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Best gaming desks made by top gaming chair brands

You don’t need a gaming desk the way you need a gaming chair. The latter provides crucial back support; the former adds flashy looks and luxuries. If aesthetics are a priority, it’s now possible to add a desk that syncs with the style of your gaming chair. Below, we review the best gaming desks made by top gaming chair brands.

Desks made by gaming chair companies

Standard office desks are often made out of composite wood. They don’t do anything special other than provide a working surface.

Gaming desks add to the experience with visual, tactile, and functional enhancements. Each desk has different points of appeal.

Introduction to gaming desks

Before getting into desk reviews, here’s a primer on home office desk fundamentals.

Desk height sizing specs

No matter how many flashy features a gaming desk offers, a proper fit is more important. Most desks have a tabletop height between 28-30 inches. That range works fine for average sizes between 5’8″ and 5’10” (172-177cm). People shorter or taller should adjust their desk height for best results.

Desk set too high or too low
A desktop too high or low will counteract the ergonomic benefits of your gaming chair.

Here are desk height parameters courtesy of “Chair height” refers to the distance from the floor to the seat. “Armrest height” measures the distance from the seat to the armrests.

User heightDesk heightChair heightArmrest height
5'2" (157 cm)25" (63.5 cm)16.7" (42.4 cm)9.2" (23.2 cm)
5'5" (165 cm)26.2" (66.5 cm)17.5" (44.45 cm)9.6" (24.3 cm)
5'7" (170 cm)27" (68.5 cm)18" (45.7 cm)9.9" (25 cm)
5'9" (175 cm)27.8" (70.6 cm)18.5" (47 cm)10.2" (25.9 cm)
6'1" (185 cm)29.4" (74.6 cm)19.6" (49.7 cm)10.8" (27.4 cm)
6'3" (190 cm)30.2" (76.7 cm)20.2" (51.3 cm)11.1" (28 cm)
6'5" (195 cm)31" (78.7 cm)20.7" (52.5 cm)11.4" (29 cm)

People taller than 6’2″ should consider a height-adjustable standing desk to ensure the right height. Those shorter than 5’8″ can compensate by adding an ergonomic footrest.

Sitting with and without a footrest comparison
Adding a footrest can help shorter users compensate for overly tall desks.

Using one raises the height of your feet on the floor. That allows short users to make use of taller desks. Learn more in this guide:

Ultimate computer workstation sizing guide

Tabletop depth x width basics

The depth of the table determines how far the monitor screen is from the user’s face. The ideal distance from the monitor to the face is around one arm’s length. If you reach in front of you, your fingers should almost touch the screen. To ensure enough space, a gaming desk should be at least 24″ (61 cm) deep.

Gaming desk tabletop dimensions
The width and depth will determine how many monitors you can use with your desk.

The width of a table determines whether the user can use a single, double, or triple-monitor setup. Broadly:

  • Small desks: 48″ (121 cm) wide; suitable for a single-monitor setup. You could also add dual monitors with a desk mounted monitor stand.
  • Medium desks: 55″ (140 cm) wide; suitable for a dual-monitor setup.
  • Large desks: 60″ (152 cm) wide; suitable for a triple-monitor setup.
  • Extra-large desks: 70″ (177 cm) wide; suitable for three monitors and a PC or gaming console.

Best desks by top gaming chair brands

Here are the best gaming chairs on the market made by established gaming chair brands.

Secretlab Magnus gaming desk

Secretlab price: $399-$449
Rated #1

The Secretlab Magnus desk comes with a very specific design philosophy. It addresses a problem common to many new gamers — cable management.

Secretlab Magnus gaming desk

The desk (with addons) is designed to manage and hide cables in a concealed cable management tray. Optional addons include magnetic cable anchors, fastening straps, and table leg sheaths.

Overview of a Magnus desk gaming workstation

Those make it easy to route and organize cords. It comes in two sizes (47″ and 59″ wide). Setting it flush against the wall is the recommended way to use it.

Magnus desk overview

The stock Magnus desk includes a cable management tray on the back side of the desk and a tray cover. This lets you stash away monitor and peripheral cables to give the work surface a clean look.

As a launch promotion, it also comes with a free Stealth Edition desktop mat that covers the entire work surface.

SpecificationsOptional add-ons

  • Tabletop: medium 47.2 (W) x 27.6″ (D); large 59.1″(W) x 27.6″ | 120 or 150 cm (W) x 70 cm
  • Height: 29″ (73.6 cm); 0.8 (2 cm) height extension
  • Material: steel frame with carbon steel tabletop.
  • Weight capacity: 220 pounds (100 kg)
  • Extra: Stealth Edition leatherette desk mat included.
  • Warranty: 49-day return policy; 5-year warranty.

Available addons include an RGB strip and cable management accessories. Highlights:

Magnetic cable bundle: 3 magnetic cable anchors; 2 leg sheaths, 10 fastening straps. ($44)

Magnetic cable anchors: 3-pack standalone. ($19)

RGB lighting strip: diffused RGB lighting strip with remote control. ($59)

Pros and cons

The Magnus desk caters mainly to aesthetic freaks obsessed with cable management. If Secretlab had included better height-adjustability, it could have been a must-have for all Secretlab chair owners.

  • Pros: attractive; innovative cable management; excellent quality build and warranty.
  • Cons: expensive; not height-adjustable; a bit shaky if not up against a wall.

Based on our desk sizing specs, the 29″ Magnus height suits users 6’1″ and taller (74.6 cm). Shorter users can add a footrest to compensate. However, when paying so much for a desk, better height adjustment functionality would help.


Secretlab touts this model as ideal for “the most discerning gamers, creators, and professionals.” For that market, the Magnus desk is an impressive package.

Secretlab Magnus gaming desk specifications

Secretlab designed it from the ground up in the design lab at Secretlab HQ in Singapore. Like its chairs, the attention to detail is industry-leading.

If you already have a Secretlab chair, the Magnus desk might be suitable — if you’re tall enough.

Buy a Magnus desk from Secretlab

The 47″ Magnus costs $399, while the 59″ version is $449. Currently available in the United States, the EU, and Singapore.

Arozzi Arena gaming desk

Amazon price: $310.33
Rated #2

Before the Magnus, the Arozzi Arena was the best gaming desk made by a chair brand. It’s larger than the Magnus desk, and also comes with a full-tabletop mouse pad.

Arozzi gaming desk
This is a large 3-monitor desk with height-adjustability and various color options.

Although not as flashy as the Magnus desk, it’s technically superior. That’s because the Arena is height-adjustable, with a height range of 27.9″ (70 cm) to 31.9″ (81 cm). Based on our sizing chart, that makes it suitable for users between 5’9″ and 6’5″.

There are six different color options, all able to support up to 176 pounds.


Massive size, height adjustability, color variations, and a full-cover mousepad are the highlights:

  • Tabletop: 62 inches (W) x 31 inches (D) | 157 cm (W) x 80 cm (D)
  • Height: 27.9″ to 31.9″ (70.8-81 cm) adjustable range.
  • Extras: cloth mouse pad covers the entire tabletop; five desk leg color styles.
  • Weight capacity: 176 pounds (80 kg)
  • Warranty: two years


Arozzi desks stand out with a clean, stylish design and generous tabletop space. One problem is that the assembly is a bit tricky. If you don’t tighten the leg screws enough, the desk will wobble.

Arozzi Arean gaming desk
The Arozzi Arena Desk is an attractive adjustable desk with a massive tabletop workspace. “

The desk ships with a small Allen key to tighten four screws attaching the base to the legs. The holes are in a half-inch hole, making it hard to apply the right force to tighten the screws. The solution is to use a screwdriver instead of the Allen key. When tightened correctly, the Arena desk is super-sturdy.

Arozzi gaming desk on Amazon $310.33

GTRacing Z05 RGB gaming desk

GTRacing price: $219.99
Rated #3

GTRacing specializes in making cheaper versions of premium gaming chairs. The company’s Ace Series pays tribute to the Secretlab gaming chairs. Ace models offer similar designs and features, with a lower price.

GTRacing Ace gaming desk

The GTRacing Z05 gaming desk is designed as a companion to an Ace S1 or Ace M1 gaming chair.

It has a carbon-textured surface, a Z-shaped frame, built-in RGB effects, and more.

Z05 desk specs

The Z05 offers a decent-sized work surface and gamer-friendly touches. Gamers with an Ace Series gaming chair will enjoy a nice aesthetic match.

  • Tabletop: 46.5 inches (W) x 23.6 inches (D) | 118 cm (W) x 60 cm (D)
  • Height: 29.13″ (73 cm) fixed height.
  • Material: steel frame; carbon steel tabletop.
  • Weight capacity: 180 pounds
  • Extras: RGB effect (7 color modes); cup holder; headphone hook; privacy baffle; cable-management desktop holes.
  • Warranty: two years (when you buy direct from GTRacing and register for an extension)

Z05 desk advice

The Z05 gaming desk is affordable and a nice match with an Ace gaming chair. The RGB and privacy baffle addons are a nice touch, but purely aesthetic. Functionally, this desk does the same job as a cheap wooden desk.

GTRacing Ace RGB gaming desk

But it looks nicer. If that sounds appealing, check it out on the GTRacing site:

Ace Z05 RGB desk from GTRacing $219.99

The Z05 desk is also available on Amazon for $199.99.

Autofull Sakura Pink gaming desk

Autofull price: $359 $399
Rated #4

This pink beauty is a companion for the Autofull Pink Bunny gaming chair. It comes stacked with extras. Those include RGB lighting effects, a charging pad, a privacy baffle, and a gorgeous pink design with white accents.

Autofull Pink gaming desk

You can pair this with a Pink Bunny chair or any other pink gaming chair for seamless, soothing uniformity.

Z05 desk specs

The Z05 offers a similar build as the GTRacing desk, with a larger work surface.

  • Tabletop: 48 inches (W) x 29.5 inches (D) | 122 cm (W) x 75 cm (D)
  • Height: 29.5″ (75 cm) fixed height.
  • Material: carbon steel frame and tabletop.
  • Weight capacity: 180 pounds
  • Extras: LED lighting; smart wireless charger; privacy baffle; cup holder; headphone hook; cable-management desktop holes.
  • Warranty: three years

Pink desk advice

The Autofull Pink Gaming Desk makes a nice match with a pink gaming chair. It won’t improve your gaming or computing skills, nor add anything comfort-wise. Consider this a niche option for those who need more pink in their lives.

Autofull Pink gaming desk

Available from (with free delivery) in the USA, UK, and EU. Use the coupon code ChairsFX to get $40 off the list price.

Autofull Pink Desk $359 $399

The Sakura Pink desk is also available on Amazon for $359.00.

E-Win 2.0 RGB gaming desk

E-Win price: $329.99
Rated #5

The E-Win 2.0 Ergonomic desk has a large work surface, RGB addons, and other standard features like a carbon fiber work surface.

E-Win RGB gaming desk

It’s a solid desk, with a nice RGB effect on each side. Other than that and the textured carbon work surface, nothing stands out.

T07 desk specs

  • Tabletop: 55 inches (W) x 26.3 inches (D) | 140 cm (W) x 67 cm (D)
  • Height: 30″ (75 cm).
  • Weight capacity: 175 pounds
  • Extras: RGB effects along tabletop sides; gaming controller rack; cable-management desktop holes.
  • Warranty: two years

E-Win gaming desk advice

This model is attractive and sturdy. But it’s expensive. For a higher price than a standard desk, you get a larger work surface and RGB lighting.

2.0 Edition RGB desk from E-Win $329

Comparable gaming desks on Amazon

Beyond desks made by gaming chair brands are models made by dedicated desk companies. Below are a pair of popular models as an example of what’s out there.

VIVO Black Electric LED Gaming Desk

Amazon price: $279.99

The VIVO Black LED gaming desk ranks #2 because of its two unique features. First is the blue lighting LED effect along the tabletop sides. Second is a height-adjustability feature. This model has a height range of 28.6″ to 46.6″. Each leg contains a 110V-240V-powered electric motor that can lift or lower the desk at 25mm per second.

VIVO sit stand desk chair
The VIVO sit stand desk comes with blue LED lighting a and motorized tabletop lift.

Transitioning between sitting and standing positions is easy. You can program four preferred heights, and then push a button to active any preset.

VIVO Desk specs

The 47.3″ width (120 cm) is enough to support a single-monitor setup plus a PC or console box. If you put your PC or console on the floor, the Vivo desk offers plenty of room for 2 x 24″ monitors.

  • Tabletop: 47.3″ (120 cm) x 23.8″ (60.5) textured carbon fiber
  • Height range: 28.6″ (72.6 cm) to 46.6″ (118 cm)
  • Weight capacity: 220 pounds
  • Extras: cable management, leveling feet for stability.
  • Warranty: three years

VIVO Black Advice

Some sit-stand desk makers tout the health benefits of their products. In fact, tangible health benefits are mild. Health-wise, the biggest benefit is the ability to change positions often moving from sitting to standing. Bodies crave movement.

VIVO LED gaming desk

Even so, robust height-adjustability is appealing for extra-small or extra-tall users. Height-adjustability is also a handy feature when using a shared desk. For instance, a 5-year-old and 18-year old could use the same desk, set at the perfect height for each of them.

Beyond the height-adjustability, the VIVO Black’s Millenium Falcon-style blue LED lights add a slick gamer style dimension. Overall, this desk offers rich features and a solid warranty for a very reasonable price.

VIVO Black Electric on Amazon $279.99

Eureka tempered glass RGB desk

Amazon price: $299.99

This desk stands out with a sturdy build and eye-popping tempered glass RGB tabletop. The lights glimmer under the glass with a huge range of effects. Choose from 180 RGB patterns, 18 music effects, and 30 audio spectrum lighting effects.

Eureka RGB gaming desk introduction
This is a dazzling tempered glass RGB desk large enough for a single-monitor setup.

When working while playing music, the lights come alive in sync with the sounds. The effect brings your desktop to life with dazzling patterns that will keep you engaged and alert. That side, a lighting effect feature on its own is frivolous. Luckily, the Eureka desk also shines with its superb build quality and super-sturdy feel.


This is a small desk with enough width for one monitor and a gaming rig. Alternatively, you could put your PC on the floor and add two 24″ (max width) screens on the desktop.

  • Tabletop: 43 inches (109 cm) x 23.62 inches (60 cm)
  • Height: 30.9″ (78.5) fixed height.
  • Included extras: tempered glass tabletop; 200 RGB lighting effects, a full package of accessories.
  • Weight capacity: 176 pounds
  • Warranty: three years

Eureka Desk accessories
The Eureka Desk comes bundles with several useful accessories.

The desk comes bundled with many extras. Those include a cupholder, controller rack with USB charging ports, and a


The Eureka Tempered Glass RGB desk has a lot going for it. The tempered glass tabletop has a sleek and luxurious yet sturdy feel. Keeping it clean with a damp cloth will reward you with a glimmering shine. The lights underneath are spectacular. One downside is no Bluetooth — the sound-sync effects only work with ambient audio.

Eureka RGB gaming desk closeup
The thick layer of tempered glass produces a strong, scratch-resistant desktop surface.

Another downside of the Eureka desk is its small size. The lighting effects are invigorating. A wider desktop stacked with a gaming rig and multiple monitors would be eye-popping.

If you can live with those quibbles, this is a well-built desk with stunning RGB effects and an affordable price.

Eureka RGB desk on Amazon $299.99

Desino gaming desk

Amazon price: $89.99

Desino gaming desk
This model is one of Amazon’s top-selling home office desks.

This is the top-selling gaming desk on Amazon’s list of best-selling home office desks. Like most top-selling Amazon products, the main attraction is the low price. Another attraction is the super-sturdy build. Once assembled, the Desino desk feels like a tank.


The Desino desk comes with a wide tabletop offering plenty of room for a dual-monitor setup. The surface has a carbon covering with a textured fell. It’s also sturdy enough to support up to 250 pounds.

  • Tabletop: 47.5 inches (120 cm) x 24 inches (61 cm)
  • Height: 28.75 inches (73 cm) fixed height; monitor stand height 35.8 inches (91 cm).
  • Included extras: cup holder, monitor stand, textured carbon desktop, headphone hook.
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee.


The Desino desk gets rave reviews on Amazon for its super-sturdy build. Even so, we have two quibbles. First, the included monitor stand is too high to be useful for most people. Second, this model only comes with a 30-day money-back-guarantee. In contrast, most other gaming desks offer a 2-year warranty.

Desino desk accessories
A headphone hook and cupholder come bundled with the desk.

Those points aside, this is a solid gaming desk. The rock-bottom price, large dimensions and solid build make this an attractive low-cost option.

Desino gaming desk on Amazon $89.99

Best gaming desk accessories

Two accessories are worth mentioning to bundle with a gaming desk:

Footrest (for short people)

Most ergonomic chairs for kids include a footrest to allow the use of an adult-sized desk. For adults, if a desk is too high, adding a footrest can achieve the same effect.

Boosting sitting height with a footrest
Adding a footrest can compensate in case a desktop is too high for comfort.

For adults, most footrests will add at least four inches under your feet. For instance, the Mind Reader Foot Rest adds 4.4 inches of height. It also has three tilt angles that let you work your ankle joints as you sit.

Mind Reader ergonomic footrest

To angle down, push with your toes against the pebbled surface. To angle up, push with your heels.

Mind Reader Ergonomic Foot Rest $22.79

Check out other ergonomic footrest options in our Gaming Chair Accessories Guide.

Desk mounted monitor stand

Desk-mounted monitor stands attach to a desk using a clamp or grommet mount. The other end replaces the base of a monitor screen and attaches with VESA mounts. Look on the back of your screen. If you see four screw holes arranged in a square, it means your monitor is VESA-compatible.

VESA-compatible computer monitors
VESA-compatible monitors have four screws on the back for mounting onto brackets.

The other end attaches to a desk using a clamp or grommet mount. In between the two points, a flexible steel adjusts in all possible directions. You can angle your screen, adjust the height, turn the screen vertical, or rotate 360 degrees. Attaching to most types of desks is easy:

Desk mounted monitor stand
Desk-mounted monitor stands attach using a clamp or grommet system.

From the user’s perspective, the screen appears to float above the desk. Desk mounts come with full adjustability. You can angle your screen, adjust the height, turn the screen vertical, or rotate 360 degrees.

Desk Mount advantages

  • Better for health: height adjustment lets you ensure the perfect height and angle for your body size.
  • Clears up space: without monitor stands cluttering your table, you get more space for working.
  • Clean aesthetics: using a monitor mount stand delivers a floating screen effect over a clean, uncluttered desk.

For example, the Mount-It! Dual Monitor Gas Spring Mount costs $99.99 on Amazon.

Mount-It! is a family-run business operating since 2006 in San Diego. The company offers over 500 different mounting solutions including wall brackets, projector mounts, and monitor desk mounts.

Mount-It! MI-1772 monitor mount
Mount-It! MI-1772 gas spring dual monitor mount.

Its flagship MI-1772 gas spring dual monitor arm supports two 32″ monitors weighing up to 20 pounds each. Adjustments include 13″ height adjustment, 45° up or down tilt, 180° swivel, and 360° rotation.

To browse more dual and single monitor desk mount options, check this feature article:

Ergonomic monitor workstation setup guide

Gaming chair floor mat

The main appeal of a gaming desk is to beef up a workstation’s aesthetics. A gaming chair floor mat is a nice extra for those wanting more.

Areia gaming chair floor mat

Beyond adding a splash of color, a gaming mat protects floors and keeps bare feet warm. Like gaming desks, using a gaming chair floor mat isn’t necessary.

However, it’s a really nice luxury. Once you try one, a workstation won’t ever feel complete without one. Check out the best options on the market in 2021:

Review: best gaming chair floor mats

Other types of computer desks

There are a few desk options for work-from-home users to consider. Here’s a quick summary:

Cheap Amazon desks

There are dozens of cheap options on Amazon’s list of best-selling home office desks.

Cheap computer desk
The CubiCubi desk is cheap, but not sturdy enough to support hardcore power users.

One popular option is the CubiCubi 32-inch Computer Desk, priced at $59.99 on Amazon. Made out of particle board, it provides basic support with smallish dimensions and no frills. Given its small dimensions and cheap build, the CubiCubi is best suited to schoolkids and laptop users.

Amazon best-selling desk rankings

IKEA desk with Alex drawers

AN IKEA tabletop paired with Alex drawers is a popular option in places like r/battlestations. It’s also our recommended pick for home-based day-traders.

IKEA Linnmon tabletop with Alex drawers
A Linnmon tabletop with Alex drawers costs $209.99.

As an example, the Lagkapten tabletop with Alex drawers costs $209.99 from IKEA.

The tabletop is massive: 78.75″ long (200 cm) x 23.5″ deep (59.7 cm). That provides providing plenty of space for a triple-monitor setup.

Height-adjustable sit-stand desks

Sit-stand desks have motors in each leg. Those make it easy to adjust the desk height. Push a button to raise to standing height, or lower to a sitting height.

MotionGrey sit-stand desks
The MotionGrey desk can switch between sitting and standing modes at the push of a button.

One problem: there aren’t any proven benefits gained by switching from sitting to standing while working. When standing, blood flow gain is marginal. As well, users only burn a few more calories than sitting — around a carrot’s worth over eight hours. The big upside is the height adjustability. For instance, the MotionGrey desk has a height range 23.6″ to 49.2″. At its lowest setting, the desk is ideal for kids 6-12 years old.

MotionGrey desk for kids
The MotionGrey desk can lower enough to fit desk working six-year-olds.

Users under 5’7″ or over 6’1″ would gain the most from these desks. Smaller users can lower the sitting height, while taller users can raise it. To lean more, check out our sit-stand desk report:

Best height-adjustable sit-stand desks


Building your own PC is a trap. On one hand, it’s a lot of fun customizing a PC’s hardware and styling to make it your own. But to enjoy long periods of sitting at your custom PC, you need a good ergonomic chair.

Ergonomic workstation essential parts
Building the perfect workstation can become a never-ending process if you want it to.

Once you’ve invested in a custom PC and luxury ergonomic chair, a plain old grandfather-style desk might annoy you. But if you invest in a fancy gaming desk, your needs may never stop.

There are floor mats, cable management toys, monitor mounts, and many other accessories to enhance your gaming or working station.

Feng shui principles for a home office layout
Feng shui 101: desk facing the entrance; windows to the sides; interior earth and wood elements.

You absolutely don’t need a gaming desk. If you want one for interior design purposes, the models listed in this review are among the best on offer.

Other workstation optimization tips don’t cost money. For example, you can use feng shui principles to sync a workstation with a room’s positive energies. Learn more:

PC workstation optimization guide

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