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Best Gaming Chair Brands of 2021

The best gaming chair brands of 2021 do many things right. First, they produce great PC gaming chairs that work as advertised. Second, their products are consistently available to buy online. Third, they back their chairs with world-class after-care. In 2021, 7 brands stand out. Here we review the best gaming chair brands of 2021.

Best gaming chair brands of 2021

The gaming chair industry saw a massive surge in demand during the 2020 pandemic. At the same time, lockdowns crippled global production and shipping.

Under these challenging conditions, many gaming chair brands struggled to maintain stock. Others seized the moment and kicked their operations into a higher gear.

Best Gaming Chair Brands (2021 Edition)

This article ranks the best gaming chair brands of 2021 using a four-point system:

  1. Quality of chairs
  2. Consistent chair availability
  3. After-care reliability
  4. Innovation

The top brands are easy to buy from online and have delivered to your door fast. They also deliver gaming chairs that work as advertised. On top of that, they back their chairs with reliable after-care protection.

If anything goes wrong, a support rep will help you. In some cases, they’ll ship you a new part. For serious problems, you’ll get sent a replacement chair.

Using that context, here are our top-7 gaming chair brand rankings for 2021:


Secretlab ranks as the best gaming chair brand in the industry for a few reasons. For one thing, the company makes three chair models that are all best-in-class.

Secretlab gaming chair brand
Secretlab Omega (S), Titan (M), and Titan XL gaming chairs.

For another, Secretlab backs its chairs with one of the longest warranties in the business. On top of that, its after-care support is also first-rate. These factors form an industry-leading blueprint that many other brands now follow.

Quality of Chairs
Consistent availability
After-care reliability
Product innovation

Secretlab’s operating model sets the standard for others. In 2020, while many brands struggled with stock, this brand expanded globally.

B2C gaming chair business model illustration
Secretlab’s global B2C operation is the best in the business.

Today, Secretlab sells directly to customers in North America, the EU, UK, Oceania, and Asia. Chairs ship quickly and come with fast-reply support.

From top-to-bottom, this brand stands out as the most prescient, passionate, and reliable.

Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs

There are three models in the Secretlab collection. The Omega is for small sizes. The Titan is an average-sized chair. The Titan XL is a supersize edition that’s 25% larger than the Titan.

The Omega has a narrower seat than the others, with bladed edges. Those restrict leg movement to preserve good posture while sitting. It also comes with an external memory foam lumbar pillow.

Secretlab TItan vs Omega chair differences
Titan chairs have integrated lumbar support and flat seat style.

In comparison, Titan chairs have flat, wide seats designed to maximize legroom. On top of that, they both come with a (depth-adjustable) integrated lumbar instead of a pillow. This style has become so popular that several brands have released near-identical Titan clones.

All Secretlab chairs share some common features:

  • Armrests: 4D, metal plated
  • Backrest: 85-165 degrees (forward-leaning support)
  • Tilt mechanism: multifunction (tilt and lock at angles)
  • Warranty: 3 years, extendable to 5 years

A few other brands have copied Secretlab’s brilliant warranty extension/ marketing program. When you buy your chair, you get a 3-year warranty. After receiving it, take a photo and post it on social media. Secretlab gets free promotion, while you get a free extension to a 5-year warranty.


Secretlab Omega

A snug, body-hugging fit for sizes 5’3″-5’11”. At first, the limited legroom makes it feel less comfortable than the Titan. Over time, it provides sharper posture support and superior long-term comfort.

$329 from Secretlab


Secretlab Titan

Secretlab’s flagship gaming chair fits sizes 5’9″ (175 cm) and up. The choice of several major esports teams, it’s a luxurious seat designed for power users.

$369 from Secretlab

Titan XL

Secretlab Titan XL

The Titan XL is 25% larger than the Titan with an extra-wide flat seat. Enjoy plenty of legroom with support for up to 390 pounds.

$449 from Secretlab

Learn more about Secretlab chairs in this comprehensive review:

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GTRacing is headquartered in suburban Shanghai, China’s financial capital. It runs one of the most potent gaming chair production operations on the mainland. The company specializes in reversing-engineering successful gaming chair concepts from other brands.

GTRacing Ace collection chairs
GTRacing Ace S1, M1, and L1 gaming chairs.

In 2020, its Ace Series launched as a cheaper ‘reimagination’ of Secretlab chairs. There are small and medium versions modeled after the Secretlab Omega. The Ace L3 is a full-on Titan clone. Like Secretlab chairs, all come backed with a 5-year warranty. The big buying incentive is that all are significantly cheaper as well.

Quality of Chairs
Consistent availability
After-care reliability
Product innovation

Since 2013, GTRacing has been making cheap, rugged gaming chairs that work. That remains true in 2021.

The company lacks originality when it comes to chair designs. On the flip side, its ability to make cheap premium chairs is unparalleled.

Best GTRacing Gaming Chairs

GTRacing’s original design is still one of its most popular. The GTRacing Pro Series is a budget racing-style collection. It beats other cheap chairs with 2D armrests and a 2-year warranty.

Beyond the Pro Series is the Ace Series. The Ace S1 is a budget version of the Secretlab Omega. The M1 is a straight-up Omega clone. The Ace L3 is a Titan knockoff.

Model Features
Ace S1 4D armrests; conventional tilt
Ace M1 4D armrests; multifunction tilt-lock
Ace L3 4D arms; multifunction tilt; integrated lumbar

Exactly like Secretlab, Ace chairs come with a standard 3-year warranty. Share a photo of your chair online and GTRacing will extend you to a 5-year warranty.

Ace Series S1

Ace S1 Series

This compact model fits sizes 5’3″ and up. It’s the only gaming chair under $200 that comes with 4D armrests and a 5-year warranty.

$199 from GTRacing

Ace M1

Ace M1 Series

A slightly larger version of the S1 chair. The M1 differs with a wider seat and multifunction tilt. That lets you tilt and lock the seat at angles.

$269 from GTRacing

Ace L3

Ace L3 Series

This model has similar features and dimensions as the Secretlab Titan. Highlights include integrated lumbar support and a flat, wide seat style.

$299 from GTRacing

Learn more about GTRacing’s collection in this brand review:

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Anda Seat

Anda Seat has a long history of making eclectic gaming chairs for larger sizes. It was one of the first gaming chair brands to use PVC leather upholstery instead of PU leather. PVC is thicker than PU and much more durable.

Its 2021 collection includes luxury XL gaming chairs, fabric ones, and affordable models. Its flagship big and tall design comes in a range of skins:

Anda Seat big and tall gaming chair models
L-R: Fnatic Edition; Captain America Edition; Kaiser Series; T-Pro 2 Series.

The company ranks #3 based on several big moves over the past 12 months. Highlights include:

  1. New extended warranty program offering six-year protection.
  2. Expansion into the USA, EU, UK, and Australian direct sales markets.
  3. Partnership with Marvel on a line of luxury superhero chairs.
  4. Partnerships with several major league esports teams including Fnatic and NaVi.

Quality of Chairs
Consistent availability
After-care reliability
Product innovation

Anda Seat offers a standard 2-year warranty plus a 10-year steel frame guarantee. However, its PVC leather chairs are nearly indestructible.

In 2020, Anda Seat upgraded its padding formula and leather blend. DuraXtra Ad+ Leather is smooth bonded scratch-resistant PVC leather. It’s easy to clean, stronger than PU, and breathable.

As a result, Anda Seat is now able to offer the longest gaming chair warranty in the business. Take a photo of your chair and post it on social media. Doing so will get you six-year extended protection.

Best Anda Seat Gaming Chairs

In 2021, Anda Seat standouts include luxury, fabric, and affordable chairs. Here’s a look at three of our favorites:

Kaiser Series

Anda Seat Kaiser Series

This luxury model has executive styling, premium features, and support for 440 pounds. Choose from sleek executive black or stunning maroon PVC designs.

$499 from Anda Seat

Fnatic Edition

Anda Seat Fnatic Gaming Chair

Based on this Kaiser Series, this is the official chair of UK esports team Fnatic. It pays homage to the team with a steel grey base and brilliant orange accents.

$529 from Anda Seat

T-Compact Fabric Chair

T-Compact Fabric Gaming Chair

This model has 4D arms, an extra-wide seat, and premium linen fabric upholstery. It’s a soft, breathable, and spacious option for users with thick legs or wide hips.

$399 from Anda Seat

Learn more about Anda Seat’s current collection of premium gaming chairs:

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HNI is the fourth-largest office furniture company in the world. Respawn is a division of HNI and one of its top performers. That makes Respawn the largest and most powerful gaming chair brand in the world.

Backed by HNI’s deep pockets, Respawn products are well-developed and very well marketed. Its collection includes a range of gaming chairs for use at a desk or in the living room.

Best Respawn gaming chair reviews
Best Respawn gaming chairs in its 2021 collection.

These chairs aren’t the best on the market by any means. Most have consumer-class features, affordable prices, and unique designs. Even so, clever marketing has made Respawn chairs among the most visible in the industry.

Quality of Chairs
Consistent availability
After-care reliability
Product innovation

Respawn’s marketing is the reason for its high ranking. The Respawn Recruits campaign gifts gaming chairs to up-and-coming streamers. Look for the hashtag #RESPAWNRecruits on Twitter to see its massive scope.

Respawn Recruits campaign
Respawn’s social media marketing campaigns are very successful on Twitter and Twitch.

The company also partners with several up-and-coming pro esports teams like Atlanta Faze. Beyond the glitzy marketing, Respawn chairs are quite basic.

Like most affordable gaming chairs, they come with decent features and mediocre durability. After-care for these chairs is also lukewarm. Generally, when you pay less than $250 for any brand’s chair, the service quality will match the low price.

Best Respawn Gaming Chairs

Three gaming chairs stand out in the Respawn product line:

Respawn 200

Respawn 200 gaming chair

The RSP-200 is the world’s first hybrid gaming chair. It has a racing-style design, integrated lumbar, and full mesh backrest. Enjoy the best of both gaming and office chairs in one unique package.

$160.50 on Amazon

Respawn Spectre

Respawn Spectre gaming chair

Full-mesh office gaming chair with good adjustability and dynamic lumbar support. Popular with streamers.

$434.23 on Amazon

Respawn 110

Respawn 110 gaming chair with footrest

This gaming chair with footrest is one of the most popular options for console gamers. Enjoy healthy sitting in your living room while jamming on your Xbox or PS5.

$174.99 on Amazon

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DXRacer is the world’s original gaming chair brand, releasing the first model back in 2006. In recent years the company has lost ground to younger, more innovative brands. In early 2021, the company returned to the limelight with a fresh new product line.

New DXRacer gaming chairs
The 2021 DXRacer collection includes several innovative new gaming chairs.

The star of the new line is a modular gaming chair concept. That is a type of gaming chair that you can extend with extra functionality. Modular options include a retractable footrest, laptop holder, and swappable full-mesh seat.

Quality of Chairs
Consistent availability
After-care reliability
Product innovation

When global lockdowns started, DXRacer was one of the brands often out of stock. That changed in 2021, with models regularly available on Amazon and

Best DXRacer Gaming Chairs

DXRacer’s modular chairs are the highlights of the new collection. Two versions are available, while the third will debut later this summer.

Master Series modular addon parts
DXRacer Master chair modular add-ons.

Modules cost extra, depending on the chair model. As an example, the Master Series laptop holder costs $169 from DXRacer.

DXRacer Master

DXRacer Master chair

This gaming chair has an executive design and rich ergonomic features. Its highlight is an integrated lumbar that’s both height and depth adjustable.

$499 from DXRacer

DXRacer G-Series

DXRacer G-Series

A racing-style version of the Master Series with similar features and a lower price.

$399 from DXRacer

DXRacer Air

DXRacer Air

The world’s first full-mesh gaming chair. It fuses the racing style of a gaming chair with ergonomic office chair components.

Coming Soon ($499) from DXRacer

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AKRacing is the second-oldest gaming chair brand in the industry, after DXRacer. Its product line was the first on the market to come with 5-year warranty protection.

AKRacing gaming chair review

This brand’s 2021 collection has an interesting range of racing-style, office-style, and specialty gaming chairs. Across the board, expect luxurious ergonomic support with 5-star durability.

Quality of Chairs
Consistent availability
After-care reliability
Product innovation

Despite the high quality of its chairs, there’s not been much evolution. Both Master and Core Series chairs have classic racing-style designs.

That changed in mid-2020 as AKRacing began spicing up its product line. Among its new additions is the California, the world’s smallest racing-style gaming chair. Another is the official gaming chair of the pro esports team SpaceStation Gaming.

Best AKRacing Gaming Chairs

AKRacing’s best include both racing-style and office-style gaming chairs. Here are three of their top models:

Master Series Pro

AKRacing Master Series Pro

This classic racing-style chair is the flagship of the collection. Highlights include complete adjustable features and 70% more padding than other AKRacing chairs.

$579.00 on Amazon

AKRacing California

AKRacing California gaming chair

The world’s smallest gaming chair fits sizes 4’9″ (the average 10-year-old) and up. It comes with solid features in a choice of soothing pastel designs.

$378.99 on Amazon

AKRacing Onyx

AKRacing Onyx Executive Office Chair

This model offers executive design with the rich features of a pro esports chair. Highlights include 4D armrests, multifunction tilt, and a flat, spacious seat.

$569.00 on Amazon

Learn more about the AKRacing brand in this review:

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Arozzi is a Swedish maker of high-quality gaming chairs. Over the past year, a slew of new product releases has raised this brand to a higher level.

Arozzi Gaming Chair reviews
Arozzi’s best: Verona V2; Vernazza Fabric; Primo; Vernazza PU; Inizio.

In early 2020, Arozzi went on a fabric gaming chair frenzy, creating cloth versions of its most popular chairs. Second, it surpassed its own flagship Vernazza chair with the new Primo chair. The Primo beats the Vernazza with better features and ultra-minimalist designs.

Quality of Chairs
Consistent availability
After-care reliability
Product innovation

Arrozzi makes great chairs. They’re usually in stock and easy to buy on Amazon. Even so, two things prevent this brand from ranking higher.

First, its chairs are more expensive than competing models. Second, despite higher prices, chairs only come with a 2-year warranty. If Arozzi beefed up its warranty to 5 years, it would rank much higher as a brand.

Best Arozzi Gaming Chairs

Arozzi’s best models include two premium picks and a fabric variation:

Arozzi Primo

Arrozi Primo gaming chairs

A Secretlab Titan clone with integrated lumbar support, flat seat style, and minimalist PU and fabric designs.

$415.09 on Amazon

Arozzi Vernazza

Arozzi Vernazza PU leather gaming chairs

A classic racing-style chair with pro features and the firmest padding in the industry.

$362.10 on Amazon

Vernazza Fabric Edition

Arozzi Vernazza woven fabric gaming chairs

A woven fabric version of the Vernazza chair in blue and several grey variations.

$408.09 on Amazon

Learn more about the Arozzi gaming brand in this review:

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Best Up-And-Coming Brands

A few emerging brands have gained momentum over the past year. Here are three notables to keep track of:


Autofull is one of China’s biggest gaming chair brands and a staple on the local esports scene. They set up a direct-sales operation in America in early 2020. Today, Autofull also does direct chair sales in the UK, EU, and Australia via

Autofull gaming chair collection
Best Autofull gaming chairs of 2021

The company sells affordable gaming chairs with 3-year warranties. Most come with decent features and classic racing-style designs.

Quality of Chairs
Consistent availability
After-care reliability
Product innovation

Autofull makes solid gaming chairs but still seems to be finding its legs in western markets. In 2020, its collection included a trio of big and tall gaming chairs with unique features. One had a footrest, another had multi-dimensional armrests, the third had an internal lumbar. All three have been discontinued, with new releases planned to replace them.

Best Autofull Gaming Chairs

With the removal of its big and tall chairs, Autofull’s 2021 roster is solid but not spectacular. According to the Autofull team, that will change later this year with some innovative new releases.

Protip: If you decide to buy an Autofull chair, use the coupon code ChairsFX to get $40 off the list price.

Racing Series

Autofull Racing Series

Jazzed up budget gaming chairs with bright colors, custom embroidery, and 2D armrests.

$149 $189 from Autofull

Pink Bunny

Autofull Pink Bunny

This super-cute pink chair comes with 2D armrests, bunny ears, and an adorable bunny tail.

$259 $299 from Autofull

Autofull Neonpunk

Autofull Neonpunk

These are the official chairs of the LPL, China’s premier League of Legends competition.

$159 $199 from Autofull

Learn more about Autofull in this comprehensive brand review:

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E-Win has flown under the radar for several years but is now gaining in popularity. It makes five gaming chair models ranging in price from $199 to $449. All support at least 400 pounds and come with a 2-year warranty.

Best E-Win gaming chairs

There are many gems in its collection. The cheapest Knight Series pairs 2D armrests with a flat, wide seat tailored for thick bodies.

At the other extreme, the most expensive Flash XL offers rich pro features and support for 550 pounds. No other gaming chair on the market supports a larger weight capacity.

Quality of Chairs
Consistent availability
After-care reliability
Product innovation

One interesting feature common to all E-Ewin chairs is forward-leaning support. That lets you recline that backrest, but also angle it forward by five degrees to an 85-degree tilt.

E-Win chair recline angles
All E-Win chairs can tilt forward to a recline of 85°.

Beyond E-Win, Secretlab and Maxnomic are the only other brands offering forward-leaning support.

Best E-Win Gaming Chairs

The three chairs in the collection all support at least 400 pounds. The first is a budget chair, while the second two are premium options.

Knight Series

E-Win Knight Series

This basic chair comes with 2D armrests and flat seat style. The flat seat makes it an attractive option for those with extra-thick legs or hips.

$199 from E-Win

Champion Series

E-Win Champion Series

A racing-style gaming chair collection with 4D armrests and a multifunction tilt lock. Several styles are available.

$309 from E-Win

FLash XL

E-Win Flash XL

This superheavyweight chair supports up to 550 pounds and sizes up to 7’0″ tall. It’s easily the largest luxury XL gaming chair on the market.

$449 from E-Win

Learn more about the E-Win brand in this comprehensive review:

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Killabee is one of the oldest makers of budget gaming chairs. In late 2019, the company launched a sub-division called Fantasylab. That brand specializes in making full-featured big and tall gaming chairs for affordable prices.

Fantasylab gaming chair review
Fantasylab makes three big and tall luxury gaming chairs.

Fantasylab chairs typically come with 3D armrests, a multifunction tilt-lock, and support for 400 pounds. All models also come with a USB-rechargeable massage unit embedded in the lumbar support pillow.

Few chairs on the market offer such rich features for as little as Fantasylab does. That is achieved by cutting corners on materials and workmanship. That means you get a full-featured chair that isn’t very durable.

Quality of Chairs
Consistent availability
After-care reliability
Product innovation

Fantasylab fills a clear gap in the gaming chair market. Its products give new users a chance to try out a pro chair without spending too much.

When your Fantasylab breaks down after a year or two, you can upgrade to something more luxurious.

Best Fantasylab Gaming Chairs

The three chairs in the Fantasylab collection are all variations on a theme. All come full-featured with 400-pound support and unique designs.

Fantasylab 8331

Fantasylab 8331

This model has a flat, wide seat, extra-large dimensions, and three striking designs. Enjoy luxurious executive seating on a budget.

$249.99 on Amazon

Fantasylab 8247

Fantasylab 8247 gaming chair

The priciest Fantasylab chair has 4D armrests, 440-pound support, and stylish suede accents.

$248.99 on Amazon

Fantasylab 8257s

Fantasylab 8257s gaming chair with footrest

A big and tall footrest gaming chair with extra-wide seat and support for 400 pounds.

$249.99 on Amazon

Learn more about the Fantasylab brand in this review:

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Broad Overview of Gaming Chair Types

This article ranks the 2021 gaming chair industry from a brand perspective. As a companion piece, we also boiled down the 15 most popular types of racing-style chairs on the market.

Among all hot genres, the brands listed above feature prominently.

  1. Premium Gaming Chairs: the best models come from Secretlab, Anda Seat, AKRacing, etc.
  2. Affordable Gaming Chairs: available from GTRacing, NeoChair, and others.
  3. Specialty Gaming Chairs: for small, XL, or student users. From Secretlab, AKRacing, GTRacing, and others.
  4. Extra Functionality: gaming chairs stacked with footrests, integrated lumbar, etc. From Secretlab, DXRacer, Respawn, etc.
  5. Flashiest Aesthetics: fancy designs paying tribute to video games or superheroes; custom embroidery, designer colors. From various leading brands.

To browse all 15 types, check out this feature article:

Best Racing-Style Types on the Market Right Now


This article reviews the top-performing gaming chair brands of 2021. The quality of chairs is only one part of our assessment criteria. As a result, a few brands that make amazing gaming chairs have failed to rank.

Noblechairs and Maxnomic make some of the best premium chairs in the industry. Even so, both brands struggle with availability. For months at a time, their chairs are out of stock. As a result, neither makes our 2021 brand rankings.

Best gaming chair brands of 2021
These are the seven best gaming chair brands of 2021.

In comparison, the 10 brands listed in this review have finely tuned global operations. Beyond making great chairs, they’re adept at processing orderings, global deliveries, and after-care.

Note that our top-rated brands don’t necessarily make the best gaming chairs. For instance, Respawn’s #4 ranking is largely powered by its brilliant marketing campaigns. Fantasylab ranks because their chairs are so cheap.

Even so, among all brands in the industry, these are among the sharpest. In 2021, these stand out with their passion, dedication, and skill.