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AKRacing Core Series EX review: affordable premium chair

Most of the best gaming chairs cost between $300 to $450. The AKRacing Core Series Ex is at the bottom of that price range. In fact it’s the cheapest chair in AKRacing’s product line.

AKRacing Core Series EX gaming chair
Image credit: AKRacing.com

As a heavy duty working chair, it offers great value for money. There are no flashy features, only solid ones. These include cold cure foam padding, 3D armrests and breathable mesh fabric upholstery.

The purpose of a gaming chair is to support good posture during long periods of sitting. There are many cheap gaming chairs that achieve this for less than $200.

People pay more for premium chairs for two reasons. First, since premium chairs use better materials, they are more comfortable. Second, because premium chairs are guaranteed to last longer.

The AKRacing Core Series meets premium standards – at an affordable price. It comes with a 5-year warranty on parts and a 10-year warranty on the steel frame.

AKRacing steel frame
Images: AKRacing.com

Core Series EX on Amazon $271.99

The steel frame supports thick blocks of cold cure foam. Over top of the foam is 100% nylon mesh fabric. Mesh fabric is the most breathable gaming chair fabric available. It’s also the most durable.

AKRacing Core Series mesh fabric
Mesh fabric is breathable and durable. (Image: akracing.com)

On the downside, mesh fabric needs regular cleaning to keep it looking good. With maintenance, the upholstery on the Core Series EX should last more than five years.

AKRacing Core Series EX review

This section covers the key features, sizing and upholstery options of the Core Series EX.

Core Series EX key features

The AKRacing Core Series EX has three noteworthy features. The first is the upholstery. All models use full mesh fabric covers. Mesh is breathable and even more durable than the highest quality PU leather.

AKRacing Core Series EX review image

The breathability aspect means that it’s more comfortable. Leather chairs can get sticky in hot weather. Mesh fabric chairs always keep cool.

About durability, polyester mesh fabric doesn’t degrade the way leather does. Unless you tear it with a knife or scissors, it will last for years without issue.

The second key feature is the cold cure foam padding. It’s dense yet pliant; blended to keep shape and density for many years. It’s so dense that feels stiff at first. After getting used to it, it becomes a comfortable and reliable place to sit many hours each day.

Core Series foam padding
The cold foam padding is dense but pliant and built to last. (Image: akracing.com)

The third key feature is the warranty. AKRacing guarantees all parts for five years and the steel frame for 10 years. Base don how solid this chair feels, it’s a sure bet to last for at least five years.

Summary of Core Series EX features

  • Functionality: 3D adjustable armrests; deep recline with tilt lock to 180°.
  • Comfort: cold cure foam padding guaranteed to retain shape and density for five years.
  • Upholstery: 100% polyester mesh fabric with colored accent stitching.
  • Support: steel frame; metal base finished in glossy black; class 4 gas lift; 2.5″ casters.
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty on parts, 10-year warranty on the steel frame.
  • Free shipping: included.

Core Series EX on Amazon $271.99

Core Series EX sizing

The Core Series EX is a mid-sized gaming chair that should fit most average-sized people.

AKRacing Core Series size guide

Two other chairs we reviewed are at opposite ends of the sizing scale. The Secretlab Titan is a large sized chair. The Secretlab Throne is a compact gaming chair for short users. The AKRacing Core Series EXs fits between those sizes.

 Secretlab TitanAKRacing Core EXSecretlab Throne
Seat Width14.5"14.9"14"
Seat Depth21"19.7"18"
Backrest Width23"21.2"23"
Backrest Height33"32.6"33"
Floor to Seat Range19.5" to 23"16.9" to 20.2"16" to 19.5"
Overall height52.5" to 56"49.5" to 52.8"49" to 52.5"
Weight supportUp to 270 poundsUp to 330 poundsUp to 220 pounds
Height support5'9" to 6'7"5'6" to 6'4"4'9" to 5'3"

The Core Series EX is the sturdiest chair out of the three, supporting 40 pounds more than the Secretlab Titan.

Titan, AKRacing Core Series EX, Throne.

The dimensions and weight support of the Core EX makes it suitable for a huge range of body types.

Core Series EX sizing
The Core Series EX will fit a range of people between small to tall sizes.

Everyone between small to slightly tall could make use of this chair.

Core Series EX upholstery options

All AKRacing Core Series EX models use 100% polyester mesh fabric upholstery. There are five color styles:

AKRacing Core Series color options
The Core Series EX comes in five color variations. (Images: AKRacing.com)

The biggest advantage of mesh fabric upholstery is the breathability. Most gaming chairs use PU or PVC leather. Both tend to get very sticky in hot weather. Mesh fabric stays cool in all situations.

AKRacing Core Series EX upholstery
These chairs use polyester mesh fabric for maximum breathability and durability.

Another benefit of polyester mesh fabric is the durability. Mesh fabric lasts much longer than even the highest quality PU leathers. It doesn’t fade, crack or tear.

AKRacing mesh fabric chair
Mesh fabric needs regular cleaning to maintain.

On the downside, unmaintained mesh fabric can get nasty. Using a mesh fabric chair without cleaning it is like wearing the same pants every day. After a while dirt, crumbs, sweat stains and dust will start to build up. If you keep neglecting, it will start to smell sour.

Thus, make sure to give the fabric along the seat and backrest a vigorous scrub with a damp cloth once a week.

Core Series EX on Amazon $271.99

AkRacing Core Series EX gaming chair: pros and cons

As with all gaming chairs, there are things to like and dislike about the Core Series EX. Below is a summary of this model’s pros and cons.

What we like

One thing to like about the AKRacing Core Series EX is the price. While most premium gaming chairs cost over $350, the Core Series EX is only $271.99.

Another plus point is the sizing. This is a great choice for normal sized people. By “normal sized” we mean body types without extremes. People not too short, tall, wide or heavy will fit well in this chair.

The third thing we like about the AKRacing Core Series EX is the mesh fabric upholstery. Many users prefer the flashy looks that PU leather chairs offer. However, for heavy day-to-day use, mesh fabric is more practical. That’s because it’s ultra breathable. Sitting never gets hot or sticky, even in the hottest weather. Some will find that feature worth sacrificing the flashy looks of PU leather.

Core Series EX on Amazon $271.99

What we don’t like

The Core Series EX is the cheapest chair in the AKRacing product line. To keep costs down, it uses seventy per cent less padding than AKRacing’s premium Master Series Pro. Thus even though the Core Series EX uses high quality cold foam padding, it is less thicker on this product.

Another complaint some people have is that the seat is too narrow. People with meatier hips should choose the Core Series EX-Wide edition (summarized below).

AkRacing Core Series EX buying advice

Are you thinking of buying an AkRacing Core Series EX gaming chair? This section answers lingering questions for interested buyers.

Who should buy an AkRacing Core Series EX?

This model is for average-sized users wanting premium features at an affordable price. It’s not too big and not too small. It comes with great ergonomics, 3D armrests, and a 5-year warranty on parts.

The AKRacing Core Series EX also comes with breathable mesh fabric. People wanting flashy good looks might prefer PU leather chairs. Those satisfied with mesh fabric styling will enjoy this model’s excellent breathability.

Core Series EX on Amazon $271.99

AkRacing Core Series EX alternatives

The AKRacing Core Series is priced at the lower end of the premium pricing scale. There are a few products that also offer premium features at affordable prices.

The DXRacer Formula Series offers similar features for around the same price. It also uses breathable mesh fabric, with PU leather accents.

DXRacer Formula Series gaming chairs
The DXRacer Formula Series is a viable alternative.

DXRacer Formula Series Review

Another worthy alternative is the Anda Seat Viper Series. This model also also has 3D adjustable armrests and a lifetime warranty on parts. It’s an especially attractive alternative because it’s even cheaper than the Core Series Ex.

Anda Seat Viper Series
The Viper Series is a cheaper option with comparable features.

Anda Seat Viper Series review

For other options in the premium price range, check out our review of the best high-end gaming chairs.


AKRacing Core Series color options
Images: AKRacing.com

The AKRacing Core Series EX is the pioneer and cheapest model of the Core Series. It’s offers all the minimal seating essentials and no-nonsense mesh fabric upholstery. Plus it comes with a 5-year warranty on parts.

Note that AKRacing chairs are only available in the Americas, Europe, the UK and Australia. These chairs are not available in Asia.

By focusing only on major western markets, AKRacing maintains after care.

Thus, buying a Core Series EX is an easy choice for first-time buyers. It’s likely to fit most average sizes and will provide solid ergonomic support for years.

Core Series EX on Amazon $271.99

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