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Secretlab gaming chair unboxing and assembly guide

Assembling a Secretlab gaming chair is easy and intuitive. Extra instructions aren’t necessary. Even so, this guide walks through the unboxing and assembly of Omega and Titan gaming chairs. Consider it a preview of what’s to come after you buy a Secretlab chair and wait for its delivery

Secretlab gaming chair unboxing and assembly
Get ready for your new chair with this preview of what’s coming to your door.

For my last round of direct chair testing, I spent eight months using a DXRacer Racing PRO Series chair. To take my next round of testing to a higher level, I arranged a 3-pack of Secretlab gaming chairs. My picks:

  1. Titan Stealth: the base design of Secretlab’s flagship model.
  2. Titan Cyberpunk: the most striking SL specialty design, in my opinion.
  3. Omega Softweave Black: fabric gaming chair with smaller dimensions than Titan chairs. Good for testing fabric variations and Omega sizing.

Secretlab gaming chair delivery boxes
These three boxes contain 220 pounds (100 kilos) of pure ergonomic muscle.

Upon arrival, the first impression was how heavy Secretlab chair boxes are. The Titan package weighs 77 pounds (35 kilos); the Omega package weighs 66 pounds (30 kilos). If carrying your new Secretlab gaming chair delivery up stairs, you’ll need two people to walk it up.

Titan and Omega unboxing and assembly

Before your delivery arrives, clean your computing workstation from top-to-bottom. After that, clear out a clean floor space of around 3 meters squared to set up your chair. The cleanliness aspect will make more sense in the ‘what to expect‘ portion of this guide.

Secretlab chair unboxing
The first thing you’ll see when you crack open the box is a warning.

Once the box arrives, get the help of a friend to carry it to your 3×3 meter setup space. Then crack open the box. The first thing you will see is a warning: “Do not touch backrest recline lever while removing from box.” The reason for that warning will become clear a few steps down the line.

Secretlab chair assembly instructions
The included assembly instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Under the warning panels, you’ll find a step-by-step installation guide with photos. Remove the guide and set it off to the left. Keep it close and refer to it whenever you get stuck — it’s very easy to follow. Under the guide is a layer of foam. Remove the foam layer and place it to the right of the box. Under the foam, you will see the chair’s backrest.

Cyberpunk chair unboxing
Take out the backrest and place it on the foam placed to the right of the box.

Place the backrest on the foam padding you just placed to the right of the box. This completes the setup of your assembly workspace. Next, begin the actual assembly.

Step 1: build the chair base

After removing the backrest from the box, you’ll find another layer of foam. Place that off to the side as a space to build your chair base. Under the foam, you will see the metal chair base and a box of tools. Take both out of the box and place them onto a foam pad.

Build chair base

Place the base upside down on the foam. Open the box to reveal the casters, Pop each caster into the chair base. Press down until you hear a click.

Secretlab chair gas lift assembly
Slide in the gas lift and plastic protection sheath after the casters are in place.

Once the casters are in place, turn the base right-side-up. Then slide in the gas lift cylinder. Over top of the cylinder, add the plastic protection rings. That completes the base. Push it aside and move on to the backrest.

Step 2: prepare the backrest

Remove the backrest from its plastic wrap. Place it on a sheet of foam. Use your fingers to remove two screws on each side of the backrest.

Secretlab chair backrest bolts
Remove the two bolts on each side of the backrest.

Drag the foam sheet (with the backrest on top) off to the side.

Step 3: prepare the seat

At this point, you should have the base of the chair and the backrest resting on foam pads beside the box. Pull the next sheet of foam out of the box and onto the floor.

Secretlab chair seat unboxing
Unwrap the seat and heed the warning not to remove the carboard strip.

Under the foam is the seat and armrests attached as a single unit. Gently pull out the unit and place it onto the foam. After that, use a pair of scissors to remove the plastic wrap. You’ll see a cardboard strip across the seat with a warning: “Do not remove this strap until the backrest has been securely installed.”

The reason for the warning becomes clear a few steps later.

Step 4: connect the seat to backrest

Connecting the backrest to the seat is the most difficult step. That’s mainly because the backrest is quite heavy.

Attach seat to backrest

Slide the sleeve attached to the backrest over the latch attached to the seat. If you struggle with this part, get the help of a friend. Once the backrest sleeve attaches to the seat latch, check the other side. Make sure the two parts line up.

Titan seat to backrest attachment latch
Make sure the latch also lines up on the other side.

Once the latches line up, gather the four backrest screws that you removed earlier. Then pull out the included toolkit from the accessories box.

Secretlab toolkit
Use the large Allen Key to tighten the backrest bolts.

Use the large Allen Key inside the toolkit to tighten the bolts connecting the seat and backrest.

Fasten bolts to chair backrest

With the backrest now attached to the seat, your chair begins to take shape.

Step 5: disable the backrest lock

The cardboard warning strip over the seat reads: “Do not remove this strap until the backrest has been securely installed.” Since the backrest is now installed, you can remove the strip. Under the strip, you will find another warning pointing to a screw hole.

That one reads: “Do not remove screw until backrest has been installed.”

Backrest recline-lock screw
Use the included tool to remove the backrest recline-lock screw.

With the screw in place, the backrest also locks in place. That ensures no movement during shipping or assembly.

Secretlab chair screw removal

With the screw removed, the backrest becomes fully-functional.

Step 6: install multifunction tilt mechnism

At this point, the backrest, seat, and armrests are a single unit. Gently flip the entire unit upside down onto foam sheets.

Adding tilt lock function
Bolt the multifunction mechanism into place using the included tools.

Then, pull out the multifunction tilt device. Use the four screws inside the toolkit to attach the device to the base of the chair. The gas lift hole should face towards the backrest; the tilt tension knob should face towards the seat.

Secretlab seat control levers

To complete building out the underside, pop in the control levers. When facing forward in the chair, the left level lever is the multifunction tilt device.

Secretlab tilt-lock mechanism
Secretlab’s tilt-lock lets you rock or lock the seat at various angles.

Use that to tilt and lock the seat at angles. The lever on the right controls the height of the seat. Check out our multifunction tilt-lock explainer guide to learn more about this feature.

Step 7: connect base to the seat bucket

For the final step, push your installed seat base into the seat hole.

Add chair base to seat bucket

Slide it in and your chair is almost ready. Get the help of a friend to turn the chair right-side up. Have your friend hold the base in place as you turn the chair over.

Cyberpunk chair assembled
At this stage, take a breather to admire your handiwork.

Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of your build.

Finishing touches and cleanup

As the final step, attach the backrest bolt covers. These attach with magnets. Push the plastic cover over the bolt holes. The magnets will pull the pieces together and snap them into place. That completes your Secretlab chair build.

Backrest bolt caps
Finish your build by adding plastic caps over the backrest bolts.

Collect all of the loose parts and foam sheets. Stuff them all back into the box. After testing your chair and confirming everything works as it should, you can get rid of the box.

What to expect after setup

As this unboxing and assembly guide shows, the attention to detail that goes into Secretlab chair packaging is exquisite. The company clearly put a lot of thought into making the unboxing a true “experience”. That serves as a fantastic appetizer for the main course: using your new chair at your computer workstation.

Secretlab Cyberpunk gaming chair

If you followed the introductory advice, you would have cleaned your workstation before assembling your chair. Here’s where that foresight pays off.

Rolling your new Secretlab gaming chair up to your clean workstation will likely leave you feeling stunned. The gold standard of ergonomic gaming chair seating now sits right in front of your desk. Take a moment to enjoy that.

Cyberpunk gaming chair at workstation
Take a moment to savor the sight of your new chair after rolling it to your workstation.

In fact, this is the perfect time to take an introductory snapshot of your new workstation. In doing so, you can also extend your chair warranty.

Extend your warranty with a social post

Post the picture of your new chair on social media. Tag Secretlab. That will extend your chair warranty from three years to five years (details). Example:

Secretlab Twitter post
Extend your warranty to five years of protection by sharing a photo of your new chair.

This extension warranty process is a nice touch. It gives you a reason to stop and savor the sight of your chair before using it. It’s also a good opportunity to document the start of what’s sure to be a long and enriching ergonomic relationship.

Mind-bending introduction

Testing a Secretlab chair in a showroom is a very different experience than actually using one. If you’ve never owned a gaming chair before, expect a few days of disorientation before you find your healthy sitting groove. To master effective sitting fundamentals, check out our gaming chair user guide.

Secretlab chair sitting
Expect an adjustment period as you get used to a better way of sitting.

Even though I’m a seasoned gaming chair user, my 3-pack of Secretlab chairs left me disoriented for around three days. Every aspect was exquisite. All three chairs were extremely comfortable out of the box. They all come with many adjustment options. It’s a lot of information to take in.

Enjoy the learning experience as you find your sweet spots. As that happens, expect increased awareness of both your sitting posture and your workstation surroundings.

Re-evaluation of workspace aesthetics

My old setup was pretty good. It was a triple-monitor setup powered by a Lenovo Legion 5 ($1,192.00 on Amazon).

The old ChairsFX workstation setup
My former workstation setup before the Secretlab chairs arrived.

Over the past three years, I’ve only tested Secretlab chairs in showrooms. A big hesitation in testing them in-house is because I know they’re of exquisite quality. With ultra-high-end chairs, it looks funny (in my opinion) if the workstation isn’t up to scratch.

After ordering my three chairs and receiving notification of delivery, my setup really started to bother me. For one thing, my Lenovo Legion (like most laptops) runs very hot during intensive tasks. For another, a triple-monitor laptop setup is a mess of wires.

Ugly mess of cables behind computer
My clean workstation front hid an ugly cluster of cables behind the laptop.

As my chair arrival loomed, cable management pushed me over the edge. I couldn’t imagine three high-end chairs blending well into such a crude setup. Therefore, I decided to pull the trigger on a new PC setup I had been planning for a while. Amazingly, my PC build finished just a few hours before the Secretlab chairs arrived.

Secretlab ergonomic workstation
The arrival of my Secretlab chairs inspired me to take my workstation design to a higher level.

Based on my experience, Secretlab chairs seem best suited to those aspiring towards, building, or maintaining a high-end computer workstation. If you don’t mind scrappy aesthetics and just want good posture support, it makes less sense to pay a premium.

Basic workstation aesthetics
In many of my previous setups, workstation aesthetics wasn’t an important factor.

Are you ready for a mind-bending ergonomic and aesthetic adventure? If yes, buy a Secretlab chair and check out our ergonomic home workstation blueprint. That includes sizing specs, framing tips, and Feng Shui pointers (like effective positioning in a room for optimal energy flow).

Feng shui principles for a home office layout
Feng shui basics: desk faces the entrance; windows to the sides; earth and wood elements in the room.

In contrast, if you only need good posture support and basic comfort, browse the best gaming chairs under $200. Those support good posture with no-frills designs and rock-bottom prices.

Experimenting with chair adjustments

The Titan is a larger chair with an internal lumbar support pillow. It has a flat seat that offers plenty of leg room. In comparison, the Omega is a smaller chair. It comes with a memory foam lumbar support pillow and has ridges edges that restrict leg movement. Check out our Omega vs Titan comparison for a detailed breakdown of differences.

Secretlab Titan versus Omega
I found that the Titan (L) took longer to adjust to than the Omega (R).

My previous DXRacer Racing Pro Series has similar dimensions to the Omega chair. As a result, it only took me a few hours to get used to sitting in the Omega.

Secretlab Omega seat
The ridged Omega seat edges constrain the legs. That provides better support for an crisp upright sitting posture.

Omega chairs come with a big memory foam pillow. It doesn’t attach to the backrest — chuck it behind the seat and lean back. The memory foam will compress and fill your lumbar curve like magic. Because the pillow is so large, there’s no chance of it missing full support directly into your lower back.

In contrast to the Omega, I found the Titan harder to get used to. For one thing, while most gaming chairs have a body-hugging fit, the Titan is spacious. For another thing, the depth-adjustable internal lumbar support takes some getting used to.

Titan internal lumbar support
The Titan’s unique internal lumbar system took me a while to get used to.

At first, I felt the internal lumbar support was too high. After photographing myself from different angles, I noticed I was slouching more within the spacious Titan dimensions. After some stretching and focus on sitting straighter, the lumbar hit the sweet spot.

As noted in our detailed Titan chair review, Secretlab recommends this chair for users between 5’9″ to 6’7″. At 5’9″ (177 cm), the lumbar just fits my lower back curve. That suggests Secretlab’s size rating for this chair is spot-on.

Finding your sweet spots

With both chairs, try these adjustments to find your optimal comfort zones:

  1. Adjust the height of your chair so that your feet rest flat on the floor.
  2. Adjust your armrests so that they sync with the height of your desk.
  3. Toggle the backrest recline between 90 to 120 degrees. Find an angle that you feel comfortable with.
  4. Adjust the neck pillow so that it fits in the curve of your neck.
  5. Test the rocking and tilt-lock functions (lever under the left side of the seat). Integrate what works into your usual sitting routine.

After a few days of experimenting, you should find your “sweet spots”. That should be a handful of adjustments that help you move while sitting.

For example, I like to alternate between two backrest-angles. During intense work, I angle forward to around 100 degrees. For gaming and web browsing, I angle further back to around 110 degrees.

Sitting in a Secretlab Omega gaming chair
Find out what adjustments work for you and enjoy long periods of blissful comfort.

During longer bouts of sitting, I often enable the rocking function. That lets me work my feet and calves by gently powering the rocking motion. When watching videos, I like to angle and lock the seat while reclining to around 125 degrees. For more healthy sitting tips, check out our gaming chair user guide.

Productivity, wellness, and aesthetic ascension

The point of a gaming chair is to support good posture and movement while sitting. The payoff:

A good ergonomic chair supports improved health, wellness, and computing productivity.

During my previous career as a corporate drone, my cubicle days were a haze. I worked in a stupor, focused on the screen but unaware of everything else around me. As a result, my workstation (and my sitting habits) were sloppy.

Cheap computer workstation, health problems
A cheap computing workstation can degrade health, drain energy levels and diminish motivation.

When I switched to working from home, everything changed when I bought my first DXRacer in 2018. (Check out this Youtube report of the health, wellness, and productivity benefits that followed.)

First, that chair made me aware of my terrible sitting habits. That brought improved body awareness, with more attention focused on sitting up straight.

With improved body awareness came improved spatial awareness. That made me aware of my messy desk and sloppy office habits.

Secretlab chair ascension

Pro esports players using Secretlab chairs
Team Secret and Cloud9 esports players using custom team chairs while training.

Expect a similar trajectory after receiving your Secretlab gaming chair. After a few days of getting used to your new chair, look forward to the following:

  • Improved sitting posture: the chair will help you sit straight while supporting your spine’s natural curves. That takes the pressure off the upper body muscles. As a result, you enjoy the physical benefits of good posture, with more energy to focus on computing.
  • Improved wellness: if you work full-time at a desk, your chair has a huge impact on both wellness and work performance. That is why many pro esports teams train full-time using Secretlab chairs. Away from the computer, many teams also encourage their players to have adequate rest, nutrition and sleep. The rationale: when players are healthy, rested, and comfortable, they perform better. In this context, your Secretlab chair provides a wellness foundation to power your own journey towards excellence.
  • Improved workstation aesthetics: a Secretlab chair at your workstation will be too beautiful to ignore. In fact, it’s likely to make you hyper-aware of your workstation feng shui. Be warned that getting into workstation aesthetics is both rewarding and addictive. Check out Reddit forums like r/battlestations, where tens of thousands show off workstations with amazing amounts of detail and passion. When your Secretlab chair arrives, come join the party.

How to buy Secretlab chairs

Secretlab chairs are available in North America, the EU and UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia. All locations offer three models (prices will show in your local currency):

  • Titan: the flagship SL chair with spacious dimensions and an internal lumbar support system. (USD $459-$519)
  • Titan XL: a super-sized version of the Titan, supporting up to 390 pounds. (USD $539-$559)
  • Omega: a smaller chair supporting users between 5’3″ to 5’11”. (USD $419-$439)

Browse the Secretlab online store

Secretlab chairs are available in North America, the EU and UK, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia.


This guide was written especially for those waiting on the delivery of their new Secretlab chair. While waiting, don’t just sit there. Instead, take steps to prepare for ascension to a higher workstation level.

Secretlab gaming chair workstation
Get ready to take your workstation to a higher level.

If you have the budget, take time to assess your workstation and brainstorm some wellness upgrades. If you don’t have the budget, focus on the health, wellness, and productivity benefits that your new chair will deliver. By using your chair correctly and putting passion into your work, you’ll have plenty of budget for upgrades soon enough.

If you’re new to Secretlab chairs, check out our technical reviews of the Secretlab Omega, Titan, or Titan XL gaming chairs.

For a comprehensive look at the entire brand collection, check out this feature:

Brand review of all Secretlab gaming chairs

About the author: Anil Ramsey is the founder and Senior Editor of ChairsFX. He started using gaming chairs in early 2017. Ever since, he’s been touting gaming chair health, wellness, and productivity benefits.

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