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GTRacing Ace M1 review: pro esports chairs for under $300

The GTRacing Ace M1 Series is a line of high-end pro esports gaming chairs with an amazing price. No other models offer such advanced ergonomics and durability for less than $300. This GTRacing Ace M1 gaming chair review explores one of the best affordable gaming chairs on the market.

GTRacing Ace M1 chair review
Ace M1 chairs offer pro ergonomic features and exceptional durability for less than $300.

The best pro esports gaming chairs cost more than $350. Common features among all models include 4D armrests, a multifunction tilt-lock, and deep recline. Warranties for pro models range between 2-5 years.

The new GTRacing Ace M1 Series offers pro features plus exceptional durability. Compared to other pro-tier gaming chairs, the Ace M1 is the cheapest option by far.

GTRacing Ace M1 gaming chair review

In mid-2020, the GTRacing Ace S1 Series disrupted the cheap gaming chair pricing model. Most chairs under $200 offer basic features and durability. In contrast, the $199 Ace chair offers 4D armrests and a 5-year warranty.

The GTRacing Ace M1 Series takes aim at disrupting the high-end gaming chair market. It has the same features as more expensive chairs. If you buy direct from GTRacing, you also qualify for an extended 5-year warranty.

That places GTRacing alongside Secretlab and AKRacing as the only brands offering 5-year protection.

Ace M1 chair features

Ace M1 chair features
Pro features include robust 4D armrests and a multifunction tilt mechanism.

The Ace M1 offers the same set of ergonomic features that high-end esports chairs offer. These match the features of high-end models like the Noblechairs HERO and AKRacing Master Series Pro.

  • Functionality: 4D armrests; recline to 170°; multifunction tilt-lock.
  • Comfort: high-density foam padding; neck and lumbar support cushions.
  • Foundation: steel frame; powder-coated aluminum base; gas lift; PU-coated casters.

Ace M1 Sizing

The Ace M1 Series has similar features, dimensions, and styling as the Secretlab Omega. The Omega is our top-rated small pro esports chair.

GTRacing Ace vs Secretlab Omega
Ace M1 chairs have similar styling and dimensions as Secretlab Omega chairs.

Here is how the Ace M1 Series dimensions compare to the Omega:

 Secretlab OmegaGTRacing Ace M1
Seat width x depth22" (W) x 19.3" (D)21.26″ (W) x 22.83″ (D)
Backrest width x height21" (W) x 31.5" (H) 21.25″ (W) x 32.68″ (D)
Floor to seat range18.9" to 21.9"18.89″ to 22.04″
Chair height50.4" to 53.4"50.7″ to 53.9″
Size rating5'3" to 5'11"; 240 pounds5’4″ to 6’1”; 330 pounds

Ace chair warranty

After you buy your chair, head over to the GTRacing website for extended warranty protection. Follow these steps to secure a 5-year warranty:

  1. Take a photo of your chair.
  2. Post your photo on social media.
  3. Send a screenshot or post URL to Support @

Ace M1 Series style options

There are four different Ace M1 Series chairs to choose from. Below, we review each of the M1 Series chair styles. Use the above coupon codes to get $25 or €20 off.

Ace M1 Black

Ace M1 Black gaming chair
M1 Black chairs come with dark PU leather upholstery and carbon fiber trim.

This model comes in black PU leather with dark gold color accents on the pillows and backrest. Breathable carbon fiber upholstery adorns the sides of the seat and backrest.

Ace M1 Black from Amazon $199.99

Ace M1 Grey Fabric

Ace M1 mesh fabric gaming chair
This model comes in soft, breathable, ultra-durable mesh fabric.

These days, fabric gaming chairs are valued for their softness, breathability, and durability. While PU leather can flake after a few years, mesh fabric is almost indestructible. This model comes in grey mesh fabric with black fabric color accents.

Ace M1 (fabric) on Amazon $209.99

Ace M1 Ash

Ace M1 Ash gaming chairs

Striking Ace M1 Ash chairs come in rich grey PU leather upholstery. A black lightning bolt adorns the front of the backrest. On the back is another bolt and the words ‘Flash’ embroidered in black thread.

Ace M1 Ash on Amazon $209.99

Ace M1 White

Ace M1 Series white gaming chairs

This model has a black leather base with white carbon fiber trim along the sides. GTRacing Ace logos are embroidered in gold. On the back is a symbol in gold and ‘MEGA’ embroidered in white.

Ace M1 White on Amazon $209.99

GTRacing Ace M1 alternatives

As the Ace M1 is modeled after the Secretlab Omega, the Omega is the first viable alternative. GTRacing also offers two other Ace models worth considering.

Secretlab Omega

Among small-sized gaming chairs, the Secretlab Omega is our top-rated chair. Ace M1 chairs lined up with Secretlab Omega models look almost identical.

GTRacing Ace S1 vs Secretlab Omega
Ace chairs look and work like Secretlab Omega chairs.

Both models offer 4D armrests, a multifunction tilt-lock, and a 5-year warranty. The Secretlab Omega costs more but edges out the Ace M1 with a few extras.

Omega 2020 Series review
The Secretlab Omega comes in 32 different styles.

First, the backrest on the Omega can also tilt forward to 85°. That’s a nice tweak to support forward-leaning work. Second, the Omega comes in a huge range of 32 different styles.

Choose from flashy video game chairs to stylish, conservative office-style chairs.

Buy the Omega from Secretlab from $359

The Omega is available for customers in North America, the UK, EU, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia. Learn more in this detailed Secretlab Omega chair review.

GTRacing Ace S1 Series

The GTRacing Ace S1 debuted in July 2020. These chairs come in a range of PU leather and mesh fabric styles. Ace S1 leather chairs cost $189.99; fabric models cost $199.99. Both offer impressive features for the money.


Like the M1 Series, S1 chairs come with 4D armrests and a 5-year warranty. However, the S1 lacks the multifunction tilt mechanism that the M1 chair has.

GTRacing Ace gaming chair conclusion
GTRacing Ace chairs come with 4D armrests and a 5-year warranty for under $200.

As a result, the S1 chair doesn’t let you tilt and lock the seat at angles. Instead, you can only rock the chair or lock it. If you don’t feel the need for a multifunction tilt-lock, you can save $80 by buying an S1 Ace chair instead of an M1 model.


Here is how the Ace M1 compares to the Ace S1 Series.

 Ace S1Ace M1
Seat width x depth19.69" (W) x 21.65" (D)21.26″ (W) x 22.83″ (D)
Backrest width x height21.26" (W) x 32.28" (H) 21.25″ (W) x 32.68″ (D)
Floor to seat range17.7" to 22.04"18.89″ to 22.04″
Chair height49.2" to 53.5"50.7″ to 53.9″
Size rating5'3" to 5'11"; 290 pounds5’4″ to 6’1”; 330 pounds

The S1 is a slightly smaller variant, with a conventional tilt instead of a multifunction one.


The GTRacing Ace S1 is the best gaming chair under $200 on the market. In a similar fashion, the Ace M1 is the best pro esports chair under $300. No other chairs offer so much value for so little money. You get everything that the best chairs have.

That includes 4D armrests, a multifunction tilt-lock, and a deep backrest recline. The Ace M1 also stands out with industry-leading durability. Ace chairs are one of the few on the market that offer 5-year protection.

GTRacing Ace M1 Series gaming chairs

This model paves the way for more pro esports chairs priced under $300. It also puts pressure on big brands like Secretlab to keep innovating to stay ahead. If you need pro sitting support on a budget, nothing beats an Ace M1 Series gaming chair.

Ace M1 chairs on Amazon