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Review: 15 Types of Racing-Style PC Gaming Chairs

These days, the term ‘gaming chair’ refers to any type of ergonomic desk chair. Even so, the classic racing-style gaming chair is the original. If you’re decided to invest in a high-back racing-style gaming chair, which type should you choose? This article makes it easy for you to decide. Here we summarize the world’s best racing-style gaming chairs, broken down by genre.

Types of Racing Style Gaming Chairs For Gaming or Work
Find here the best racing-style gaming chairs across 15 different genres.

They’re called ‘gaming chairs’, ‘racing seats’, ‘PC game chairs’, and many similar descriptions. The world’s first model came out in 2006. Every year since, this type of seating has grown in popularity. Today, the Racing-Style PC Gaming Chair stands out as one of the most versatile and affordable options on the market.

Standard blueprint for gaming chairs

All types of racing-style desk chairs use the same design concept. The build starts with a 5-point base and caster wheels. That attaches to a steel-framed bucket seat coated in resilient foam. Over the top, adjustable ergonomic features support the back over long sitting periods.

Types of Racing-Style Gaming Chairs

As chair designs become popular, other brands often come out with their own versions. Over time, many racing-style chairs of the same type become available.

To date, ChairsFX has boiled down 15 viable types, grouped into five categories. Click on any type to jump directly to its summary.

  1. Premium Gaming Chairs: for pro esports players; executive designs; fabric editions; video game designs.
  2. Affordable Gaming Chairs: best under $200; under $300; cheap chairs with wide seats.
  3. For Specific Users: small sized chairs; big and tall; for students.
  4. Special Functionality: footrest add-on; with integrated lumbar; with modular add-ons.
  5. Specialty Aesthetics: best pink, camo, and Marvel superhero chairs.

Which Type of Gaming Chair is Best For Me?

Here we break down each of the 15 types of racing chairs. Skim through the list will find your perfect chair type in a flash.

Premium PC Game Chairs

If money is no object, a premium gaming chair is your best bet to ensure a luxurious sitting experience. We define these models as ‘premium’ for three reasons. First, all come with a full suite of premium ergonomic features. These include 4D armrests, a multifunction tilt-lock, and deep recline functionality.

Second, all use a higher-quality foam padding better-suited to supporting full-time sitting. For both pro gamers and full-time desk workers, long-term consistency makes a difference.

Third, all models come from established brands with proven service records. Beyond longer warranties, you also get legit after-care support.


  • Complete ergonomic features
  • More durable and reliable support
  • More luxurious and attractive upholstery


  • Some cheaper chairs have similar features
  • Some models offer poor value for money

ChairsFX has reviewed three types of premium racing-style chairs. All come with similar ergonomic features but differing aesthetics. If you’re looking for the very best racing-style gaming chair, find it in this section.

Pro Esports Racing Chairs

Over the past 15 years, six brands have shaped the premium gaming chair market. All have extensive experience working with the world’s best esports players.

Pro esports gaming chairs

Find here the flagship gaming chairs from Noblechairs, AKRacing, Secretlab, Vertagear, Anda Seat, and Clutch.

Typical Features

  • 4D armrests
  • Multifunction tilt-lock
  • Premium padding and upholstery

If you want the best value out of a premium chair, look for one with a 5-year warranty. That makes a huge difference in a chair’s potential value. For instance:

Secretlab Titan Noblechairs HERO
Price $399 $459
Warranty 5 years 2 years
Price per year $79.80 $229.50

With a longer warranty, premium models deliver much better value for money. With a shorter one, you’ll need more frequent replacements. To learn more, check this article:

Review of the Best Pro Esports Racing Chairs

Fabric Gaming Chairs

These premium chairs come upholstered in soft, breathable synthetic fabric. Compared to PU leather chairs, fabric ones offer cooler comfort and superior durability.

Best mesh fabric gaming chairs

If you prioritize comfort over aesthetics, a premium fabric chair is tough to beat. Top models in this category come from Secretlab, Anda Seat, Arozzi, and more.

Typical Features

  • Premium fabric upholstery
  • Complete ergonomic features
  • Soft and comfortable seating

Choosing a fabric chair over a faux leather one gives you a softer, more durable seat. Compared to full mesh seats, fabric gaming chairs provide slightly less breathability.

Padding versus mesh gaming chair support
Fabric gaming chair upholstery has extra support; full mesh seats have none.

Even so, with steel and padding support, gaming chair fabrics last a lot longer than mesh. To learn more, check out this comprehensive review:

Best Premium Fabric Gaming Chairs

Executive Gaming Chairs

The ‘gaming chair’ moniker implies these chairs are only for video game players. In fact, these chairs also provide superb full-back support for desk work. To appease corporate tastes, this collection offers premium features and subdued styling suitable for the office.

Best executive style racing chairs

Executive-styled gaming chairs come from brands like Secretlab, AKRacing, Arozzi, and DXRacer. Across the board, these models offer rich ergonomics and crisp, contemporary styling.

Typical Features

  • Premium features and upholstery
  • Cheaper than ergonomic task chairs
  • Several come with 5+ year warranties.

For work-from-home executives, these models offer better value than pricey ergonomic office chairs. With full-body support and deep recline functionality, users can enjoy a range of seated activities.

For intense work, position your chair upright. When it’s time for a break, kick back the recline to recharge in style. During Zoom calls, the executive styling will assure your peers that you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Best Executive Gaming Office Chairs

Themed Video Game Chairs

These models have the opposite effect as executive gaming chairs. Instead of subdued designs, these are vibrant and colorful. Chairs pay tribute to League of Legends, DOOM, Dota2, Warcraft, and other top games. Beyond rich features, these appeal with striking colors and intricately embroidered artwork.

Official video game chairs
Official chairs of some of the world’s favorite video games.

The incredible styling comes at a price. Most models in this collection cost around $50 more than stock designs. Even so, if you’re a fan of a particular video game, one of these designs might be perfect for you!


  • Brilliant and colorful designs
  • Premium features and upholstery
  • Intricate embroidered artwork

Most official video game designs come from Secretlab. Noblechairs comes second with branded chairs for DOOM, Fallout, and Elder Scrolls. However, while its designs are brilliant, the Noblechairs editions are often out of stock.

Best Themed Video Game Chairs

Affordable Gaming Chairs

Inexpensive gaming chairs have come a long way in recent years. Improvements in PU leather and foam production give cheaper chairs a similar look and feel as premium models.

Some brands have also pushed the envelope on features. As a result, it’s now possible to buy full-featured racing chairs for less than $250.

Cheap gaming chair padding
Cheap foam padding tends to flatten out faster.

The catch is durability. Less expensive chairs use cheaper materials and production techniques. Over longer periods, the padding will flatten out. Then, you’ll receive uneven, inconsistent support.


  • Good back support
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable


  • Not as durable as premium chairs
  • Cheaper-quality materials
  • Not as flashy as premium chairs

The bottom line is that cheap chairs won’t last as long as premium chairs. They are also less adjustable. Even so, these models support the back just as well as pricier models.

That makes affordable gaming chairs a smarter option in several cases:

  • For part-time use: if you only need support for a few hours a day, cheap chairs provide adequate support. Used part-time, a cheaper chair will also last longer.
  • For adolescents: young students can develop healthy sitting habits without spending much.
  • As short-term seating: affordable support for frequent travelers or temporary projects.

Cheap Gaming Chairs Under $200

The best gaming chairs under $200 come with basic ergonomic features and a 2-year warranty. Most have classic racing-style designs and compact sizing suitable for ages 12 and up.

Best budget gaming chairs of 2021
These rank among the best cheap gaming chairs in 2021.

These chairs deliver solid posture support, but less durability than premium ones. Even so, for students and part-timers, they offer excellent value for money.

Typical Features

  • 2D armrests
  • 2-year warranty
  • Slim-fitting seat

A cheap gaming chair is a big upgrade over a standard office chair. Using one is more comfortable, and also better for your back.

Cheap gaming chairs top-5

Even in a cheap racing chair, the back support benefits are noticeable. With your spine aligned and body relaxed, productivity increases. That makes cheap gaming chairs a sound investment for both students and part-timers.

Best Cheap Racing Chairs Under $200

Affordable Chairs Under $300

Between the $200-$300 range is a handful of chairs with premium-tier ergonomic features. They look and work like high-end gaming chairs, but are much less durable.

Best affordable gaming chairs priced under $300
These chairs offer premium ergonomic features for less than $300.

If you need a full-time power seat but can’t afford one, this is the genre to choose. For a year or so, you’ll enjoy a premium-tier luxury and adjustability. After that, you can expect the padding the flatten, and the upholstery to start degrading.

Typical Features

  • 3D armrests
  • Multifunction tilt-lock
  • 1-year warranty

There are only a handful of gaming chairs under $300 with pro ergonomic features. Most come with 3D or 4D armrests and a multifunction tilt-lock.

Ewin Champion Series gaming chairs
E-Win Champion Series designs.

These match the luxury and adjustability of premium chairs, for around $100 less. If you’re not ready to invest in a pricier model, the chairs in this class offer a solid alternative.

Affordable Gaming Chairs Under $300 Reviewed

Extra-wide Chairs Under $250

Most cheap gaming chairs have narrow seats with ridged edges. Thicker users may find the edges digging into their thighs. Luckily, a handful of models with wide, flat seats are now available. Budget users with wide hips or thick legs will find their perfect gaming chair here.

Best cheap gaming chairs with wide seats
These cheap chairs come with seats wide enough to sit cross-legged in.

Ridged edges restrict leg movement, which helps to enforce good posture. This is a problem for thick users, and also those who prefer sitting cross-legged. The chairs in this collection present a cheap and effective solution.

Typical Features

  • Flat, wide seat
  • Semi-pro features
  • 1-year warranty

The gaming chair industry makes dozens of big and tall gaming chairs, but only a few ‘big and short’ ones. These chairs offer the legroom that shorter, thicker users need.

Best cheap gaming chairs with wide dimensions

They’re also a great choice for those who enjoy sitting cross-legged. If you want to do yoga while sitting in your gaming chair, check these models out.

Best Cheap Racing Chairs With Wide Seats

Gaming Chairs For Specific Users

This section contains comparison reviews for small sizes, extra-large ones, and students.

Small Gaming Chairs

Small gaming chairs are for kids and petite adults. The smallest gaming chair on the market fits sizes 4’9″ and up (the average height of a 10-year-old). Most are for sizes 5’3″ and up (the height of an average 12-year-old). Most are affordable models, although a few pricier premium options exist.

Best small gaming chairs for short people
These are some of the best gaming chairs on the market for small sizes.

Those smaller than 4’9″ can still use a small-sized gaming chair, but won’t get good back support. For kids aged 3-10, consider a specialty ergonomic kids’ chair instead.


  • For ages 10 and up
  • Premium and affordable options are available

For best results in a gaming chair, choosing the right size matters. When the user leans into the backrest, the lumbar and headrest pillows keep the spine aligned. But if the chair is too large, the support pillows won’t fit.

Choosing the right sized gaming chair
Use a well-fitting chair the get the best support from your gaming chair.

If you’re shorter than 5’8″ (172 cm), consider one of these models to get optimal back support for your size.

Best Small PC Gaming Chairs

Big And Tall Gaming Chairs

For safety and peace of mind, people over 300 pounds should consider buying a big and tall gaming chair. These can come with reinforced parts that can support up to 400 pounds of weight. Most are premium chairs with extra-large bucket seats and high-quality upholstery.

Extra-wide big & tall 400 pound gaming chairs

A few cheaper models exist with comparable features and 1-year warranties. The cheaper models work well for casuals and part-timers. However, heavyweight users sitting full-time would get better value from a premium model. Paying more will get you a sturdier frame designed to hold your weight for years.


  • Support for up to 400 pounds
  • Premium and affordable options are available

If you’re looking for the largest gaming chairs in the world (from legit brands), find them here. One quibble with this collection is that there aren’t any options for those in the 450+ pound range. That’s a shame, given that extremely obese users would find great relief in a gaming chair.

Those within the weight specs have both premium and affordable models to choose from. In most cases, it’s worth hunting for the lowest prices.

Gaming chair 400 lbs

Heavyweight chairs are an exception. Paying more for a premium model is well worth it. Doing so will get you a better-quality build, thus more reliable long-term support.

Reviews Of The Best Big And Tall Gaming Chairs

Gaming Chairs For Students

In the study-from-home era, many kids learned that studying on the floor, sofa or bed is bad for the back. Studying on a wooden kitchen chair isn’t much better. In comparison, a good gaming chair is a cheap and effective upgrade that pays plenty of dividends.

Best gaming chairs for students
A good gaming chair can support good posture and improved study habits.

The best PC game chairs for students all support good posture over long sitting periods. Most have compact, slim-fitting dimensions and affordable prices. For those who can afford it, a few premium models also exist with 5-year warranties.


  • Slim-fitting dimensions
  • Affordable
  • Improves posture and study habits

According to Wolff’s Law, bones develop based on the loads placed on the body. Children who slouch often suffer from altered bone development and spinal disc degeneration. Even so, the health ramifications don’t manifest until the late teens. Then, chronic issues can emerge including arthritis, constipation, weight gain, and lethargy.

Gaming chair benefits for kids

Investing in a gaming chair for your child to study at home can make a huge difference. Because of the racing-style ‘coolness factor’, kids are sure to use it a lot. In time, that will help to improve their posture. That’s the payoff. Kids with good posture are more energetic, alert, and assertive.

Best Racing Chairs For Studying

Gaming Chairs with Special Functions

Beyond gaming chair aesthetics, some models set themselves apart with added functionality. The most popular extension to a racing-style gaming chair is a retractable footrest.

Over the past few years, integrated lumbar support systems have also become popular. Recently, DXRacer has pushed things even further with modular design concepts.

With Integrated Lumbar Support

Most gaming chairs come with a lumbar support pillow. A growing number of models use an integrated lumbar system instead. These provide depth-adjustable support that works much better than a pillow.

Best gaming chairs with internal lumbar support systems review

The downside of integrated lumbars is that most are not height-adjustable. If you don’t fit within the chair’s recommended size rating, the lumbar isn’t likely to fit. The upside is that depth-adjustability is the better option to have. That lets you customize the support to perfectly match the curve of your lower back.


  • Integrated (depth-adjustable) lumbar support
  • Premium ergonomic features
  • Flat, wide seat styles

Gaming chairs with integrated lumbar support are popular for a few reasons. For one thing, they provide firmer, more precise support than lumbar pillows.

Autofull internal lumbar support feature
Autofull Hero T1 integrated lumbar support system.

For another, lumbar pillows tend to move around. In comparison, once you set your desired depth, an integrated lumbar locks into place. Thus this support offers better precision with much greater consistency.

Best Chairs With Integrated Lumbar Support

Footrest Gaming Chairs

Console gamers also need love. Most ‘gaming’ seats for the living room are bad for the back. Floor rockers and pedestal rockers flatten the lumbar curve and distort the spine. In contrast, footrest gaming chairs allow for long periods of healthy reclined comfort.

Best computing chair with footrest comparison

A retractable footrest fits under the seat. When folded in, the chair works like a conventional desk chair. When retracted, it works like a modern-day La-Z-Boy recliner.

Most models in this category cost less than $250 and come with basic ergonomic features. Recently, a few premium options with advanced adjustability have also emerged.

Typical Features

  • Retractable footrest
  • 2D armrests
  • 1-year warranty

“Zero gravity” describes a popular type of seated recline. It mimics the position astronauts use during liftoff. The point of this position is to distribute a user’s body weight across the chair.

Gaming chair with footrest examples, full recline
Enjoy zero gravity sitting with your spine in perfect alignment.

A gaming chair with a footrest enables a zero-gravity position, with a twist. The headrest and lumbar pillows keep your spine in alignment while you recline. That allows living room console gamers to play longer without discomfort.

Best Footrest Gaming Chairs

Modular Gaming Chairs

The modular gaming chair is a new concept introduced by DXRacer in 2021. ‘Modular’ means you can extend the functionality of your chair with extras. DXRacer modular gaming chairs let you attach a footrest, laptop holder, or cup holder.

Master Series modular addon parts
Master chair modules: laptop/phone bracket, retractable footrest, cup holder.

DXRacer is the gaming chair pioneer. It introduced the world’s first gaming chair in 2006. It’s also the pioneer of the modular concept. At present, DXRacer is the only brand offering modular technology.

Modular Extras

  • Retractable footrest
  • Laptop/ phone bracket
  • Cup holder
  • Mesh seat replacement

Top models

DXRacer’s first batch of modular gaming chairs released in May, 2021. The Master Series has an executive design and integrated lumbar support. G-Series and K-Series chairs come with classic racing-style designs.

G-Series chair modules
DXRacer G-Series chair with all available modules.

Modules cost extra. To add La-Z-Boy functionality, buy the footrest module. For desk-free computing, get the laptop stand. If you prefer cooler seating, add the mesh seat pad module. Check out our DXRacer review to browse the entire modular collection.

Review: DXRacer Modular Gaming Chairs

Gaming Chairs with Specialty Aesthetics

Most ChairsFX gaming chair comparisons group products by price, size, or functionality. From our view, there are only a couple of aesthetic collections worth mentioning.

This section covers both of them, plus one example of a less relevant collection. Options in all classes include both premium and affordable gaming chairs.

Pink Gaming Chairs

In the era of video game streaming and Zoom classes, a gaming chair can serve as a form of expression. Color psychologists often refer to pink as a soothing color with positive vibes. In the gaming chair world, most models aren’t specifically designed for girls. In fact, Secretlab’s Pink D.Va fabric chair is a popular pick for all genders.

Pink gaming chair review

Meanwhile, Autofull’s Pink Bunny chair has a clear ‘girly’ dynamic. It comes with a set of bunny ears and a bunny tail attached to the back of the chair – clearly made for teenage girls.


  • Soothing pink designs
  • Premium and affordable options available

The best pink gaming chairs cost between $130 and $449. There are great options here for all budgets. Pay more for a premium pink chair to enjoy better features and durability. Pay less for something more basic but equally as colorful and supportive.

Pink Bunny bedroom chair
Autofull Pink Bunny chair with matching Pink Bunny Desk.

In either case, a good pink gaming chair will add a splash of soothing color to your workspace. At the same time, using one will help to improve posture while you sit. Thus you get enriched aesthetics plus upgraded ergonomics in one racing-style package.

Review: Top Pink Gaming Chairs 2021

Marvel Superhero Gaming Chairs

In the Marvel Universe, 2021 is ‘Phase 4’, the start of a multi-year rollout of TV shows and movies. To build hype, Marvel has partnered with three gaming chair brands. Anda Seat, Neo Chair, and Sidiz all make branded superhero gaming chairs. Anda Seat makes premium versions, Neo Chair makes affordable ones. Sidiz adds some office-style variations.

Superheo Marvel gaming chairs 2021
The Marvel collection includes chairs from Anda Seat, Neo Chair, and Sidiz.

At present, the collection pays tribute to a handful of heroes. Designs pay tribute to Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and a few others.


  • Colorful superhero designs
  • Premium and affordable options available

Marvel is one of the only companies working with several chair brands on a single promotion. With Marvel chairs on offer from three different brands, it’s tough to keep track.

Anda Seat Captain America gaming chair
The Anda Seat Captain America chair comes with luxury features and support for 440 pounds.

This article addresses that with a broad overview of all Marvel chairs on the market. Among racing-style offerings, Anda Seat models are more luxurious. Neo Chair versions are affordable. If you prefer office-styled designs, Sidiz offers stylish superhero alternatives.

Best Marvel Gaming Chairs

Camouflage Gaming Chairs

When a reader asked about the best camo gaming chairs, it piqued our curiosity. Given the popularity of FPS games like CS:GO, we decided to look into it. Higher demand results in a greater range of products. Lower demand creates less. Based on our findings, the demand for camo gaming chairs is on the low end.

Best gaming chairs with camouflage design

Only two premium chair brands make camo designs. Beyond solid options from AKRacing and Vertagear, the rest are mediocre.

The key takeaway is that camo chairs aren’t in high demand, hence the limited options. Our camo gaming chair roundup includes two high-end models and three cheap ones.

Best camouflage gaming chairs
AKRacing and Vertagear make the best premium camouflage gaming chairs.

AKRacing’s model comes with the longest warranty. Vertagear’s offering has the sweetest camo design.

Top-rated Camouflage Gaming Chairs

Racing-Style vs Office-Style Desk Chairs

Before the first gaming chair emerged in 2006, ergonomic seating was mainly for rich people. The racing-style gaming chair changed that by bringing ergonomic seating to the masses.

These days, the best ergonomic task chairs cost over $1000. In comparison, the best gaming chairs cost around half that. Despite the pricing disparity, gaming chairs offer comparable back support. On top of that, they offer a lot more versatility than their office-styled counterparts.

Comparable Posture Support

All types of ergonomic chairs use the same back support principles. Both office and racing-style models are designed to support dynamic neutral sitting positions. This looks the same across all ergonomic chair types:

Neutral posture examples using different types of ergonomic chairs
A neutral sitting position looks the same in all types of ergonomic chairs. (click to enlarge)

Neutral sitting definition:

  1. Feet planted firmly on the floor.
  2. Knees bent at around 90 degrees.
  3. Hips aligned slightly higher than the knees.
  4. Straight back, head balanced above the shoulders.

Sitting this way in a non-ergonomic chair forces the back muscles to hold the body upright. In comparison, all ergonomic chairs support neutral sitting with three components.

Standard ergonomic features on a gaming chair
All ergonomic chairs provide customizable posture support with three key features.

Adjustable lumbar support keeps the spine in alignment. Adjustable armrests offset the weight of the arms and shoulders. A reclining backrest helps the seated body to move.

There are several benefits to be gained by using this technique. First, you’ll be able to sit comfortably for as long as you want, without issues. Second, since the chair supports the muscles, more energy becomes available for the brain. Third, an energized brain becomes sharper and more productive.

Racing Chairs Are More Versatile

Most ergonomic chairs come with a backrest offering mid-back support and a limited recline. For example, the Herman Miller Aeron offers mid-back support with a limited recline to only 104 degrees.

Gaming chairs versus ergonomic office chairs
Racing chairs provide more freedom to relax than other types of chairs.

With a limited recline, users are forced to sit in upright working postures at all times. That’s why office-style models are often called ‘task chairs’ — they’re strictly for doing work tasks.

Versatile users for gaming chairs during study from home
A racing-style chair can support you through a full day of work and leisure activities.

Strict posture enforcement is a great concept for cubicle workers. But in a work-from-home setting, it can become a detriment.

Gaming chairs have deep recline functionality
Racing chairs are the only ergonomic type offering full back support with deep a recline.

Working from home doesn’t always mean focused desk work. When you need to relax in a task chair, you move to the couch. In a gaming chair, all you need to do is pop the recline and ease back.


If you’ve decided to buy a racing-style gaming chair, this article makes it easy to find the perfect model. It includes 15 different collections spread over five different genres. Choose by price, sizing, quality of features, functionality, or aesthetics.

Best types of PC gaming chairs

No matter which types you choose, stick with neutral sitting basics for best results. Refer to our Gaming Chair User Guide for step-by-step instructions.