 off full-grain leather models.

Titan NAPA leather edition
The NAPA leather edition is the most expensive and luxurious model.

These come in both NAPA leather Titan and Omega models. They are black, genuine leather chairs with a rich, buttery-soft quality.

Spring regional chair discounts

Secretlab gaming chairs on sale

Here are the springtime specials available in all Secretlab online stores:

  • USA store: USD $25 off all 2020 Series chairs; $100 off NAPA leather models.
  • EU store: up to €25 off 2020 Series models; €70 off NAPA leather models.
  • UK store: up to £25 off 2020 Series models; £65 off NAPA leather chairs.
  • Australia store: AUD $30 off 2020 Series models; $150 off NAPA leather chairs.
  • New Zealand store: NZ $30 off 2020 Series models.
  • Canada store: CAD $30 off 2020 Series models; $150 off NAPA leather chairs.
  • Singapore store: SGD $30 off 2020 Series models; $130 off NAPA leather chairs.
  • Malaysia store: SGD $30 off all 2020 Series models.

Sales are slated to end sometime in April, 2021.

Browse all Secretlab chairs on sale

Click the button to browse all deals in your local Secretlab store (North America, Europe, the UK, Oceania, or SE Asia).

How to access Secretlab chair sales

Cyber Monday sale instructions
Click the top sales timer to filter to all products now on sale.

To access all sales, click the button below. That will take you to your country’s Secretlab collections page. From there, click the sales timer at the top of the page. That will filter the page to show all sale items.

Secretlab chairs in stock
Some of the models that are in-stock and on sale in the Secretlab USA store.

To learn more about Secretlab chairs, check out our Secretlab brand review. That covers all chairs in the product line. Alternatively, you can check out our Secretlab Titan, Omega, or Titan XL reviews. You can access the sales from all review pages.

Browse all Secretlab chair sales

Secretlab sales are live for buyers in North America, the UK and EU, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia. Click the button to browse all deals in your local Secretlab store.

Common questions about Secretlab chairs

This section answers common questions many people have when shopping for Secretlab chairs.

Should I buy an Omega or Titan chair?

The Omega has ridged edges on its seat pan and comes with a memory foam lumbar pillow. In comparison, the Titan has a flat, wide seat plus integrated lumbar support (no pillow).

Titan versus Omega chairs compared
The Omega is a slightly smaller chair with a more snug, body-hugging fit.

The best way to ensure the best fit is to stick with Secretlab’s chair size ratings. Based on my tests at ChairsFX HQ (I am 5’9″ or 177 cm), these ratings are accurate:

Omega: 5’3″ to 5’11”; maximum weight capacity 240 pounds.
Titan: 5’9″ to 6’7″; up to 290 pounds.

While both chairs fit my frame, I find the Titan a little more comfortable. For one thing, the depth-adjustable lumbar offers firmer, more precise support than what a pillow offers.

Secretlab Titan lumbar support
The Titan has one of the most effective lumbar support systems in the industry.

For another thing, the Titan’s flat, wide seat offers a lot more legroom than the Omega. That makes it more comfortable, although also easier to sit with a slouch. That means you will need to be a little more diligent when using a Titan model.

Secretlab Cyberpunk gaming chair
The Titan is more comfortable, if you meet the sizing specs and stay mindful of your sitting habits.

To learn more, check out our detailed comparison:

Secretlab Titan vs Omega chairs compared

What should I expect from my chair?

After placing your order, expect a delay of around 2-3 weeks before receiving your chair. While you’re waiting, it’s worth assessing your workstation aesthetics. Whichever Secretlab chair that you choose, expect it to light up your workstation with colorful elegance.

Cyberpunk chair assembled
Is your workstation ready for an infusion of high-end luxury ergonomics?

Our Secretlab unboxing and assembly guide summarizes the process. After receiving your package, assembly is easy. After that, roll your new chair up to your workstation.

Secretlab Cyberpunk gaming chair
A Secretlab chair at your desk will likely inspire a new appreciation for workstation aesthetics.

Whether you like it or not, expect the chair’s presence to make aesthetics a new priority. Over time, expect your workstation and maintenance habits to evolve. In my case, my post-Secretlab workstation evolution included a new PC, a streamlined workspace, and better daily cleaning habits. Learn more about this process in this feature:

Secretlab chair unboxing, assembly and aesthetic impact

What design should I buy?

Not all Secretlab chairs are on sale. For example, the super-popular Cyberpunk Titan still costs $489.

Neutral sitting practice
A few of the newer specialty chairs (like this Cyberpunk edition) are not part of the New Year sale.

Other specialty models not covered in this sale include League of Legends and World of Warcraft editions.

Secretlab chairs on sale
These are among the several Secretlab designs now on sale.

On the flipside, several other popular models are on sale. Those include the Overwatch D.Va chair, all other Softweave models, The Titan Stealth, Team Liquid, and G2 Esports chairs. Browse all (on-sale and regular-priced) designs:

Browse all chairs on the Secretlab website

Sale prices are available from Secretlab stores in North America, Europe, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Oceania.


Students, gamers, and office workers are all likely to do most of their 2021 computing at home. If so, you might as well make the most of it.

Adding aesthetic flair to your workstation is easy with a Secretlab gaming chair. You also get industry-leading ergonomic support for long periods of sitting.

Boosted Secretlab chair productivity
What kind of positive impact would an improved setup have on your productivity?

Imagine what impact improved posture support and aesthetics can add to your workstation. Take advantage during this Secretlab sale to grab your favorite Omega or Titan on sale.

Browse all Secretlab chair sales

Click the button to browse all deals in your local Secretlab store (North America, Europe, the UK, Oceania, or SE Asia).

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