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Gaming Chair Discounts in August 2020

This year has been a wild one for the gaming chair industry. Demand spiked to more than triple the usual holiday shopping peak period. Many of the top brands struggled to keep up with demand. Now into the sixth month of the year, sales remain high. As a result, we expect a thin crop of gaming chair discounts for August 2020.

GTRacing Ace

Sale price: $169.99 to $179.99 ($20 off)

The GTRacing Ace is our pick as the world’s best gaming chair under $200. This is a new model from GTRacing. Chairs are now available for pre-order.

GTRacing Ace gaming chair conclusion
Ace chairs offer pro ergonomic features for less than $200.

Ace chairs come with a 5-year warranty and pro ergonomic features. No other chair on the market offers so much for so little money.

  • Functionality: 4D armrests; recline to 165°; rocking and tilt tension.
  • Comfort: high-density foam padding; neck and lumbar support cushions.
  • Foundation: steel frame; Class 3 gas lift; XL PU-coated casters.

GTRacing has just made these chairs more appealing with a $20 discount. PU leather ACE chairs are on sale for $169.99. Breathable fabric chairs are now $179.99.

Buy a discounted Ace gaming chair from GTRacing

To learn more about this impressive new chair, check out our detailed GTRacing Ace gaming chair review.

Sadie Big and Tall

Sale price: $214.99

The office chair industry is starting to come out with new big & tall ergonomic office chairs. For example, the Sadie Big and Tall has a conservative design and robust features. It’s made by Hon Furniture, a sub-brand of HNI, the 4th-largest office furniture company in the world. Hon chairs come with a superb pedigree and also a lifetime warranty.

Sadie big and tall ergonomic office chair

  • List Price: $334.00
  • Current Price: $214.99
  • You save: $119.01
  • Percentage saved: 36%

Chair features

The Sadie HVST141 Big and Tall chair offers a height and depth adjustable lumbar support. That lets you fine-tune lower back support in a way tailored to your body.

Sadie Big and Tall features
Key features are an adjustable lumbar support and 2D armrests.

  • Functionality: 2D armrests; adjustable lumbar support; rocking function with tilt-lock.
  • Upholstery: mesh backrest; fabric seat with resiliant foam padding.
  • Waranty: 3-year warranty from Hon Furniture.


This is a spacious model with enough room for most extra-wide sizes. It has a flat, wide seat that gives the legs plenty of room to move.

  • Seat width & depth: 22″ (W) x 20.9″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 22″ (W), 22.3″ (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 19.9″ to 22.5″
  • Total height: 47.6″ to 50.8″
  • Size rating: 5’6″ to 6’2″; maximum weight capacity 400 pounds

Although not as flashy as gaming chairs, this office-styled model offers comparable ergonomics at an affordable price.

Sadie Big & Tall on Amazon $214.99

To browse other office-styled options, check the review. Best big & tall ergonomic office chairs under $300.

AKRacing Amazon specials

AKRacing is one of the oldest gaming chair brands. They make makes several pro-quality chairs. Their Amazon store has a few models on sale in August.

AKRacing Master Series Pro

Sale price: $479.99
The Master Series Pro has 70% more padding than the Core Series EX. It’s the most luxurious AKRacing product and our third-ranked pro esports chair.

AKRacing Master Series Pro esports chair
The blue and grey editions are currently on sale.

  • List Price: $549.00
  • Current Price: $479.99
  • You save: $69.01
  • Percentage saved: 13%


AKRacing Master Series Pro
Enjoy deep discounts on the blue and grey editions.

The Master Series Pro packs in a huge array of noteworthy features:

  • Functionality: 4D armrests; deep recline to 180°; 12° tilt-lock.
  • Padding: cold cure foam padding guaranteed to maintain shape and density for five years. Density: 55 kg/m³ (seat) 50 kg/m³ (back)
  • Upholstery: perforated PU leather in five color combinations.
  • Support: single-piece steel frame; molded aluminum base (10x stronger than steel). It also has a class 4 gas lift and 2.5″ PU wheels.
  • Extras: neck and lumbar support cushions.
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty on parts, 10-year warranty on the steel frame.
  • Free shipping: included.

Learn more in our detailed Master Series Pro review.

Master Series Pro on Amazon $479.99

Master Series Max

Sale price: $420.98

AKRacing Core Series LX

This is a super-sized version of the Master Series Pro, supporting up to 400 pounds. The Master Series Max has reinforced parts, an extra-wide seat, a super-powered gas lift, and extra-thick padding.

  • List Price: $519.00
  • Current Price: $420.98
  • You save: $98.02
  • Percentage saved: 19%

Master Series Max sizing

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair with Wide Flat Seat, 400 Lbs Weight Limit

Compared to the ultra-wide Master Series Pro, the Master Series Max has a slightly narrower seat. But it still offers plenty of room for most extra-wide bodies.

  • Seat width & depth: 23″ (W) x 20.3″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 34.2″ (H), 24.4″ (W)
  • Size rating: 5’7″ to 6’7″ and up to 400 pounds

Master Series Max features

The Master Series Max comes with the same rich feature set as the Pro.

  • Functionality: padded 4D adjustable armrests; recline to 180°; 12° tilt lock
  • Padding: 70% more cold foam padding than the Core Series Ex.
  • Upholstery: PU leather in black or black with colored trim
  • Sizing: max height 6’7″; max weight 400 lbs

Check out how the Master Series Max compares to other top-rated big and tall gaming chairs.

Master Series Max on Amazon $420.98

AKRacing Opal Office Chair

Sale price: $322.99

A lot of people will be working from home over the next few months. Many will need to upgrade their chairs to work effectively. Those who don’t like the bold styles of traditional gaming chairs can consider the AKRacing Opal.

AKRacing Opal office chair
The Opal is an office styled chair with a rich suite of gaming chair features.

The Opal is the cheapest chair in the AKRacing line of office style gaming chairs. It comes with breathable fabric upholstery and a wide, roomy frame.

  • List Price: $349.00
  • Current Price: $322.99
  • You save: $26.01
  • Percentage saved: 7%

Sizing & Features

The Opal caters to a range of sizes. It has a flat, wide seat a little smaller than the Core EX-Wide, plus a taller backrest.

  • Seat width & depth: 22.8″ (W) x 19.75″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 33.3″ (H), 22.2″ (W)
  • Total height: 49.5″ to 52.5″

The AKRacing Opal has the same ergonomic features as AKRacing’s essential gaming chairs. It also comes with a 5-year warranty on parts and a 10-year warranty on the frame.

  • Functionality: 3D armrests; deep recline to 180°; 3-18° angle tilt-lock.
  • Padding: cold cure foam padding guaranteed to retain shape and density for five years.
  • Upholstery: 100% black polyester mesh fabric.
  • Sizing: height 5’4″ to 6’4″; 150 to 290 lbs

The Opal is a great choice as an office chair in your work-from-home setup. The breathable mesh fabric feels soft to the touch and will always keep your body cool. Even better, the ergonomic features are top-tier. For the price, you get enough adjustability to support your body while computing.

AKRacing Opal on Amazon $322.99

Killabee specials

Killabee is one of the oldest and most popular makers of cheap gaming chairs. The company sold through most of their stock in early May, but have since restocked. In celebration, Killabee is now offering several discount deals. From, you can buy both Killabee and Von Racer branded chairs. At present, discounts are only available to Americans.

Killabee gaming chair review
Several Killabee and Von Racer chairs are now on sale.

To browse all Killbee and Von racer chairs, check out our Killabee brand review. That breaks down all chairs in Killabee’s streamlined 2020 lineup. Here are some highlighted specials:

Von Racer 8280: cheap footrest chair

Current price: $128.99 $179.99

Von Racer 8280 color options
The Von Racer 8280 comes in five different color styles.

The Von Racer 8280 is a footrest gaming chair. This model comes with a retractable footrest, massage lumbar pillow, and decent adjustable features.

  • Standout features: retractable footrest; massage unit stuffed inside the lumbar pillow.
  • Functionality: 2D armrests; recline to 135°; rocking function with tension adjustment.

At its discounted price, this is one of the cheapest footrest gaming chairs on the market. While many of the top footrest models have fixed armrests, this chair has 2D armrests. Its price plus Killabee’s reputation for quality makes this an excellent option for those on a budget.

Buy the Von Racer 8280 from Killabee for $129.99 $179.99

The Von Racer 8280 is also available on Amazon for $131.99. To learn more about this chair, check out our Von Racer 8280 review.

Killabee 8247: 440 pound support

Direct buy price: $269.99 $329.99

Killabee 8247

The Killabee 8247 is a big and tall luxury gaming chair. It has a 440-pound weight capacity and fits users between 5’8″ and 6’4″. This chair has rich pro features and some nice extra touches. For one thing, it comes with concave 4D armrests for better support. For another, it also has cooling gel add-ons in the seat and lumbar cushion. What’s more, it also comes with a seat angle tilt-lock like high-end pro chairs.

  • Standout features: big and tall support for up to 400 pounds.
  • Functionality: 4D armrests; recline to 155°; seat angle tilt-lock.
  • Extra: gel inserts in lumbar pillow.

Buy from Killabee for $269.99 $329.99

The Killabee 8247 is also available on Amazon for $279.99. To learn more, check our Killabee 8247 review.

Killabee 8212 big & tall

Buy direct price: $229.99 $259.99

Killabee 8212 gaming chair big and tall
The Killabee 8212 is a solid heavyweight option for those on a budget.

Killabee 8212 chairs are also only available from the Killabee website. Models come in three color styles. Highlights include decent features, large dimensions, and support for up to 400 pounds.

  • Standout features: big and tall support for up to 400 pounds; low price.
  • Functionality: 3D armrests; recline to 155°.

The Killabee 8212 is a comfortable chair with a solid build and decent features for the price. To learn more about this chair, check out our Killabee 8212 gaming chair review.

Buy the 8212 from Killabee for $229.99 $259.99

Vertagear specials

Los Angeles-based gaming chair brand Vertagear is running an August sale via

Vertagear Midnight Blue

Vertagear SL5000 Midnight Blue Hygenn X
The Midnight Blue Hygenn X is the most recent SL5000 model.

The Vertagear SL5000 is Vertagear’s flagship pro esports gaming chair. The Midnight Blue chair is the newest addition to the roster. Its fabric has coffee-infused fibers and Silver Lining Embroidery. Those work together to limit odors and control bacteria buildup.

The Midnight Blue SL5000 is now $30 off, using the coupon code ID4-SL5KMB.

Buy the Midnight Blue on sale

FaZe Clan team chairs

Two FaZe Clan retro models are now on sale. The FaZe Retro is a Vertagear SL5000 model in black and red with FaZe logos on front and back. The FaZe Arc is based in a Vertagear SL2000. That model comes in a white and black design with red trim, plus FaZe logos on the front and back of the chair.

Faze Clan Vertagear chairs
Two FaZe Clan special editions are now on sale.

Check all deals on

To learn more about the Vertagear product line, check out our Verteagear brand review. Click on any product in that article to buy direct from

Arozzi Vernazza specials

The Vernazza is Arozzi’s flagship chair. Both the original PJU leather editions and new mesh fabric variants are both on sale.

Arozzi Vernazza Super Series Premium

Sale price: $299.98

Arozzi is a Swedish company. They produce both affordable and luxury gaming chairs with minimalist design. Check out our Arozzi Brand Review to learn more about their products.

The Arozzi Vernazza is Arozzi’s flagship gaming chair. It’s a large chair that supports users up to 6’2″ and up to 330 pounds.

Arozzi Vernazza Super Series
The Vernazza is Arozzi’s best high end gaming chair.

The red and black version of the Arozzi Vernazza is now on sale.

  • List Price: $399.00
  • Current Price: $299.98
  • You save: $99.02
  • Percentage saved: 25%

Arozzi high end gaming chairs
The red and black version of the Vernazza is now on sale.

The Arozzi Vernazza has solid features and comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • Functionality: 3D armrests; deep recline to 180°; 12° tilt-lock.
  • Comfort: cold cure foam padding; neck and lumbar pillows.
  • Cover material: 100% polyester mesh fabric with colored accent stitching.
  • Sizing: height 5’7″ to 6’2″; max weight 330 lbs

Arozzi Vernazza (red & black) on Amazon $299.98

Arozzi Vernazza soft fabric editions

Sale price: $412.44

The soft fabric editions are the latest addition to the Arozzi lineup. These are exact copies of the Vernazza. The difference is that these models comes in a range of soft fabric colors.

Arozzi Vernazza mesh fabric chair
The mesh fabric Vernazza comes in four different color styles.

The material is breathable, ultra-durable, and very soft. We’re huge fans of mesh fabric gaming chairs. They look less flashy than PU leather chairs. But the breathability and softness make them very comfortable.

  • List Price: $449.99
  • Current Price: $412.44
  • You save: $37.55
  • Percentage saved: 8%

To learn more about these models, check out our Vernazza Soft Fabric chair review.

Arozzi Vernazza Blue Fabric Edition on Amazon $412.44

Respawn sales

This gaming chair brand makes affordable gaming chairs that stand out with bold, innovative designs.

Respawn Fortnite RAVEN-X

Sale price: $193.21
In late 2019, Respawn launched a range of official Fortnite video game chairs. The flagship of that series is the Respawn RAVEN-X.

RAVEN-X Fornite gaming chair
Respawn’s RAVEN-X Fortnite Chair is the pro gaming chair in the collection.

The RAVEN-X comes with 2D armrests, recline to 130° and a 2-year warranty. At full-price, we rate RAVEN-X chairs as mediocre. But at the discounted price, these offer good value for money — especially for Fortnite fans.

  • List Price: $299.99
  • Current Price: $193.21
  • You save: $106.78
  • Percentage saved: 36%

Check out Respawn’s other Fortnite gaming chairs in our review of officially licensed video games chairs. There are models for Fornite, Dota 2, CS:GO, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

Respawn RAVEN-X on Amazon $193.21

Respawn Fortnite RAVEN-Xi

Sale price: $179.98
The Respawn Fortnite RAVEN-XI is a Raven-X chair with a retractable footrest. Footrest gaming chairs offer more casual gaming options than upright racing-style chairs. The RAVEN-XI is a good option for console gamers, and also as a general-purpose living room chair. Besides the footrest, the RAVEN-Xi also has recline to 155°, fixed armrests, and support for 275 pounds.

Respawn RAVEN-XI footrest gaming chair
The Respawn RAVEN-XI footrest gaming chair is now on sale.

  • List Price: $249.99
  • Current Price: $179.98
  • You save: $70.01
  • Percentage saved: 28%

Check out Respawn’s other Fortnite gaming chairs in our review of officially licensed video games chairs. There are models for Fornite, Dota 2, CS:GO, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

Respawn RAVEN-XI on Amazon $173.12

Respawn 200 Mesh back chair

Sale price: $173.12
The Respawn 200 stands out with a breathable mesh backrest and internal lumbar. It supports up to 275 pounds and reclines up to 130°. It also comes with 2D armrests and a lifetime warranty.

Respawn RSP-200 Gaming Chairs
The Respawn RSP-200 is an innovative gaming chair on sale for a great price.

  • List Price: $214.99
  • Current Price: $173.12
  • You save: $41.87
  • Percentage saved: 19%

Check out our Respawn 200 gaming chair review to learn more.

Respawn 200 gaming chair on Amazon $173.12

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