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Review: DXRacer Racing Series gaming chairs

DXRacer began in 2001 as a car seat maker. In 2006, they released the world’s first gaming chair. Since then, they have been one of the leading names in the industry. This DXRacer Racing Series review looks at their flagship chair. It’s a classic racing style model used by more pro esports teams than any other gaming chair.

DXRacer Racing Series gaming chairs
Racing Series chairs are popular among esports professionals.

There are two classes of DXRacer Racing Series chairs.

Standard Racing Series chairs are for small sizes. These support users up to 5’8″ with a 200 pound weight limit. These are the cheapest models. All come with 3D adjustable armrests.

Racing Series vs Racing Series PRO
This review covers both Racing and Racing Series PRO chairs.

The Racing PRO Series chairs are a bit larger. They support users up to 6′ tall and up to 250 pounds. These models come with a full suite of pro features including 4D adjustable armrests.

DXRacer in esports

Esports refers to competitive video gaming tournaments. Some of the top esports games include Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO and Fortnite. Every year top esports players compete in these games for millions in prizes.

RXracer Racing Series pro esports players
Many pro esports players use Racing Series chairs for both training and competition.

Most top players belong to teams. Among the top 50-earning teams, more use DXRacer chairs than any other brand. DXRacer partners include Fnatic, Ninjas in Pyjamas,, and others.

That Racing Series chairs get used by so many pros is a testament to their quality. The purpose of pro chairs is to support a healthy sitting posture for long periods.

Fnatic esports team using DXRacer chairs
Fnatic is one of the top esports teams that’s partnered with DXRacer.

For example, during training, Fnatic’s Dota 2 team plays at least eight hours per day. Team member Khoo “Ohaiyo” Chong Xin says that every player has a limit. At some point during the day, their gaming potency will peak. After that point, they will only play worse.

Prolonging peak potency is where DXRacer Racing Series chairs come in. As proven by the pros, these models support optimal sitting for long periods.

Instead of worrying about a sore back or tight muscles, these chairs help you focus on computing. That means longer periods of peak performance and greater productivity.

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DXRacer Racing Series overview

These chairs come in regular (consumer class) and PRO versions. Both have a slim fit like the Formula Series, with a taller backrest. All models come with high density foam padding, 135° recline and a 2-year warranty.

Many esports players rely on DXRacer Racing PRO Series chairs to maximize performance. That’s because PRO chairs offer more options to adjust position while computing. Changing position increases blood flow. It also giving supporting muscles a rest by letting others take over.

These options help users maintain productivity over longer hours. For full-time computer users, that’s the biggest benefit that PRO models provide.


Both the Racing and Racing PRO Series start with the same build. That is a steel frame topped with thick layers of high-density foam padding.

DXRacer chair padding
All chairs start with a steel frame and high-density foam padding.

The Racing PRO Series adds two important extras. First is 4-directional armrests, instead of standard 3D ones. Second is the addition of a Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism.

Racing PRO Series multifunction tilt

The Multi-Function Tilt Mechanism lets users customize the seat angle. A single lever lets you choose an angle from 0° to 15°. In one motion, you can push the lever to lock that angle in place. When ready for a change, release the lever and the seat will return to its upright position.

4D armrests plus Multi-Functional Tilt gives pro users more options. That helps bodies stay fresh for longer periods while sitting.

While walking breaks are still essential in PRO chairs, you’ll need to take them less often. That shaves down rest times and increases productivity. For pros needing a performance edge, these features deliver.

Summary of PRO features

Gaming chair armrest options for gaming chair user guide
4D armrests provide a full range of support options.

Summary of features:

  • Functionality: recline from 90° to 135°; 4D adjustable armrests.
  • Comfort: high density foam padding; neck and lumbar pillows.
  • Upholstery: high quality PU leather (stain-proof, easy to clean, durable).
  • Support: aluminum base; Class 4 gas lift; 3″ PU casters.
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty on parts, excluding normal wear and tear.
  • Free shipping: included.

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Summary of Racing Series features

Regular (non-PRO) Racing Series models offer similar features. Armrests are only 3D, and there’s no tilt lock mechanism. That means you can only adjust the seat up and down, but not at angles.

Other than those two features and smaller dimensions, both models share the same features.


Racing Series chairs are small compact models. Racing PRO chairs are a bit bigger. Here are the dimensions of both:

 Racing SeriesRacing Series PRO
Seat width & Depth20" (W) x 18.85" (D)20" (W) x 19.5" (D)
Backrest Height & Width33.75" (H) x 21.5"34.25" (H) x 21.5"
Floor to Seat Range17" to 21" 18" to 21.5"
Overall height48.5" to 52"51" to 54.5"
Weight supportUp to 200 poundsUp to 250 pounds
Height support5'5" to 5'8"5'7" to 6"

Both PRO and consumer versions are best suited to average-sized users with slim hips.

This fits many pro esports players who are slim and fit. That’s because many pros strive for a balanced lifestyle. To improve performance, maintaining physical fitness is essential.

Sitting in a chair that fits is an important part of the equation. Get a chair that’s too big and you’ll miss out on the ergonomic benefits. Get one that’s too small and you’ll feel squished.

If not sure what the Racing Series measurements mean, learn more in our sizing guide:

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All DXRacer gaming chairs come with a standard 2-year warranty. This covers parts but does not include normal wear and tear.

DXRacer Racing Series warranty details

Based on our own tests, you can count on your chair to exceed its warranty period. We took a DXRacer Formula Series and used it full-time for 2+ years before the PU leather started to degrade. Learn more in our Durability Report feature:

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Racing PRO Series models

These are professional class chairs with 4D armrests and a tilt lock. These extras help pros to maintain peak performance for longer periods. Whether you are a gamer or computer user, Racing PRO models are the best in the DXRacer product line.

RV001: Carbon Leather

The RV001 is an impressive two-tone model that comes in seven different color options.

Racing Series RV001
The RV001 comes with 4D armrests and high quality PU leather.

These versions come with a combination of black carbon leather with PU leather trim.

RV001 carbon and PU leather combo
RV001 models come with carbon leather and PU leather trim.

DXRacer’s carbon leather is attractive and ultra-thick. On the downside, it’s less breathable than PU leather. In warm weather, bare skin against carbon leather can get sticky.

Check RV001 prices on Amazon

RV131: leather style vinyl

The RV131 comes in seven impressive color options. This is one of the more popular Racing Series models.

Racing Series RV131
The RV131 is a pro model with 4D armrests and high quality PU leather.

The RV131 uses vinyl style leather. This is very tough and easy to clean, making it a great option for hard-core gamers. On the downside, what you gain in durability gets lost in breathability. In warm weather, this material can get sticky and clammy.

RV11 leather style vinyl

Check RV131 prices on Amazon

RV118: White PU leather

The RV118 model comes in only one design, with white PU leather and blue PU trim.

Racing Series RV118
The RV118 only comes in one color style.

Check RV118 prices on Amazon

Special editions

There are also a number of special designs in the Racing Series roster. Many are the official chairs of top esports teams. The problem with these models is that they get made in small batches and are often out of stock.

Racing Series special edition designs
USA Special Edition; Ninjas in Pyjamas team chair; Obey Alliance team chair

Among the Amazon special editions roster, only three models are available. These are the USA Special Edition; Ninjas in Pyjamas team chair; Obey Alliance team chair. To see all special editions, browse DXRacer’s Amazon collection:

Browse all Racing Series special editions

Consumer Series models

Racing Series consumer models have 3D armrests, while PRO models have 4D. Consumer models also lack a tilt lock mechanism – that means you can only adjust the seat height, not the angle.

Racing Series consumer chairs are also a bit smaller than PRO Series chairs. These are compact models best suited to small sizes.

RW106: strong mesh & PU leather

Compared to other Racing Series chairs, RW106 models look kind of plain. That’s because they use mesh fabric covers, with PU leather trim.

DXRacer Racing Series RW106
The RW106 comes with strong mesh fabric and PU leather trim.

Many people dismiss mesh fabric chairs because it doesn’t look as flashy as PU leather. In fact, mesh fabric has a couple of key advantages over PU leather.

RW106: strong mesh & PU leather Racing Series
Mesh fabric has some advantages over PU leather.

First, mesh fabric is a lot more breathable than even genuine leather. That means the seat never gets sticky, even in the hottest weather. Second, mesh fabric is super durable, good for several years of use.

Check RW106 prices on Amazon

OH/REO/NO: Conventional PU leather

The OH/REO/NO comes in two color options: black with green or orange. Both primary and trim colors use standard PU leather. This is more breathable than carbon leather but less so than mesh fabric.

DXRacer OH/REO/NO Racing Series
The OH/REO/NO is a conventional PU leather model.

Check OH/REO/NO prices on Amazon

OH/RB1: vinyl style leather

OH/RB1 models use vinyl style leather. This is thicker and more durable than PU leather, but less breathable. It also feels more synthetic than PU leather, almost like rubber.

DXRacer Racing Series OH/RB1
The OH/RB1 Racing Series is a vinyl chair with PU leather trim.

OH/RB1 models also come with a fancy backrest attachment. It serves no purpose but should delight gamers with its futuristic looks.

Check OH/RB1 prices on Amazon

RH11: PU leather

RH11 are tri-color black and white PU leather chairs with a choice of trim.

DXRacer Racing Series RH11
The RH11 model comes with white PU leather and dark leather trim.

Check RH11 prices on Amazon

Racing Series buying advice

Thinking about buying a Racing Series gaming chair? This section will help you to make an informed buying decision.

Where to buy DXRacer chairs

The best two places to buy DXRacer chairs are directly from their website, or on Amazon. Prices are usually the same on both, although. When buying direct, you gain access to special deals through the year that you won’t find on Amazon.

That said, the DXRacer site uses an old, custom-built ecommerce system. It’s can get tricky to find the right product.

In contrast, DXRacer’s Amazon shop has a crisp layout with clear options.

Browse Racing Series chairs on Amazon

Pros and Cons

Learn what’s to like and dislike about the DXRacer Racing Series chairs.

What we like

DXRacer is the original gaming chair brand. Their blueprint seeded the entire gaming chair industry.

Racing Series gaming chairs tailor that blueprint for esports players. The result is a snug, ergonomic seat that’s perfect for computing. The seat, backrest, and support cushions work together to ensure good sitting posture. The armrests absorb the weight of arms, keeping them fresh for mouse and keyboard clicks.

Racing Series gaming chairs
Racing Series models are excellent chairs for both casual and pro gamers.

Pro gamers, aspiring ones and general computer users will all enjoy these chairs. They support good posture while letting users sit longer and work harder.

What gaming chairs do pros use?

What we don’t like

Since DXRacer came out with the first gaming chair in 2006, they ruled the industry. Today, DXRacer still partners with more pro esports teams than any other brand.

But while DXRacer products changed very little over the years, new competitors emerged. Brands like Secretlab and Maxnomic offer God-tier gaming chairs.

The industry is taking notice. For example, SK Telecom T1 recently dropped Dxracer for Secretlab. As another example, Counter Logic gaming dropped DXRacer for Maxnomic.

Beyond a lack of evolution, another issue is that products are often out of stock. If you manage to find what you’re looking for on their website, there’s a good chance the product will be out of stock.

Racing Series alternatives

The Racing Series is DXRacer’s flagship, but they have many other great models as well. To compare all DXRacer chairs, check out our DXRacer Brand Review.

Two other brands making huge waves in the industry is Secretlab and Maxnomic. Both make high-end esports chairs that cost around $40 to $100 more than Racing Series chairs.

The higher prices get you more luxury and superior features. Secretlab also beats DXRacer’s 2-year warranty with a 5-year warranty.

Secretlab Titan esports chairs
The Secretlab Titan is our top-rated Pro esports chair.

In fact, Secretlab’s flagship Titan is our #1-rated pro chair. It’s the chair of choice for a growing list of esports teams and tournaments.

Secretlab Titan review


DXRacer released the original racing style gaming chair in 2006. Today, they still produce racing style models as the most famous gaming chair brand in the world.

The Racing PRO Series is DXRacer’s flagship gaming chair. It has the high-end features that pros need and hobbyists will appreciate.

DXRacer Racing Series chairs
The Racing Series is ideal for both esports enthusiasts and pros.

Are you looking for a high-end ergonomic chair that supports full-time computing hours? Do it like the pros: buy a DXRacer Racing Series.

Browse Racing Series chairs on Amazon

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