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Homall 2019 Edition Budget Gaming Chair Review

Homall’s original model is the best selling gaming chair of all time on Amazon. The upgraded 2019 edition adds thicker padding and a slick new style. This Homall gaming chair review explores the details of the big upgrade.

Homall gaming chairs 2019
Homall’s upgraded version of their best-selling gaming chair.

The upgraded models stand out with a fresh new design. There are three color options with color accent stitching that adds an extra touch of class.

Homall 2019 upgrade chair review

Homall’s original model launched in 2016. It went on to become the best-selling gaming chair of all time on Amazon.

But there’s no time to be complacent. The gaming chair industry is ultra competitive. The leading brands stay on top with focused R&D and robust development.

Homall old vs new design
Homall’s best selling chair enjoyed a big 2019 upgrade.

Homall’s upgraded version of their best-selling chair launched in 2019. They key upgrades are the padding and PU leather upholstery. The new memory foam blend is thicker with enhanced resistance. The improved PU leather blend has superior breathability and durability.

2019 Edition No products found.

Original Homall Classic also available for $94.99

Homall 2019 key features

The Homall 2019 edition model is a compact gaming chair with a low price and basic features. The purpose of this model is to support good sitting posture for long bouts of computing.

Homall warranty
These chairs come with Homall’s standard 1-year warranty.

This model includes a high padded backrest. It also comes with support cushions for the lower back and neck. Set the recline to around 110°, position the cushions, and lean back into perfect posture.

This puts you in perfect position to focus. Whether you are a gamer or computer user, the Homall gaming chair can give you an ergonomic edge.

Homall key features
This model provides great ergonomics for long periods of sitting.

There are a few differences between the original and upgraded editions. The original reclines to 180°, while the 2019 upgrade version only reclines to 150°. Upgraded on the new model is the padding and PU leather upholstery.

  • Functionality: fixed armrests; recline to 150°
  • Comfort: improved memory foam padding; neck and lumbar pillows.
  • Upholstery: upgraded PU leather with high quality colored stitching.
  • Support: steel frame; aluminium base; class 3 gas lift; rubber casters.
  • Warranty: one year on parts; 30 days return policy.
  • Free shipping: included.

Homall 2019 Edition No products found.

Original Homall Classic also available for $94.99

Homall 2019 sizing

Both the original and 2019 upgraded editions are compact chairs best suited to small sizes.

Homall chair size

Kids and short adults of average width will enjoy the best fit. Taller adults with wide hips may find this model too small.

Homall dimensions
These are compact chairs ideal for kids and short adults.

The 2019 version gives a little bit more width in the seat and backrest. The original model is slightly taller.

 Original Homall Executive ChairHomall 2019 Edition
Seat width & Depth20.5" (W) x 19.8" (D)21" (W) x 21" (D)
Backrest Height & Width30.5" (H) x 21.5"31.2" (H) x 21.3"
Floor to Seat Range18.5" to 22.5" 17.5" to 21.8"
Overall height49" to 53"48.7" to 53"
Weight supportUp to 300 poundsUp to 300 pounds
Height support5'5" to 5'10"5'5" to 5'10"

Both the original and upgraded models are compact chairs best for small sizes. To see other options in the compact size class, check the Best Gaming Chairs for Short People.

2019 Edition on Amazon No products found.

Homall upgraded upholstery

PU leather is an artificial leather made by coating polyurethane onto fabric. Innovations happen on the chemical level. Homall’s improved PU leather blend is thicker than the original. It also boasts enhanced durability and breathability.

Homall 2019 upholstery

Embroidered stitching along the backrest and seat complements the leather. This adds to the breathability and gives the chair a classy look.

The most significant upgrade in the 2019 edition is the padding. The new model gets a thicker layer of upgraded memory foam. This is a big difference from cold-cured padding in expensive chairs. Cold foam provides ultra-firm support best for full-time sitting.

Homall memory foam padding
Memory foam padding support long sitting periods.

The Homall’s memory foam is dense, but feels softer and fluffier. This works best for part-time sitting sessions. If you need a chair for no longer than 4-hours at a time, the Homall’s padding is ideal.

Homall 2019 Edition No products found.

Homall 2019 buying advice

The upgraded Homall 2019 Edition came out in late 2019. In a very short time, it’s become one of Amazon’s best-selling chairs. This section gives more information about the quality of these products.

Likes and dislikes

Homall’s original gaming chair is an Amazon best-seller. Its 2019 successor improves on the original, but isn’t perfect.

What we like

The new model looks better and feels more sturdy. The thick memory foam padding offers soft resistance that’s very comfortable. For short, slim bodies between 5’4″ and 5’10”, the ergonomics are excellent. Small sizes sitting in this chair will feel like they’re strapped into an F1 race car.

What we don’t like

The Homall upgraded edition is a great entry level chair. But it only scratches the surface of gaming chair potential. Expensive gaming chairs have impressive features like 4D armrests and ultra-supportive cold foam padding.

Expensive chairs are also better for full-time use. Using this Homall model full-time will wear down the padding until it flattens out.

Another issue is the support. Homall doesn’t have their own website, so the only way to contact support is through your Amazon account. On Amazon, make sure you have a clear contact method before proceeding with your purchase.

Who should buy a Homall chair

There are a couple of points to consider when defining the ideal buyer. First, this is a compact chair that best fits small sizes. Choosing the right fit ensures optimal erogonomics.

Second, this is a cheap gaming chair. Generally, cheap chairs serve better for part time use. If you need a chair to support full-time sitting, expensive chairs are a better choice. See Cheap vs Expensive Gaming Chairs to learn why.

Considering these two factors, this model is ideal for kids, teens and slim adults. The Homall 2019 model works as a study chair, after-school gaming chair or general chill-out chair.

Homall 2019 Edition No products found.

Original Homall Classic also available for $94.99

Homall 2019 alternatives

There are four alternatives to the Homall 2019 Edition.

Homall original Classic

Amazon price: $94.99

The first alternative to the Homall 2019 Edition is the original Homall gaming chair.

Homall Classic Series gaming chairs
The Classic Series is Homall’s best-selling gaming chair. The Classic White is the best Classic model.

The Homall Classic Series has been the best-selling gaming chair on Amazon for two years. It comes in seven color styles. All have the same features but different prices. That’s because the quality of leather differs on each model.

Learn which colors are best and worst in our detailed Classic Series review.

Detailed Homall Classic Series review

GTRacing Pro Series

Amazon price: $109.99

The second noteworthy alternative is the GTRacing Classic Series Red. GTRacing’s flagship model is the second best selling chair after the Homall Classic.

The Classic Series Red is part of the GTRacing Pro Series. Pro Series chairs are better than Homall ones.

GTRacing GT099 chair features
The Classic GT099 comes with red and black PU leather upholstery and 2D armrests.

That’s because Homall chairs have fixed armrests – GTRacing Pro models have 2D adjustable ones. Pro Series chairs also have a wider seat and longer warranty.

Detailed GTRacing Pro Series review Review

Other Homall chairs

The third alternative to consider is the entire range of other Homall products. Homall make several decent gaming chairs that cost less than $150.

Homall gaming chair review
Homall makes several gaming chair models.

All models have unique styling. Some come with adjustable armrests. Others have extra features like retractable footrests. Browse all models in our detailed Homall Gaming Chair Brand Review.

Brand Review: all Homall chairs

Finally there are other best selling models to consider. For other gaming chairs under $150, check our list of best cheap gaming chairs.


Homall’s original gaming chair is the best selling gaming chair of all time on Amazon. But change happens fast in the gaming chair industry and designs get stale.

Homall 2019 upgraded gaming chair

Their 2019 Upgraded Edition brings their best selling chair into the modern era. Enjoy an updated look, superior upholstery and a more comfortable sitting experience.

Homall 2019 Edition No products found.

The original Homall Classic also available for $94.99

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