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Secretlab Titan Cyberpunk 2077 gaming chair review

The Cyberpunk 2077 video game has (so far) been a letdown. Even so, The Secretlab Titan Cyberpunk edition shines. It’s one of the few yellow gaming chairs on the market. Rich buttery leather meets soft dark suede. Intricate embroidery adds cybernetic pop. This hands-on Secretlab Titan Cyberpunk gaming chair review covers its highlights.

Secretlab Titan Cyberpunk gaming chair review
The Cyberpunk Titan chair is a great option for both gamers and creative professionals.

The research for this review was done using a Titan 2020 Series Cyberpunk chair. Since then, Secretlab has released a 2022 Series. The 2022 Series Cyberpunk Titan comes in small, medium, and XL sizes. All come with big lumbar support, headrest, seat, and upholstery upgrades.

Secretlab Titan Cyberpunk gaming chair sizes
Titan 2022 Series Cyberpunk chairs come in three sizes.

Even so, after around ten months of use, my 2020 Series Cyberpunk chair looks and works like new. If not fussed for the latest and the greatest, 2020 Series Cyberpunk chairs are thrifty alternatives:

CP 2077 Editions 2022 Series NEW 2020 Series DISCOUNT
Small Titan EVO small $479 Omega $389
Medium Titan EVO medium $479 Titan 2020 Series $429
XL Titan EVO XL $529 n/a

Technical Reviews: Titan EVO 2022 Series | Titan 2020 Series

Color psychology at a workstation

Beyond its rich features, the most stunning thing about the Cyberpunk edition is its styling. The bright yellow leather on the Cyberpunk Titan chair lights up a room. It’s a vivid display of how color psychology can influence a workstation.

Sectetlab Titan Cyberpunk versus plain designs
The Cyberpunk chair makes a much bolder impression in a room than Secretlab’s more conservative designs.

The Feng Shui section of this home computing workstation setup guide explains how workstation colors influence the mood of a room. To optimize ambiance, distinct colors can enhance the type of work you focus on.

Secretlab Titan Steal executive edition chair
The Titan Stealth edition’s dark matte design radiates executive power and sophistication.

For example, the color black in feng shui is a water element that evokes calmness and power. In high fashion circles, black reflects both power and sophistication. Thus, dark-colored chairs have long been a favorite of office workers and ladder-climbing executives.

Bright yellow for creatives and gamers

Color psychologists regard yellow as lively, optimistic, and energetic. Its visual energies stimulate innovation. On paper, that makes yellow a good choice for creative professionals.

Secretlab Cyberpunk gaming chairs 3 angles

In my experience, the bright yellow does indeed bring vibrant energy into a workspace. As a content creator, having an energetic workspace ambiance has been very inspiring. It’s also had a positive effect on my workspace habits and aesthetics.

Titan Cyberpunk chair unboxing
The vibrant, energetic design is apparent as soon as you start to unbox.

The fun begins as soon as you crack open your boxed chair delivery. The chair looks more beautiful in person than in pictures. To learn more about the positive early impressions and effects, check out this feature:

Secretlab unboxing and assembly guide

Secretlab Titan Cyberpunk chair review

The Secretlab Titan Cyberpunk chair is a high-end aesthetic and ergonomic masterpiece. But it’s not for everybody. Size-wise, the Titan’s depth-adjustable internal lumbar support isn’t height-adjustable. It only fits users taller than 5’9″ (175 cm).

Distracting gaming chair in an office
This model might be too bold for corporate office dynamics.

Aesthetically, the Cyberpunk edition’s bright cyber design is ideal for gamers and creatives. Conversely, the vibrant crackling yellow might feel too distracting for accountants, administrators, and cubicle workers.


The Cyberpunk Titan chair makes a big first impression with two bold elements. The matte yellow upholstery is smooth, soft, and very bright. It’s a dazzling effect that will give you pause.

Cyberpunk gaming chair front view

Spin the chair around and the effect is equally as intense. The Samurai logo (Johnny Silverhand’s band) lights up the backrest with crisp red embroidery. From both the front and the back, this design is absolutely stunning!

Cyberpunk chair rear view

Finer details abound. Along the backrest wings are soft suede accents with blue-accent stitching. On the front, there’s a barcode on the right shoulder, the Cyberpunk logo, and cybernetic lines running up and down.

Beyond the striking good looks are superb tactile sensations. During my first few days with this chair, I took frequent standing breaks to appreciate its beauty. When I wasn’t staring at it, I was running my hands along the buttery smooth leather surfaces.

In summary, this chair crackles with energy. As a content creator, the design is close to perfection. It’s attractive, inspiring, and energizing.

CP 2077 Editions 2022 Series NEW 2020 Series DISCOUNT
Small Titan EVO small $479 Omega $389
Medium Titan EVO medium $479 Titan 2020 Series $429
XL Titan EVO XL $529 n/a

The Cyberpunk Titan chair is available in North America, Europe, the UK, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia.


The Cyberpunk chair is available in both 2022 and 2020 Series editions. This section breaks down the specs of both Cyberpunk Titan models.

Integrated Lumbar Support

Lumbar support differs in both versions:

2022 Series2020 Series
The 2022 Series Titan’s highlight feature is its 4-Way L-ADAPT Lumbar Support System. Two dials on either side of the backrest let you customize support exactly to your liking.

2022 Series integrated lumbar support system

Turn the dial on the left side of the chair to adjust the height of the unit. Once you find your sweet spot, toggle the right dial to set your depth.

The 2020 Titan lumbar only lets you adjust the depth but not the height. Turn the knob on the right side of the backrest to increase or decrease the depth.

Titan Cyberpunk lumbar support system
The 2020 Series is depth (but not height) adjustable.

Once fully extended, it provides around 2 inches of extra depth. For users 5’9″ and up, that should hit directly in the small of your back. Based on our in-house tests, those shorter than 5’9″ won’t be able to make use of this support.

Memory Foam Headrest

Both versions come with a memory foam headrest covered in velour. The Secretlab logo is embroidered on the front of the pillow in silver.

Cyberpunk chair headrest pillow
2022 vs 2020 Series headrest pillow applications differ.

The difference is that 2022 Series chairs come with a magnetic headrest. That delivers a cleaner look with a larger adjustment range. In comparison, the 2020 version uses traditional straps. It works well but isn’t as flashy.

Multiple recline and tilt options

Both versions come with a backrest recline and seat tilting features. These present various opportunities to move while sitting.

Titan seat bucket adjustment functionality
L-R: rocking function enabled; seat angle tilt-lock; recline to 165 degrees.

Under the seat, there are two levers. Push the left one down to lock the seat in place. Flick it up to release the lock and enable the rocking function.

When the seat is angled, push down again to lock it at that angle. You can also recline the backrest to 165-degrees, an ideal position for a posture-perfect power nap.

Summary of features

2022 Series versions add an enhanced headrest, lumbar support, and seat style. The new Neo Hybrid Leatherette is also softer and 4 times more durable than the 2020 Series edition.

2022 Series2020 Series

  • Functionality: 4D armrests; multifunction tilt-lock; recline from 85-165°.
  • New 2022 Series Features: integrated 3D-adjustable lumbar support; magnetic headrest pillow; pebble seat base with waterfall edge.
  • Sizing: small 4’11” to 5’6″; medium 5’7″ to 6’2″; XL 5’11” to 6’9″.
  • Warranty: five years.

  • Functionality: integrated lumbar support; 4D armrests; recline from 85°-165°; multifunction tilt mechanism.
  • Upholstery: choice of premium PU leather, genuine leather or Softweave Fabric.
  • Comfort: patent-pending cold cure foam; memory foam head pillow with cooling gel insert.
  • Support: carbon steel frame; Class 4 KGS gas lift; aluminium base; XL PU caster wheels.
  • Warranty: 3 years, extendable to 5 years with a social share (details).

Size specifications

2022 Cyberpunk chairs come in small, medium, and XL sizes. The 2020 Series Titan is a spacious chair with a fixed-height lumbar that will only work for users taller than 5’9″ (175 cm).

2022 Series2020 Series
 Titan EVO Small2022 Series Medium2022 Series XL
Seat 17.7" (W) x 18.9" (D)18.5" (W) x 19.3" (D)19.3" (W) x 19.7" (D)
Backrest 20" (W) x 32.3" (H)21" (W) x 33.5" (H) 22" (W) x 35" (H)
Seat height17.7" to 20.5"17.7" to 20.5"18.1" to 21.9"
Size rating4'11" to 5'6"; 285 pounds5'7" to 6'2"; 285 pounds5'11" to 6'9"; 395 pounds

  • Seat width x depth: 20.5″ (W) x 19.7″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 21.7″ (W) x 33″ (W)
  • Seat height range: 18.7-22.4″
  • Chair height: 51.7-55.4″
  • Size rating: 5’9″ to 6’7″, up to 290 pounds

Titan Cyberpunk chair advice

This section gives buying advice for potential Cyberpunk chair users.

Who should buy a Cyberpunk chair?

The point of a gaming chair is to provide comfort and posture support over long periods of sitting. Any chair that meets basic ergonomic requirements can do this job. There are three essentials:

  1. Adjustable lumbar support: provides crucial support to keep the spine upright (details).
  2. Adjustable armrests: adjust these to sync with your desk. That spares the spine from having to support the arms.
  3. Rocking and reclining: lets you work your hips, spine, and legs while sitting.

If the only thing you need is posture support, buying a Secretlab chair might be overkill. Check out the best gaming chairs under $200 for some popular cheap options. If you prefer more conservative options, check out the best office-style ergonomic chairs under $250.

Perfect for luxury-minded power users

The Secretlab Titan is a luxury chair for power users. Gamers on the custom PC bandwagon pay thousands to improve their computing performance and aesthetics. As a result, many enthusiasts also invest lavishly in workstation aesthetics. If you have a $3000 PC with custom lighting and like playing Cyberpunk, this model will make a fantastic addition to your workspace.

Cyberpunk chair at PC workstation
This magnificent chair is perfect for both gamers and creative professionals.

Based on my experience, this model is also a great fit for content creators. In fact, if you do creative work for a living, this chair will deliver more value than it will for gamers.

  • Aesthetic effects: the stunning good looks will probably inspire an upgrade of your workstation aesthetics.
  • Psychological effects: the vivid yellow brilliantly complements a clean, well-maintained workstation.
  • Energizing effects: the bright colors, fresh ambiance, and ergonomically perfect workstation delivers a consistent buzz.

Bottom line: if looking for vivid aesthetic pop with superb ergonomics, the Cyberpunk Titan chair is an excellent choice.

CP 2077 Editions 2022 Series NEW 2020 Series DISCOUNT
Small Titan EVO small $479 Omega $389
Medium Titan EVO medium $479 Titan 2020 Series $429
XL Titan EVO XL $529 n/a

The Cyberpunk Titan chair is available in North America, Europe, the UK, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia.

How to use a Cyberpunk chair

The key to success in any Secretlab Titan chair is to adapt to sitting in neutral positions. That means:

  1. Feet planted flat on the floor.
  2. Hips tucked deep into the seat pan.
  3. Lumbar support applied to your lower back curve.

This combination makes it easy to sit with good posture for long periods. Typically, new Titan users can expect a 2-3 day adjustment. Once your muscles adapt to sitting this way, it becomes effortless!

The video above features a Titan 2020 Series chair. These methods also apply to 2022 Series chairs (and all gaming chairs in general). If you need more help, see this feature for troubleshooting tips:

How to Sit In a Gaming Chair

How to care for a Cyberpunk chair

One of the realities of owning any high-end product is that you need to take extra-special care of it. The Secretlab Titan Cyberpunk chair is no exception.

Secretlab TItan Cyberpunk gaming chair
Wipe down with a damp cloth once per day to keep your chair looking brand-new.

It’s a rugged, durable chair with a 5-year warranty, but it feels delicate. For instance, eat some potato chips and then sit down in your chair. After a few minutes, you’ll notice several greasy (and very visible) fingerprints.

To keep your chair looking brand-new, follow two simple steps:

  1. Wipe the whole chair down with a (clean) damp cloth every day before using.
  2. Avoid eating or drinking at your desk. Any time you need a drink, take a walking break to get one.
  3. The seat is wide enough to sit cross-legged in. But if you do so with bare feet, it can leave footprints and floor dust. If you want to sit with your feet up, make sure to wear socks.

Other Colorful Secretlab Designs

The Cyberpunk edition is the most vivid Secretlab design, but not the only stunner. Here’s a summary of some especially colorful Secretlab Titan collections:

League of Legends gaming chairs

Secretlab’s League of Legends collection currently contains eight designs. It includes Ruination chairs, Ionia ones, K/DA designs, and Championship tourney chairs.

League of Legends gaming chair review
Secretlab x League of Legends gaming chairs.

Each design illustrates rich LoL lore with stunning detail. For instance, the Viego edition features the Blade of the Ruined King in brilliant green embroidery. The K/DA All Out chair features iridescent side panels that reflect stunning rainbows of light.

Yasuo’s Ionia edition features a virtual tempest embroidered in a traditional Ukiyo-e art style. For a detailed look at each design, check this feature:

Review: Secretlab League of Legends chairs

Pro esports team chairs

Secretlab partners with many of the world’s top esports teams. CUrrently available are custom designs for Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, OG, Team Secret, G2, and many others.

Secretlab esports partner chairs
L-R: Team Secret; G2; Team Liquid; OG; Astralis; Evil Geniuses; Cloud9

All models come in 2022 Series (S, M, XL) and 2020 Series (Titan and Omega) editions. Check out all designs and buying options:

Secretlab Pro Esports Team Chairs

Softweave fabric gaming chairs

Secretlab’s faux leather upholstery is buttery soft and breathable. Even so, its SoftWeave editions are softer, more breathable, and a lot more durable. On top of that, 2022 Series SoftWeave chairs come in seven brilliant designs.

Secretlab fabric gaming chair review
The SoftWeave collection currently contains seven designs.

New styles include Plush Pink, Mint Green, Frost Blue, Arctic White, and more. Check reviews of each design in the collection:

Review of Secretlab Softweave chairs

Game of Thrones chairs

While the Cyberpunk game fell flat, the Titan CP chair shines. In a similar fashion, the Game of Thrones TV show ended on a lukewarm note. In comparison, Secretlab’s GoT collection remains popular.

Secretlab Game of Thrones gaming chairs
L-R: 2020 Series House Targaryen; House Stark; Iron Anniversary Edition; House Lannister.

It includes special designs for three of the Great Houses of Westeros. Choose to align with House Targaryen, Lannister, or Stark. Exclusive to the 2020 Series is a special Iron Anniversary edition.

Check out all GoT 2022 and 2020 Series chairs in this review:

Review: Secretlab Game of Thrones chairs


The Secretlab Titan is the top-rated pro esports gaming chair on this website. Among its many style variants, the Cyberpunk edition is one of my favorites.

Secretlab Titan Cyberpunk 2077 gaming chair review

If you order this chair, expect it to have a big impact on your workstation. Aesthetically, the brilliant yellow color scheme will liven up your workspace. Concurrently, its luxurious ergonomics will enhance your health, wellness, and productivity.

CP 2077 Editions 2022 Series NEW 2020 Series DISCOUNT
Small Titan EVO small $479 Omega $389
Medium Titan EVO medium $479 Titan 2020 Series $429
XL Titan EVO XL $529 n/a

The Cyberpunk Titan chair is available in North America, Europe, the UK, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia.