Do Gaming Chairs Make a Difference?


Why all the hype about gaming chairs? What's wrong with a regular chair or sitting on the floor? What do gaming chairs do that's so impressive? Why should I think about getting one?

The simple answers for all of the above is that gaming chairs are designed to do what regular chairs do not: support proper posture while sitting.

When sitting for long hours, gaming chairs do the best job at keeping your spine in alignment. A high backrest supported by neck and lumbar cushions provides the main support. This foundation is enhanced with height and reclining adjustments that ensure perfect positioning.

Sitting for long hours in proper ergonomic position makes a massive difference. Keep reading to learn the main how gaming chairs spark noticeable improvement  in posture,  energy levels, vitality and mood.

The difference between gaming chairs and office chairs

What is a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs were 'invented' in 2006, when DXRacer (then a manufacturer of seats for luxury sports cars) released a high-end ergonomic chairs with racing inspired design, built for the needs of hard-core gamers. Key features:

  • Supports proper sitting posture and optimal blood flow
  • Reclining, rocking and fixed position modes
  • High back, generous padding, lumbar and neck support cushions
  • Striking designs, ridiculously comfortable

Today, gaming chairs are commonly used by many sectors of society. These include students, gamers, programmers, office workers and others who spend long hours sitting in front of a computer. 

What are the main gaming chair features?

Quality materials: most gaming chairs use synthetic PU leather (real leather would be ridiculously expensive). The better chairs (like the DXracer models) mix leather with breathable mesh fabric. If you choose a chair without the breathable mesh, be warned that sitting for long hours might get sticky. 

Neck and lumbar support: these are standard features. If your gaming chair does not offer these support pillows, then it likely doesn't provide ergonomic support. 

Adjustment options: the best chairs offer various adjustments (height, armrest positioning, reclining) that allow comfortable transitions through working and relaxation times. 

High quality base and rollers: even on carpeted surfaces, a high-end gaming chair should effortlessly glide across office floors. This will reducing the strain on the arms and back, while helping you stay more comfortable.

How do gaming chairs make a difference?

Good posture compared to poor posture

A gaming chair will optimize your posture and put you on a fast track to vitality

Compared to office chairs, gaming chairs make a difference by positively impacting the health and wellness of those who use them. This is why most people who invest in gaming chairs have a genuine desire for betterment.  For example losing weight, increasing vitality, improving flexibility or getting rid of chronic back pain. Thus, after you buy a gaming chair, you will need discipline to use it properly. That means positioning the support cushions and focusing on sitting upright, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem at first.

The reason first time users suffer discomfort when first using gaming chairs is because after years of slouching, your body may be resistant to positive change. However with a few days of disciplined persistence,  something wonderful will happen: your body will begin to adjust. Sitting upright will become easier. 

That's when the real magic happens. Your energy levels will spike. Your work will improve. Your body awareness (and spatial awareness) will continue to grow. You might be inspired to maintain a pristine work space, improve your eating habits or even get yourself a gym membership.

It all starts with the purchase of a high-end gaming chair. These are the main differences you can expect:

Superior comfort

Gaming chair compared to office chair

People with poor posture may find sitting in a gaming chair incredibly uncomfortable at first. It Don't be dismayed - learning to sit with proper posture takes time!

However, once you get used to sitting with your spine in perfect alignment, you will enjoy the best gaming and working experience possible. Sitting in a gaming chair will begin to feel like sitting on a cloud. You will be able to sit comfortably for hours - without feeling stiff! In fact, expect to feel increasingly loose and limber as your posture rounds into shape.  

Excellent back support

Gaming chairs will lock you into ideal position to concentrate fully on your computing work. The key brilliance of gaming chairs is that they do so while promoting good posture. No matter how long a user sits in a gaming chair, their spine will be in perfect alignment to allow deep breathing and optimal circulation. 

Eye level computing

One other important aspect of gaming chairs and good posture is being able to play games at eye level. You should always try to do so, and a gaming chair can really help.

Unlike most chairs, the best gaming chair models can be heightened and lowered to put you in the perfect position for gaming. If you are at the correct level, then you can ensure that your neck does not become strained and your posture is always good.

Immersive gaming

Gaming chairs also offer an immersive gaming experience. With comfortable positioning, and often surround sound speakers, gaming chairs can make you feel as if you are in the game.

Increased energy levels

When sitting for long hours with poor posture, the muscles get strained as they try to keep the misaligned body in balance. This is how poor sitting habits leads to chronic neck, back and shoulder pain. However, when using a gaming chair, the chair supports the muscles so that the body doesn't have to.

This is why gaming chair enthusiasts tend to be more productive while computing - using a gaming chair makes a huge difference!

Can a gaming chair help me win a game?

Can a gaming chair help me win a game

Now, there can be a tendency to blame your losses on everything except your own skill level, and I hope you will never blame a gaming chair because a gaming chair can help you win games (though only slightly).

Think about how you play games without a gaming chair. You sat on the floor, or a folding chair, or the sofa, or in some other position. The seat is comfortable at first, but after time, you begin to fight and get sore.

You have to move as you are playing the game. You shift and lose sight of the screen for a nanosecond, but that is enough time for someone to kill you. A gaming chair would have helped you avoid that.

Imagine you are sitting on the floor. You are looking up at the screen. Not only is this bad for your neck, but you are also staring at the screen from a weird angle. As you neck gets more and more uncomfortable, there is nothing you can do except move to another place.

The weird angle can also affect how you see things. It is integral if you want to be the best you can be, to be looking at the screen at eye-level. With a gaming chair, not only will your neck be supported and comfortable, but you can also adjust the height, so you are looking at the screen from eye level.

Can a gaming chair protect my body?

Gaming chair vs office chair

One main problem which gamers face is fatigue and soreness. Of course, fatigue should always be combated with adequate sleep, but there are factors which contribute to soreness, and you can eliminate them with a good gaming chair.

Soreness is one of these factors and usually comes from being seated in the wrong position for long periods of time. The longer you sit, the more uncomfortable you become. Pain and discomfort can creep in, and your body becomes more and more tired as it tries to compensate.

The best gaming chairs work by protecting your body and supporting your muscles. Sitting with good posture and an aligned spine will keep your body in prime condition. It will also protect against any long-term injuries.

When you are sitting comfortably, you will play better. If you are suffering from any injuries, you will play worse. A gaming chair is an obvious choice for making you a better gamer.

How do gaming chairs work?

Can a gaming chair protect my body

Gaming chairs support healthy posture, while office chairs promote painful slouching

For a complete instruction guide that teaches how gaming chairs work, check our Ultimate Gaming Chair User Manual.  In essence, that guide teaches how gaming chairs support the back and neck while sitting for long hours. In particular, gaming chairs feature taller than average backrests, which forms the basis of support. When a user sits in a gaming chair, support pillows keep the body upright and the spine correctly aligned. 

The seat is usually covered in thick foam padding that is designed to distribute weight evenly. In addition that are a number of adjustments for height and reclining.

Standard features in both premium chairs and budget models usually include:

  • Ergonomic design that supports proper sitting posture
  • Legs get positioned for maximum blood flow
  • Reclining options for a quick switch from upright working into relaxation mode
  • Support for 300+ pounds
  • Sleek and stylish faux leather designs

What are the long-term benefits of gaming chairs?

These chairs aren't cheap. Investing in one would likely require a serious desire for betterment. If you buy one, you should be motivated to use it properly: position the support cushions and focus on sitting upright.

In the beginning you might hate it. After years of slouching, your body may be resistant to positive change. However if you are diligent for a few days, something wonderful will happen: your body will begin to adjust. Sitting upright will become easier. Body awareness will increase.

That's when the real magic happens. Your energy levels will spike. Your work will improve. Your body awareness (and spatial awareness) will continue to grow. You might be inspired to maintain a pristine workspace, improve your eating habits or even get yourself a gym membership.

What gaming chair should I buy?

When looking into buying a gaming chair, we suggest browsing models organized by price. 

Budget gaming chairs cost less than $150. These will provide adequate ergonomic support and a comfortable sitting experience. 

Gaming chairs priced under $200 are slightly more expensive but have more features and better quality standards. 

Premium gaming chairs are all more than $300. At the premium price range, expect a fantastic chair with stellar ergonomic support and stunning good looks. 


The best gaming chairs really do make a difference. To prove my point, try to find a pro gamer who does not use a gaming chair. I’ll wait.

In all seriousness, if you want a career as a gamer or you want to improve your game, then a gaming chair is the way to go. The fact that it protects you from injury makes it a no-brainer and already makes you a better gamer just by owning one.

Ergonomically designed gaming chairs are all about comfort, and in the world of gaming, comfort plays a very big part. Imagine doing something while you are uncomfortable. You lack the concentration and focus to do it perfectly. Gaming chairs will ensure that you are at your most comfortable when you need to be.

Gaming chairs will make a difference and provide many benefits. By using one, you will perform better when sat in front of the computer. You will also protect yourself from injury. Go get one before it is too late.

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