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DXRacer Air Review: Worlds First Full Mesh Gaming Chair

DXRacer sparked a revolution when it released the world’s first gaming chair in 2006. Fifteen years later, the company does it again with a groundbreaking new design. Here we review the DXRacer Air gaming chair. It stands out on two fronts. First, it’s one of several new DXRacer modular gaming chairs. It’s also the world’s first full mesh racing-style gaming chair.

DXRacer Air gaming chair review

The DXRacer Air has a striking, innovative design, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It has the shape of a gaming chair, with the full mesh upholstery of an ergonomic office chair.

DXRacer AIr modular system
You can extend a DXRacer Air’s functionality with optional modules.

It’s also one of several DXRacer chairs with modular functionality. That means you can add extra components to extend its functionality. Current add-ons include a footrest, laptop stand, and cupholder.

It’s neither an office chair nor a gaming chair — it’s both, in a fresh package. This hybrid design addresses fundamental problems with both types of chairs:

  • Office chair limitations: poor headrest support; limited recline; forces users to sit upright at all times.
  • Gaming chair limitations: padded upholstery isn’t as breathable as mesh; many people dislike lumbar pillows.

Not keen on office or racing-style ergonomic chairs? This hybrid design might be perfect for your needs.

DXRacer Air $499 from

Modular Air add-ons and slipcover upholsteries are also available from

DXRacer Air Standout New Features

DXRacer Air gaming chairs come in four colors. Beyond the futuristic looks and modular extras, these have the frame and features of a pro esports chair.

DXRacer Air design options
DXRacer Air chairs come in four striking full mesh designs.

All come with 4D armrests, recline to 135 degrees, and a multifunction tilt lock. Even so, the big attractions are the new features. Here’s a summary:

Full New-Tech Mesh Upholstery

The Herman Miller Aeron comes with the best mesh upholstery in the business. It’s ultra-responsive and guaranteed for twelve years. However, it costs $1445. If you’re not prepared to pay that much, cheaper mesh chairs aren’t very durable.

Torn mesh office chair
Unsupported mesh upholstery will often let you down.

Without support, a chair’s mesh absorbs the full weight of the user. Over time, the mesh will stretch and weaken. As it sags, support becomes unsteady. Eventually, you can expect it to tear.

DXRacer Air spring suspension system
Responsive mesh paired with suspension coils delivers cool comfort with superior durability.

DXRacer solves this issue with a suspension spring system. On both the seat and backrest, the mesh suspends to the steel frame with suspension coils.

DXRacer Air backrest suspension system

When the user sits in the chair, the springs provide the first layer of responsive cushioning. DXRacer’s premium New Tech Mesh serves as a second responsive layer.

DXRacer Air mesh upholstery

That delivers a similar level of ‘bounciness’ as a padded racing chair, but with enhanced breathability.

Adjustable Lumbar and Headrest

A traditional racing-style gaming chair comes with adjustable lumbar and headrest support pillows. The DXRacer replaces both with varying degrees of success.

Memory foam headrest

The memory foam headrest comes with a soft flannel cover and a breathable mesh wrapper. It affixes to the backrest with a pair of clamps on either size. You can adjust up and down to almost the top of the chair.

DXRacer Air headrest

The pillow works well, with enough range to suit shorter sizes. However, adjusting it is a hassle.

With conventional pillow straps, it’s easy to adjust up or down until you find your groove. In contrast, finding your sweet spot with this unit is cumbersome.

DXRacer Air headrest clamp system

You need to get out of the chair, fiddle with the clamps, then sit back down to test the height.

On the bright side, once you have the proper height set, the headrest stays locked in place. That provides firm, consistent comfort for as long as you sit.

Adjustable lumbar support

The adjustable lumbar support is the weakest part of this chair. It’s a simple piece of plastic that slides up or down with a 15 cm range.

DXRacer Air lumbar support

This resembles the lumbar support on cheap ergonomic office chairs priced under $300. However, many cheap office chairs come with 2D adjustable lumbar support.

That means you can adjust the height, and also the depth. In comparison, the DXRacer’s Air system is very basic.

DXRacer Air lumbar support close view

There’s no depth-adjustability or even any padding. It’s simply a piece of hard plastic that you can slide up or down.

Swappable Upholsteries

Mesh upholstery is prized in the seating world for its superior breathability. But over long periods of sitting, a full mesh chair can get annoying.

For one thing, mesh upholstery is tricky to keep clean. Using a vacuum works. In contrast, wiping with a damp cloth can wedge dirt into the holes.

Another issue is that mesh is abrasive. This stuff is made from plastic fibers stretched taut like strings on a tennis racket. Over long periods, sitting on mesh can irritate the skin.

DXRacer Air chair covers
Optional chair covers are available in plush fabric or faux leather.

To solve such issues, DXRacer Air chairs come with optional seat covers. At present, there’s a Soft Plus version, and a Premium Leather one ($99 each).

DXRacer Air chair covers

Both slip over the chair and attach with Velcro straps. As a result, you get the benefits of mesh upholstery, without suffering its limitations.

Slipcovers from $99

Modular Parts

DXRacer Air modules are available from At present, there are four items in stock. An RGB lighting addon for the backrest is planned, but not yet released.

DXRacer Air modular addons

One of the most intriguing is the multifunction device bracket. It’s designed to hold a phone or gaming device, plus a laptop or tablet.

DXRacer Air laptop holder
The multifunction device holder is the most impressive modular extra.

For mobile or console gamers, it’s a brilliant way to enjoy desk-free gaming all over the house. Whether you want to play in your bedroom or living room, this system does a great job.

These Air modules are currently available:

  • Memory Foam Headrest: $79
  • Footrest: $59
  • Cup holder: $19
  • Multifunction Device Bracket: $169

Browse DXRacer Air Modular Extras

DXRacer Air Review

DXRacer is the gaming chair pioneer. The company released the world’s first racing-style chair in 2006. The original model was rudimentary.

DXRacer original blueprint
The 2006 DXRacer original took a few years to evolve into a global phenomenon.

Its padding was spongy. The faux leather was thick and clammy. Adjustability was basic. It took a few years of trial-and-error to hit a new level.

The DXRacer Air feels like a repeat of that origin story. It’s a groundbreaking new concept that appeals to the widest market. Both gaming chair and office chair fans will find many incentives to buy this chair.

DXRacer Air at a desk
The DXRacer Air is a fresh new design with plenty of potential.

Even so, it’s only V1. There’s plenty to like, but also some genuine drawbacks to consider.

Chair Dimensions

DXRacer Air dimensions resemble those of the DXRacer Racing PRO Series. That has served as DXRacer’s flagship pro esports model for several years.

Like the Racing PRO Series, dimensions cater to taller, slimmer sizes. That’s not ideal. In China, DXRacer has marketed these chairs mainly towards women.

DXRacer Air for small sizes
This chair’s dimensions are too large for average-sized women.

However, the average woman in China, America, South Korea, and the UK is around 5’4″ tall.

To cater to a wider audience, DXRacer should consider a modified version of the Air for short, slim sizes.

  • Seat width x depth: 19″ x 20″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 21.5″(W) x 34.5 (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 19-22″
  • Size rating: 5’10” to 6’6″; 254-pound weight capacity

Summary of Features

Compared to the best pro esports chairs, the DXRacer Air has similar features. The only issue we have is the lumbar support. It’s a simple sliding piece of plastic.

DXRacer Air lumbar support vs office chair
Simple plastic Air lumbar vs $200 office chair lumbar.

It works ok, adding subtle pressure to the lower back area. But it’s just a piece of plastic. There’s no padding, nor any depth-adjustability. Improving on the lumbar in DXRacer Air V2 could take this chair to a higher level.

For instance, several ergonomic office chairs under $300 offer height + depth adjustability. When paying $499 for a chair, you should get similar or better.

  • Functionality: 4D armrests; recline from 90-135°; multifunction tilt-lock.
  • Support: height-adjustable lumbar (15 cm range); height-adjustable headrest (6 cm range).
  • Upholstery: ultra-breathable mesh; supporting suspension springs.
  • Foundation: steel frame; Class 4 gas lift; 3″ (76 mm) PU casters.
  • Extras: modular add-ons; leather or fabric slipcovers.
  • Warranty: two years on parts; lifetime frame warranty.

We could also quibble about the mere 2-year warranty. When you pay so much for a gaming chair, a 5-year warranty is preferred.

Even so, the frame comes with a lifetime warranty. On top of that, every part of the DXRacer chair is replaceable. If you want, this chair could last you forever.

DXRacer Air $499 from

Pros and Cons

The DXRacer Air is a revolutionary design with jaw-dropping style. It’s a gorgeous chair with a futuristic design that’s perfect for the work-from-home era.

DXRacer Air gorgeous gaming chair
This is a gorgeous gaming chair with unlimited potential to evolve over time.

Part of its futuristic qualities may not appeal to everyone. The whole chair is covered in plastic — even the mesh is petroleum-based plastic. It has a very synthetic feel that I find less inviting than PU leather or soft fabric upholstery.

Synthetic plastic gaming chair
The entire design has a synthetic plastic feel.

Despite our quibbles, this chair is going to make a lot of people very happy. Those upgrading from a basic office chair will be thrilled with what the DXRacer Air has to offer. It’s comfortable, good for your back, and attractive.


  • First-ever full-mesh gaming chair
  • Premium ergonomic features
  • Modular extendability
  • Unprecented customization potential
  • Premium build quality


  • Expensive
  • Too tall for average-sized women
  • Rudimentary lumbar support
  • Plastic, ultra-synthetic feel

As the first of its kind, this gaming-office hybrid chair is a winner. Even so, it’s only the first of many evolutions.

In the DXRacer Air V2.0, we’d like to see a two improvements:

  1. Small version for short people: a chair sized like the DXRacer Formula Series would fit sizes 5’2″ and up.
  2. Improved lumbar support: for $499, we want more than sliding plastic. Lumbar padidng and depth-adjustability would be better!

Girls sitting in DXRacer gaming chairs

With those improvements, the DXRacer Air V2.0 could rocket to stardom. Then, given the modular nature of these chairs, the sky is the limit. DXRacer could add new skins and new modules as ideas flow.

DXRacer Air $499 from

Modular Air add-ons and slipcover upholsteries are also available from


The DXRacer Air is the most innovative gaming chair release of the year. It’s a versatile design that will appeal to many different groups.

Woman recline in DXRacer Air gaming chair

Fans of ergonomic office chairs will love the Air’s full-mesh upholstery. Gaming chair enthusiasts will appreciate the racing-style frame and pro esports ergonomics.

Despite the high price and 2-year warranty, this chair’s frame is guaranteed for life. Since you can replace every component, this model is likely to last for years.

Sadly, with a height range of 5’10” to 6’6″, this chair is too large for average-sized women and teens. That’s a shame. Given its gamer-friendly designs and refreshing color schemes, this chair would be perfect for both women and teens.

DXRacer Air gaming chair

Luckily, according to the DXRacer team, the Air V1.0 is the first of many. If DXRacer adds a smaller version in version 2.0, the Air will be almost perfect.

DXRacer Air $499 from

Modular Air add-ons and slipcover upholsteries are also available from