DXracer Formula Series Gaming Chair Review



Behold the original gaming chair that shook up the world with an industry-defining design featuring a contoured high backrest, tilt lock recline and removable pillows to keep the neck and low back in perfect alignment.

DXRacer Formula Series gaming chairs

DXracer Formula Series gaming chairs were originally designed to enhance the gaming experience by helping people sit optimally, with proper spinal alignment. Soon after release in 2006, word got out that these chairs improved posture, well-being and gaming performance. A legend was born.

It took a few years for word to spread, and then gaming chairs suddenly became a viable choice for everyone sitting at a computer for long periods of time: gamers, office workers, designers, accountants, and more. Today, you’ll find many top Twitch and Youtube streamers using these chairs - not only because of their comfort and ergonomic benefits, but also because they look really cool.

DXracer Formula Series: OVERVIEW

The DXRacer Formula Series (also called the F-Series) is the original gaming chair. First released as a test model in 2006, it unveiled the concept of racing inspired bucket seat design - with advanced ergonomic support.

Today, the DXRacer Formula Series remains one of the leading premium gaming chairs on the market. These sturdy chairs will keep you comfortable for long hours of working or gaming with style.

These are wide, roomy, versatile chairs that are great for working, gaming, watching movies or napping.

In terms of sizing, for optimal neck pillow positioning, it's best suited to fit small to medium sizes up to 5'8"tall. 

DXRacer Drifting Series size chart

Compared to the top premium chairs, functionality is very basic. The reason for the high prices is for the amazing durability, quality of build and high-end ergonomic support. If these aspects are important to you, this chair is worth considering. 

Integrated headrest and lumbar support cushions

Key features:

  • Functionality: 1D adjustable armrests (up and down only); tilt lock recline up to 135°; 360° swivel
  • Comfort: softer, fluffier cold foam padding than the D-Series; choice of PU leather, PVC leather, mesh fabric or combined fabric covers; integrated headrest and lumbar support cushions 
  • Support: SGS certified gas lift, robust star base, 2" PU multi-surface casters
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty on frame; 2 years on parts


  • High quality materials and designs
  • Incredibly comfortable 


  • Some people find the neck pillow awkward
  • Rocking function is stiff

In a nutshell

There are no surprises here, just rock-solid quality from the gaming chair industry leader. The DXracer Formula Series is the perfect gaming chair for those seeking high-end ergonomic support in a luxurious package at a reasonable price. It's packed with all the high-end features you'd expect, and is forged out of heavy-duty materials that will elegantly take a beating for years.

4 of 5 Stars

Formula Series models

DXRacer Formula Series Models

Upholstery options from left: full mesh; carbon fiber; fabric + PU leather; PU leather; fabric + expanded PU leather

Upholstery options (as pictured above):

  1. Breathable mesh: the least cool-sounding option but by fat the best in our opinion. Mesh fabric doesn't get sticky in summer, is easy to clean and by far the most durable. This writer's F-Series is 3+ years old and the fabric still looks like new. 
  2. Carbon fiber + PU leather: carbon fiber leather is thicker, softer and longer-lasting. Most of the chair uses carbon fiber, while the color accents use PU leather
  3. Fabric + PU leather: most of the chair is fabric - the leather accents are mainly for style.
  4. PU leather: plastic polymers spread over fabric to produce imitation leather. Based on our experience, count on this to take heavy use for about 2.5 years before degrading. 
  5. Fabric + expanded PU leather: more PU leather is used along the backrest.

Are model options are listed below, organized from cheapest to most expensive:

Strong Mesh
Completely covered in strong mesh fabric, these awesome looking chairs come with a choice of black or red trim.
Mesh fabric with extended leather backrest
Classic black breathable mesh with black, grey, white or red PU leather trim on the backrest and seat.
Mesh with PU leather trim
These models are upholstered in super black premium mesh fabric that is tough, breathable and stain resistant. PU leather trim comes in a choice of black, blue, coffee, green, grey, electric blue, orange, red, white or yellow.
2-tone carbon fiber PVC and PU leather combo
This model comes in stunning black PVC leather which PU leather trim in a choice of slate grey, blue, orange, red or white.
Full PU leather
This model comes completely draped in high quality 2-tone PU leather. These chairs come in sleek black with a choice of orange or slate grey trim.

Formula Series buying advice

If you are thinking about buying a Formula Series, this section gives quick tips to help you make an informed decision.

Who is this product for?

The DXracer Formula Series is the perfect chair for those who believe in paying for quality. For example, while you can easily buy a $20 pair of sneakers from the market, a $500 pair of leather hiking boots will take you around the world with ease and comfort.

Similarly, you can easily sit in front of a $2,000 computer on a $20 chair. However, if you sit professionally for long hours, an investment of a few hundred dollars could be justified if it optimises your work performance. 

DXrcaer reclining modes for work rest and play

Body alignment is something we take for granted. If you fall out of alignment after years of slouching at a desk, it may begin to seem normal to suffer from stiffness, lethargy, back pains and headaches.

The magic of the this gaming chair is how easily it transforms extended sitting time into body therapy. Using the support cushions that come with the Formula Series, it’s easy to sit properly while enjoying wonderful comfort. The benefits of extended sitting in a healthy  manner will blow your mind - once you get used to sitting in a DXracer chair, look forward to improved posture, better blood flow, increased vitality and more. 

What we like

Collection of DXracer Formula Series gaming chairs in different colors

Once you get used to it (be warned there’s a breaking in period), the DXracer Formula Series is damned near perfect - a benchmark that few other gaming chair manufacturers can match.

The only way newer chairs on the market can surpass the DXracer Formula Series is by adding extra features, or thicker padding, or higher-quality leathers.

For example, the Homall Executive Gaming Chair costs $200 less than the Formula Series, can recline a full 180° (compared to 135° for the Formula Series) and has thicker padding. However, it deteriorates fast, the leather gets saggy, the chair gets squeaky etc.

With the DXracer Formula Series, you simply get high-end rock-solid quality that will last for years. Just like those leather hiking boots, you can count on these chairs for the long haul.

What we don’t like

DXracer Formula Series closeup of neck and lumbar cushions

The worst thing about the DXracer Formula Series is the breaking-in period – especially if you are starting with bad posture habits. The above pictured cushions might seem really uncomfortable at first. Sitting correctly may initially feel abnormal (especially if you have poor posture), and your body may rebel. You might even be tempted to ditch the chair, go back to the old one and resume your poor sitting habits, which are comfortable and familiar.

In this reviewer’s case, it was only the cost of the chair that prevented me from ditching it. It took around two weeks to get used to proper sitting posture. During that time I felt unstable, edgy, perpetually uncomfortable and needed to walk around every 20 minutes or so.

Assuming you hold on, listen to your body and work with your new DXracer chair, the magic will happen. Decades of poor posture habits will round into healthy spinal alignment, bringing with it a host of benefits: sounder sleep, better posture, increased energy levels and plenty more.

Formula Series alternatives

The most obvious alternative to the F-Series is its upgraded office chair version called the DXRacer Drifting Series. A slightly bigger and more cushioned version of the DXracer Formula Series, the Drift Series is marketed primarily as an office chair (although it's still wonderful for gaming). If you don't mind paying a bit more, this will give you a richer and more luxurious experience than the Formula Series. 

DXracer Drift Series black and red gaming chairs

For other options in the same price range, check out our review of the best premium gaming chairs

DXRacer F-Series in action

DXracer posture comparison with cheap office chair

In physiology, the ideal spinal alignment is S-shaped, with an indent at the small of your back (lumbar area). People with poor posture will lose the S-shaped indent into more of a straight line, with just a small curve near the pelvis. They feel uncomfortable in any kind of seating, often sit with legs crossed. Another sign of major misalignment: instead of resting the feet flat while sitting, they perch on the balls of their feet, with their knees higher than 90°.

DXracer leg positioning: comparison with cheap office chair

The DXracer Formula Series corrects these issues by placing your body in proper alignment while sitting. First, the height of both the chair and armrests can be adjusted. In addition there is a neck and lumbar cushion, which are the keys to enhanced posture support. Of particular importance is the lower lumbar cushion, which is firm and tough but also comfortable. It attaches to the chair back with two bands, which allow the cushion to slide up and down easily, to help you find your postural sweet spot.


The Dxracer Formula Series is the standard-bearer for all of the gaming chairs on the market. Its combination of ruggedness, styling and ergonomic benefits is hard to beat. 

ChairsFX tends to steer readers away from cheaper chairs with the warning that 'you get what you pay for'. With the DXracer F-Series, you get more than what you pay for: the original and still one of the best gaming chairs on the market. The DXRacer Formula Series gaming chair will last for years.  

Other chairs offer more padding a deeper reclining. Some even offer flashing lights built into the frame. However few can match the consistency, durability, good looks and ergonomic benefits that the DXracer Formula Series offers.