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Gaming and ergonomic chair discounts in March

ChairsFX covers a range of office, ergonomic office, and ergo gaming chairs. Throughout the year, several brands offer chair discounts. This article keeps track of ergonomic chair sales relevant to our readers.

Gaming and ergonomic office chair discounts for 2021
Find the most relevant deals on ergonomic office and gaming chairs.

Below, deals are broken down into short-term, coupon codes, and long-term discounts.

March gaming chair discounts

Here are the short-term gaming chair discounts on offer for March, 2021.

AKRacing Amazon deals

Several chairs in the AKRacing Amazon store are now on sale. chairs are on sale on Amazon. All models come with a 5-year warranty on parts, plus 10-year protection on the steel frame. Here are the specials:

Master Series Pro

AKRacing Master Series Pro esports chair
Masters Series Pro chairs come in five different color styles.

The flagship of the AKRacing line supports users from 5’7″ to 6’7″ and up to 330 lbs. Features include 4D armrests, a 12° multifunction tilt-lock, and a deep backrest recline to 180°.

  • List Price: $549.00
  • Current Price: $520.09
  • You save: $28.91
  • Percentage saved: 5%

This model ranks #2 on our list of best pro esports chairs of 2021. Check that article to learn more about the Master Series Pro gaming chair.

Master Series Pro on Amazon $452.99

Core Series EX

The Core Series EX comes with fabric upholstery and seventy percent less padding than the Master Series Pro. It also falls behind the Master Series Pro with 3D armrests instead of 4D.

AKRacing Core Series EX gaming chairs
The EX model is the most basic chair in the Core Series collection.

On top of that, instead of a multifunction tilt. it has a conventional one. That means you can rock the chair and lock it into place, but can’t tilt and lock the seat at angles.

  • List Price: $369.00
  • Current Price: $299.00
  • You save: $70.00
  • Percentage saved: 19%

Despite the feature cutbacks, there are some upsides to this chair. For one thing, the fabric upholstery is softer, more durable, and more breathable than leather. For another, like all AKRacing chairs, the build quality is excellent. Learn more about this model in our Core Series EX review.

Core Series EX on Amazon $299.00

Browse the AKRacing Amazon store for other current discount offers.

AKRacing California

The AKRacing California is an ultra-small chair rated for users between 4’9″ to 5’6″ (144-167 cm). It comes in three pastel color styles inspired by the skies of California.

AKRacing California gaming chair

Features include 3D armrests, deep recline to 180°, and a 5-year warranty.

  • List Price: $379.00
  • Current Price: $319.99
  • You save: $59.01
  • Percentage saved: 16%

AKRacing California on Amazon $319.99

Vertagear FaZe Clan chairs

Los Angeles-based pro esports brand Vertagear is running a sale on official FaZe clan team chairs. Save $100 on a FaZe Retro chair, and $90 on a FaZe Arc.

FaZe Arc chairs ($329.99 $429.99) are based on the Vertagear SL2000. These models comes with 2D armrests, 140 degree recline, and a 2-year warranty.

FaZe Retro gaming chairs come in two colors
FaZe Retro chairs have wider dimensions and come with 4D armrests.

FaZe Retro chairs ($399.99 $499.99 are based on the Vertagear SL5000. Those chairs have larger dimensions plus 4D armrests.

Browse Faze Clan chairs from Vertagear

On, the FaZe Arc is on sale for $329.99. The FaZe Retro is on sale for $399.99. Learn more about these chairs in our Vertagear brand review.

Arozzi Vernazza specials

The Vernazza is Arozzi’s flagship chair. Both the original PJU leather editions and new mesh fabric variants are both on sale.

Arozzi Vernazza Super Series Premium

Sale price: $374.25

Arozzi is a Swedish company. They produce both affordable and luxury gaming chairs with minimalist design. Check out our Arozzi Brand Review to learn more about their products.

The Arozzi Vernazza is Arozzi’s flagship gaming chair. It’s a large chair that supports users up to 6’2″ and up to 330 pounds.

Arozzi Vernazza Super Series
The Vernazza is Arozzi’s best high end gaming chair.

The red and black version of the Arozzi Vernazza is now on sale.

  • List Price: $449.99
  • Current Price: $374.25
  • You save: $75.74
  • Percentage saved: 17%

Arozzi high end gaming chairs
The red and black version of the Vernazza is now on sale.

The Arozzi Vernazza has solid features and comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • Functionality: 3D armrests; deep recline to 180°; 12° tilt-lock.
  • Comfort: cold cure foam padding; neck and lumbar pillows.
  • Cover material: 100% polyester mesh fabric with colored accent stitching.
  • Sizing: height 5’7″ to 6’2″; max weight 330 lbs

Arozzi Vernazza (red & black) on Amazon $374.25

Respawn sales

This gaming chair brand makes affordable gaming chairs that stand out with bold, innovative designs.

Respawn Sidewinder

Sale price: $185.24

The Sidewinder is one of the newest Respawn products. It’s also the official team chair of Atlanta Faze, last year’s Call of Duty season standings winners.

Atlanta FaZe Respawn Sidewinder chair
The Respawn Sidewinder is the official chair of the Atlanta FaZe esports team.

Despite its pro partners, the Sidewinder is better suited for hobbyists. It has 1D armrests, a tiny backrest recline of 90-107 degrees, and non-adjustable lumbar support.

Respawn Sidewinder gaming chair

If you like sleek, minimalist designs, this model is now on sale.

  • List Price: $209.99
  • Current Price: $185.24
  • You save: $24.75
  • Percentage saved: 12%

Respawn Sidewinder on Amazon $185.24

Respawn Fortnite RAVEN-X

Sale price: $162.14

In late 2019, Respawn launched a range of official Fortnite video game chairs. The flagship of that series is the Respawn RAVEN-X.

RAVEN-X Fornite gaming chair
Respawn’s RAVEN-X Fortnite Chair is the pro gaming chair in the collection.

The RAVEN-X comes with 2D armrests, recline to 130° and a 2-year warranty. At full-price, we rate RAVEN-X chairs as mediocre. But at the discounted price, these offer good value for money — especially for Fortnite fans.

  • List Price: $299.99
  • Current Price: $162.14
  • You save: $137.85
  • Percentage saved: 46%

Check out Respawn’s other Fortnite gaming chairs in our review of officially licensed video games chairs. There are models for Fornite, Dota 2, CS:GO, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

Respawn RAVEN-X on Amazon $162.14

Respawn 200 Mesh back chair

Sale price: $200.96

The Respawn 200 stands out with a breathable mesh backrest and internal lumbar. It supports up to 275 pounds and reclines up to 130°. It also comes with 2D armrests and a lifetime warranty.

Respawn RSP-200 Gaming Chairs
The Respawn RSP-200 is an innovative gaming chair on sale for a great price.

  • List Price: $214.99
  • Current Price: $200.96
  • You save: $14.03
  • Percentage saved: 7%

Check out our Respawn 200 gaming chair review to learn more.

Respawn 200 gaming chair on Amazon $200.96

Office Oasis Ergonomic Chair

  • List Price: $350.95
  • Current Price: $319.95
  • You save: $31.00
  • Percentage saved: 9%

The Office Oasis desk chair is a cheap ergonomic office chair with high-end features. The only thing missing is a locking backrest recline. You can rock the chair, but not lock at angles.

Office Oasis desk chairs for computer users
These are cheap, full-featured ergonomic office chairs.

Otherwise, everything that you need is adjustable:

  • Armrests: height-adjustable.
  • Headrest: height-adjustable.
  • Lumbar support: height and depth-adjustable.

These chairs come with smooth-gliding rollerblade wheels, mesh backrests, and fabric seats.

Chairs come with a 100-day risk-free trial period. If you’re looking for a cheap yet full-featured ergonomic chair, this is a solid pick.

Office Oasis Chair on Amazon $319.95

Autofull coupon: $40 off

Autofull boasts one of the most innovative chair collections on the market. Options include a big and tall footrest chair for basketball players, a pink bunny chair, and a futuristic mobile esports gaming chair.

Review of Autofull gaming chairs
L-R: Mechnical Master; T1 Hero; Slam Dunk chair; Pink Bunny chair.

Using the coupon code ChairsFX during checkout on gets you $40 off any chair. Summary of deals:

  • Mechanical Master: mobile gaming chair. Buy for $359 $399.
  • Slam Dunk: big and tall esports gaming chair with footrest. Buy for $319 $359.
  • Pink Bunny chair: pink chair with cute bunny ears and tail addons. Buy for $259 $299
  • Hero T1: big and tall gaming chair with flat seat and depth-adjustable internal lumbar. Buy for $289 $329.
  • Neonpunk: the same chairs used by pros in China’s LPL. Buy for $319 $359.

To learn more about these chairs and more, check our Autofull brand review:

Review of the Autofull gaming chair collection

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