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New chairs kick off the League of Legends 2020 tournament finals

The 10th League of Legends World Championships takes place from Sept. 25 to Oct. 31 in Shanghai, China. There, 22 teams will compete over a month to determine a champion. All will compete while sitting on Secretlab 2020 League of Legends Championship chairs. Available in Titan and Omega variants, both models are now available for consumers.

Secretlab League of Legends 2020 Worlds chairs
Secretlab Worlds 2020 chairs are now available for sale.

For the second year in a row, Secretlab serves as the official chair sponsor of the LOL finals. The new Worlds 2020 chairs are available in Titan and Omega variants. Both come engineered for peak performance with rich Secretlab 2020 Series features.

League of Legends Worlds 2020 finals chairs

The Secretlab Worlds 2020 Edition is a deep blue chair with teal accents. Across the front, rear, and wings, embroidered patterns give the chairs a striking look.

Browse all Secretlab’s LOL Championship designs on sale

Titan Worlds 2020 chairs are available from Secretlab for $429. Omega variants are also available from Secretlab for $389.

Other League of Legends chairs

In mid-August 2020, Secretlab released an “Ionia collection” of three chairs and a K/DA edition. The Ionia Collection pays tribute to three League of Legends champions: Yasuo, Akali, and Ahri. Secretlab collaborated with League of Legends character artists on the chairs. Their design team also studied gameplay, lore, and original character designs.

Secretlab League of Legends chairs
L-R: Yasuo, Akali, Ahri, and K/DA gaming chairs.

That work paid off with unique color palettes for each design. It also reflects the gorgeous custom embroidery and subtle side wing motifs. The Yasuo, Ahri, and Akali chairs have the champion’s weapon embroidered on the front. On the back are designs that reflect the character’s traits. For instance, the deep blue Yasuo chair shows off the master swordsman’s katana on the front. On the back is a veritable tempest in a traditional ukiyo-e art style.

Browse all LOL designs on Secretlab

Titan League of Legends chairs are available from Secretlab for $429. Omega League of Legends chairs are also available from Secretlab for $389.

K/DA scheduled to perform

Beyond the Ionia collection is a K/DA Akali chair. That is based on her pop star incarnation as a member of virtual pop group K/DA.

Secretlab K/DA gaming chair
The K/DA chair foreshadows the groups return at the 2020 finals.

That design reflects K/DA’s debut at the LOL 2018 finals opening ceremony. The song Pop Stars became a global phenomenon, with hundreds of millions of Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter views. Check out their live performance at the 2018 Worlds, or the official Pop Stars music video below.

The official video has over 375 million views on Youtube. Even if not a fan of gaming or K-Pop, it’s an addictive song with incredible visuals. Be prepared to watch it dozens of times.

The K/DA chair is relevant because Riot Games has announced that the group will return at this year’s finals. When the tournament is down to two final teams in mid-October, an opening ceremony will kick off the finals. At this year’s opening ceremony in mid-October, K/DA will make their long-awaited return with a new song.

League of Legends 2020 finals primer

League of Legends World Championships is an annual tournament also known as ‘Worlds’. This is the pinnacle of pro esports. The month-long tournament pits pro teams from around the world against each other.

It works like the UEFA Champions League in football. Throughout the year, teams play in domestic leagues. The best-performing squads move on to an international finals competition.

Reasons to watch

For League of Legends fans, this is a chance to watch the best play the game that they love for high stakes. The last two champions (Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix) failed to qualify this year. Other big names like Korea’s T1 (and their iconic captain Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok) also didn’t make the final cut. THis year, early favorites include Korea’s Damwon Gaming and Europe’s G2 esports.

Get hyped with this Riot promo:

A second reason to watch is for the return of K/DA at the opening ceremony in mid-October. Riot Games recently confirmed that K/DA will perform at the opening ceremony. But the opening ceremony will feature a lot more than K/DA.

Their finals performance will add Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality mixed technology. Riot will combine an upgraded Unreal Engine with multi-camera live production and 32K 60 FPS real-time rendering.

AR/VR mixed technology is virtual reality. It can replace reality with a 3D-rendered digital version. That means the audience can expect a digital rendering of K/DA performing on stage.

Average viewership

The 2019 World Championship consisted of 120 games across Berlin, Madrid, and Paris. The finals were broadcast in 16 languages, across over 20 platforms. Fans worldwide watched over 1 billion hours of content during the 5-week competition.

LOL viewership numbers 2019
League of Legends 2019 finals viewer numbers. (Image: Riot Games)

Viewer numbers for the finals were staggering. The highest peak for concurrent viewers globally was 44 million. The audience average was 21.8 million, a new tournament record. To put those numbers in perspective, here is how they match up with major league sports 2019 events for average viewership:

  • Wimbledon 2019: 877.000 average viewers (source)
  • World Series 2019: 13.91 million viewers (source)
  • NBA 2019 finals: 15.4 million average viewers (source)

How to watch

The preliminary play-in stage runs from September 25-30. Ten lower-ranked teams will compete, with four moving on to the next round. That begins the group stage, which runs from Oct. 3-16. Sixteen teams compete, eight moving on to the knockout stages.

That leaves eight teams battling in knockout stages for the championship. The two teams left standing will play against each other in the finals on Oct. 31.

Check out the tournament schedule for more information. You can watch everything for free on Twitch or Youtube.

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